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Gingrich predicts who’ll run in 2012

Here’s ethics-challenged Newt Gingrich predicting which Republicans will run for president in 2012 and even Ron Paul is listed.

Gingrich’s own name isn’t excluded, of course, and for those of us who are Palin watchers, her name is near the top of the list, according to Newt the Prognosticator.

And now, without furr-ther ado, here’s a political cat limerick from the last campaign concerning Republican candidates…snarly.


Lehman Brothers crisis of 1984: lessons learned?

You may or may not remember but Lehman Brothers was in a big pickle back in 1984, which brings  Reagan Republicans into the crisis picture to join John McCain’s lack of economic savvy a la 2008:


2008 minus 1984 = two Jupiter cycles…so let’s all repeat the Republican’s Jupiter Mantra: ‘Every day in every way I’m getting better and better’ – as if expansion never has to end, and the piper never has to be fully paid.

The Solar Eclipses of 1984 are the 10 North (May 30; 9Gem) and 4 South (Nov 22; 1Sag):

4N: illusions, separations, restraints, inhibitions, and restrictions are the hallmarks of this Series; events cause blockages which result in misjudgment of situations or strength; best advice is to wait until Eclipse passes before taking any real action.

Last manifested June 10, 2002 (20Gem)…Pre-natal Eclipse Series of Israel (May 14, 1948; 4:00 pm eedt; Tel Aviv.)

4S: very strong emotional feelings concerning money and/or relationships; anger, lust; sense of fatedness as we’re caught up in events beyond personal control; could be a sudden desire to finish a relationship; emotions are blocked or checked in some way leading to much frustration; avoid rash actions until issues settle down. (Brady’s ‘Predictive Astrology.’)

Last manifested Dec 4, 2002 (11Sag58 conj US natal ASC~Sibly, and conj Dec 30, 1999’s Great Conjunction of Pluto and Chiron~plutocracy; corporatism)…Pre-natal Eclipse Series of the Bush-Cheney Iraq Invasion 2003.

Needless to say, Bush-Cheney did not avoid rash actions.

Romney agrees on change issue

Wednesday night in his address to the RNC, Mitt Romney said, “We need change all right – change from a liberal Washington to a conservative Washington!”

Now he couldn’t be referring to evacuating the residents of DC, so if he means politically, is he not aware that ‘conservative’ Republicans have been in control these long long eight years?

TIME has an article by Nancy Gibbs on ‘Sarah Palin’s Breakout Night’:


A magazine called, TIME…the very name is so Saturnian, isn’t it?

Guiliani out, Lieberman in at RNC 2008

Musical chairs at the RNC! Such drama:


Update: Guiliani was actually bumped later ito the week and roused the crowd quite well.

Written by Jude Cowell

September 2, 2008 at 3:17 pm

VP search: too many senators

Yeah, okay, so an abundance of senators we’ve already got in this race for the White House and all I’ve read or heard indicate that only governors need apply for the office of Vice President of the United States of America.

So there go my Jim Webb-John Edwards ideas for the Dem ticket, I suppose, and what’s best for the common good need not apply either…Politics eats it for breakfast.

Then there is the commonly known tendency of senators to have exalted (aka high’n’mighty) opinions of themselves…perhaps too much so to be put in the number 2 spot by a freshly minted president with credibility issues of his/her own. But we’ve been graced with governors for prez before and see what pigs-in-pokes they turned out to be? As you know, the current one is a real oinker.

Dick Cheney even thinks himself above the office while he’s holding it and not part of the executive branch at all. Now that’s a raging case of hubris or advice from his lawyers…or both. Mildly amusing that he elevated the office in so many ways yet disavowed it when his hide was in danger. He’s a crafty little yoda pudding pile.

And with the McCain shendig in Sedona, Arizona this weekend, the guest list of governors seems to indicate that McCain has his eye monacle upon Mitt Romney, among others. Selecting him may be a political can of religious worms being opened past their use-by date.

But as previously noted, campaigning Romney did raise more money here in Georgia than McCain has to date even though the state was overrun by Republicans some years ago (oddly enough, so GA must have some cache for the GOP, eh? ‘Strategery.’ Perhaps you’ve caught the PBS series, ‘American Experience’ and the episodes on FDR which mention the “Little White House” in Georgia. But it’s the graying Big One I’m fretting about here.)

Funny that my blog stats have my ‘McCains’ Wedding Day Astrology’ article as numero uno…6,762 views so far. With the release of McCain’s voluminous health report, we are meant to be consoled that the man is fit as a fiddle, or at least as sound as a ukelele (in tune, one hopes.)

Then this week Hillary Clinton apologized for her weird remark about RFK’s assassination in mid-June as if a certain opponent may be history by June and she won’t need to drop out of the horse race.  Does she know something we don’t know?

Some say perhaps she was “tired” and thus let an unfortunately tin-eared comment slip. I think it was very strange that the month of June should bring that sad case to her consciousness at all–and that the “she’s tired” excuse is a not so backhanded critique of her gender, poor little wilting flower…she can’t quite keep up with the boys–what tripe. Sewing doubt concerning her opponent doesn’t take fatigue, just cynical self-interest and a dirty trick mentality. The win-at-any-cost Clinton Machine is no myth.

Yes, Robert Kennedy was killed while campaigning but I wonder if Clinton is sure who the victim would be if certain elements in US society orchestrated the horror again? Yet I have written here and elsewhere that Obama’s safety is a concern of mine after studying astrological charts, but I haven’t wished to add to such a discussion with particulars.

Besides, anyone who interprets astrology maps can see for themselves as they look ahead, and they know that it takes a conflagration of factors in synchronistic fashion for anything to come to pass. Otherwise it remains potential.

Then on Thursday, I watched Barack Obama’s speech aimed at Israel which was given at a Boca Raton, Florida synagogue. How much it helped him with the Jewish population and friends, I don’t know, but it seemed to be a comforting speech at the time. How shredded it ends up being bwo the media and the blogging community prior ot November, who’s to say?

Yet Obama said all the right things and touched all the right notes, and really…isn’t that what political perfect pitch is all about?

Guess our prez selection system is problematic–we get illusions and images during campaigns, but Substance may only be seen after the take over of the White House.

Unfortunately for The People, Buyer’s Remorse has become common in America and as we’ve seen with the Bush administration, a No Return, No Refund policy in high’n’mighty Washington, DC has now been set in stone–which ignores the provision in the Constitution for redressing our grievances against corrupt or incompetent administrations.

Perhaps we’re simply too apathetic or busy trying to get by to bother, but this time, let’s be sure to keep the receipt.

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