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George Bush has ‘self-awareness of a bison’

With former cheerleader and bullhorn handler George W. Bush appearing everywhere these days to promote his rewrite-history book, there are some folk who feel sorry for his dim-wittedness and lack of self-awareness.

Matthew Norman’s How Did This Wastrel Ever Find His Way to the White House? has an interesting point of view.

My own p.o.v. on Dubya is not as generous since Bush, a cog in the Bush Dynastry syndicate, was installed in the White House by a complicit Supreme Court and served at the behest and enabling of the global power elite who used him for 8 years as a “propaganda catapulter”, as Bush described himself while in office.

If he hadn’t pleased them by making ‘decisions’ with few, if any, known facts and by his actions, he would have somehow been de-presidented with a newer, more accomodating model put in place.

In his interview with Matt Lauer, I did hear Bush admit to remembering that the financial crash and TARP both occurred under his watch. I see Financial Collapse 2008 as a crescendo at the end of the Bush Years of Wastrelhood, don’t you?

Bush at the helm: can a lifetime be enough?

Dick Cheney is in association with a group who call themselves “Family Security Matters” and an article on a Bush dictatorship-for-life was published online then taken down (perhaps as damage control.)

Guess the gloriousness of such a fascist idea eluded too many people – at least until the next catastrophic emergency occurs or is staged.

One of my favorite reporters, Larisa Alexandrovna, has the scoop here: 


Well, Bush’s natal Ascendant degree, “8Leo”, does have the Sabian Symbol: “A Bolshevik Propagandist” as we know. Wonder if Bush wishes he’d obfuscated his birth time years ago so astrologers would quit mentioning this inconvenient fact? The ASC describes the individual’s persona – it’s how the world views him, and how he views the world and answers the WHAT? question of the horoscope.

The Jones’ version of the Symbols gives more details:

Keyword: LEAVEN…

pos: a determination to share the soul’s vision and to make a permanent impact on history (‘permanent’!! that’s just what we’re talkin’ about here- jc);

neg/unconscious/shadow side: futile ranting against a multitude of superficial ills.

He is a ranter, all right. As he unconsciously spilled in public during his early presidential days: he’s a propaganda catapulter!

Jones goes on to say that this degree emphasizes “recurrent battles over social and political concepts.”

So for neocons, EIGHT YEARS isn’t recurrent enough?

Nostalgically, all this casts me back to Bush’s ranting Social Security Tour ad nauseum. The American taxpayer should have had a refund on that massive bit of political expenditure. While hiding their real reasons for this daft plan, Bush-Cheney’s urgency was probably due to anticipation of the current market meltdown we’re now experiencing – but although the plan to undermine and dissolve Social Security didn’t barf its way into law immediately as they wished, you don’t hear much about what would’ve happened to the people’s SS retirement funds if it had.

Easy to see in retrospect as it was in real time – privatizing SS is Not a Good Idea, we said, and sparks flew, accusations were made.

Yet neocons thought that by targeting the young, the boondoggle would fly, but it sank titanically along with Bush’s approval rating. Yet the push WILL be renewed if it suits – assuming that some form of the NYSE still exists in future and that the US government isn’t in complete shutdown with Bush as dictator.

Congress isn’t privy to the Department of Homeland Security’s plan for continuity of government in case of emergency, you know. Guess that’s well-described by the ‘Sibly chart’ for America’s Saturn/Neptune straddling Midheaven…Saturn/Neptune may be taken as “secret government.”

Well, if you’re self-employed like me, you’ve paid 100% of your own FICA taxes for several years, and I for one would appreciate it if they kept their claws off my account – and stay away from what they haven’t pilfered before now. I had the distinct feeling during Bush’s Reform SS Tour that the movement to privatize SS was more than a money grab, it was an effort to hide what Washington politicians had been doing with our SS fund for year$.

In the 2000 campaign, Al Gore’s “lockbox” was made a laughing stock by neocons yet surely the SS “lockbox” would’ve turned out to be as empty as Fort Knox is of gold! Yet the empty coffer had to be kept hidden by a Republican president, didn’t it?

“Success at all costs” – it’s always been a perfect mantra for dictators everywhere.

Perhaps this is why John McCain was accepted as the Republican nominee – his presidential services won’t be needed with Bush staying on like other dictators have found ways to do. It remains to be seen whether my own ranting is moot, and for the sake of the only nag in the 2008 race for me – America – I sincerely hope I’m ranting for nothing.

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