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Ever read, Why Socialism? by Albert Einstein?

If you missed Why Socialism? by Albert Einstein, the May 1949 essay may have something important to say to us in 2011 especially given the horrendous state of our national institutions compliments of Wall Street and the Big Banks, national, and to some extent, local, politicians, and any other tentacle (or branch) of the global crime syndicate network that got the world into the financial and societal messes it’s in.


Astro-Note: several planetary factors and actors represent levels of class warfare/disenfranchisement/primal violence tactics used by Plutocracy in an Astrology map, but it’s the duo of Pluto with Chiron that says it all in one neat package. The last time they met in Great Conjunction was on Dec 30, 1999 @ 11Sag23; prior to that, another important meeting took place on May 21, 1884 @ 29Tau31. There are many things to be said about both hook-ups as they relate to societal and financial conditions, then and now. I hope eventually to have a chance to discuss the Pluto/Chiron topic with you more fully.

As for Socialism, a discussion on the Saturn (government; authority; management) and Neptune (secret; hidden; the masses; the media; propaganda; oil, gas, and water) combination of planetary energies would be of interest as well for together they may signify Socialism and/or Communism.

Moon in Taurus, Assange freed, and John Milton 12-16-10

Well, WikiLeaks’ Julian Assange will be freed on bail today or tomorrow and won’t have to spend Christmas in a Victorain-era prison, and astrologer Julie Demboski takes a look at what’s going on over our noggins today, December 16, 2010, with the Moon leaving Aries behind and happy to be exalted in Taurus. Julie writes on today’s Material Consequences in and from Pacific Time so be sure to catch up with her insightful analysis.

Mercury Rx in early Capricorn continues backing up toward Sagittarius and will be crossing the threshold of ’30Sag’ soon, the “The Pope Blessing the Faithful” degree (and I’m sure he does) as the planet of negotiations, messages, and The Mind leaves Pluto’s Cap neighborhood for a while but soon to reunite.

Today’s Sun Sag-Moon Tau blend is a Fire-Earth ‘scorched earth’ combination of energies which holds entrenched beliefs, has much self-confidence, and exhibits extravagant tastes. It loves pleasant surroundings and familiar faces and is a ‘practical philosopher’ blend that loves to know all the facts and has a tendency to let others pick up the bill…kind of like the richest 2% taking public dole from the new tax cut deal between Mr. Obama and the GOP – which makes the rich richer and the poor poorer.

No kudos for you on this one, Washington, for you’re still up to the same old class warfare tricks so favored by the plutocratic combo of Pluto/Chiron, here in our US oligarchy.

Of course, the transiting Pluto/Chiron midpoint is on the Midheaven Point (Goal) of the Inauguration 2009 horoscope so the Obama-GOP collusion against the disenfranchised is no big surprise here.

Speaking of finances, you may find today’s Images for Integration for Sun Sag-Moon Tau of interest: “A pirate ship searches for gold…An armchair traveller roughs out a financial plan for his next adventure.”

(Sun Sign-Moon Sign, Charles & Suzi Harvey.)

This blend is shared natally by the great John Milton who wrote the following which reminds me of a man sitting in a Victorian-era prison cell:

“A mind not to be changed by place or time.
The mind is its own place, and in itself
Can make a Heaven of Hell, a Hell of Heaven.”

Jupiter Direct Station in AQ 10.13.09

Update Oct 13 2009: a post on this morning’s Senate Finance Committee’s vote on Health Insurance legislation has been published where I’ve linked today’s <a href="http://starsoverwashington.blogspot.com/2009/10/senate-finance-votes-on-health-reform.html
Jupiter Direct Station and its implications for today’s vote @10:00 am edt.

You may not be surprised to see which of America’s natal planets arose at 10 am in Washington DC!

Original post begins here:

With Jupiter’s Direct Station becoming exact on Oct 13, 2009 @ 17AQ10, I thought a peek might be of interest, a peek at the first minute/second that the Jolly Giant, that Guru of All Good Things, clocks in as ‘direct’ – in Washington DC @ 12:34:18 am edt, Hour of Mars 28Can15; chart-ruler Moon 13Leo54 (conjunct Pres. Obama’s natal Sun) is in 1st house of the Direct Station of Jupiter chart, and thus rising.

In the chart you can see Jupiter 17AQ10 has just left 8th house and lumbered into 7th house of Partnerships, with US natal Pluto setting (conj Desc.)

Mars opposing natal Pluto isn’t a comforting time (especially when meeting upon the Nodal Axis) yet it occurs approximately every two years or so (sans Nodes most often), thanks to Mars’ orbit in relation to a fixed position – US Pluto of July 4, 1776, 27Cap33 Rx in the ‘Sibly’ chart (5:10 pm LMT, Philadelphia.)

Click the above link to view the Direct Station chart where you’ll see Mars/South Node ascending, opposite US natal Pluto 27Cap33 Rx conjunct transiting NN 26Cap26 – and conjunct US Inaugural Mc 2009 26Cap.

The Pluto/Chiron midpoint appeared at Mc on Inauguration Day (Jan 20, 2009; noon in DC), along with other transiting midpoints of power: Jupiter/Pluto, and Neptune/Pluto, a circumstance ongoing.

This late Capricorn pile-up I have groused about previously – several times here and elsewhere – so I won’t re-bore you repeating myself except to say that government and its backers are very busy consolidating power now. The presidency is where the energy manifests in the larger world.

And Mars in Cancer, ruled by the Moon, is always touchy and busy instigating on the home front.

Jupiter Direct Station degree:

Rounding up to ’18AQ’ we have the ‘End of Progress’ degree, Sabian Symbol: “A Man Unmasked”, yet I’m optimistically using ’17AQ’ because 10 minutes in less than half a degree (30 mins) – I’ll ’round down’…

’17AQ’: “A Watchdog Standing Guard”…PROBITY…

pos: unswerving faithfulness to ideals and a real determination to achieve them;

neg: unfriendly instincts and groundless suspicion.

(From “The Sabian Symbols in Astrology’ by Dr. Marc Edmund Jones.)

This word picture reminds me of Sirius, the Dog Star, who barks/announces that the mundane has become sacred as small actions symbolize the collective and the common yet uplifting rituals in our daily lives.

Tremendous success is possible when Sirius contacts planets in our charts, yet this success may ‘burn’ us. One of Sirius’ nicknames is The Scorcher; ex: US natal Sun ’14Cancer’ conjuncts the zodiacal position of Sirius. Ouch. “I’ve got blistas on ma fingas.”

Is it possible that for America, it’s always been a question of: scorch, or be scorched…?

Be that as it may, be sure to read the comments under the post from a reader, Jed, who gives us a pertinent analysis of the Jupiter Direct Station chart, okay?

McCain’s rocker

Some are saying that John McCain is off his rocker with this one:


I say that, yes, McCain’s remarks are part of a process leading America to martial law. Ideas are trotted out innocently enough – and with media assistance, of course – to see how the masses react (or if we ignore them) so that the next step may be decided upon with an eye always toward implementation of the larger agenda.

At some point I shall publish the natal chart of Modern Humanity (1892) which has reformer Uranus at 3Sco56 Rx (first house.) This year we have the transiting Saturn/Pluto midpoint conjunct this Uranus…

Saturn/Pluto = Uranus: brutal efforts to start a new order; an attack regardless of potential losses; sudden acts of violence. (Tyl; Ebertin.)

The Family, The Brethren, The Syndicate…no matter what you call them the world is in the grip of robbers and criminals some of whom pass themselves off as “Christians.” CINO…in name only, I say.

In fact, the National Prayer Breakfast held at the White House every February (begun in 1953) is staged by the secretive organization “the Fellowship” or “The Foundation.” This the group that owns the fancy townhouse where six US congressmen have been paying a cushy $600 month rent. All have denied association or even knowledge of The Fellowhip – their landlord, and the Prayer Breakfast organizer.

And the organization has operated under several names to keep things on the down-low and public scrutiny at a minimum.

Of course, as you would suspect, members of this secret world dominators’ group are under a secrecy oath so you would expect the renters to be mum about the subject. And the Prayer Breakfast is a tool used for recruiting wolrd leaders (DICTATORS) to get together and schmoose with the wheeler dealers of Washington.

Arlington, Virginia’s ‘Ivanwald’ which is located at the end of Twenty-Fourth Street, seems to be their headquarters (but I didn’t just type that out loud and you didn’t read it here!)

You may wish to read more on this subject if you’ve not glommed onto it already:

http://www.alternet.org/story/16167  ‘Undercover among America’s Secret Theocrats’

and there’s more here including Pat Robertson’s stepping down from the presidency of the Christian Coalition on Dec 24, 2001, so that George W. Bush could take his ‘rightful place’ as head of the ‘true’ American Holy Christian Church :


~:~ Oops! I’m getting a ‘Blog Not Found’ message for the above link but I’ll leave it awhile – perhaps it will perk up soon, dear Blogger… ~:~

“And then the mighty Bush bombed the Holy Land to smithereens with rockin’ McCain awaiting in the wings…”

And as you noticed, it’s “dominionism”- yet another of Pluto/Chiron’s oppressive -ISMs. This may be a clue to Dick Cheney’s Progressions for Sept 11, 2001 which placed his Pluto/Chiron midpoint at Midheaven by progression, and Mc is the Goal Point of the chart.

Well, Darkside has had ‘dominion’ ever since.

As mentioned before, I am a Christian – and these ‘holy’ bombing jackals don’t represent (or impress) me in the least. The Truth will out one day – and it won’t be a politician’s version!

Phil Gramm and the Pluto/Chiron duo of oppression

Thomas Franks has an article in the Wall Street Journal which is a not-to-miss if you’re interested in taking back America from the corrupt thugs of the conservative party – aka the GOP and their enablers – here’s a link to his article unless you’ve read it already:


You’ll remember that power-behind-the-throne Pluto met up with Chiron (the wounded) on Dec 30, 1999 in time to usher in the New Millennium when US governmental take-over really revved up for the final push in order to finish the job begun by a halo-enshrined Ronald Reagan and his greedy corporate Family of Brethren, the GOP (along with their pseudo-opponents.)

This conjunction occurred on America’s natal ASC (Sibly)…Sabian Symbol from Marc Edmund Jones:

“12Sag”…”A Flag That Turns Into An Eagle That Crows”…ADJUSTMENT…

positive expression: successful self-establishment through genuine self-expression;

neg/unconscious/shadow side: idle prejudices and unsubstantiated claims.

The shadow side of this degree could describe the system of politics its very self, that “system of organized hatreds.”

But Back to the WSJ:

Thomas Franks’ research and new book include what for me seems the missing item – that in recent years conservatism had been couped by a different brand of pocket-lining thugs such as Jack Abramoff, Tom Delay (“the godfather” and “the hammer”) and others who have no intention of leaving the American government intact. You weren’t using it, were you?

That John McCain is connected to this faction through Charlie Black and others who admire the Spanish fascism of the 1930s is lamentable for those who love America and wish her to progress in something like her accustomed form.

A McCain presidency would or will be a continuation of the dismantling of the US government which is evident by the Collective’s instinctive understanding that McCain is a “Bush clone.”

But that’s not giving McCain the Emotional enough credit – for he will have to take actions that are even worse for the common good  (a concept they abhor) to do the job placed before him, not by the American electorate but by his shadowy masters. It’s a big plateful but McCain has demonstrated over and over again a ravenous hunger for power.

Pluto/Chiron timing 2004:

Then in mid-August 2004, the corporatism, class warfare, racism, disenfranchment, sexism, barbarism, and primal violence pair were in parallel which is similar to a strong conjunction and useful for timing purposes….just in time for the 2004 presidential election. Hmph.

As Franks’ article states:

“Well, since Dec 1, 1999, the average annualized performance of the Dow has been about 0.1%. Adjusted for inflation, it’s more like negative 3%.”

And he said, ADJUSTED – Wall Street runs on ‘unsubstantiated claims’ and creative accounting practices.

Today’s homelessness and hunger across America is an Intended Consequence of Pluto/Chiron’s collusion and a by-product of social tinkering by a power elite who are in process of bringing down the world’s financial systems, a larger echo of the path Hitler took in the 1930s to establish his power and promote terror for control purposes. These monkeyshines have been around a long time!

Rothschilds, Rockefellers, Bushes, the Queen of the Netherlands, and their ‘royal’ ilk and couriers-in-waiting mean to foment revolution and chaos as their ancestors have done through the centuries, and so far they’ve done most of their cruel work upon a public unaware of the larger plan for world domination.

And it’s not only a conspiracy – it’s Pluto/Chiron’s primal energies being used by those who are so highly self-aware that it’s difficult to see how they can bear to look upon their own ‘glory.’ Guess that makes them a conspiracy syndicate of world proportions, a syndicate that has no shame and no allegiance to any nation…only to themselves.

It’s been discussed before that Bush, when taking the Oath of Office to uphold~protect~defend the Consitution 2001/05, had to be hiding crossed fingers behind his back. So the question is: will McCain repeat the farce in 2009?

Only a Dem landslide can hope to change a McCain outcome and Obama’s groundswell plans are meant to counter McCain’s wealthy donor millions and the rigging that will be necessary if propaganda and dirty tricks fail to sway the masses toward the GOP. “It’s in the bag,” as George once said to Jeb. And it was.

So if it’s to be Barack Obama and he does wish to turn the ship of state around from its present disasterous course, he won’t be allowed. 

And that’s no joke, for Pluto/Chiron’s minions are afoot, m’peops. Even now they are at the Gate.

US economy murdered

A Work Force Betrayed
Watching Greed Murder the Economy
Paul Craig Roberts
The collapse of world socialism, the rise of the high speed Internet, a bought-and-paid-for US government, and a million dollar cap on executive pay that is not performance related are permitting greedy and disloyal corporate executives, Wall Street, and large retailers to dismantle the ladders of upward mobility that made America an “opportunity society.”
The Pluto/Chiron combo of ‘class warfare’ is having its heyday now as its further undermines and leaves begging the ‘disenfranchised.’ And many people thought I was overemphasizing the possibilities for meltdown and totalitarian coup with my constant barking about Pluto/Chiron and their Great Conjunction of Dec 30, 1999, with their strong parallel in mid-August 2004.
But the view looks vastly different in 2007/08, and sad to say, American middle class, you ARE on their take-out menu – but you’ll have to scare up your own supper from the nearest soupline, if you can find one.
For more info see: http://www.augustreview.com/ 
~And in my Pages column, see the ‘Reaganomics Eclipse’ article, if you’ve managed to miss it thus far.
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