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Why aren’t US credit rating agencies under fire?

The meltdown of the US economy is barreling right along but why aren’t our duplicitous credit rating agencies in trouble for fraud? Should America’s sovereign credit rating be lowered from AAA?

‘George Washington’ has some ideas which you may find of interest in the matter:


And yes, the markets dropped today – the DOW closed down 679 pts, or 7%. With the NYSE closing at 4:00 pm,  the plummet may have been affected by many things beginning this morning:

Barack Obama’s announcement of his National Securty team, Bush’s interview with Charles Gibson being previewed and showing Bush’s weasly try at rewriting his war history (there’s a bubble determined not to break), Paulson’s remarks, and…Sara Palin’s wacky stump speeches sprinkled throughout the day here in Georgia.

Well, if Palin’s words caused the markets to drop, it wouldn’t be the first time. But personally, I wouldn’t give her that much ‘credit.’ Would you?

And riches to rags, the National Bureau of Economic Research made its pronouncement today causing a further drop in the markets…its official – the US has been in a recession since December, 2007. Well, there’s a Duh Moment for ya.

Now what occurred astrologically in Dec 2007 that relates to money and money manipulators?, you ask reasonably. As above, so below, y’know.

Jupiter and Pluto’s Great Conjunction of Dec 11, 2007 (28Sag24), triggered the position of 1988’s Saturn/Uranus Conjunction. And since I’ve groused more than once about this conjunction of wealthy plutocrats, Jupiter-Pluto, obsessed with power as they are, I’ll hush in a minute.

But not before providing you with this link to a previous post all about the Jupiter-Pluto hook-up of Dec 11, 2007, with midpoints and associations included:


Funny story! There was a Fed meeting that very day, plus, NSA spy chief Michael Hayden took a meeting on Capitol Hill…how very Jupiterian-Plutonian of them all.


Palin to pal around in Georgia

So Madame van Palin is coming here to dazzle a well-heeled crowd of the faithful at a GOP fundraiser Sunday evening (11.29), then make some promotion stops on Monday in an attempt to turn out the run off vote for Senator Saxby Chambliss.

Yeah, she did so well for McCain and all, bring ‘er on down:


It must be star power, baby! But what if, just once, they threw a Grand Old Party and no one came?

Well, as TV’s Craig Ferguson aptly put it earlier tonight: as soon as she figures out where Georgia is, she’ll be right down.

And as Charlie Daniels once sang, ‘The Devil Went Down to Georgia.’ Then maybe they can pal around together.


Here’s a good resource for Georgia Politics if you can stand the heat of the Thirteenth Colony:


or go to the radio magazine I’m currently listening to here:


Blackwater in Alaska but why?

Spies and Pies!

Billions of dollars are being diverted into the wanky, sissy, never-gonna-work National Missile Defense ‘system’ and it’s been set up way up yonder in Alaska along with some Blackwater mercenaries sprinkled about who are scarier than the boondoggly installation they’re guarding.

Makes me wonder why Vladimir Putin took such exception (or pretended to, the minx!) to its set up in the Czech Republic and possibly in Poland considering that the system’s effectiveness as a “shield” is little more than a big joke on the American taxpayer.

Actually, We-the-Sheeple have been gifted with quite a comedy repertoire when you consider all the trillions spirited away from the fair use of those who paid them in taxes so that politicians, their colleagues, and friends could embezzle, grift, extort, steal, scam, rob, burgle, five-finger-discount, and then simply print themselves more bucks when coffers run out.

Oh well. On a more positive note, maybe the National Missile Defense system may aid our ever-watchful foreign policy expert, Gov. Sara Palin, in keeping those pesky Russians from stealing those just-baked pies from those Alaskan windowsills.

At least the system might good for something…for pie-lovers such as myself.


Well, if I had my way in this lackluster economic climate there would be a pie cooling on every windowsill, so please answer this poll question Before you wander into the kitchen (you’re really quite suggestible, y’know):

Poll Update Monday 11.17: okay, some joker ticked ‘Mincemeat’ as their favorite pie. Pies are a serious if flakey business and that’s not funny, Y’all.  ;p

Poll Update 11.20.08: Chocolate Cream pulls ahead! One vote was cast for ‘Other Pie’…anyone have a recipe for Other Pie?

And last I’ve heard, Blackwater minions haven’t stolen a single pie from Alaskan windowsills…but stay tuned…

Palin: is all exposure good exposure?

You may or may not appreciate this as a Sara Palin resource:


I keep seeing her first name with an ‘h’ and without…is this more of Neptune’s work of uncertainty and doubt?

Is Sara Palin a fraud?

Now that the latest McCain ad is out, the lies of and about Sara Palin (she said, No Thanks to the Bridge to Nowhere, etc, etc) are on record and being disputed by mainstream media.

On this blog you may have seen a post or two on the natal chart of Sara Palin and a thread of comments concerning Neptune’s transit to Palin’s natal Sun and Mars in Aquarius. And although the veiling effect of Neptune to Sun makes it difficult to see her clearly while it glamorizes her image, the word ‘fraud’ is now being used concerning the McCain campaign’s claims about Palin’s actions and motives. Fraud is another of Neptune’s words.

That a glowing picture (Neptune) has been painted of her essence and purpose (Sun) is a given and you don’t have to speak astrologese to witness it – any media outlet these last two weeks or so has told you repeatedly what a great and conservative gal she is – and ‘hot,’ too.

But astrologically, as Neptune lumbers on toward Palin’s Mars (action; energy principle) I stand by my previous doubts that this lady will be what America thinks she is. That her actions will continue to be veiled in confusion, doubt, and even – fraud – may be born out in the coming months.

Dissatisfaction is another possibility either on her part or on the part of others as Neptune approaches her natal Mars. Some of the dissatisfaction may be on the part of a male (Mars) and the fraud could be against her as well as coming from her. Also the Neptune-to-Mars transit interferes with physical energy as well as causing a lot of misunderstandings in relationships (including marriage.)

Deception or confusion can undermine efforts even though some actions may be inspired, for Neptune usually brings elements of inspiration and intuition along – which may or may not be correct. Receiving recognition for these efforts may be another story. And actions taken during this transit may not have the long-lasting effects as expected.

With the Neptune to Sun transit going on for Palin now, illusions are encouraging fanciful ideas about her and fantacism is at hand. Her personal integrity is under fire along with her leadership style, and we’re seeing what may be primarily a Neptunian preacher before us.

Without separation of church and state, America won’t be America anymore and blurring (Neptune) this line is not the good idea some folk seem to think it is. 

So with America at risk in this difficult time, my concern is for my country and its new leadership so if there is any shaking out of the truth to be done concerning this candidate, my hope is that the mainstream media will do the job which has always been expected of it – to get to the bottom of the truth about Sara Palin and others who wish to lead our nation and stop dazzling the masses with Neptune’s rosy glow around Gov. Palin’s halo.

Perhaps the tide of truth has turned:


al-Qaeda video release pre-November; Palin by McCain’s side

Yes, as expected, a new video “honoring” the attacks of 9/11 has been shown on al Jazeera, in time for US November elections, and reputedly has been released by al-Qaeda.

Campaign Trail 2009:

The crowds in the thousands showing up this week for McCain rallies (poor McCain was attracting hundreds before Sara came along) are clearly there to see and hear the lady, not the droopy fella.

NPR News at 5:00 pm has reported that the GOP team have now gone beyond when Palin was to leave McCain’s side on the campaign trail, but she’s staying longer.

My thought is that the crowds would disappear (pouf!) with her and cause the presidential candidate to seem all the more forlorn looking. And if McCain wins the prize, I wonder if he’d ever admit it was only because of Sara Palin’s mojo? Bush’s popularity sure won’t do it, but money and vote rigging can.

Meanwhile Hillary Clinton said that asking a Republican president to clean up the mess Bush has made is like “asking the iceberg to save the Titanic.”

Now that is a very good analogy for what four years of McCain after eight years of Bush would be like.

But unfortunately for the American people, her ‘Titanic’ reference fits all too well – no matter who moves into the White House come January 2009.

More on the Sara Palin Sun-Neptune connection

Thanks to the excellent Monica at Astrology Mundo, I discovered that Nancy of Starlight News has written an analysis of Sara Palin’s natal chart including the continuing confusions surrounding her natal Aquarian Sun and Mars as nebulous Neptune clouds and veils the truth about Gov Palin.

Read Nancy’s article on Sara Palin here:


Nancy uses the ‘4:40 pm’ birth time for Palin although it is, as she notes, unverified.

As suggested by several commenters here on this blog, this time does give Palin a Leo ascendant which seems to jive with her mane of hair, and I would now note after seeing more photos of her, it would also jive with her slightly crossed eyes (of the lion. George Bush has lion eyes, too, and his birth time is verified with 7Leo07 rising.)

And be sure to visit Monica at:


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