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Souplines Across America a legacy of Bush?

The more people lining up for their daily bowl of soup, the more I think of the presidency of George W. Bush.

Heads-up to an observant reader who noticed that I never put the title ‘President’ in front of Bush’s name – never have, never will. A ‘Mr” I’ll grant him but nothing more exalted. Most men who have inhabited the Oval Office have risen to the title, President of the United States of America.

But there is One who has lowered America’s standing in the world as he beggared her citizens.

Even now he’s busy justifying himself to…himself, no doubt. With me he’d have a harsher critic than his mirror if he cared to ask. He doesn’t, but if he did.

And since I knew I’d been grousing about such distressing matters as the dwindling economy, the wastefulness of the Bush administration, foreclosures, and hunger for quite a while, I set about finding certain SO’W posts for you – some containing links to articles (by writers who actually know what they’re doing), some with links to other posts with or without astrological observations involved.

It’s a mixed bag, especially because you’ll discover that there are couple of cross links between posts, but that’s how the blogging goes.

My criteria was the search term, Souplines across America, starting with January 2006:






Yes, the plutocratic, overbearing Pluto-Chiron duo is wallowing in its richest element now, isn’t it? And renting our social fabric into tatters.

So tell me – did I overstate the case in the above posts? Were my comments about souplines offensive to proud Americans?

Be that as it may, if you do nothing else, be sure to look for a link to FDR’s ‘test of our progress’ …it’s a dilly when placed next to Bush’s lack of empathy for his fellow man.

McCain-Palin perfect ticket for Iran

Having just read a thoughtful, insightful article, ‘Ahmadinejad Wants McCain and Palin in the White House,’ by Sam Sedaei at Huffington Post, I give its link here in hopes that anyone considering putting McCain-Palin and their warmongering rhetoric into the Oval Office will pause long enough to read this article from one who knows whereof he speaks:


Bush-Cheney in 2004 made Iran’s mullahs So Happy – will you make them jump for joy in 2008?

You know America helped Iran establish its nuclear program over 30 years ago when our puppet, the Shah, was ruling Iran, a country that hasn’t attacked another nation in 100 years!

Too bad America can’t say anything like the same, and Bush-Cheney-McCain-Palin are spoiling for fights before breakfast.

Obama uses the internet


Eye of Egg by jude cowell

Eye of Egg by jude cowell

The inference being that John McCain does not – there I typed it out loud like so many others before me! So does non-techiness make him John Dinosaur McCain?

Cindy Royal has a link to Barack Obama’s Nov 2007 statement on Net Neutrality issues here:


If you care about a democratic web and Net Neutrality, you may agree with Cindy: let’s vote for someone who’s used the internet a time or two!

Yes, the Saturn-Uranus opposition in November is very much an Old vs New issue for America in many ways – so which shall it be?

America’s natal Saturn is strong being exalted in Libra, but everyone knows that rebellious, revolutionary Uranus was discovered in tandem with the American Revolution (well, actually between ours and France’s – in 1781.)

So will progressive Uranus win the day in November? Or will tradition-bound Saturn, the old man, creak his bones down Pennsylvania Avenue in cold January to the Oval Office? Make that, his limo – probably no US president will ever stroll to the White House again – the thrown eggs of George Bush’s coronation 2000 retired that little of-the-people affectation, didn’t it?

Funny that the ‘Oval Office’ may be symbolized by…an egg.


Image of drawing from  http://secretmoonart.blogspot.com/

2009’s Solar Eclipses: 11North and 11 South

You may wish to check my sidebar for a new Page that shows dual charts of the Jan 26, 2009 Eclipse at ‘Medina’ degree which vengeful Venus triggered on 9/11/01 and which is conj US natal South Node indicating past links and karmic behaviors, plus an image of the 11South Eclipse of the summer.

The 11S Eclipse of 2009 occurs on July 22 (29Can27) with North Node aligned with the Inaugural Sun and Mercury positions of Jan 20 (which conjunct Barack Obama’s natal Jupiter as previously noted.)

For July, it’s “30Can” = “A Daughter of the Ameircan Revolution.” But the year begins with “6AQ”…

“A Performer of a Mystery Play.” 

As I always remind myself, “we’re watching Capitol Hill Theatre, dahlink.”

Now you know that 9/11/01 was basically a Neptune Return for Islam because Neptune is thought to have been at this degree (6AQ+) as Mohammed entered Medina many moons ago and thus began a world religion which united the fractious tribal societies of the region. This ancient disagreement is what George Bush stepped into when he went to Baghdad with bombs and guns blazing.

These Solar Eclipses of 2009 last occurred in 1991, when the one-world-government’s ‘inevitability’ was being toutedly aired in public more frequently and loudly…most notably by Bush Sr.

So with a new denizen in the Oval Office on 2009’s menu, I intend to update this Eclipse Page in the coming months by selecting a la carte–I only hope Washington goes easy on the blackened tripe and red herrings because I’m full up.

Bush’s ‘red legacy’ will outlast a proposed ‘blue legacy’

War Abroad and Poverty at Home

By Paul Craig Roberts
The “world’s only superpower” is so broke it can’t even finance its own wars.
http://www.informationclearinghouse.info/article19977.htm  #
Even if George Bush creates marine reserves in every ocean in order to leave behind a so-called ‘blue legacy’ to polish up his overspent and warring presidency, the red ink he’s leaving behind for the American people to swim in will drown it out–and that’s not even mentioning the red life’s blood of millions of people spilled with Bush at the helm.
Years ago, when I was a member of The Fray at Slate Magazine, I wrote against the wasting of American soldiers, weaponry, and money as being part of al-Qaeda’s long range plan to take down our nation. You can hardly imagine the crude barbs directed at my stupidity for saying that super-rich America could be ever bankrupted and weakened by any means. Some of them were in on the game, but not the average self-imagined elitist.
Seems The Fray’s many neocon Bush supporters of the day believed that America’s pockets were deep as the oceans and absolutely impossible to deplete.
Why, according to them, little me (writing as ‘peacely2’) bordered on being unpatriotic and quite mad, as you may imagine. Vitriol met all my attempts to warn against wasting our treasure.
But it’s 2008 and our treasure is lost after several years of Bush speculation and waste, so I hope those incredulous Fraysters have their credit card bills up to date, because it’s no longer a cerebral argument or a rude bragfest.
Perhaps their eyes have been opened by recent developments, now that the wolf is at the door along with the barbarian at the gate–and thanks must go to the neocons, their puppetmasters, minions, enablers, and dupes…pocket-liners all, at US taxpayers’ expense. 
And I must remember to thank George W. Bush above all for he’s been the mouthpiece of globalists everywhere.
He defined his presidential job early on, you know–as “catapultin’ propaganda,” and he’s filled those boots rather too well with his natal Ascendant (Asc = his nibs himself) at “8 Leo”…
“A Bolshevik propagandist.”
In his book on the Sabian Symbols, “An Astrological Mandala” Dane Rudhyar adds to this word picture. You may not like it, but I’m giving it to you anyway…
“A Communist Activist Spreading His Revolutionary Ideals”…
Keynote: The emotional and ideological attempt to return to a state of non-differentiation and chaos as a prelude to a new type of order.”
CATABOLIC ACTION…one witnesses a struggle for personal and dictatorial power.#
It will be interesting to see who the NWO allows into the Oval Office on Jan 20, 2009, for you can be sure of it–they haven’t planned and worked for so many years only to give up control of the White House now.

beneficial blog discovery: trollfighter

A beneficial blog discovery!

Here are some political thoughts and articles from trollfighter which I can totally appreciate (although the Maine references are over my noggin) with prez campaign insights that are up my alley for the most part.


The performance aspects of Politics, like those of any field of entertainment, are what I seem to focus upon usually, for we know that what politicians Say is the truth is precisely what he wants you to accept as being true and is not necessarily ‘as advertised.’

In fact, it Is public relations in action upon the larger stage of life and it’s ego vs ego between factions and heads of factions, most of whom are representin’ for someone whose interests are being served. Luxuriously, too.

These are “our”–the “People’s”–representatives acting on others’ behalves and selling us out day by day, deal by deal.

Washington! Oh District of Columbia:

‘DC” as we called my long ago favorite stomping ground, beautiful town of embassies, built over a swamp, if that tells you anything about the city’s underlying character. Others have observed DC’s rancid, sulphuric tendencies as well, so I’m not alone in my putrid analogy.

Astrology agrees: how a thing begins is how it will end, and to me, a swamp of corruption, fraud, and blackmail makes a heady and rabid goat’s head stew for plausibly denying politicos everywhere. Croutons, Y’all?

And you, whether Mason, astrologer, or none, know what it is they say makes a real estate sweetspot reign supreme: location, location, location.

How about Campaign 2008? America is the only nag I have in any race and in spite of my lack of faith in any candidate who’s managed to get as far as McCain, Clinton, and Obama have to even be considered in the running (having been vetted by the powers-that-be and all), America still gets my vote–ignored, deleted, or misdirected as it may be.

Too bad there’s not been an American nominee in many a year who feels as I do about the old girl. It’s supposedly all about “Party”, yet our Lady Liberty’s torch must fall against many swords in these times.

And in this battle, only justice will triumph in the end.

So how about our 2008 candidates? Is there a Constitution defender in the bunch? Someone who will restore and protect our right to trial by jury?

Then stick ’em in office, for the Transcendental Egg awaits them with its magic carpet rides and all the pretzels they can eat–any time, day or night…even at 3 AM. The staff and crew are always on duty a la Maison Blanche, destroying backup files, okaying torture, maligning book authors who spill magic beans, kickin’ the can down the November Road…running a W-H administration involves endless hard werk and balancing on a highwire strung across the world stage.

Yes, they’re always ready to rock’n’roll a la Maison Blanche…and a rather spectacular flea circus, they are, are they not? My feathers are quite sparse and snaggledy after nearly 8 years of struggling to scratch the neocon infestation out of my White House’s hair.

Neocon infestations are No Joke, People.

How the Bush administration helped engineer current market tumble

Funny that Joe Wilson’s newspaper editorial got him in mega trouble with Bush-Cheney, and now it seems Eliot Spitzer’s February 14 WaPo article did the same for him:


Subtitled, ‘How the Bush Administration Stopped the States From Stepping In to Help Consumers’ Spitzer’s words remind me of the Attorneys General being fired to stop the cases they were working on…and the states’ attempts to stop predatory lending and subprime loans being given to people who obviously couldn’t afford them stems from 2003.

2003!  As I’ve groused before, the so-called experts saw this coming–and set up America’s and the world’s economies to fail. Now US taxpayers are bailing out a fatcat bank who was in on the whole scam, with other banks soon to be on the gimme-list, too with their bald-faced hubris.

Seems world domination doesn’t come cheap, does it?

Off and on, the transiting Saturn/Pluto midpoint has been triggering the NWO’s natal Sun 1Sco19 so we have this picture:

Saturn/Pluto = Sun: sparing no pains in one’s work; renunciation (Ebertin.)

Transiting Pluto/Chiron’s midpoint–the plutocracy; corporatism; oppression; racism duo–will be on the Midheaven (the Goal; Aspiration Point) of the Jan 20, 2009 inauguration chart set for Washington DC. Joy.

This says to me that whoever pretends to be the “leader of the free world” (aka globalist mouthpiece and propaganda catapulter) come 2009 is having the baton passed to him or her–and the political masquerade continues with pluocrats pulling all strings.

Plus, the Neptune/Pluto degree of conjunction which marks the Robber Baron chart (Generation of Materialism, 1892) has had an interesting visitor the last few years as well…asteroid, Midas, now at 7Gem17 (in the range of nuclear degrees.) We suffer with a plethora of Robber Baron spawn infesting the nooks and crannies of civilization.

Yes, gold-loving King Midas has his and is grasping more each day. And I’m ashamed of the part the late great America has played in the charade–not just bwo George Bush, but by the last several Oval Office denizens who’ve all played their parts so well…from “free trade” agreements, to the dollar’s meltdown, to the bogus “ownership society” of George Bush…well he didn’t say just who would do the owning.

In my little gnat’s book, They are the ones who should be ashamed, but what do you think the chances are of that?

You surely know that everyone ever born has what’s called a true condition before God. It takes a lot of self-deception and convincing to act on the assumption that you can cheat, lie, and commit fraud on the whole world and do just fine in the sweet bye’n’bye.

Yes, the World Bank and Wall Street gentry muckedy-mucks (and their cousins, the royal bloods of Europe) may have all this world’s terms slanted toward them for now, but the deal they’ll be pleading one day is one I’m glad to say I’ll be passing up.

Talk about subprime. 


Update Sep 3 2008: here’s interesting article by Tom Sales relating the current subprime mortgage meltdown to S&L failures of the late 80s-early 90s (thanks, Bush 41 and Reagan), 1990’s junk bond fiasco and the Asian market meltdown, Congress’ culpability, and more:


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