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Romney like Reagan: an armer of rebels?

Styling himself as Reaganesque, candidate Mitt Romney is spouting off about wanting to arm Syrian rebels ‘who share our values’ which reminds me of the hot water President Ronald Reagan got himself into for arming Iranian rebels (arms-for-hostages, aka, Irangate) and then repeatedly lying about it from TV screens across America.

Both Romney and Reagan were born with Jupiter (how we relate to others) in Scorpio, a money sign of Big Business, Secrets, and Betrayals, and we know that having expansive Jupiter in the Mars-Pluto-ruled sign makes for a materialistic viewpoint, over-optimism, and a ruthless striving for possessions.

Plus, Jupiter in Scorpio craves pleasure and tends to overrate its abilities but hopefully if Mitt is placed into the Oval Office, he won’t follow Reagan’s example when it comes to shady arms-dealing.

And in case you’re curious about the two personalities debating one another on October 11, 2012 (VP Joseph Biden and Rep. Paul Ryan) you may wish to check out a few astro-notes I posted today using their natal Sun-Moon blends!

Will Mubarak run to Germany for better treatment?

Der Spiegel reports that Egypt’s President Hosni Mubarak may soon retreat to a clinic in Germany’s Black Forest for “medical treatment”.

He must be fairly wumped out by now.

Yes, Mubarak has visited Germany before but considering his people’s call for his ouster NOW, this particular trip may plunk the German government into something of a political dilemma, ya?


Updated today: for Political Astrology content including articles on the uprising in Egypt (showing Egypt’s natal charts of 1922 and 1953 and its progressions for late January 2011 which reveal a YOD pattern of crisis); plus, Ronald Reagan’s legacy now affecting America (including links to Robert Parry’s excellent articles on the Reagan era), you may wish to visit Stars Over Washington. Or not.

Reagan’s remarks at 1976 RNC

A ‘political thespian’ if there ever was one, Gov. Ronald Reagan was asked to give a few impromptu remarks on August 19, 1976 at the close of the Republican convention after he lost the presidential nomination to Pres. Gerald Ford.

He waxed philosophical on how people 100 years into the future would judge the job they were doing – with nuclear missiles, and concerning “the erosion of freedom that has taken place under Democratic rule…”

Historical speeches intrigue me – primarily as a process of propaganda catapulting which can be investigated.

When Reagan complained of the Democrats in August 1976, he added, “…the invasion of private rights…” which reminds me that both parties have perpetrated the Same erosions, the Same invasions – they simply take turns at the top of the ladder as they shaft we-the-people and undermine our nation’s sovereignty, its foundation, and its social fabric.

The ‘Ds vs Rs’ kerfluffle is a divide and conquer tactic that has worked well for Washington and for local governments and unfortunately, most Americans still fall for it and cling to it as if it’s being honored in good faith.

Yes, from little erosions great invasions are born…politicians get us used to minor losses incrementally so that the big ones are easier to shove.

In 1976 Gov. Reagan added, “the controls and restrictions on the vitality of the great free economy that we enjoy.”

As of 2008, everyone in the country can now see that they’ve “enjoyed” us “freely” and unrestrictedly over the economic abyss of deregulation and its handmaiden, fraud. We don’t have to wait a 100 years to understand that.

And yes, it took both parties in our illusory “two-party system” to get the New World Order plan progressed this far – into the future.

If Pres. Reagan’s natal chart had a higher Rodden Rating (it’s DD for ‘dirty data’) I would have published and written about his chart before now.

However, I have looked at a chart for ‘after midnight’ of Aug 19, 1976 in relation to Reagan’s chart which AstroDataBank gives as: Feb 6, 1911 4:16 am CST, Tampico, Il; ASC 27Sag16, Mars 3Cap59 and rising; Sun 16AQ31 in 2nd house, Moon 13Tau43 in 4th house conjuncts US Inaugural ASC = the oath of the presidency – as does his n NN (public contact) 14Tau19; MC 21Lib16.)

On August 19, 1976 Jupiter 29Tau36 hosted Reagan’s natal midpoint of Saturn/Pluto 28Tau27 so we see that…

n Saturn/Pluto = tr Jupiter: excessive modesty; simplicity; religious and social fanaticism; sacrificing oneself to a cause; trouble with authority; staying out of trouble; trying to save what’s left; adoption of the austere.

At 12:05 am in Washington, August 19, 1976, the MC 9AQ25 conjuncts Reagan’s Syzygy Moon at birth 9AQ24 (the lunation – New or Full Moon – prior to his birth. In RR’s case, a New Moon.)

Transit Mercury 22Vir33 was conj US natal Neptune, a time when it becomes difficult to grasp the true meaning or the accuracy of information yet trying to get to the bottom of issues gives more questions than answers (we seem to be in a permanent state of that!); ideas are understood in a mystical or spiritual sense; papers, correspondences, and keys tend to be misplaced, and mysticism or the occult are on the menu.

The Solar Eclipse Series in which August 19, 1976 fell was the 14 South: obsessive ideas or methodologies are finally accepted then followed by Jupiter’s promised rewards.

I could go on but time grows short – gotta motor. But here is an ‘Image of Integration’ for 1976’s Sun Leo-Moon Gemini (9:08 at 12:05 am):

‘On a bright summer’s day a butterfly turns into a radiant being.’

Ah hah – Ronald Reagan as he went on the capture his presidential dream while promoting a global agenda…his Solar Return for 1976 contained these midpoint pictures —

Sun/Pluto = Neptune: sacrifice to a cause; vocational problems; impressionability.

Jupiter-Neptune = Sun: following the dream; potentially misguided states; feeling the spirit; trying to capture the essence of things.

The Sun Leo-Moon Gem blend is shared natally by Reagan’s fellow dreamer, Alfred Lord Tennyson, who wrote:

“For I dipt into the future, far as human eye could see Saw the Vision of the world, and all the wonder that would be.”

It is my belief that Newt Gingrich and other Reagan idolators and *Albert Pike followers are in process of implementing a Reagan-promoted world ‘Vision’ into the New Millennium with the economic collapse of the global economy and other attacks on our very social fabric for the purpose of creating chaos and rubble from which a New Economic World Order will rise like a phoenix.

Thing about the phoenix myth is: only one phoenix can be alive at one time, so the first one – America – must be snuffed out before the new version can be born.

So. How are you liking their New Millennium plans so far?


Resources: ‘Sun Sign-Moon Sign’ Charles & Suzi Harvey; midpoint pictures: Tyl and Ebertin; ‘Brady’s Predictive Astrology’; and my little peabrain.

*a reference to Albert Pike’s NWO plan of Jan, 1870.

Ronald Reagan, tax raiser

Poor old Republicans!

David Brooks gave them a tiny spotlight this morning on ABC’s ‘This Week’ with George Stephanopoulos – video included:


That the tiny spotlight might lead to their facing reality (instead of waving the glowy Reagan flag of how they wish he’d been) is a dim possibility for the proud and arrogant Republican Party.

Yet it is difficult to avert a downward spiral when you refuse honest  measurement or admit the true path of your trajectory.

And the wacky 3-D glasses of party partisanship further distort issues.

Well, if the GOP needs it, several manufacturers bottle ginkgo biloba for memory loss, even of the most virulent politically expedient variety.

If I were one of the GOP, I’d take a minimum of 3 bottles’ worth of ginko biloba before even thinking of reading the next Reagan biography make-over or dream-infested  manifesto of Reaganomics.

But that’s only what I would do – especially since it’s difficult to believe that Ronald Reagan or his ghost can help them now.


You may wish to see sidebar of Pages for the horoscope chart of the ‘Reaganomics Eclipse.’

William Greider on Social Security

Looting Social Security

By William Greider

To understand the mechanics of this attempted swindle, you have to roll back twenty-five years, to the time the game of bait and switch began, under Ronald Reagan.


Written by Jude Cowell

February 15, 2009 at 4:40 am

Bush’s ‘ownership society’ arriving now

Did you think George Bush meant that average folks should join in by buying a home in his ‘Ownership Society’ when he touted the misleading phrase during the early days of his residency? (not a typo.)

Well, funny thing.

Turns out Bush was pointing to just such a time as the current financial collapse of our real economy with financiers poised to go on shopping sprees and take over ownership of banks and other industries as they further their control of the real economy in order to create a class of working poor their thumbs are itching to control.

But if you’re feelin’ puny, you may wish to skip economics professor Michel Chossudovsky’s article, ‘The Great Depression of the 21st Century: Collapse of the Real Economy.

However, if you’re madder than a wet hen over this political charade for the sake of a new economic and political world order, you’d be better off if you attempt reading it, if you haven’t.

Some of Chossudovsky’s words are as good a description of what astrologers have been saying to describe transforming Pluto’s journey through the sign of Capricorn as you’re likely to find anywhere.

Pluto returns to Capricorn in time for the turkey of Thanksgiving Day. And if turkey Bush pardons the turkey, an always-ridiculous annual ritual at the White House, we can all think of his touted ‘Ownership Society’ and know which of his Wall Street and banking pals will be doing all the owning – and how Bush knew it from the start.

Chossudovsky explains how the *Reagan-Thatcher era, the earlier phase of the 1980s, displaced and destroyed family farms, local and regional enterprises, and small businesses.

Then the merger-acquisition phase occurred in the 1990s under Bill Clinton, and we all know about NAFTA’s role in dissolving America’s work environment. “Thanks,”Bill and Hill. Al Gore, where were you when the American worker needed you?

And his book, ‘The Globalisation of Poverty and the New World Order’ is a perfect description of Pluto-Chiron’s oppressive issues: corporatism, racism, women’s rights, violence, etc.

See? That’s one of the reasons I say we have a one-party system in the US – the haves against the have-nots. But read his article, if you get a chance. There is some hope, however difficult to implement it may be.

Yet with president-elect Barack Obama sending one of the architects of the financial collapse to represent him at the G20 Summit (Jim Leach, who co-sponsored 1999’s Gramm-Leach-Bliley Financial Services Modernization Act – FSMA), a promising start for his presidency’s economic programs looks more like slave labor on the way…possibly disguised as ‘public works programs.’

Now either THAT would be ironic, or I don’t know irony when I see it. Do you?



Nothing here on Thatcher, but you may wish to check out the sidebar column of Pages for the Reaganomics Eclipse, if you haven’t. Its degree links to the natal Ascendant of George W. Bush.

Lehman Brothers crisis of 1984: lessons learned?

You may or may not remember but Lehman Brothers was in a big pickle back in 1984, which brings  Reagan Republicans into the crisis picture to join John McCain’s lack of economic savvy a la 2008:


2008 minus 1984 = two Jupiter cycles…so let’s all repeat the Republican’s Jupiter Mantra: ‘Every day in every way I’m getting better and better’ – as if expansion never has to end, and the piper never has to be fully paid.

The Solar Eclipses of 1984 are the 10 North (May 30; 9Gem) and 4 South (Nov 22; 1Sag):

4N: illusions, separations, restraints, inhibitions, and restrictions are the hallmarks of this Series; events cause blockages which result in misjudgment of situations or strength; best advice is to wait until Eclipse passes before taking any real action.

Last manifested June 10, 2002 (20Gem)…Pre-natal Eclipse Series of Israel (May 14, 1948; 4:00 pm eedt; Tel Aviv.)

4S: very strong emotional feelings concerning money and/or relationships; anger, lust; sense of fatedness as we’re caught up in events beyond personal control; could be a sudden desire to finish a relationship; emotions are blocked or checked in some way leading to much frustration; avoid rash actions until issues settle down. (Brady’s ‘Predictive Astrology.’)

Last manifested Dec 4, 2002 (11Sag58 conj US natal ASC~Sibly, and conj Dec 30, 1999’s Great Conjunction of Pluto and Chiron~plutocracy; corporatism)…Pre-natal Eclipse Series of the Bush-Cheney Iraq Invasion 2003.

Needless to say, Bush-Cheney did not avoid rash actions.

Monetary Control Act of 1980

This concerns the law which Congress, in their finite wisdom, repealed in 1980 which paved the way for today’s financial messes in which America is quagmired, signed by Jimmy Carter with a sweep of his presidential pen.


For decades the financial industry lobbied (whined) to be set free from those pesky, old fashioned banking and accounting rules promising a bigger, better economy. All boats would be raised, they promised.

The fantasy was packaged, touted and sold and now pouf! the only thing left 2008 are homeless, economically ruined Americans and a power elite sitting on more billions than the average fraudster can imagine in his wildest dreams.

Usury interest rates were allowed to roam the land at will while some members of Congress remained wilfully ignorant and a few were duped or too weak-willed to utter a peep against “the new, improved system” that was to raise all boats.

Trickle down, voodoo, and all that Reagan jazz was practically worshipped by elephants and donkeys alike as the financial hourglass tipped ever more toward the wealthy.

So pipers must always be paid, and the taxpayer is to ‘bail out’ some of the very culprits who participated and not only should’ve known better – I assert that they Did know at the highest levels. Their underlings may have succumbed to the panacea of a benumbed conscience, but the bosses knew disaster was ahoof, and we see where things have led.

If you’re like me, you know that America’s universities are as much to blame as the elite who donate and endow mega-monies to them – and our schools seem to turn out the kind of graduate the business world wants to hire. Palm-greasing 401 must be one of the more popular courses for all sophomores.

So! Can what’s wrong with America be fixed by what’s right with America?

My limited view is that the consensus opinion of her people would lead to an improvement in the integrity department, financially and otherwise.

Now if we-the-people can just keep the White House clear of the NEXT sidewinder who promises to ‘bring integrity back’ then we’ll be able to retain the real stuff and let the crooks find their true level in society as they ponder what the meaning of integrity is.

(Apparently Yale and Harvard only taught them how to avoid such an antiquated notion.)

And yet there’s hope for them, we know, because there’s a whopper of a minimum wage increase on the horizon so I can’t imagine why the sorry cusses couldn’t live simply on that while returning to school to get their Burger Flipping degrees. 

Yes, burger flipping would be a generous fate for those who care not a copper penny for you or me – and they’ve even absconded with the extra copper from our pennies and soon intend to scoop them up entirely! After all – discontinuing the US penny and calling them in would hurt the little guy most and we already know how the elite decisionmakers ‘feel’ about that inconsequentiality.

Reaganism-Bushism: Kleptocracy

Making global the plundering by the US government, Reaganism and Bushism are twins of greed and corruption uniting the 80s with the New Millennium.

As the US has propped up bloody dictators (Pinochet, The Shah, Apartheid, Contras, Marcos, to name a few) in order to stroke their egos, enrich them, and assure their assistance in the pillaging of their own people, our own nation’s population and the future of our children have fallen by the wayside in the march toward one world government.

Read Professor of Political Science, David Michael Green’s article which gives an overview of what voodoo economics have done here in America and what the world crime syndicate (Cupido in an astrology chart!) has been up to in the last few decades:


which covers in brief what’s been goin’ on. It isn’t pretty but must be brought into the collective consciousness…this is one of America’s many shadows which we have failed to deal with and now look where we are…nowhere soon.

This regressive political movement is somewhat addressed by my Page concerning the Reaganonmics Eclipse of July 30, 1981 which occurred upon George Bush’s natal Ascendant! (see sidebar for this alarming synchronicity.

As you know, our solar system contains two ‘societal planets’ which time our sociopolitical-economic cycle and they begin their new cycle approximately every 20 years–Jupiter (expansion) and Saturn (restriction.) 

They met up for a new cycle on May 28, 2000, and the DOW’s historic high on Jan 13, 2000 (11,528.40) preceeded this Great Conjunction–the NASDAQ followed with its high on March 10, 2000 (5,048 pts.) 

That the DOW’s historic high was in Jan 2000 actually puts in at the tail end of the last conj of Jupiter-Saturn–three meetings: Dec 31, 1980; March 3, 1981; and July 24, 1981 from 4–10 degrees of Libra, sign of balance and fairness. Yuh. And if you think Wall Street gentry don’t know about astrological cycles and consult them, think again.

As dot com investors know, by the end of 2000, the NASDAQ was down 39%, its worst year ever, and the DOW was down 6% for the year–its worst since…wait for it…1981.

The Great Conjunction of May 2000 in Taurus, one of the ‘money signs’, was squared by disruptive Uranus so we have:

Jupiter/Saturn = Uranus: terribly upset with the status of things; forceful change of direction which can upset many dimensions of life; making great efforts; emotional tensions; sudden change in circumstances; Damage to a Building (sounds like 9/11 to me esp considering the conj of Pluto and Chiron, the plutocratic duo of corporatism, oppression, disenfranchisement, racism, and primal violence, on Dec 30, 1999. So this is how the New Millennium began, world.)

The State united with Corporatism = fascism, another -ism of the Pluto/Chiron variety. And even stronger than their conj is their parallel in mid-August 2004.

Yes, redistribution of wealth is Reagan’s real legacy. That George Bush has followed suit and extended the practice to the global community makes the term ‘kleptocracy’ part of his fascist, corporate legacy as well with the world banking system in on the bargain and its claws in the pie–the pie of our children and our children’s children.

Remember this: “Free trade raises all boats”? Sounds as hilarious as the Titanic’s boasts before it sailed, doesn’t it?

Think I’ll mosey to Prof. Green’s site now to see what antidote might exist–because it’s sickening what they’ve done with our America.



 midpoint picture: Tyl; Ebertin.



How the Bush administration helped engineer current market tumble

Funny that Joe Wilson’s newspaper editorial got him in mega trouble with Bush-Cheney, and now it seems Eliot Spitzer’s February 14 WaPo article did the same for him:


Subtitled, ‘How the Bush Administration Stopped the States From Stepping In to Help Consumers’ Spitzer’s words remind me of the Attorneys General being fired to stop the cases they were working on…and the states’ attempts to stop predatory lending and subprime loans being given to people who obviously couldn’t afford them stems from 2003.

2003!  As I’ve groused before, the so-called experts saw this coming–and set up America’s and the world’s economies to fail. Now US taxpayers are bailing out a fatcat bank who was in on the whole scam, with other banks soon to be on the gimme-list, too with their bald-faced hubris.

Seems world domination doesn’t come cheap, does it?

Off and on, the transiting Saturn/Pluto midpoint has been triggering the NWO’s natal Sun 1Sco19 so we have this picture:

Saturn/Pluto = Sun: sparing no pains in one’s work; renunciation (Ebertin.)

Transiting Pluto/Chiron’s midpoint–the plutocracy; corporatism; oppression; racism duo–will be on the Midheaven (the Goal; Aspiration Point) of the Jan 20, 2009 inauguration chart set for Washington DC. Joy.

This says to me that whoever pretends to be the “leader of the free world” (aka globalist mouthpiece and propaganda catapulter) come 2009 is having the baton passed to him or her–and the political masquerade continues with pluocrats pulling all strings.

Plus, the Neptune/Pluto degree of conjunction which marks the Robber Baron chart (Generation of Materialism, 1892) has had an interesting visitor the last few years as well…asteroid, Midas, now at 7Gem17 (in the range of nuclear degrees.) We suffer with a plethora of Robber Baron spawn infesting the nooks and crannies of civilization.

Yes, gold-loving King Midas has his and is grasping more each day. And I’m ashamed of the part the late great America has played in the charade–not just bwo George Bush, but by the last several Oval Office denizens who’ve all played their parts so well…from “free trade” agreements, to the dollar’s meltdown, to the bogus “ownership society” of George Bush…well he didn’t say just who would do the owning.

In my little gnat’s book, They are the ones who should be ashamed, but what do you think the chances are of that?

You surely know that everyone ever born has what’s called a true condition before God. It takes a lot of self-deception and convincing to act on the assumption that you can cheat, lie, and commit fraud on the whole world and do just fine in the sweet bye’n’bye.

Yes, the World Bank and Wall Street gentry muckedy-mucks (and their cousins, the royal bloods of Europe) may have all this world’s terms slanted toward them for now, but the deal they’ll be pleading one day is one I’m glad to say I’ll be passing up.

Talk about subprime. 


Update Sep 3 2008: here’s interesting article by Tom Sales relating the current subprime mortgage meltdown to S&L failures of the late 80s-early 90s (thanks, Bush 41 and Reagan), 1990’s junk bond fiasco and the Asian market meltdown, Congress’ culpability, and more:


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