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So there’s water on the Moon…

Once I knew someone with water on the knee but this is different…

NPR BREAKING NEWS from NASA: Water Found In Moon Crater

NASA says a probe that purposely slammed into a crater on the moon has turned up evidence of water. Over the last decade, scientists have found some hints of underground ice on the moon’s poles, but this is the best evidence yet. #

If you’re thirsty, you may wish to read more at NPR.


Written by Jude Cowell

November 13, 2009 at 7:30 pm

Breaking News: US indefinite detention upheld

NPR BREAKING NEWS: Judge Rules U.S. Can Hold Detainees Indefinitely

A federal judge has ruled that the United States can continue to hold some prisoners in military detention indefinitely without any charges.

More at NPR.

Written by Jude Cowell

May 20, 2009 at 3:16 pm

Laura Bush and Cindy McCain speak tonight at RNC

Jude’s News Update:

Putting a caring, feminine hand upon the wheel this evening at the Gustav-flavored Republican National Convention 2008, Laura Bush and Cindy McCain are the guest speakers while their husbands stay away in deference to the hurricane victims which they have a reputation for dissing 2005.

Rudy Guiliani may still give the keynote speech, thousands of protestors interrupted access to the building, and NPR’s Robert Siegal is reporting very few arrests. Hmmm…? Siegal prefaced this with the intell that he’d “been inside all day” so is this a side-scuttling, NPR?

Puts me in mind of their news feature, “Voices in the News” on the weekend of the first massive peace protest where Cindy Sheehan spoke for the first time to a large crowd in DC. That morning I awoke with a sense of urgency and excitement and fully expecting that NPR would give Sheehan’s words at least a small shout-out as one of the current “Voices in the News,” my favorite part of Weekend Edition.

I don’t remember what ‘voices’ I heard that day, but oddly Cindy Sheehan’s was NOT one of them even though NPR had reported all week that the peace protest would be assembled in Washington that weekend to demand withdrawal of US troops from Iraq.

If the voice of a grieving mother demanding her government act straight up wasn’t a ‘voice in the news’ that day, whose was?

Well, this evening the RNC is having two ladies’ voices in the news and I’ll be interested to hear what they have to say for themselves and for their out-of-touch Party of ‘pretty minds.’ This is their shout-out on behalf of the needy.

Pardon me if their displays of sensitivity toward Gulf Coast folk seems a sham played for the GOP’s benefit. In a word, puh!

Somehow it seems that if they could, they’d turn a cold shoulder this time, too, but for timing reasons they have to scale back the spectacle and mouthe platitudes of compassion. I’d like to think I’m wrong about them, but they wore out their welcome with me years ago so McCain’s lowered ‘sheepish’ tone and Bush’s mock chastened one rings hollow as Hillary’s reptilian tears.

Then there’s VP nom Sara Palin whose 17-year old daughter is expecting. I refuse to believe that this is fair fodder for political cannons. Leave the babies alone! This is a good example of why legislators don’t belong in a doctor’s office because medical and spiritual decisions of this type should remain private, most assuredly as topics during political campaigns.

Palin has hired, it is now learned, a private attorney in the ‘Troopergate” investigation with the probe’s results due handily just before November elections and now (8:30 pm edt) I’m reading here and there (Talking Points Memo is one source) that her VP nomination is having a “slo-mo meltdown” compliments of, and described astrologically by, dissolving Neptune to her natal Sun, then Mars.


Now on a lighter note, I’ve run across an announcement from the Asheville Art Museum:

‘Life’s Rich Pageant: A Centennial Celebration of the Eight’ will open Friday Sept 12, 2008, and will mark the 100th anniversary year of the original opening at the MacBeth Gallery on Feb 4, 1908 of eight anti-academia artists who, though they only held one exhibit, became known as The Eight.

The number 8 in the news again!

Though the 1908 (8!) exhibition lacked stylistic cohesion, it spotlighted American Art and helped paved the way for Modernism in painting. These painters were young realists (Saturn) who differed radically (Uranus) from the established academicians (Saturn) of the early 20th century.

And with the upcoming Saturn/Uranus opposition the collective finds itself dealing once again with tradition vs progress/old methods vs new techniques while Saturn (who may also bring changes of his own) and Uranus morph one into the other and back again.

Digital TV is coming Feb 2009, too with analog = Saturn, digital = Uranus, being a perfect example of this tension – across the great divide…split.

Even the current weather situation may fall into this category – old methods ( or Saturnian lack of them) during Katrina have been traded in for new approaches (Uranus) as almost two million people have been evacuated from New Orleans.

Fortunately, New Orleans has avoided a direct hit, so if levees continue to hold (Saturn = boundaries, walls, time) and residents are imminently expected (Uranus) to return home (Moon), may their exodus back to the Crescent City (Crescent = Moon’s phase of crisis) be peaceful and well-managed (Saturn), and may electrical power (Uranus) be restored to the millions as soon as possible.

Check out ‘Life’s Rich Pageant: A Centennial Celebration of the Eight’ here:


no more editing Palin’s Wiki profile

Even if your Wikipedia user name is ‘YoungTrig’ you can Not edit Sara Palin’s profile again.

The 30 edits – mostly positive – that were removed/downplayed just minutes before her VP status was announced Friday will have to suffice. The brother-in-law probe/scandal was downplayed and glowing traits were spotlighted, but editing one’s own page is a no-no in Wiki’s terms of use, so the jig is up on this piece of political shenanigans.

Ah, mass media-loving Neptune’s deceptive, veiling tendencies are so very useful in Politics, si?

NPR has the story here:


Perhaps someone acting on Palin’s behalf – or against her since this sort of squirrelly activity looks bad – knew her infant son’s name is Trig and could’ve used ‘YoungTrig’ in order to make it ‘seem’ (Neptune) that it was Palin doing the deed. I suspect she was too busy to make the edits herself.

Criticizing Hillary Clinton back in March for “whining” will make whining about her own political treatment a bit of a hypocrisy problem if Palin intends to indulge on this or on other issues. The phrase “deer in headlights” may be replaced by “deer in spotlights” any day now for the hockey mom.

As Jilly noted in the comment thread after ‘some notes on Sara Palin’s natal chart’ her Downs Syndrome child may be her grandchild. My leanings are not to  ‘go there’ at all when there are children involved, yet it illustrates that no one is perfect ENOUGH to be in politics with its microscopic lens and inclination to distort what it finds.

If claiming the child is Palin’s attempt is to ‘hide’ (Neptune) her daughter’s pregnancy, I still think it should be off limits, but maybe that’s just me. Too many families have had, have, and will always have similar sad dilemmas and it’s not fair grist for political mills, imho.

Well, perhaps Wikipedia will bring out more details soon on this attempt to spruce up Sara Palin’s profile for immediate public consumption and admiration. But why should she need it?

Michelle Obama: Cap-AQ

‘Sun and Moon of Michelle Obama’ is freshly published here if you’re interested in taking a peek at the elegant lady’s personality blend:


Well, ‘the working mother’ archetype was all the rage last evening in Denver, wasn’t it? As the Cancerian Moon decreed…wonder how fussy the Cancerian Moon will become tonight as Hillary Clinton speaks – but not as the keynote speaker, that honor falls into Mark Warner’s lap.

Here’s a link to an NPR article about Michelle Obama’s DNC speech and how it emphasized American values:


Now what else could or would she emphasize? But there may be a more complex flavor to her tradition-respecting Capricorn Sun…click the Sun-Moon link above to read a brief tidbit.

NPR has reported at noon that threats against Barack Obama have been made concerning his Thursday address…exactly the window of time worth fretting about…scroll below…

Moon Signs of the Dem Convention 2008

As we look at the *out-of-bounds Moon’s progress through the zodiac during this week’s Democratic National Convention we find that Luna’s emotional tone through the signs she traverses (Aug 25 to Aug 28) is displayed by way of the sign she ‘wears’ at any given moment.

Publicity, popularity, public relations, the public, the people, intuition, emotions and feelings are all Luna’s natural provinces, and her timing ability is well-known and oft-used in Astrology.

Here I’m using Denver, CO, ‘Aug 25 sunrise until Aug 28 midnight’ to get a full range of the Moon’s activities and influence. (And please pardon typos as this posting will be cut short at any moment by Fay’s stormy auspices.)

The Dem Conv begins with Moon in Gemini 22Gem56, with Gemini the sign of Obama’s natal Moon (3Gem+) yet tonight’s keynote speaker, Michelle Obama has no placements in Gemini, but has Uranus 9Vir36 Rx and Pluto 13Vir58 Rx which describes her speaking on behalf of her husband (tr Sun 2Vir – 7Vir for the week) rather than for herself…’Moon reflects Sun.’)

Looking at the **Democratic Party’s natal chart, there are several midpoints which will be triggered by Luna this week and I shall split them into two entries.

(As you know, midpoints bring planetary energies into action as a team and are the averaged position of the two bodies or points.)

Dem Party midpoints range from Venus/Uranus 22Gem54 to Mercury/Neptune 11Leo55 with a certain natal planet 15Leo04.

I will note when a sign change occurs since Luna’s instincts, moods, and feelings will show a marked change as she changes signs: Gem = communications; the Good News; oration~~Cancer = nurturing; emotional needs, intuitions, and security issues~~Leo = the hero’s journey, the need to lead, the natural or divine leader (Bush 43 falls into this category, not just Obama), and needs for applause, approval, and recognition.

Dem Party midpoints (since all are being triggered by the Moon, I shall omit ‘ = Moon’ to save my typing finger); as usual with midpoint pictures, it’s ‘all/any/none’ in play:

Venus/Uranus: new ideas for a new future; hysteria; sudden excitement in fulfilment of one’s needs.

Saturn/ASC: difficulty being accepted; disagreements; an oppressive environment; separation from a female (this may refer to Hillary’s delegate release and their strong feelings about it.)

Venus/ASC 00Can18 (Hillary’s natal ASC degree in the 8:02 pm chart I use for her Cancerian round face – also 00Can00 is a World Point of manifestation and was involved with 9/11 bwo of the June 2002 Solar Eclipse on that degree): an expression of affection; an engaging nature; motherliness; a show of emotions.

Sun/Uranus: the intense woman; demand for need fullfilment; emotionally excitability; nervous, agitated women;  impulsiveness or rashness.

Uranus/MC: a quick temper; sudden mood changes; easy upset; extraordinary state of excitement; prominent shift of direction for emotional fullfilment; a new bid for life advancement.

Mercury/Uranus: valid instincts about the situation; a correct grasp of a subject; logical thinking; practicality.

Mars/Saturn (one of the most difficult combos in any chart and since it links with health problems it may relate to Ted Kennedy but also to disgruntled Hillary supporters – and possibly to HC herself): illness; feelings about losing something; moodiness; depression.

Venus/Mars: maternal feelings.

Sun/ASC: feelings/needs become important esp with or through females; fruitful activity with others.

ASC/MC (‘Identity Awareness’): showing to others  just how one feels; life attitudes are governed by feelings; attitudes toward the female sex; associations with females.

Mercury/ASC; projection of emotions; a search for inner contact with others.

Saturn/NN (‘seeking contact with experienced people; lack of adaptibility ; inhibited associations’ – Ebertin):  a person standing alone in life; an orphan, widow, or widower (Biden has remarried but was a widower); showing precocious maturity; qualifying for responsibility; appealing to senior persons ( BHO’s VP choice of Biden is as much to garner the senior vote as for his foreign policy expertise – two political birds with one stone…stone = Saturn.)

Now the Moon reaches Dem Party’s natal Chiron 15Can06 and has moved 2 degrees beyond US natal Sun. Moon/Chiron contacts are the perceptual shield being completely open and spirituality may enter in either positively or negatively.

Read the rest of these midpoint/Moon pics here:



NPR reporting at 1:01 pm Aug 26: poll shows ‘only 43% of Hillary’s primary backers say now they’ll vote for Obama!’

And I report that this is part of a GOP ploy dubbed “OPERATION CHAOS” by Rush Limbaugh – Rs were roused to vote for Hillary in the primaries in hopes of causing trouble at the Dem Convention!!! The Dem’s UNITY theme is in danger, Will Robinson – and Rush’s hoofprints are all over it, in tandem with genuine Hillary supporters who are disgruntled by BHO’s eclipsing her. ~

* out-of-bounds of the earthly plane for the public’s Moon/public relations/publicity/needs beyond normal expectations indicates the out-of-this-world quality to Obama’s fawning press coverage (by those who participate so for whatever reasons), his high popularity,  and to the public’s excessive attraction to and hopes for Barack Obama as America’s next leader as we project dreamy notions upon one man. This is made easier by his natal Mars conjunct US natal Neptune…’rockstar status.’

** Democratic Party: May 13, 1792; 12:00 pm LMT, Philadelphia, PA; Sun 23Tau31, Moon 28AQ30; Pluto 23AQ31 with tr Neptune 2008 conjunct…Neptune to n Pluto encourages the rise to power of those who bring a religious message and/or who favor use of spiritualism or psychic power; use of history analysis is a positive benefit of this transit.

However, treachery is in the wings, and use of poison or bio-weapons cannot be ruled out, along with religion-based attacks – by and against Dems.)

In spite of the religious right’s **attack on his faith -ex: his ‘Messiah complex’ – Obama IS using his religious faith in this campaign as a way to connect with church folk of any political stripe. It may work- he seems to be doing well with Catholics, another reason his VP choice was Joe Biden, a Roman Catholic.

The right’s ad: ‘he may be The One, but is he ready to lead?’ Is BHO the anti-Christ as they imply? Sheesh! I thought perhaps Bush41 and 43 had already fit that bill! The ‘Left Behind’ series is riddled with squirrelly Scriptural inaccuracies, but don’t get me started on that…

Cont’d just below…

Measles on rise in US after decades

Having almost been taken to the Great Beyond as an infant by Red Measles, then later having a raging case of German measles, it was not my favorite story from NPR’s Morning Edition today to hear that 131 cases of measles have been treated in the US this year, and that the number is over 3x the number reported in 2007…a “dramatic increase.”

Seems the formerly declared ‘eradicated’ virus is on the rise in the US through travel, and because of parental concerns of risk involving autism. What a decision to have to make. My kids were vaccinated for it, but my intuition tells me that genetic markers may eventually tell us which children are vulnerable to the vaccination. And it only takes coughs and sneezes to pass it on.

Being hospitalized with measles may then put children who can’t tolerate the vaccine due to chemo treatments, in double peril. Small infants are especially at risk of this contagion.

The audio of this report will be available at approximately 9:00 am ET, but you can read about it right here, right now at:


Then knowing that there exists a Sabian Symbol for “An Epidemic of Mumps” for ‘2 Leo’, I consulted Dane Rudhyar’s ‘An Astrological Mandala’ for information on the phenomenon of this serious illness.

‘2 Leo: keynote: The spreading power of individual crisis through a collectivity.’

Rudhyar goes on the say that this Symbol should be interpreted on two levels – the physical one, obviously, that can be spread “in some cases all over the globe” (most quickly by travel.)

He continues…

“Why then an epidemic of mumps? A childhood disease is implied, but it may have very serious complications for adult men who catch it, since it affects not only all lymphatic glands, especially in the neck region, but also the testicles….Leo represents (at least potentially ) rebirth – at the level of the conscious and mind-based individuality.

Thus in Leo man, in this sense, is as yet only a ‘little child’ – one might say a would-be initiate, an infant in spirit. The relation of the mumps to the sexual glands is characteristic, for the entrance into the realm of the conscious and individualized mind can affect the sex force, either through overstimulation and irritation, or in terms of a deliberate ascetic deprivation.

What was an individual issue is now seen as a collective danger. Thus we are dealing with THE INFECTIOUS SPREAD OF INDIVIDUAL EXPERIENCES.” (DR’s Caps.)

Here are more possibilities: Lynda Hill gives The Caution for this degree as: rampaging *gossip; widespread fear or upset; embarrassment; obsession with health; impotence; contagious thoughts; negative thinking and compulsive actions.

You’ll find Lynda’s Sabian Symbols site here: http://www.sabiansymbols.com/

Any way we view it, this degree indicates situations which may affect large amounts of people and may spread quickly.

NPR’s spread of campaign tidbits this morning included a story of threatening hoax letters that were sent to John McCain’s Denver (contained ‘powder’) and New Hampshire (no powder) offices and which may have been sent from a “detention facility.” But not from the Hanoi Hilton, one may assume.

Then there’s the McCain ad against Obama and his reputed ties with 1960s Weatherman Bill Ayers (sp?), a story you’ve probably heard before. Trouble is, Barack Obama was a small child in the 60s – a Sun in Leo child, actually – so how much unfitness for the White House he could’ve caught from the radical organization, is unclear.

Mumps, perhaps. Radicalism against the US government? Now come on, McSame!  A scandal can this you make?

Perhaps McCain or an aide forgot this small yet significant detail. Or did they mean: Obama – so dangerous to America, he started as a little child!

So can threatening hoaxes make you a sympathetic figure to the American public, or do they simply spread fear?

And yet, of course, if a case can be proven (?) against someone (?), the culprit will be facing serious federal charges. No news on what to do with a zealous staffer if found to be attempting to make McCain look more…needed.

Since we assume that the mumps-spreading headline is no hoax, let’s get back to it for I’m fond of children and take it hard if they’re harmed.

Okay, so if I put my tin foil hat on (yes, I can fashion one just by moseying to a kitchen drawer) I’d say that the specter of population control springs to my ~admittedly~ overly suspicious mind.

For as you know, the Sabian Symbol (’28Cap’) for US natal Pluto is: “A Large Aviary” which from under tin foil hats might sound a bit like avian flu fears periodically spread by the Germanically named ‘Homeland’ ‘Security’ (Moon/Saturn, a combo of energies which contain health and hypochondria influences),  and an image of a large bird as an airplane or jet, suitable for transmission of contagious disease.

Not that there’s no real threat, just that we may never find out from whence it actually came. Free floating fear? Is that a bit like free-range chickens?

As to parents’ autism concerns about innoculating children for mumps, I don’t know what I’d decide to do if my children were still whippersnappers, but suspect I’d take the risk esp considering the dangerous ordeal the virus put me through. Plus, another consideration with mumps complications is heart valve damage (Leo = heart!)


Here’s an out-of-time yet timely definition for this 2008 presidential campaign season from dry wit and brilliant playwright Oscar Wilde:

* Scandal: gossip made tedious by morality.

~~> Got your text message from Barack Obama yet? Everyone will know by Saturday in Springfield, IL when the next leg of BHO’s tour starts with VP choice on the stage. What a relief that will be.

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