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All Things Must Pass benefit concert Raleigh NC 2.26.11

What a fabulous Spring-like Friday evening in Raleigh, North Carolina as something like 45 local musicians gathered their talents together last night for a cancer benefit concert celebrating George’s Harrison’s All Things Must Pass in aid of local area cancer patients who have bills to pay.

The music fest, held at a Carrboro club called the Cat’s Cradle (which reminded me muchly of The 40 Watt club in Athens GA) was performed in association with The Caring Community Foundation, an area non-profit charitable organization which provides financial assistance to cancer patients in and around the Triangle area of North Carolina.

Basic needs such as rent, utilities, food, prescription meds, nutritional supplements, and other expenses are supported by this excellent charity organization. And with cancer sufferer George Harrison’s tunes as the fare, the blend made for a touching and magical evening full of familiar melodies for this former Beatle fan (who saw them in Atlanta 1965 with a Mystic Rectangle planetary pattern above our heads!)

Organizers Toby Roan and Jeff Hart did a fantastic job herding (by which I mean, managing) a group of musical cats onstage with cello, horns, upright bass, drums and more along with the usual complement of guitars and tambourines. So the Cat’s Cradle was quite an appropriate venue!

There are few people whose lives haven’t been affected by cancer whether it’s self, family members, or friends and my family and I felt honored to be part of such a wonderful musical project in aid of those with significant financial burdens during a stressful time of life. CCF also runs Caring Community Kids to comfort little ones affected by the disease, and a Pay-It-Forward philosophy drives their mission.

The Caring Community Foundation (CCF) was begun ten years ago by local cancer survivor Jill Wolford and has raised over $1 million and served over 1,000 patients so that they can focus on their treatment and recovery. Click for more info on the organization (donations and volunteers are always welcome!); plus, you may also wish to visit If Not For You.org.

By attending last evening’s benefit concert, I discovered that I had forgotten George Harrison’s last words, by which the world would be a much happier, less crisis-ridden place if only everyone remembered them regularly. Perhaps you already know them:

“Love one another.”

To which this blogger adds a heartfelt, Amen!

Return from Raleigh NC: Spring Time 2009!

As we drove back today from Raleigh NC to the Athens GA area, it was obvious that NC was third in line, SC was second, and my home state of Georgia was first in the Spring Bustin’ Out All Over department.

Rolling green meadows and pastures – a very cool one with cows and horses fraternizing contentedly – lined both sides of the highway once the Georgia border was reached as if someone had flipped on the greenery switch.

The ‘wide place in the road’ named Ila, GA was particularly spring-like with pink-blooming plum trees, yellowbell bushes a bit past their prime but still beautiful with their willowesquely drooping branches, and Bradford pear trees whose white blossoms were in process of giving themselves over to pale green leaves.

March 20 officially marks Spring Equinox for 2009 so get out your puddle jumpers and ‘brellas because in southeastern US – and soon the whole of creation where applicable –  it’s time to flower.

And since each one of us is the’ flowering of his/her generations’, how would you like a Tulipa ‘Maytime’ portrait for starters?


Flower On!

Gas easier to find – from NC to GA 10.1.08

This evening I returned from Raleigh, NC to Athens, GA by way of I-85 South, and gasoline availability wasn’t perfect but was easier to find than it had been on Friday just past.

People seemed more calm about the situation, too, and I heard while in Raleigh that shortages in western NC (which had been the worst-hit area for the state) is slowly easing now due to tanker trucks being sent in from other states. Some TV reports are still saying up to two weeks until things are back to normal, while some mention shorter amounts of time.

Today’s prices from Raleigh to Athens ranged from $3.56.9 per gallon to a few cents over $4 gal.

My son and new daughter-in-law left Raleigh Sunday morning (Sep 28) motoring toward Ocracoke Island in the Outer Banks (NC) and had no trouble finding gas on the way, but no trouble was expected. Whether they run into Blackbeard’s ghost while there remains to be seen!

Returning to Athens I stopped three times today and found fuel each time with no waiting lines. And that, folks, completes my eye-witness report for October 1, 2008!

Wall Street bombing of Sep 16, 1920

Here in Raleigh NC today it’s peaceful and quiet after a happy wedding with a well-timed monarch butterfly flitting behind the bride to land on a tree just over the couple as the rings were being blessed Saturday.

Plus, Friday late afternoon as we approached the city, a rainbow appeared – the first I’d seen in years. Seemed like a wonderful portent for a new marriage with butterfly soon to follow. And a singing bowl as part of the ceremony was a calming touch!

(Maybe I should send a few to Washington or to the over-reactive candidate McCain. ‘Oming’ may be the one thing Mr. Moon-Pluto opposition hasn’t tried.)

Finding Raleigh a-vroom with a biker convention of some sort (something to do with singer Ray Price – sorry I didn’t get more details but the wedding was uppermost) the charming old city was a hub of activity with its festival atmosphere and deep-fried cheese cake on a stick. No kiddin’…I thought it sounded awful, too.

My favorite dish at the reception had to be the Butternut Squash Lasagne which was amazing.

And although I said that politics would not be on my agenda this weekend, you know that I did manage to find a TV long enough to know that McCain showed up to debate Friday night, and I heard some of the post-debate punditry, too. Obama won, as I, and perhaps John McCain, expected. And some of the bailout info got through the wedding cake haze. Seems that Washington is desperate to affect Asians markets before their opening on Monday.

Using a laptop at the moment is driving me batty so I’ll simply close with a previously saved link I had intended to post day-of concerning the still-visible damage to the JP Morgan building by an anarchist bomb the anniversary for which was earlier in September while the current kerfluffle was in full sway.

We have a financial bomb of our own now so the timing seemed interesting to me. There are no rainbows or butterflies involved, but if you’re in a bailout kind of mood, you may find it of note:


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September 28, 2008 at 5:33 pm

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