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Is it game over for PCs?

Well, I do hope not. Using my desk pc makes me feel cozier and more stable than a tablet can, more rooted than a frisky, restless smartphone does, and just plain snug as a bug. Plus, it’s easier to type on a PC keyboard than using the hunt-n-peck method of communicating so far has been on tablet or phone.

Set in my ways ever since my first Royal typewriter at age 12? Yep!

And yet there are those working in tech fields who sit about and think about such things as ailing PC markets and sales games being over–such as folk as CNN, for example.

Written by Jude Cowell

April 30, 2013 at 9:20 pm

Got pesky Digital TV issues yet?

You may notice there’s a new link and Category in my sidebar for Digital TV.

Mandated by the US Congress and soon to hit sparse pocketbooks all across America on Feb 17, 2009, Digital TV with its compliments-of-Congress problems and questions are piling up so we’d better get stirring and figure out what’s going on with our idiot boxes and their needs if we (I!) am not ready.

No matter if you think the ‘Digital Transition’ sounds like suspicious New Age rigamarole or merely cool technology, it’s knocking on your analog door, but the thing is, even if you’re signed with cable or satellite TV, there may still be some issues you’ll want to know more about.

Therefore, in a tempest of linky love, I have added Matthew Torres’ blog here for your convenience:


And if you’ve yet to do so, you may wish to visit the official site for information on this frenzy of increased TV sales with clearer pictures zinging through the Earth’s atmosphere by checking out:


A Personal TV History Revealed:

My parents bought their first TV in the summer of 1954 and never looked back. Then I came along and happily there weren’t a plethora of reruns to become jaded by either! In fact, Atlanta, GA beamed a popular local children’s puppetry show and little me went with my school class to sit in the audience one afternoon to be magically entertained by puppets and ‘Pop-Eye’ cartoons.

As we arrived, I remember stepping over fat cables on the floor and feeling pretty special as I successfully dodged the monster-sized cameras being swung about the place…a dark, cool, and fascinating TV studio! I had seen ‘The Wizard of Oz’ and ‘Gone with the Wind’ by then, so was completely hooked on the magic of film and photography.

Plus, the TV Magic of Disney made my private world bright with their inspiring drawings and storylines such as Peter Pan – still one of my favorites. They showed the animated Peter Pan on TV recently, perhpas yuo caught it. You can probably spy Disney’s Art influence in my Dreamyfish Art drawn on black paper in a fairly similar style to Fantasia’s dancing fishes…


But the big February switch-over is nearing while I wonder sometimes if the talking heads on my TV screen are pixilated illusions or real human beings reading scripts. Then there are motivational concerns about the spacey, millennial-sounding ‘Digital Transition’ with its propagandistic possibilities.

Will our TVs finally be able to watch us back? Is what my household watches of any concern to anyone in authority?

Must we go back to Code Puce alerts? Is this an evolutionary chess game?

The map of the solar system for Feb 17, 2009 is quite interesting and maybe I shall publish it when I have more time to discuss. If this change isn’t described astrologically by the Saturn (old methods; tradition; Earth; restrictions) opposite Uranus (technology; progress; space; out of the blue or the sky; freedom), I don’t know what is!

And 2009’s Great Conjunction of Jupiter (expansion; ideology) and Neptune (film; mass consciousness; spirituality; deceptions; propaganda) will last the entire year with three meetings: in May, June, and December. And this Speculating duo meet upon America’s natal Moon (the people; the public; publicity; home; emotions; perceptions) so we have a midpoint picture:

Jupiter/Neptune = Moon: a desire to dream; losing oneself in plans or illusions; becoming involved in speculation; instability; wastefulness; an emotional swoon; going with the wind. (Tyl; Ebertin.)

Did society really need progressive TV? Or some decent chow and a jug of clean water?

Plus, there are two possibly pertinent things to consider within the Sun AQ-Moon Sag blend of Feb 17, 2009: one a quote from a famous musician who shares the combo in his natal chart. A personal favorite of mine, it’d be cool if his music was broadcast during an hour of Transition, wouldn’t it?

“When I am…completely myself, entirely alone…my ideas flow best and most abundantly. Whence and how these come I know not nor can I force them…Nor do I hear in my imagination the parts successively, but I hear them gleich alles zusammen (at the same time all together.)”

– Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Then may I suggest The Magic Flute? It’s beautiful tunes and simply full of Masonic, Rosicrucian, and/or Illuminati secret codes, numbers, and symbols revealed, after all. Made ’em mad, too. The TV folk could toss in a smidgen of OTS ritual weirdness and we could soon have a worldwide shout-out to the White Lodge on Sirius, dog gone it!

That’s where the real control comes from, say such adherents – signals from the Dog Star Sirius. And Sirius Radio grew fatter recently, now didn’t it? Arff!

So do tell, Wolfie, will we be receiving barked yet subliminal messages from the highest order? Our broadcast muse (Isis?) has many wonders in store from the digital world, she assures us.

Well, perhaps one of three ‘Images for Integration’ from Charles & Suzy Harvey’s ‘Sun Sign-Moon Sign’ book might be enlightening for this New World we’re entering whether we like it or not (thanks, US Congress – but your promised improvement of reception for first responders and police departments can bring to mind police in US streets, you know.)

Regardless of my 1984-esque misgivings on propaganda catapultin’ and its nefarious possibilities for mass manipulation, here’s the Image for you:

‘Alice in Wonderland.’

Seems it’ll be Through the Looking Glass we go!

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