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Horoscopes: Putin and Rasputin

Rasputin 1916; see page for author [Public domain or Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Below is a dual image of the natal horoscopes of Russian dictator Vladimir Putin (October 7, 1952) and ‘holy man’ and con artist Grigori Rasputin (January 22, 1869). As you see the charts are messily penned upon with astro-notes and both men were born during transit Uranus in Moon-ruled Cancer (see chart for the 3 dates of Rasputin’s Uranus Return/s around the time of Putin’s birth–Uranus in Cancer tells of those who fraternize with strange or unusual people). And both were/are visionary maverick who were born under Solar Eclipses in late Leo (astrological degrees!) with different Saros Series–15 North 1868/69 and 8 South 1952, yet conjoined by degree in the 25 to 28-degree range of royal, Sun-ruled Leo.

Rasputin’s 15 North theme: joy through commitment. Putin’s 8 South: separation, loss; possible physical injury (Brady). 8 South last perfected in 2006 @29Virgo; 15 North last manifested @22Scorpio as the Prenatal Solar Eclipse (‘PE’) of Winter Solstice 2012!



And curiously, Rasputin’s and Putin’s Solar Eclipses conjoin the natal Mars and Ascendant–with royal Regulus rising–of Donald Trump (who fancies himself a ‘king’ but you may know him as a con artist and a liar) and all were activated or triggered by The Great American Eclipse of August 21, 2017 in the 1 North series, aka, The Mother of All Eclipses. The caution for Regulus: success if revenge is avoided, otherwise all that’s been gained will be taken away). 1 North themes: ‘unexpected events’ and ‘info is distorted and possibly false’ (Brady’s Predictive Astrology). Well, we’re certainly inundated by false information and so-called ‘fake news’ these days, aren’t we? And propaganda. Especially since deceptive, elusive, Neptune has been floating through its own sign of secretive Pisces and trailing paranoia, fear, flooding, leaks, contagion, fraud, scandal, and dissolving borders in its wake.

Now my intention here is to make these two natal horoscopes available online for future reference, speculative though their data may be, and naturally there are other cosmic links and time links between the two men, plus Mr. Trump. But in an effort to blog briefly, I shall close and leave them to you to sort out if and as you wish!

Did Putin walk into a trap?

Putin Walks into a Trap

By Mike Whitney

The Georgian army had no chance of winning a war with Russia or
any intention of occupying the territory they captured. The real aim was to lure
the Russian army into a trap.

http://www.informationclearinghouse.info/article20508.htm  #

Did he now? Must be a very big bear trap.

Lunar Eclipse August 16 2008: Sampson’s Hair

You may wish to read a fresh post concerning Saturday’s Lunar Eclipse with its chart set for the White House and relating to the politics and militarism going on now with Russia, Georgia, and South Ossetia:


It’s 5:15 pm EDT and NPR is just saying that there’s no doubt who’s still in charge of Russia: Putin. 

Click above link for more details as this important Lunar Eclipse brings more rats into the light and makes an appointment to shave off strongman Sampson’s hair.

Do you think that Bush-Cheney appreciated that other despots -er, world leaders – would follow their example when they invaded and occupied the sovereign nation of Iraq?

That the Bush administration (I’m lookin’ at you, Condi) has not a leg to stand on with their lofty pronouncements against Russia’s actions only highlights the current struggle as another obscene misadventure with the common man, woman, and child paying the piper so grievously.

And although it’s no excuse for military over-reaction and aggression, Russia is acting within its own neighborhood, unlike Bush and Cheney’s Mesopotamian over-extension filled to the brim with loss and mayhem against the common good.

So is East meeting West? or breaking with the West?

Kindred eye-gazers Bush and Putin may be the only ones who really know at this point, but Astrology has something to say as well as the August 16 Lunar Eclipse opens a celestial window – for, as we know – As Above, So Below!

Down on George Bush Avenue

Care to meet me on George Bush Avenue?

Here’s a grumpy thing I wrote in June 2007 concerning the G-8 Summit, Bush, Putin, and Georgia:


on Alexander Litvinenko

Here’s what’s still an interesting twist to the story of poisoned Russian expatriot, Alexander Litvinenko, who was assassinated in London bwo plutonium 2-10 in Nov 2006:


Here’s a link to my post from Nov 2006 of Litvinenko’s Statement to his poisoner, written from his miserable hospital bed in London:


The link below is to an article which did have links to newspaper articles on the investigation but they’ve gone cold…but it still contains my link to a posting of Litvinenko’s natal chart and a few chart details as well.

Apologies that that things are so…spread out, but in early 2007, as I attempted to publish more on this sad case (and knowing that the Moon/ASC midpoint–and Jupiter–are often in the picture for cases of poisoning~~I’d be a forensic astrologer if I given a chance!), I discovered an oddity concerning my Blogger blog–Stars Over Washington–that all my posts on Litvinenko were ‘disappeared’ from my Archives List for Nov and Dec 2006, and working with them for other posts was a huge hassle (as it’s been this evening, to some degree.)

Mystery afoot concerning mystery afoot. And with Neptune’s interest in poisoning, and the gaseous giant’s connection to Pisces, sign of feet, perhaps I’ll simply give up and go partake of a relaxing whirlpool footbath…but first:

Remember Alexander Litvinenko:


The following link goes to a post with an article round-up when Stars Over Washington couldn’t seem to keep them available for viewing – some are links to articles on various subjects but some are concerning Litvinenko, his poisoning, and the then-ongoing police investigation which went, as I expected, nowhere:


Let’s see if WordPress can keep this post visible…

are you Putin disputin’?

With Jupiter now conjunct his natal Mars, and transiting Neptune conjunct North Node (the public), Vlaimir Putin has ‘won’ the elections in Russia–and a certain politically inclined kitty cat has written a kitty ditty rhyme about his own views on the situation here:


and for details on Putin’s Jupiter-to-Mars and Neptune-to-North-Node transits go to:


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