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Horoscope of Cleopatra born Jan 13 69 B.C.

Anthony and Cleopatra are being celebrated in Rome, Italy with exhibitions until February 2014 because this year is the 2,000th anniversary of Emperor Augustus’ death in A.D. 14.

Perhaps you’d like a peek at Cleopatra’s natal horoscope, shown below:


Her chart has been rectified by master astrologer and author, Noel Tyl and if you can enlarge the image, you’ll find a few basic notes penned thereupon by yours truly.

Example: Cleopatra’s Sun arose with fixed star Schedir, the queen and her Neptune Rx in Gemini arose with Rigel, one of the four Royal Stars of Persia (‘to bring knowledge’); her Ascendant @13Sco21 arose with Ras Alhague (‘to create balance; to heal a wound’).

Historical records show she was born on January 13, 69 B.C. in Alexandria. The Queen of Egypt was the last of the Egyptian pharoahs. As you see in her chart, the Elements and Hemispheres are balanced though there is an emphasis on Fixed signs showing rigidity and firm determination.

In the 7th house of Alliances/Partnerships, you see Uranus @28Tau05 Rx conjunct Pluto @29Tau51 Rx (a critical 29th degree) which imprints upon her birth the Great Conjunction of Uranus and Pluto, exact on August 26, 70 B.C. @1Gem46. This was the last of their conjunctions prior to the more familiar one that occurred in mid-Virgo in the mid-1960s–actually of influence from 1963 to 1968.

If you were born with Uranus-Pluto conjoined in your chart, you are very aware of environmental degradation and wish to create or restore balance and healing and bring order to chaos–and on some level or levels, you share such wishes with Cleopatra, Queen of the Nile!

The Queen’s Sun Cap-Moon Can personality blend supported her sensitivity (Neptune-NN = Moon–see chart, bottom left) yet added strength and toughness when needed via Saturn’s rule of Capricorn, the sign of government, law, and business. Extremely observant and witty, she was known for her facility with languages (communicator Mercury out-of-bounds in Sagittarius, ruled by expansive Jupiter.) This is the father-mother (Saturn-Moon) combination which, if well directed, assures success since it combines the positive qualities of each archetype.

Sacrificing her life to career needs (and the needs of her country) is not unusual for a Sun Cap-Moon Cancer personality though wide mood swings may have been problematic for her. An astute politician, two of the ‘Images for Integration’ for this pragmatic Earth-Water blend may apply rather well to Cleopatra:

“A politician kisses a baby without pretence.” And, “A water clock”, which could describe the annual overflowing of the Nile River which fertilized the Nile Valley. (Images from: Sun Sign-Moon Sign, Charles and Suzi Harvey.)

Among others, the Sun Cap-Moon Can personality blend is shared natally by: Sir Isaac Newton, Mary Tyler Moore, Pablo Casals, and interestingly, by Jean Francois Champollian, known as the Father of Egyptology!

A rectified natal horoscope for Dracula

And Dracula’s Vampire Legend Continues

by Jude Cowell

Have you checked out the excerpted Dracula article at Neptune Cafe? You’ll see the horoscope of Bram Stoker’s first public reading of his novel Dracula in London on May 18, 1897 at 10:15 am UT. Victorians thrilled to the dark psycho-sexual tale as many readers and film goers do today.

Curiously, the chart shows the Moon (the public; publicity) conjunct Count Vlad Dracula’s natal Sun @23Sag32, and Dracula’s natal Ascendant (2Sco22) conjunct the reading’s IC (Foundation; The Drain–here, of blood) which places Dracula’s natal Descendant @2Tau22 conjunct the reading’s MC (Midheaven = The Goal.)

There are other links between the horoscopes as you may see by glancing at the reading’s horoscope and the rectified natal horoscope of Vlad Dracula, below. Rectifying horoscopes by the dates of known life events (when a birth time is unknown) involves many hours of concentrated research and the chart I publish here is the version rectified by master astrologer Noel Tyl.

Prince Vlad Dracula (born Vlad Tepes–tsep-pesh) on December 7, 1431 @3:18 am LMT Sighisoara, Romania; ASC 2Sco22; 2nd house Sun 23Sag32; 3rd house Moon 18Cap19; MC 10Leo53:


It’s an Hour of Saturn which squares Uranus from its own sign of Capricorn (sign of law and government); Neptune in royal Leo, sign of the natural ruler, is atop the chart affecting his Aspirations and Goals; the Scorpio Ascendant is ruled by impaling Mars, sub-ruled by powerful Pluto, planet of death, decay, and ruthlessness. And it’s life-and-death matters for Scorpio, as you know.

Chart-ruler Mars makes one Ptolemaic (major) aspect, an opposition to Neptune @18Leo21 Rx (3A48) in 10th house of Public Status, and wherever Neptune is located, things are ‘other than they appear.’ Plus, Neptune is associated with glamor, films, and acting and I’m certain that you, dear reader, have seen one or more ‘Dracula’ films in your day!

His high-profile Neptune (10th h) may also pertain to centuries of legends and myths relating to Dracula which were greatly promoted early on in the West by Bram Stoker’s novel even though in Romania, Dracula is seen as a protector and ruthless warrior on behalf of his people. Impaling was his preferred method of execution, yes, a Sagittarian note (the Sag arrow impales) in his psyche, and according to Noel Tyl’s *reading of his chart, Dracula was apparently sexually impotent which may certainly cause obsessive violent behavior in strong-willed men who live in the brutal times and places that he did.

Historically, I refer to the era of the Fall of Constantinople, the Crusades, and other religion-infused (or infested?) battles and challenges with other entities such as the Catholic Church engaging in just as heinous, cruel, and sadistic methods of torture and death as did Dracula.

That thousands died at his hand is historical fact. The natal chart emphasis on Scorpio-Sagittarius denotes power, personal conviction, and a defensiveness that rationalized his actions via religion. The Venus-Neptune opposition (Mars conjunct Venus brings Venus, planet of vengeance, into Neptune’s rationalizing net of illusions and deceit) indicates a dangerous imagination, and his Mars-Neptune opposition shows that his motives, even if genuine, always seemed suspicious to others. Besides a tendency toward self-delusion, a lack of honesty is also shown here, and the Saturn-Uranus square signifies political (be strong at home to be feared abroad was his motto) and occult activities which supports the prominent Neptune and his Mars-Pluto Scorpio Ascendant.

Of note as well is a Fire Grand Trine between Sun, Uranus, and Neptune which gave him the defensiveness this closed circuit of energies tends to give, plus, an innate self-sufficiency as a ‘law unto himself’ that allowed him to do just as he pleased while obsessed with commanding respect from others.

One awful story is told of his obsession with ‘cleansing his realm’ when he gathered beggars, the infirm, and ill people of the streets into a banquet hall, fed them lavishly, then burned down the barricaded building ‘to improve the health of his State’.

(If this cruelty reminds you of how the austerian vampires of Washington DC are behaving on a grand scale with their cuts to Meals on Wheels, Food Stamps, and other social programs for America’s needy, I’m in full agreement with you.)

Dracula’s father and Dracula himself were initiated into the Order of the Dragon (see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Order_of_the_Dragon) (‘Drac’ = dragon) of European elitists and as such considered themselves to be noble knights protecting Christianity and the Cross (he converted to Catholicism later in life but it’s said that this was to impress the King and pave the way for his regaining the throne of Romania–see? Always suspicious of his motives!)

In fact, the peasant class of his day gravitated toward the occult implications of his membership in the Order of the Dragon (dragon = devil) so this attributed, pre-Stoker, to the historic view of Dracula as demon and monster. Not that he wasn’t!

So if you click to enlarge the horoscope, perhaps you can read a few basic notes I penned on including an out-of-bounds Moon (OOBs) which denotes that from birth, the mother-son relationship was faulty-to-non-existent (plus, the Moon-Saturn conjunction in strict Capricorn.) Would having a loving, affectionate mother around in his character-building years have made Vlad a warm and cuddly adult?

Well, what do you think?


More reading? Live Science reports that a vampire grave site has been uncovered in Poland (video).

*Astrology of the Famed, Noel Tyl

An astro-peek at Nevada’s Sharron Angle – Leo Leo Leo!

Update July 6, 2010: Harry Reid and Sharron Angle are having themselves quite a heated tussle.

Original post begins here:

Born in Klamath Falls, Oregon on July 26, 1949, November 2010 Republican nominee for Nevada’s US Senate seat, Sharron Angle, has quite a controversial political record.

But that’s not the purpose of this post. Its purpose is to take a brief astro-peek at an up-and-coming Republican lady of note and see what can be seen – and in Angle’s case, it’s Leo, Leo, Leo, and more Leo.

Proud, entertaining, and possessed of a deep need for approval, applause, and affection, Sharron Angle was born with Sun 3Leo+, Moon 9 – 24 Leo (birth hour unknown), Mercury 2 – 5 Leo, Pluto in mid-degrees of Leo.

Her Mars and Uranus are closely conjoined around 2Can+ which places two of her midpoints conjunct natal Sun and Mercury (which are
‘cazimi’ with Mercury so near the Sun, a condition said in olden days to strengthen the planet, here, Mercury, her thinking and communicating planet.)

The two midpoints are hard working Mars/Saturn and brittle Saturn/Uranus so we may wish to consider the midpoint pictures influencing Angle’s adult personality, essence, and life purpose (Sun) and her thinking processes, communicating abilities, and other mercurial associations:

Mars/Saturn = Sun: eking it out; a sense of loss; the inability to meet all demands or to master all situations; possible health threat.

Mars/Saturn = Mercury: indecision; separating from the issues; thoughts don’t know where to go, any alternative seems inappropriate; thoughts of separation; bad news.

Saturn/Uranus = Sun: rebelliousness; egocentric drive against controls; separations in order to find one’s way; physical exposure to severe tests of strength; an inflexible character.

Saturn/Uranus = Mercury: making great demands on one’s nervous energy; an ability to hit back hard under provocation; organizing resistance; separating oneself from others; necessary changes; necessary stages of re-thinking; decisions to be made about doing things in new ways.

(Midpoints: Tyl; Ebertin; any, all, or none may apply on various levels and are subject to stimulation by transits or progressions.)

That last interests me since Angle’s website has recently been updated morphing some of her more radical positions on certain issues into more moderate stances. Her state record is chocked full of No votes, as you may remember, since she’s well known for it.

(Which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. However, voting No on every issue can seem….well, truculent rather than constructive. Perhaps this pile-up of planetary energies concentrated around 2 – 5 Leo explains some of Angle’s one-sidedness since Leo is the sign of ego, stubborness, with its first 5 degrees marking the most Leonine area of the zodiac.)

Both Mars and Uranus are out-of-bounds so they may not ‘play nice’ with the other kids and their very close conjunction makes for an unrestrained, forceful, and energetic pursuer of goals and a risk-taker; hopefully her Saturn provides enough stability to make playing by the rules more of a possibility. Mars/Uranus conjoined indicates one who challenges powerful governmental officials, and threats may be used against them when public support backs her up (which helps to dramatize her point.)

Also conjunct Sun and Mercury is asteroid Atlantis, which has associations with America, the Atlantic Ocean, and well…the myth of Atlantis; the asteroid has these keyphrases: a sense of doom and/or abuse of power.

Now you know that natal Moon in Leo often has a bossy streak with its ‘reigning need’ (Tyl) for applause and such, as noted above. And with Jupiter 26Cap26 Rx, she’s got that mavericky thing goin’ on, supported by a quirky, unpredictable Mars/Uranus conjunction which can also have a ‘maverick’ vibe.

Plus, 26 – 27Cap puts natal Jupiter at the Midheaven of our nation’s inaugural charts each year (Jan 20, noon, DC) so perhaps dreams of a White House run taunt Sharron Angle as they’ve done Sarah Palin.

After all, Angle was born into the creative 5 North Solar Eclipse Series with its key concepts of: prophetic dreams, visions, hunches, and flashes of ideas which can be acted upon (Brady’s ‘Predictive Astrology’) so she fits in with Washington’s illuminated ideology of world domination if not its mainstream script of GOP talking points for November 2010.

Now here are a few details on Sharron Angle’s volatile, dramatic double-Fire combo of Sun Leo/Moon Leo personality blend with its typically self-centered perspective:

Leo-Leo is a magnetic, authoritative presence that can be warm and enthusiastic, playful, proud, and vain. Able to inspire others with a powerful intellect, this combo is larger than life and loves playing on the ‘Big Time’ stages of the world. But with a tendency to forget details, others are expected to take care of life’s smaller tasks since Leo-Leo has much more important things to do, things where it can shine.

Yes, this blend can be either tyrannical and despotic or a beneficent ruler, and the magnitude of her regal bearing dazzles few people more than herself. This is not an easy ego to satisfy and it commands the absolute attention of everyone within her environment. Her sense of self is mythological in its proportions and a childlike naivety may attach itself to what might be best described as a radiant personality.

Angle can be fiercely loyal, generous, and trusting on one hand, yet jealous, demanding, difficult to please, and imperiously cold on the other if the sort of attention and gratitude she feels is deserved is not forthcoming.

A caution is gullibility with a tendency to let flattery impair judgment, and please stand a safe distance away when things don’t go her way for titanic temper tantrums are legendary with a Leo-Leo blend.

There are two ‘Images for Integration’ for Sun Leo-Moon Leo:

“A child in an Edenic paradise builds a beautiful sandcastle in the sunshine with all the creatures of nature in joyous attendance…In full pageantry, the new king is crowned before his kingdom.”

(‘Sun Sign-Moon Sign’ by Charles & Suzy Harvey.)

Well, if there was ever a poster child for my description of ‘political thespians’ it would have to be a Leo-Leo-Leo! And as Noel Tyl adds, “Ambition is forceful, dramatic, and usually successful. A glamorous front can hide a stern, hard, commanding nature. Pride and vanity are strong. Retaliation is the weapon of choice when things do not go one’s way.”

(Synthesis and Counseling in Astrology.)

And btw: Sharron Angle shares a natal Sun Leo-Moon Leo personality blend with President Herbert Hoover. Hmm. Thought you might want to know. You have been warned.

Donna Cunningham on major transits to natal Moon

Full Moon at Green Arch, by Jude Cowell 2009+

Full Moon at Green Arch, by Jude Cowell 2009+

Good news! Master astrologer Donna Cunningham, author of 17 books, has written an excellent analysis of Why Transits to the Birth Moon Are So Challenging.

You may wish to check out Donna’s insights on the subject (especially if you know your natal Moon’s position by sign, degree, and house) and if you are having contacts to moody Luna by heavy weight planets such as Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and/or Pluto. Or, if you’re the curious type.

As you know, the astrological Moon represents our emotions, feelings about our emotions, the past, and ‘she’ greatly influences our physical bodies as described by the mind-body connection.

Noel Tyl says our natal Moon describes our ‘reigning needs’ so right away we can see how a significant visit from life-altering planets such as those mentioned above can indicate important passages in our lives as our Unconscious minds receive timely messages from the Universe – directly to little ole us.

Actually, ‘passages’ is a quite a lunar term, isn’t it? That could be the basic message, in fact: it’s time for a passage!

“Life is change,” as ‘they’ are fond of reminding us. Have you noticed how this bromide usually issues from those whose lives are stable and settled?

Or so they assume, for their times of passage will come as well!

Plus, during these transit periods, issues from childhood may resurface in hopes that we are ready to deal with the subsequent emotions that may be dragging us down as adults and preventing progress. Old emotional disappointments and wounds can interfere with current goals, as I can personally attest. Our Moons relate to the Inner or Divine Child; Sun is the adult personality. The blending of the two is mentioned often by your reluctant astrologer (moi) because it is their integration – conscious with unconscious – that make up a whole psyche (it is to be hoped!)

And of course, we look to the house (department of life) where natal Moon resides to see what areas of our lives will be most affected by the transit; the house/s of the natal chart with Moon-ruled Cancer on the cusp/s will be pulled into the Moon’s gravity field as well when natal Moon is being stimulated.

Our daily mundane round is also signified by the astrological natal Moon, so do catch up with Ms. Cunningham as soon as you may, for the quickly fluctuating Moon changes signs about every 2 1/2 days, as you know…so why dost thou tarry?

March 13 2008’s closed door session of the US Congress

Yes, I put “US” Congress in this post’s title to be sure we remembered that Congress supposedly works for us, not against us. But that’s become highly debateable, of course.

And I know Stars Over Washington’s feed for a new post which contains the astrology chart of March 13’s secret session will refresh itself at some point, but since the article took all day to prepare for and compose, I decided to give it a ‘shout-out’ here in case you’re interested in the Astrology of this rare secret closed door meeting of our “representatives” when leaks indicate that, among other subjects, the planned financial crisis of September 2008 was discussed:


Yes, C-Span cameras went dark for this session, but thanks to Astrology, some rays of light may be shed upon this eery evening in our nation’s history when democracy’s shine was dimmed.

The Sun Pisces-Moon Gemini blend for the evening indicates a love of symbolic logic so perhaps ‘it’ won’t mind our peek at the session’s planets. It’s quite an eccentric combination, too.

Here are the ‘Images for Integration’ from the Harveys’ excellent book, ‘Sun Sign-Moon Sign’…

“A child grips his magic red balloon as it lifts him into the sky and over the sea onto an island of eternal beauty…A schoolboy daydreams of heroic deeds during a class on the romantic poets.”

Sounds like the congressmen and women have their escape hatches prepared…or ‘escape pods’?

Noel Tyl says this double Mutable blend is one of indecision and nervousness – that the senses feel one thing and the mind thinks another; gut confidence supports a facile mind as it takes big chances; the challenge is to ground the decision-making process realistically with attention to facts which are then employed with emotional conviction. (‘Counseling and Synthesis in Astrology.’)

So if all the participants got their remaining shreds of consciences in line with their survival instincts, this tallies well with the Mystic Rectangle pattern which surrounded our planet on the evening of March 13, 2008.

Please click the above link to read all about it, but I warn you- it’s a wordy post so have your steaming tea in-cup and nearby as you begin! My favorite is Constant Comment, a tea I discovered during my days as a DC inhabitant.


Speaking of the Image above for the ‘island of eternal beauty’ did you hear about the celebrity-infested million-dollar festivities at Dubai’s new Atlantis Hotel on Palm Island as its grand opening ‘illuminated’ the sky?

Oct 9 is D-Day for Lehman Bros derivatives

Let George Washington explain about this Thursday being D-Day for Lehman Brothers’ auction (D for ‘derivatives’) and how much hinges on the auction’s outcome in spite of anything Paulson and Bernanke have done or might do.

And if you read George’s last paragraph, you’ll see that Oct 23 is D-Day for Washington Mutual.

Oct 23?

Oct 23, 1907 is the 101st anniversary of the day top financier J. P. Morgan said enough’s enough and rescued America’s financial patootie, although there was more than met the eye concerning that panic, too…like the problems of NY’s Knickerbocker Trust.

“This is the place to stop this trouble!” J. P. exclaimed, yet Neptune had opposed his natal Jupiter on Sept 30, 1907. And he was enjoying a fresh Jupiter Return which had recently occurred on Oct 1, 1907! Hmmm.

Noel Tyl calls them “Jupiter Reward Cycles.” (See J. P.’s Page in the sidebar column – there’s a link to Daniel Gross’ article on the subject of Oct 23, 1907 – the Panic of 1907 – as it relates to 2008.)

Well, 2008’s most powerful banker is Jamie Dimon, J. P.’s successor of sorts as head of the firm descending from the House of Morgan. The Robber Barons just keep steam rollin’ along, don’t they?

Now I turn you over to George Washington:


Orr’s Astrology of the Georgia-Russia conflict

Falling into expert astrologer Marjorie Orr’s mundane work on her Star4Cast website has been enlightening tonight for I discovered her insights concerning Sakaashvili and the ongoing aggression in the Caucasus and how the August Solar and Lunar Eclipses tie into the natal placements of Bush, Cheney, and Rice, the “senior USA White Housers” who are on “major alert.”

See: w.star4cast.com/index2f.asp?page=forum_article.asp?id=1

Sakaashvili (known for off-the-handle actions and reactions) possesses, as Ms. Orr points out, a Saturn/Uranus opposition which forms a T-square pattern focused toward on his natal Sun:

Saturn/Uranus = Sun: tendency to rebel; egocentric drives against controls; separations in order to find one’s way; the power of resistance; inflexibility; physical exposure to severe tests of strength. (midpoint pictures: Tyl; Ebertin.)

You know many voters in the US presidential election of 2000 (and to some extent in 2004) were led to confuse George Bush’s irrational inflexibility (and his inability to change his mind lest he look fallible – as if any man is infallible!) with strength of character rather than the perverse and cranky bossiness that it is.

November 2008 brings the American people two more presidential candidates to imagine we have to choose from, and we’re being given a chance to show support for a similar dude this November even as his bright packaging shows ribbons of mild-mannered reasonableness.

The other candidate is John McCain.

spinning on a mass starvation planet

This is a belated publish of a draft post that got lost in the shuffle, but Glen Ford’s article on The Lords of Capital and their mass starvation plan now surfacing is available here:


Now we see what globalist imperialism can do for the world if it puts its pretty mind to the grindstone, and with the upcoming Saturn/Uranus opposition–the culmination phase from their Great Conjunction of 1988 and just in time for the US presidential election–Saturnian past and Uranian future eye one another warily as the plutocrats of Dec 11, 2007’s  Jupiter/Pluto conjunction have their highhanded way with us all…

Saturn/Uranus = Jupiter: losses; damage to buildings; resolution of tensions comes rewardingly from without; adapability.

Saturn/Uranus = Pluto: upheaval to protect assets; rebellion against one’s lot in life; tremendous fear of loss; brutality; a desire to overcome difficult situations through extraordinary effort.

Jupiter/Pluto = Saturn: adjusting the Big Picture to meet more with convention; strategy becomes necessary; difficulties; inability to progress; inhibitions; separations. (“convention/s” this summer? Jupiter = Rs, Saturn = Ds.)

Jupiter/Pluto = Uranus: fanatical striving for improvements; the quick exploitation of every situation; a sudden reform; adjustment to new circumstances; quick developments; intense application of resources to establish new perspectives; getting back on track or finding a better one. (Tyl; Ebertin.)

Mixed bags here and of course the usual midpoint picture tendency toward ‘all, none, or some’ is in effect (or alternating bwo timed triggers); plus, everyone could have opportunites to use these energies based on their abilities and motives, the potential for which is found, astrologically speaking, where the last degrees of Sagittarius fall in one’s chart and how they fit into a chart’s planetary situation.

Here are the three conjunctions of Saturn and Uranus, all occurring in 1988:

1. Feb 13; 29Sag55;

2. June 26; 28Sag47;

3. Oct 18; 27Sag49.

As you see, all degrees are near the current position of Galactic Center indicating the worldwide influence of these heavy weights.

Those fanatic, moneybags speculators Jupiter/Pluto (the social tinkerers) meet violent, self-willed Saturn/Uranus types…and once again chaos ensues.

Welcome, as “they” say, to the New Millennium.



Inauguration Day 2009 + US’ Cornwallis’ Surrender 1781

Yes, there are some time-warpish links between the chart of Cornwallis’ Surrender, set for the hour specifically chosen by Freemason, Gen George Washington, and the chart for  Jan 20, 2009 12:00 pm est Capitol Building, Washington, DC.

A new president of the USA will be installed at that time. (Not elected, mind you…selected.)

Well, I finally got around to writing a Page on a comparison between 1781 and 2009 (with chart’s image, all ascribbled in notes…sorry, but it’s as if you’re looking over my shoulder; plus, being an artist, I naturally scribble all about)–and you will find said post/chart in the Sidebar, if you wish.

But do not read the Page unless you first find yourself flumoxed by the question:

Who is the lady of the 29th degree?

I’m right there with ya…but saddled with the Saturn/North Node midpoint which will be weighing upon the Inaugural Moon of Jan 20, 2009…and at the “A Grand Army of the Republic Campfire” degree. You’ll see on the chart’s image.

*Saturn/NN = Moon: standing alone in life; widows, orphans; inhibitions; loneliness; appealing to senior persons; qualifying for responsibility.

A new president who appeals to the senior among us?

But stir it in with this formal introduction for you if you’re an American reading these words:

America, meet We-the-People on Inauguration Day 2009…buffeted by a long process, but most recently delivered  to you by the GOP, their Dem enablers, and all neocon fiends whatever their true stripe. 

They got theirs–you weren’t plannin’ to Eat that cob o’corn, were you?


* mdpt pics from Tyl and from Ebertin; as with all midpoint pics, things may end up as All, None, or Some Combination, just as with the rest of life.

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