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US Solar Return 2011 shows OWS-young-peo-crisis

A Special Task for America’s Young People–and All Young People

by Jude Cowell

If you read, study, flirt with, or practice Astrology you’re familiar with the YOD planetary pattern with its ‘crisis-crossroads-turning point-special task’ vibes.

You also know that in Mundane Astrology, speedy Mercury is the androgenous planet of communication, thinking processes, the senses, plans, trade, commerce, and god of The Crossroads of the Four Directions which provide us the Way Forward (yet we each have the free will to guess–choose–our ultimate direction!)

So Mercury at apex (focal point) of the US Solar Return 2011‘s YOD pattern of planets places young people, the press, orators, reporters, bloggers, and others in the spotlight as the actors who must fulfill the demands of the YOD configuration–or not, as they may choose.

YODs are also known as the Finger of God due to the higher imperatives they present to mankind, and sometimes to one individual to act as an archetype for and from The Collective. US SR 2011 Mercury at apex seems to me to herald or announce the current and ongoing Occupy Wall Street movement and its social injustice and income inequality issues now spread across the globe, a contagion aided by social networking sites.

(Twitter is my personal favorite–don’t do no FB round here.)

Plus, this Mercury conjoins US natal North Node (NN), an indicator of being ‘on the path’ of one’s correct and future direction. There is a protective Jupiterian spirit to any NN point.

The link between OWS now and the Mercury/NN connotation on the Jupiterian plane of Generosity (SR 2011) may be seen with Occupiers’ awareness that there is Abundance in God’s Universe meant for each of us and that austerity promoters have their own selfish blueprint. There is such a thing a trust law as noted often by Max Igan if you’ve ever heard his broadcasts.

Our Pushback Against the Tyranny of Plutocracy has begun.

Now Occupy USA comes to mind (Mercury) and to the mass consciousness! The ‘mass’ and ‘media’ or ‘press’ part is where merging Neptune comes in astrologically speaking.

So check out or review our nation’s “birthday chart” for 2011–2012 linked above (235 years old and our hardwon republic is but tottering from inner destructuring by world/central banking agents and others many of whom are secret society types operating at or near the pinnacle of worldy success–Satan’s domain.)

Don’t like typing so, but an infiltrating faction of these transnational psychopaths want Jerusalem set up as the global capital of an earthly kingdom and right away, this tells me that they’ll use any form of coercion or violence to get what they want. These are the types of reptile-brainers that our young people are going up against–they need the people’s support.

And as one of the Flower Power generation who remembers the protests of the violent, electrifying 1960s all too well–peaking with the horrifying Kent State Massacre of 1970 (horoscope shown) by orders of NIXON, and it was one of my personal flashpoints–when the US government fired upon and murdered US citizens, students of my generation expressing their Free Speech Rights with Uranus/Pluto’s mid-1960s frequencies in the air, four to five years on, of 1970, the start of a new decade of reaching out to Orientalism.

And electrified rock-n’roll.

How Teddy R. danced in his grave!

And let me say that I loved it that Crosby and Nash appeared on Democracy Now! today–“Four Dead in O-HI-O” being one of my favorites of their tunes…I’d blogged previously as had many astrologers that we are at the frustrating phase of a square (90 degr) in the Uranus/Pluto cycle which lasts about 127 years.

When the Great Conjunctions of Uranus and Pluto occurred (Oct 9, 1965, Apr 4, 1966, June 30, 1966 @ 16–18 Virgo with ’17Vir’ being a critical-crisis degree as is ’17Pis’), the world experienced uprisings for civil and other societal rights. The current square between them brings to a head the same energies and issues to be dealt with–hopefully in a correct fashion.

However, violence of any kind is not the path for the Occupiers and my thought is that peaceful ‘sit-ins’ are the best route to show up the fallacy of violence as a productive answer.

Agents provocateurs are to be recognized, identified, and outed. We may also wish to remember the press-dubbed‘Battle in Seattle’ protests of 1999 at the WTO conference of global social tinkerers who plunder the world’s resources to fill their golden coffers and finance some fancy plans.

Here’s the horoscope with my own analysis of US Solar Return 2011 where you’ll see Mercury–conjoining US ntal North Node, NN, a joining point in any chart and Jupiterian Head of the Dragon–at apex of a YOD pattern and which, I believe, represents a heralding of the economic and educational crisis that the OWS Movement is addressing on behalf of The Collective.


A YOD pattern consists of two or more planets sexttile (60 degr) one another that ‘point’ by two inconjuncts (150 degr = adjustment; square peg in round hole, crisis) to an apex planet or planets which represents the actor being catalyzed by the YOD (crisis-crossroads-special task) energies, an imperative from On High.

How the actor (apex planet) handles this unstable, difficult energy affects outcomes by the action-reaction principle that some may call reaping-what’s-been-sown, or karma which can express positively or negatively.

Sit-ins are the positive and I hope our young people have opportunites to use this non-violent tactic. It’s been proven to deliver!

Another thing about Occupiers is that use of drugs is giving your opponent the power to take you down. Is that what this noble movement deserves?

More Astrology

The astro-signature of the media-dubbed ‘Battle in Seattle” in Nov-Dec 1999 to protest the World Trade Organization conference to plan our lives (trade = Mercury! and most of the protesters were young people, too–agent provocateurs smashed windows, etc) is the oppressive plutocracy pair in Great Conjunction, powerful Pluto and wounding Chiron.

Pluto/Chiron = Plutocracy

Great Conjunction 1999 @ ’12Sag’ = US natal Ascendant 1776

I knew it was YOU, Clinton.


More info and photos on the Kent State Shootings Wiki page.

note: Solar Return charts are ‘good for’ one year, from birthday to birthday and may be read as a temporary natal chart on certain levels.

ALERT 4:02 pm et: Another police raid is said to be imminent at Occupy Oakland and my prayers for safety go out to them all. jc

Deepthroat is dead

The news of the death of Woodward and Bernstein’s WaterGate informant, ‘Deepthroat’ has put me in mind of a post from August 2007 which I posted for the occasion of the 33rd anniversary of Richard Nixon’s resignation.

You’ll find a few notes on the resignation horoscope, on small-man Nixon’s natal chart, and a link to his actual letter of resignation (time-stamped – perfect for an astrologer!) to the then-Secretary of State, Henry Kissinger, plus, some personal notes from my days as a DC resident during WaterGate when Dick and Henry stunk up the place like the swamp it’s built on:


Mark Felt died in his sleep yesterday, his Deepthroat code name already revealed in his book and in Woodward’s, so one chapter is closed on the criminality and over-reach of a US president.

Now we’re stuck with the blowback of the neocons and the stinking swamp of their world domination dreams.

UK-US: “plausible deniability” still a ploy that doesn’t work

Breaking News and Commentary from Citizens For Legitimate Government Feb 21, 2008

All items are here:

Britain regrets that U.S. “torture flights” landed on British territory 22 Feb 2008 British Foreign Secretary David Miliband admitted on Thursday that two U.S. “torture flights” did land on British territory in 2002, contrary to previous reports. Miliband told the House of Commons that he was “very sorry indeed” to have to say previous denials made in “good faith” were now having to be corrected. #

“Good faith”?? “Britain regrets” they were caught in another tissue of lies with Bush and Cheney at the spindle…and “plausible deniability” fails once again.

The US invented this political “doctrine” in the 1950s specifically for the newly minted CIA to use for veiling its mayhems. Now it’s 2008 and the dubious and dubiously effective tactic has infested governments the world over.

If you follow this WIKI link, you’ll find “Extraordinary rendition” listed under ‘See also’:

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Plausible_deniability  as well as info on Iran-Contra a la Reagan who knew nothing about nothing, and there’s mention of Richard “I am not a crook” Nixon’s attempts to hide his criminal actions.

Plausible deniability is seldom plausible so it’s easily seen through, and results in a government–in this case, Blair, Miliford, Brown, and their colleagues–looking like the liars they are as they try to prop up the Bush regime and their lucrative war-for-oil. (Plus, looting Baghdad’s antiquities was no small part of their aim, you know.)

Considered an open door to *abuse of authority, plausible deniability is a major part of the Bush Doctrine (passed down through US administrations) and is the Pentagon’s usual mode of business relished by Donald Rumsfeld and depended upon by Abrams, Cheney, and the rest of the anarchists in our midst.

In fact, I’d say that the Bush-Cheney monster has depended upon it overmuch due to the magnitude of its crimes and its overbearing, overreaching world domination agenda.

And yet: have I appreciated in the past the support the UK has given the US? Of course. Great Britain is the home of many of my ancestors and I love most things UK. But support us when we do the right things, not when we err, for now we both look like slouchy suspects who are no better than those we consider ourselves morally above, no thanks for that.

Guess that’s part of the problem with thinking yourself above another–the very act shows that you’re not.

Modern Times! Truth is passe according to some people, and Machiavelli would be proud of the UK-US alliance these days. Now That’s one good way for empires to collapse from the inside–by accepting the Trojan Horse of plausible deniability.


*’abuse of authority and power’ astrologically may be seen with asteroid archetypes such as: Juno, Atlantis, Toro, and Hidalgo, and you may know a few more as well. They’ve been very busy lately.

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