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On Election Fraud in November 2008

Demonstrating admirable patience and care, Terry Lamb has published an article at Astro-Pol explaining the difference between voter fraud and election fraud.

The first is rare, the second is a distinct possibility for our elections on November 4, 2008 especially with the Saturn-Uranus opposition becoming exact on Election Day:


The Saturn-Uranus opposition is the ‘Full Moon’-culminating phase of things begun at their last conjunction/s which occurred all through 1988 and thus similar issues will surface from that time – or come to fruition.

Here again are the dates and degrees of their triple conjunctions, all in 1988 with the second conj being the Rx one, of course:

February 13: 29Sag55; June 26: 28Sag47; and Oct 18: 27Sag49.

As you see, this is the part of the zodiac where power-behind-the-throne Pluto has reverted for a final hurrah so we may wish to consider the midpoint picture created by these three planets which form a link between 2008 and 1988 with Pluto stimulating the 27 – 30 degree area of Sagittarius:

Saturn-Uranus = Pluto: the desire to overcome a difficult situation through extraordinary efforts;  rebellion against one’s lot in life; violence; ruthlessness; upheaval to protect assets; tremendous fear of loss.

This picture all by its lonesome sounds like the 2008 campaign, doesn’t it? And let’s hope upheavals don’t drag out election results and that ‘upheaval to protect assets’ doesn’t describe Bush creating a justification for declaring himself commander-in-chief in perpetuity!

A nuke-enabled President McCain?

There are indications in the natal chart of John McCain of a hot-headed nature with the primal rage of his Moon-Pluto opposition which falls on the US natal Pluto, planet of nuclear power.

That must be why this article popped out from today’s ICH Newsletter:

‘Meet the Senator Most Likely to Start a Nuclear War: The Real McCain’


McCain the Maverick is a merely a fine-honed act, underscored by these kinds
of casual hypocrisies.


McCain wasn’t called a ‘maverick’ until late 1999-early 2000, you know, but his temper tantrums are legendary. When it comes to a Finger on the Button, I’d rather have someone who considers their actions first including unintended consequences than a ‘maverick’ hothead who can’t leave war behind.

And if you read my earlier post on McCain’s natal Jupiter in Sagittarius, the above-mention of ‘hypocrisy’ will be no surprise at all – if it ever was for this politician who seems to have traded past principles for the chance of occupying and shilling from the White House.

Palin and Alaska’s violet domes

Space Weather News for Aug 31, 2008
Sky watchers across the USA and Europe are reporting unusually colorful sunsets and sunrises. The cause appears to be the August 7th eruption of the Kasatochi volcano in Alaska’s Aleutian islands. The volcano hurled a massive cloud of ash and sulfur dioxide into the stratosphere; high winds have since carried the aerosols over parts of the USA and Europe. “Violet domes,” long pink rays crossing the sky, campfire-red aureoles around Venus–these are just a few of the sights documented on Spaceweather.com in recent days.

When the sun goes down tonight, look west. You may be in for a treat.

Ongoing coverage of the phenomenon may be found at http://spaceweather.com 

First reports of the volcanic sunsets are documented in the Aug 27th edition of SpaceWeather.com, located in our archives at this URL:


~:~ Cloudy ash, sulphur dioxide, violet domes and volcanic sunsets…Sara Palin isn’t all that Alaska is belching out these days – and framing planet Venus, too, like a camera-ready photo-op, she typed poetically.

So with the previously discussed transit of cloudy, veiling, ashy, diffusing Neptune to Palin’s natal Sun and Mars, her sparkliness may be dimmed awhile, as least for tomorrow’s opening of the Convention.

~UPDATE Sept 1: reading now of Palin’s ‘slo-mo meltdown’  on the web because of the question that she wasn’t well-vetted due to cloudy family and other blogospheric topics…and ‘slo-mo meltdowns’ are exactly what glamorous yet dissolving Neptune does so well.~

Is the eruption of Alaska’s Kasatochi volcano a herald for a Palin candidacy and possibly for a susequent presidency? High winds blow and the Alaskan governor’s name was announced only two days after first reports of volcanic sunsets!

Reminds me of Chavez at the UN ‘smelling sulphur’ after Bush had been at the podium: “the devil was here!” he theatrically insisted (while giving a shout-out to himself, I might add) because Hugo certainly doesn’t smell like a rose himself. Ah yes! A rose…Venus’ flower. ~:~

~:~ 5:20 pm edt: will John McCain appear tomorrow to accept the R nomination?

Gustav, now directly threatening the Gulf Coast by Monday evening, may keep him away from the sparse throng expected in Minneapolis, and NPR is reporting that headline speakers (Bush-Cheney, as you know, with Katrina drippage round their Caesar’s brows), the Roll Call vote, and basically much of the opening ceremonies and to-dos are being postponed by the RNC. Hmm. They’ve paired down to basics.

This casts into high relief the skies parting last week for Barack Obama in Denver, as each night’s program began with Uranus, the sky god and lightening bolt, on best behavior. And ‘Mile High City’ describes Uranus to a T, with change, the unusual, and the unexpected the motif.

But now it’s the GOP’s turn, and it seems massive Hurricane trumps Alaskan volcano even for the move-mountain party of the Republicans who still quake from the dredging they rightfully deserved for the Bush administration’s wimpy Katrina non-response and their oh-so-obvious lack of concern for their fellow man which was broadcast round the world in August/Sept, 2005.

This relates to Saturn’s transit to George Bush’s natal Ascendant just around that time when Saturn’s lessons of responsibility and accountability could have been demonstrated and checked off his cosmic time card.

As you know, Dubya did not heed Saturn’s clarion call, and that marked the more extreme lowering of Bush’s approval rating which has been in the doldrums ever since. And what was Bush doing as Katrina roared and decimated our nation?

Cutting cake, birthday cake, with a similarly unconcerned John McCain. Thus a public relations dilemma for the R Convention. Perhaps it’s their turn to cry because of natural disasters. And it remains to be seen when the ash clouds part whether Sara Palin will keep her rosy glow and go the distance for McCain’s benefit.

Ron Paul is said to be throwing a rally, too, an event which media-wise may take some of the high winds out of McCain’s momentum’d sails, winds which may be only the high winds blowing in from Alaska and swirling about Gov. *Sara Palin.

~:~ checking the listings for personal name asteroids and their heliocentric nodes, there is a ‘Sara’ in the 00Tau – 1 Tau range. This is known as “Hitler’s Trigger” degree area because it is the position of his natal Sun. No, I’m not saying she’s Hitler-esque. It’s just interesting, that’s all, and can often be a violence indicator…you know – like a vocanic temper?

Dem Convention 2008: Moon and the Dem Party’s midpoints

Continuing the Moon’s transit through the Dem Party natal chart’s midpoints during this week’s Democratic National Convention in Denver, CO, we begin just after natal Chiron is visited by Luna (perceptual shield opens wide, but there is a possibility for Wounding as well) with Moon 16Can29; Moon into Leo will be noted:

Venus/NN: a desire for complete and cordial understanding (Moon to Chiron!); expressing one’s feelings liberally.

Sun/Mars: the husband;  awareness of male/female principles in relationship; the feminine influence.

Mars/MC: changing status bwo emotional ‘feel’; publicity; impulsiveness; a desire to impose one’s will upon a woman; a lack of deliberation; premature action.

Mercury/Mars: emotions are added to the issues at hand; one needs to be heard; ‘clearing the air’ by talking it out or by quarrels; a nagging woman.

Jupiter/Saturn (‘societal planets’ and Jup = Rs, Sat = Ds): hypersensitivity about one’s ego position; easily upset; annoyance through the female sex; changing moods; a shifting relationship toward women.

Venus/Jupiter: affection and cordiality; a joyful woman; charm; pleasant circumstances.

Sun/NN; relationship dynamics between husband-wife are highlighted; compassion; homeland and people.

NN/MC (‘Individual relationships’; ‘Being recognized’): inner ties of a woman; the challenge and fullfilmentof sharing emotions with others.

Mercury/NN: desire to share/communicate one’s troubles; emotional expressions.

Venus/Neptune (‘illusions; creativity); love in a swoon’): being easily influenced or led by others; a renouncing or unhappy woman; a projection of dreaminess; chaotic emotions.

The Dem Party midpoints now begin with 00Leo05 and Uranus/Chiron, the radical reformer pair. Barack Obama’s natal Mercury is conjunct this point making him a good agenda communicator for the Dem Party.

Sun/Jupiter (‘recognition; success; joy; ego expansion; shining out one’s ideals’):harmonious expresions; a healthy mind in a healthy body; a joyful hour; a happy marriage; needs fulfilled.

Jupiter/MC: cheer; confidence; a harmonious disposition; recognition; a deserved sense of importance.

Mercury/Jupiter; talkative women; a lively exchange; pleasant communications; emotions inspre impressive ideas ands welcomed solutions.

Sun/Neptune (‘sacrifice of ego; sensitivity; weakness; remoteness; impracticality; inspiration; deception; illegalities’): high impressionability; moods are dependent on environmental factors;  disappointment through the spouse or consort; very special inner experiences not easily understood; a weakened female.

Neptune/MC: reveling in fanciful imaginings; misinterpretation of perceptions and impressions;  a dreamy nature; active imagination; a peculiar state of feelings.high sensitivity; being lost in one’s own world.

Mercury/Neptune 11Leo55 (‘special awreness; alert imagination; fantasy; sympathy; idealism; a subtle grasp; confusion perceptions; liars; self-deception): pictures and ideas from the unconscious mind; a deceived or deceptive woman; misguided imagination; personal impressions dominate thinking processes; possible paranormal awarenesses; receptivity.

And that ends the Moon’s transit this week throundthe Dem Party’s natal midpoints which fall within Luna’s range…22Gem to 16 Leo, the Lion’s Point. The ‘Lion’ archetype, with its hero’s jrney and Nemean Lion arechetypal links represent Barack Obama perfectly, imo.

And the Dem natal planet which will be triggered at midnight of August 28, the night Obama accepts the annointing?

Uranus 15Leo04 in natal 12thhouse of Karma, with only a semi-square tying the radical, disruptive, excitable rebel into the Dem Party’s natal chart bwo NN. Natal NN 2Libra13 (in n 2nd house) is this week being triggered by asteroid: LION! 

Roaring, annointing, high excitability, emotional feelings, and a percpetual shield wide open as ‘attack dog’ Joe Bidden barks to announce the coming of the annointed one, Barack Obama. And Dem natal Chiron 15Can06 – opening of the perceptual shield of Moon-to-Chiron previously mentioned – has this series of implications:

Saturn/NN = Chiron = Venus/NN withtransiting Moon triggering them all (see above.) This is a moon-tidal ‘watershed moment’ for the week, along with the Moon’s change of sign to 00Can, and into Leo as Obama prepares to speak.

Quite an emotional and moody week for America, a week which I pray is not interupted by a ‘big shock’ for there is danger in the environment for the Dem hopeful. 

Don’t like closing on such a note, but I don’t have time to add the difficult indications showing in the Aug 28/29 charts – Fay’s storm system is overhead and threatening my pc so I’ll close until the weather improves…thundering big boomers now – but you will find a mention of poison and treachery in the Moon’s transits, as well as a difficult midpoint pic for Obama here:

Tr Sun/Saturn = n Pluto: developmental inhibitions owing to illness; health threat; separation; the misunderstood person.

The entire Convention is occurring under a tough background influence:

Mars/Uranus = Pluto: interventionof the big shock; force; a Higher Power; violent interventions.

This could only relate, of course, to protesters disrupting the Convention, or to a secret hand sending out its saboteurs to make sure the Aug 28 Void-Of-Course Moon fails to achieve its goals and that any loopholes are exploited.

If this turns out to be the case, it’s ‘here we go again’ for the American public – and once again on TV? There are organizations in the world who delight in disrupting society in plain view for their power is demonstrated by pre-emptingthe natural course of things while they thinking themselves above both manmade and natural laws.

And then there’s the health of the Lion of the Senate.

Uh-oh! Fay is here…gotta go…

Maureen Dowd headshrinks Dancing Queen McCain

Maureen Dowd’s NYT op-ed from today discusses the McCain campaign’s tactic of heroes-can-do-no-wrong, a strategy which may be petering out for him and leaving a gasbag running on empty:


And speaking of John McCain’s POW exerience it seems tragic to me that a man would further the ends of those who visit the same treatment upon others as if it’s okay if it’s from his side. McCain’s prez-bid capitulation on torture is a sad testiment to a crippled mentality with guiding goals which are put ahead of America’s soul and our nation’s very existence.

Obama introduces VP Biden in Springfield

Talking Points Memo comes through!

In case you’ve not had a chance to read it, here’s a link to Barack Obama’s speech in Springfield, IL today where he touts Joe Biden’s ‘many triumphs after great trial’ and links Biden’s character to his years of foreign policy experience:


My own thoughts are along with lines of ‘be careful what you tout’ since the embroilments the US is now in have occurred under Biden’s watch on Foreign Relations Committee as much as under the residency of George W. Bush and the mentorship and hubris of Dick Cheney.

Not One but TWO Orators have we

Yes, I know!
Senator Joe Biden has experience in foreign policy and a certain studied gravitas but he’s one of the many politicians you can say has been in Washington all these years and look where he enabled our nation to plunk.
Do you get the feeling that if Biden had made a better showing in the Dem primaries the VP shoe might now be on the other tootsie?
Biden was born into the 17 New North Solar Eclipse Series (1942) which brings impusive energy to events, hectic socializing into the picture, and relationship issues and financial projects are focuses; plus, he’s an impulsive and passionate fellow. (Brady’s ‘Predictive Astrology.’)
17 New North last manifested Oct 12, 1996 at ’20Lib’ and its Initial Eclipse began July 28, 1870 which means that there’s an issue or issues from that time which is a shadow within his psyche. Biden would naturally have ancestors from that time period or he wouldn’t Be Here Now, now would he?
And with a natal out-of-bound Mars in Scorpio, his action principle can secretly work by its lonesome and behind the scenes without the other energies or factors in his natal chart being aware or needed in order to act.
One societal example of this condition of Mars is in 2007, when it was Mars out-of-bounds that ran around setting fires all over the place because oobs Mars feels justified to act as a law unto himself. Hopefully the senator doesn’t play with matches.
And given John McCain’s shared desire (Mars) with George Bush to send a manned mission to the planet Mars to look for natural resources, Biden could be on another short list for the special ticket!
Bide your time, says the Tarot card and it seems Biden has been biding long enough. And just in time for the Digital Transition in February to perkily beam into our homes and worm into our brains. Two known orators may gain the White House in 2009 and what better format can promoters have to reach us each and every one?
With Bush, the usual ceremonial ditty for him to pomp into the room upon, Hail to the Chief, was aptly renamed, Hail to the Thief after SCOTUS installed him (thanks, Thom Yorke!)
Sheesh! with the wordy Dem ticket we see before us, our ears may soon be longing for, Hail to the Brief.
The two egos now so sparkly on the Dem ticket are said to be friends in real life, but in Washington isn’t it wiser to simply have a dog? 
Guess Biden’s role as Obama’s ‘attack dog’ for which he’s passionately suited, fulfills the above advice from Harry Truman, that if you want a friend in Washington, “get a dog.” Here we may be seeing vicious Cerberus and Sirius, the Dog Star, paying their continued role within America’s politics and her ultimate destiny.

Measles on rise in US after decades

Having almost been taken to the Great Beyond as an infant by Red Measles, then later having a raging case of German measles, it was not my favorite story from NPR’s Morning Edition today to hear that 131 cases of measles have been treated in the US this year, and that the number is over 3x the number reported in 2007…a “dramatic increase.”

Seems the formerly declared ‘eradicated’ virus is on the rise in the US through travel, and because of parental concerns of risk involving autism. What a decision to have to make. My kids were vaccinated for it, but my intuition tells me that genetic markers may eventually tell us which children are vulnerable to the vaccination. And it only takes coughs and sneezes to pass it on.

Being hospitalized with measles may then put children who can’t tolerate the vaccine due to chemo treatments, in double peril. Small infants are especially at risk of this contagion.

The audio of this report will be available at approximately 9:00 am ET, but you can read about it right here, right now at:


Then knowing that there exists a Sabian Symbol for “An Epidemic of Mumps” for ‘2 Leo’, I consulted Dane Rudhyar’s ‘An Astrological Mandala’ for information on the phenomenon of this serious illness.

‘2 Leo: keynote: The spreading power of individual crisis through a collectivity.’

Rudhyar goes on the say that this Symbol should be interpreted on two levels – the physical one, obviously, that can be spread “in some cases all over the globe” (most quickly by travel.)

He continues…

“Why then an epidemic of mumps? A childhood disease is implied, but it may have very serious complications for adult men who catch it, since it affects not only all lymphatic glands, especially in the neck region, but also the testicles….Leo represents (at least potentially ) rebirth – at the level of the conscious and mind-based individuality.

Thus in Leo man, in this sense, is as yet only a ‘little child’ – one might say a would-be initiate, an infant in spirit. The relation of the mumps to the sexual glands is characteristic, for the entrance into the realm of the conscious and individualized mind can affect the sex force, either through overstimulation and irritation, or in terms of a deliberate ascetic deprivation.

What was an individual issue is now seen as a collective danger. Thus we are dealing with THE INFECTIOUS SPREAD OF INDIVIDUAL EXPERIENCES.” (DR’s Caps.)

Here are more possibilities: Lynda Hill gives The Caution for this degree as: rampaging *gossip; widespread fear or upset; embarrassment; obsession with health; impotence; contagious thoughts; negative thinking and compulsive actions.

You’ll find Lynda’s Sabian Symbols site here: http://www.sabiansymbols.com/

Any way we view it, this degree indicates situations which may affect large amounts of people and may spread quickly.

NPR’s spread of campaign tidbits this morning included a story of threatening hoax letters that were sent to John McCain’s Denver (contained ‘powder’) and New Hampshire (no powder) offices and which may have been sent from a “detention facility.” But not from the Hanoi Hilton, one may assume.

Then there’s the McCain ad against Obama and his reputed ties with 1960s Weatherman Bill Ayers (sp?), a story you’ve probably heard before. Trouble is, Barack Obama was a small child in the 60s – a Sun in Leo child, actually – so how much unfitness for the White House he could’ve caught from the radical organization, is unclear.

Mumps, perhaps. Radicalism against the US government? Now come on, McSame!  A scandal can this you make?

Perhaps McCain or an aide forgot this small yet significant detail. Or did they mean: Obama – so dangerous to America, he started as a little child!

So can threatening hoaxes make you a sympathetic figure to the American public, or do they simply spread fear?

And yet, of course, if a case can be proven (?) against someone (?), the culprit will be facing serious federal charges. No news on what to do with a zealous staffer if found to be attempting to make McCain look more…needed.

Since we assume that the mumps-spreading headline is no hoax, let’s get back to it for I’m fond of children and take it hard if they’re harmed.

Okay, so if I put my tin foil hat on (yes, I can fashion one just by moseying to a kitchen drawer) I’d say that the specter of population control springs to my ~admittedly~ overly suspicious mind.

For as you know, the Sabian Symbol (’28Cap’) for US natal Pluto is: “A Large Aviary” which from under tin foil hats might sound a bit like avian flu fears periodically spread by the Germanically named ‘Homeland’ ‘Security’ (Moon/Saturn, a combo of energies which contain health and hypochondria influences),  and an image of a large bird as an airplane or jet, suitable for transmission of contagious disease.

Not that there’s no real threat, just that we may never find out from whence it actually came. Free floating fear? Is that a bit like free-range chickens?

As to parents’ autism concerns about innoculating children for mumps, I don’t know what I’d decide to do if my children were still whippersnappers, but suspect I’d take the risk esp considering the dangerous ordeal the virus put me through. Plus, another consideration with mumps complications is heart valve damage (Leo = heart!)


Here’s an out-of-time yet timely definition for this 2008 presidential campaign season from dry wit and brilliant playwright Oscar Wilde:

* Scandal: gossip made tedious by morality.

~~> Got your text message from Barack Obama yet? Everyone will know by Saturday in Springfield, IL when the next leg of BHO’s tour starts with VP choice on the stage. What a relief that will be.

Orr’s Astrology of the Georgia-Russia conflict

Falling into expert astrologer Marjorie Orr’s mundane work on her Star4Cast website has been enlightening tonight for I discovered her insights concerning Sakaashvili and the ongoing aggression in the Caucasus and how the August Solar and Lunar Eclipses tie into the natal placements of Bush, Cheney, and Rice, the “senior USA White Housers” who are on “major alert.”

See: w.star4cast.com/index2f.asp?page=forum_article.asp?id=1

Sakaashvili (known for off-the-handle actions and reactions) possesses, as Ms. Orr points out, a Saturn/Uranus opposition which forms a T-square pattern focused toward on his natal Sun:

Saturn/Uranus = Sun: tendency to rebel; egocentric drives against controls; separations in order to find one’s way; the power of resistance; inflexibility; physical exposure to severe tests of strength. (midpoint pictures: Tyl; Ebertin.)

You know many voters in the US presidential election of 2000 (and to some extent in 2004) were led to confuse George Bush’s irrational inflexibility (and his inability to change his mind lest he look fallible – as if any man is infallible!) with strength of character rather than the perverse and cranky bossiness that it is.

November 2008 brings the American people two more presidential candidates to imagine we have to choose from, and we’re being given a chance to show support for a similar dude this November even as his bright packaging shows ribbons of mild-mannered reasonableness.

The other candidate is John McCain.

8 homes hath i spoke McCain – i think

Eight is a magical number, the octave number.

Harmonics in Music, Harmonics in Astrology, numbers are the foundation of the universe!

Yet you’ve gotta do a lot of living and entertaining to need 8 homes simultaneously within one lifetime. And as I commented to Monica earlier this evening, the number isn’t the more important thing to know when it comes to that organized system of hatreds, aka Politics.

Just ask Tony Rezko!


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