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Thousands march in London against war in Afghanistan

Yes, in a peaceful show of solidarity of purpose, Thousands March in London in protest against the war in Afghanistan, a country well known to be “the graveyard of empires.”

Once again, today’s Europeans show several generations of Americans that lounging about on the sofa watching TV commercials simply won’t suffice in today’s political atmosphere!

Of course, millions of protesters the world over have marched against the Bush-Cheney administration’s illegal invasion and occupation of Iraq and the Republicans (and enabling Democrats) successfully ignored our massive opposition to their global domination plans.

Guess it’s obvious that there’s a higher authority whose Vulcan voice the White House listens to, and it definitely does not belong to we-the-people.

Did Reaganomics bring us to this dance?

Bob Cesca brings it here:


And you may wish to check the sidebar to your left for a Page with chart of the ‘Reaganomics Eclipse.’

How much failure and loss can GOP economic policies induce until none of their pet theories or their Reagan worship are given a moment’s notice?

In Astrologese, we could say:

Action is demanded: the big picture and a certain course of action must be followed; very little option to do otherwise.

To quickly ‘get the lead out’, ignore Republican neocon political thespianisms (including that gasbag of the radio) concerning the economy, and Implement.

And if I run into my senator or congressman on Main Street, I’ll be sure to ask why they crapped their pants with haste over the banker bailout bill with its Capitol Hill Theater matinees and evening performances, but for the American worker they mumblingly waste our time, our dime, and any shred of credibility they have left in their accounts at the We-The-People Bank of America.

And to think: we PAY them rather generously for their dramatic stalls, insidious propaganda, and photo-ops.

If Wall Street-loving, Reagan-idolizing Republicans and Democrats knew how low their credit ratings are with the American people right now, they wouldn’t advertise their obvious lack of concern about our livelihoods when it comes to Main Street…they’d stop grandstanding and obstructing the president”s bill and send some financial relief for the real-world folks who do the real-world jobs politicians don’t want to do.

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