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Bruce Ivins and the Quindecile Effect

Update Oct 11, 2011: The FBI’s case against Dr. Bruce Ivins continues to unravel. However, I shall make no edits in the Astrology portion of this entry.

Besides, these days it’s time to Occupy Wall Street!

Former post w Aug 2008 Update begins here:

Update August 18: Talking Points Memo points out that the FBI is backpeddling on its case against Bruce Ivins:


~original post begins here:

Time has been short this week for studying charts, reading the news, and so forth, but last evening I managed to calculate a sunrise natal chart for anthrax scientist Bruce Ivins who, says the FBI, committed suicide on the evening of July 29.

Astrology is obviously more effective when correct times are known so these mysterious cases don’t often merit many hours of study without something definite to go on. Yet the solar/sunrise chart of Bruce Ivins is very interesting, I do admit.

Did he commit suicide from the stress of being near-arrest for capital murder crimes? Or because his guilt was now, after seven years, too much to bear? No conlusive evidence has been presented by federal investigators, and Astrology is perhaps no better at proving negatives than anything else is. The proof may be under our noses and yet veiled by so many other factors in a chart.

That Ivins had psychological problems for years is well known, yet his friends and colleagues don’t seem to be buyin’ what the government (who has a lot to gain by closing this burr-under-saddle case) is selling.

And as current astrological background noise, we see that truth-loving, authoritarian Saturn is involved in two obessessive-complusive quindecile aspects (165 degr) with generational planets Uranus and Neptune. From Ricki Reeves’ book, ‘The Quindecile’ come these insights into these unconscious societal influences:

Saturn QD Uranus: may be driven toward breaking old and outdated concepts through use of innovative ideas; may break rules through defiance of law and order; may disrupt governing systems; benefits through making societal changes for the betterment of mankind.

Saturn QD Neptune: Deception may be present in societal leadership; rigid structure may disappear; idealism may dissolve old systems; compassion melds with authority; dreams may become reality.

(The above are near-quotes from Ms. Reeves’ book and you’ll agree that the Quindecile Effect is flavoring many systems and events these days – with Neptune being a generational planet this is, of course, in the atmosphere and not focused only on one man or situation – the FBI were though, to Ivins’ demise.)

There are many things more to say about the chart of Bruce Ivins and his conveniently timed death by hook, crook, or by his own hand. Perhaps his death was a suicide yet many questions remain. That he could have prepared and dried the wet antrax to make it ‘suitable for mailing’ has been debunked by scientists-in-the-know – it would’ve been impossible for one scientist to accomplish this task which the FBI says Ivins managed on his own.

And it seems the government’s case quite hinges on this impossibility even though 100+ people had access to the genetically identified spores. That Ivins tended toward depression and obsessions could just as easily have made him a likely candidate for a set-up by political types – or by the real killer/s. After all, pinning the killings on John Hatfield from the same lab hadn’t worked out at all, and the Bush administration could really use closure on the matter, couldn’t they?

A ‘War on Ivins’ might fit the bill for a crooked administration known for set-ups and lies.

On July 29, the night of Ivins’ death, saboteur/assassin Pluto did culminate in Frederick, Maryland at 10:32 pm edt – a symbolic representation of death as the goal, if nothing else.

And July 29’s Sun 7Leo19 conjunct Mercury 7Leo37 sits upon the (verified) natal Ascendant of his nibs himself, George Bush. Totally inconclusive, I heartily agree! But interesting pieces of the puzzle, all the same, especially when you look at the midpoint pictures formed with Ivins’ natal Mars/Pluto conjunction…

Mars/Pluto = Sun: passionate attack to achieve an objective; hard work; accident potential; intervention of some undeniable force or authority; upset of plans that is unredeemable; ability to work until collapse or complete breakdown; an upset or shock caused by the intervention of a Higher Power.

Mars/Pluto = Mercury: the desire to realize plans fanatically; overworked nerves or excessive nervous irritation; presence of mind; seeing is achieving; tenacious pursuit of plans; effective salesmanship; publicity. (Tyl; Ebertin.)

As always, midpoint stimulation may be ‘any, all, or none’ – and the energy may work in either direction – from Ivins or toward him, or some combination of both.

So from henceforth I shall keep the lid on my astrological curiosity and wait to hear of any more details surfacing in the case which may help open ‘time windows’ more accurately for astrological viewing. Actually, I’ve probably ‘said too much’ already for some of my more astute and expert colleagues! (insert: sardonic, rueful smiley face.)

Perhaps I’ll mosey to my Links List and click on ‘Forensic Astrology’ to see if there’s been some posting done on the sad and mysterious case of Bruce Ivins who may or may not have been the anthrax letter killer. And who may or who may not have overdosed himself with codeine in expectation of the further scrutiny and prosecution of the (not-so-trusted) FBI.

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