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Senator Ted Cruz: “a crusader dueling with shadows”

Something about Senator Ted Cruz

A US Senator since January 2013, Ted Cruz was born in Calgary, Canada on December 22, 1970 as the Sun reached Capricorn, sign of government, law, and business (birth hour unknown.) His ‘reigning need’ (Tyl) is shown by Moon in Libra, ruled by evaluating, attracting, sometimes vengeful Venus, a planet associated with money. Libra’s Airy nature denotes intellectual and legal interests along with creativity shown to best advantage by a use of balance though a certain emotionally detached attitude may be present.

No, the harmony preferred by Libra, Venus, and a Venus-ruled Moon (emotions, feelings, moods, physical body) aren’t always in store for a man born with a gracious helping of powerful planetary aspects relating to his natal Sun (ego; willpower; the Quest) and Mercury (thinking processes; planning; communications) and young Sen. Cruz sports a few such aspects which have provided him with the inherent motivation and drive to reach that pinnacle called Capitol Hill.

You may wish to read a further analysis of his planetary aspects on my Political Astrology site Stars Over Washington where a fuller astro-portrait may be found.

Since the Moon remained in Libra for the 24 hours of Dec 22, 1970, a precise birth hour isn’t required in order to consider Sen. Cruz’s Sun Cap-Moon Libra combination of energies with the Sun signifying the conscious mind (adult) and the Moon denoting the unconscious (child), and of course the unconscious mind tends to be the more powerful motivator of the two. Getting them working together is the height of successful creativity and ‘self-actualization’ and the square (90 degrees) between Capricorn and Libra supplies the dynamism one must have in order to ‘make the effort’ necessary to succeed.

Sen. Cruz’s Sun and Moon signs, one ruled by conservative, austere Saturn, planet of the status quo, the other by Venus, as noted, above, gives a Venus-Saturn signature (loyalty but dissatisfaction) which is further emphasized by a natal opposition between Venus (Sco) and Saturn Rx (Tau) across the intense Taurus-Scorpio axis of Values and Money, in mid-degrees. Plus, Saturn in Taurus is quite determined to be a preserver of values, an attitude helpful in Politics, yet whose values is another question entirely.

Curious fact: the ‘King of Terror’ Solar Eclipse that Nostradamus warned us about–August 11, 1999 @18Leo21–has Mr. Cruz’s position of Saturn (16Tau17 Rx v 16Tau52 Direct) which basically makes the difficult *’Mother of All Eclipses’ Cruz’s Saturn Return, age 29, a time when responsibilities should be accepted and increasing maturity is expected–or else. For as you know, Saturn is a karmic planet bringing along a reaping of what was sown in the past.) Naturally, all who were born around 1970 have planetary links to the 1999 eclipse and the May 2000 Great Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn may be of great personal significance for them as well.

Sun Cap-Moon Libra denotes our brazen junior senator as a crusader who duels with shadows and who possesses a paradoxical personality that’s conservative yet liberal. And though he seems to be in charge of his well-regulated life, an ‘ideas v action’ motif may be noted. Yet with his purposeful outlook, he can achieve most anything in life though negative thinking may interfere at times. Feeling the weight of his duties acutely, the serious Senator Cruz is inclined to be opportunistic, skeptical to the point of cynicism, and pedantic in any particular area he considers his expertise.

If a cause is deemed to be worthwhile, Sen. Cruz is happy to enjoin the fight with cunning shrewdness and a dry, factual approach. Although he prefers to behave politely (Uranus in Libra), he wants his words to have dramatic punch. Business and financial astuteness may be in evidence with much support from natal Jupiter in Big Business Scorpio, the sign ruled by ruthless, overbearing Mars-Pluto influences.

At age 42, Senator Cruz may be yet to learn that a ‘stiff upper lip’ isn’t always the best solution to other people’s problems, or to his own; a heavy sense of justice which ‘must be done’, plus, a healthy self-opinion refuses to allow his ego to be trod upon which are tendencies aided by the cool, emotionally detached Libra Moon. Thus, any criticism can seem to ‘roll off his back’, as they say–including that of his fellow Republicans.

Now let’s close our Cap-Libra consideration of Ted Cruz with the most apt of three “Images for Integration” (conscious + unconscious) given for this combo by Charles & Suzi Harvey in their excellent book, Sun Sign-Moon Sign–it has a quaint, knightly flavor to it:

“A visionary statesman fights a duel to see justice done.”

Somehow I can easily imagine the senator challenging an adversary by smacking him with his grey morning gloves, can’t you?


*Since the brutal WTC attacks of 9/11/01 and America’s subsequent brutalities and over-reaches, we see clearly what Nostradamus’ warning involved in preparation for the much-touted New Millennium. One basic reason it’s called ‘The Mother of All Eclipses’ is because it falls into the 1 North Saros Series. The initial 1N eclipse occurred on January 4, 1639 @13Cap48 (opposite US natal Sun of July 4, 1776 thus personalizing the August 1999 eclipse for our nation’s presidents, the White House, and the American people–in Astrology’s past-present-future kind of way.)

Additionally, 1N is the Pre-Natal Eclipse Series of the JFK Assassination Nov 22, 1963 and of the First Atomic Bombing of Hiroshima on August 6, 1945 by Freemason President Harry Truman.

For historical context, check out Events of January 1639 if you wish.


Reagan’s remarks at 1976 RNC

A ‘political thespian’ if there ever was one, Gov. Ronald Reagan was asked to give a few impromptu remarks on August 19, 1976 at the close of the Republican convention after he lost the presidential nomination to Pres. Gerald Ford.

He waxed philosophical on how people 100 years into the future would judge the job they were doing – with nuclear missiles, and concerning “the erosion of freedom that has taken place under Democratic rule…”

Historical speeches intrigue me – primarily as a process of propaganda catapulting which can be investigated.

When Reagan complained of the Democrats in August 1976, he added, “…the invasion of private rights…” which reminds me that both parties have perpetrated the Same erosions, the Same invasions – they simply take turns at the top of the ladder as they shaft we-the-people and undermine our nation’s sovereignty, its foundation, and its social fabric.

The ‘Ds vs Rs’ kerfluffle is a divide and conquer tactic that has worked well for Washington and for local governments and unfortunately, most Americans still fall for it and cling to it as if it’s being honored in good faith.

Yes, from little erosions great invasions are born…politicians get us used to minor losses incrementally so that the big ones are easier to shove.

In 1976 Gov. Reagan added, “the controls and restrictions on the vitality of the great free economy that we enjoy.”

As of 2008, everyone in the country can now see that they’ve “enjoyed” us “freely” and unrestrictedly over the economic abyss of deregulation and its handmaiden, fraud. We don’t have to wait a 100 years to understand that.

And yes, it took both parties in our illusory “two-party system” to get the New World Order plan progressed this far – into the future.

If Pres. Reagan’s natal chart had a higher Rodden Rating (it’s DD for ‘dirty data’) I would have published and written about his chart before now.

However, I have looked at a chart for ‘after midnight’ of Aug 19, 1976 in relation to Reagan’s chart which AstroDataBank gives as: Feb 6, 1911 4:16 am CST, Tampico, Il; ASC 27Sag16, Mars 3Cap59 and rising; Sun 16AQ31 in 2nd house, Moon 13Tau43 in 4th house conjuncts US Inaugural ASC = the oath of the presidency – as does his n NN (public contact) 14Tau19; MC 21Lib16.)

On August 19, 1976 Jupiter 29Tau36 hosted Reagan’s natal midpoint of Saturn/Pluto 28Tau27 so we see that…

n Saturn/Pluto = tr Jupiter: excessive modesty; simplicity; religious and social fanaticism; sacrificing oneself to a cause; trouble with authority; staying out of trouble; trying to save what’s left; adoption of the austere.

At 12:05 am in Washington, August 19, 1976, the MC 9AQ25 conjuncts Reagan’s Syzygy Moon at birth 9AQ24 (the lunation – New or Full Moon – prior to his birth. In RR’s case, a New Moon.)

Transit Mercury 22Vir33 was conj US natal Neptune, a time when it becomes difficult to grasp the true meaning or the accuracy of information yet trying to get to the bottom of issues gives more questions than answers (we seem to be in a permanent state of that!); ideas are understood in a mystical or spiritual sense; papers, correspondences, and keys tend to be misplaced, and mysticism or the occult are on the menu.

The Solar Eclipse Series in which August 19, 1976 fell was the 14 South: obsessive ideas or methodologies are finally accepted then followed by Jupiter’s promised rewards.

I could go on but time grows short – gotta motor. But here is an ‘Image of Integration’ for 1976’s Sun Leo-Moon Gemini (9:08 at 12:05 am):

‘On a bright summer’s day a butterfly turns into a radiant being.’

Ah hah – Ronald Reagan as he went on the capture his presidential dream while promoting a global agenda…his Solar Return for 1976 contained these midpoint pictures —

Sun/Pluto = Neptune: sacrifice to a cause; vocational problems; impressionability.

Jupiter-Neptune = Sun: following the dream; potentially misguided states; feeling the spirit; trying to capture the essence of things.

The Sun Leo-Moon Gem blend is shared natally by Reagan’s fellow dreamer, Alfred Lord Tennyson, who wrote:

“For I dipt into the future, far as human eye could see Saw the Vision of the world, and all the wonder that would be.”

It is my belief that Newt Gingrich and other Reagan idolators and *Albert Pike followers are in process of implementing a Reagan-promoted world ‘Vision’ into the New Millennium with the economic collapse of the global economy and other attacks on our very social fabric for the purpose of creating chaos and rubble from which a New Economic World Order will rise like a phoenix.

Thing about the phoenix myth is: only one phoenix can be alive at one time, so the first one – America – must be snuffed out before the new version can be born.

So. How are you liking their New Millennium plans so far?


Resources: ‘Sun Sign-Moon Sign’ Charles & Suzi Harvey; midpoint pictures: Tyl and Ebertin; ‘Brady’s Predictive Astrology’; and my little peabrain.

*a reference to Albert Pike’s NWO plan of Jan, 1870.

Sandmonkey says it all: why Obama will fail

Not fail to become president – fail as president!

You may or may not like Sandmonkey’s article which I’m about to give you a link to, but if you’re an American, please read all of it, if you dare:


Is cynicism realism after all?

That’s what I often ask myself and the echoed reply is always the same in this, the New Millennium which so far, sux royally – and not just for the almost-universally-hated America, but for the whole wide world so busy doing the hating.

And then there’s George Bush: longing to pass the terror-promotin’ baton on to John McCain – coming soon to a voting booth near you. Yet Sandmonkey doesn’t give McCain a chance of snagging the Oval Office…well, click the link and let him explain it to you in his…er….straightforward way!

Well, unless you have your state-of-the-art bunker all lined up, that is, and you pre-know when the cork will pop.

Reaganism-Bushism: Kleptocracy

Making global the plundering by the US government, Reaganism and Bushism are twins of greed and corruption uniting the 80s with the New Millennium.

As the US has propped up bloody dictators (Pinochet, The Shah, Apartheid, Contras, Marcos, to name a few) in order to stroke their egos, enrich them, and assure their assistance in the pillaging of their own people, our own nation’s population and the future of our children have fallen by the wayside in the march toward one world government.

Read Professor of Political Science, David Michael Green’s article which gives an overview of what voodoo economics have done here in America and what the world crime syndicate (Cupido in an astrology chart!) has been up to in the last few decades:


which covers in brief what’s been goin’ on. It isn’t pretty but must be brought into the collective consciousness…this is one of America’s many shadows which we have failed to deal with and now look where we are…nowhere soon.

This regressive political movement is somewhat addressed by my Page concerning the Reaganonmics Eclipse of July 30, 1981 which occurred upon George Bush’s natal Ascendant! (see sidebar for this alarming synchronicity.

As you know, our solar system contains two ‘societal planets’ which time our sociopolitical-economic cycle and they begin their new cycle approximately every 20 years–Jupiter (expansion) and Saturn (restriction.) 

They met up for a new cycle on May 28, 2000, and the DOW’s historic high on Jan 13, 2000 (11,528.40) preceeded this Great Conjunction–the NASDAQ followed with its high on March 10, 2000 (5,048 pts.) 

That the DOW’s historic high was in Jan 2000 actually puts in at the tail end of the last conj of Jupiter-Saturn–three meetings: Dec 31, 1980; March 3, 1981; and July 24, 1981 from 4–10 degrees of Libra, sign of balance and fairness. Yuh. And if you think Wall Street gentry don’t know about astrological cycles and consult them, think again.

As dot com investors know, by the end of 2000, the NASDAQ was down 39%, its worst year ever, and the DOW was down 6% for the year–its worst since…wait for it…1981.

The Great Conjunction of May 2000 in Taurus, one of the ‘money signs’, was squared by disruptive Uranus so we have:

Jupiter/Saturn = Uranus: terribly upset with the status of things; forceful change of direction which can upset many dimensions of life; making great efforts; emotional tensions; sudden change in circumstances; Damage to a Building (sounds like 9/11 to me esp considering the conj of Pluto and Chiron, the plutocratic duo of corporatism, oppression, disenfranchisement, racism, and primal violence, on Dec 30, 1999. So this is how the New Millennium began, world.)

The State united with Corporatism = fascism, another -ism of the Pluto/Chiron variety. And even stronger than their conj is their parallel in mid-August 2004.

Yes, redistribution of wealth is Reagan’s real legacy. That George Bush has followed suit and extended the practice to the global community makes the term ‘kleptocracy’ part of his fascist, corporate legacy as well with the world banking system in on the bargain and its claws in the pie–the pie of our children and our children’s children.

Remember this: “Free trade raises all boats”? Sounds as hilarious as the Titanic’s boasts before it sailed, doesn’t it?

Think I’ll mosey to Prof. Green’s site now to see what antidote might exist–because it’s sickening what they’ve done with our America.



 midpoint picture: Tyl; Ebertin.



spinning on a mass starvation planet

This is a belated publish of a draft post that got lost in the shuffle, but Glen Ford’s article on The Lords of Capital and their mass starvation plan now surfacing is available here:


Now we see what globalist imperialism can do for the world if it puts its pretty mind to the grindstone, and with the upcoming Saturn/Uranus opposition–the culmination phase from their Great Conjunction of 1988 and just in time for the US presidential election–Saturnian past and Uranian future eye one another warily as the plutocrats of Dec 11, 2007’s  Jupiter/Pluto conjunction have their highhanded way with us all…

Saturn/Uranus = Jupiter: losses; damage to buildings; resolution of tensions comes rewardingly from without; adapability.

Saturn/Uranus = Pluto: upheaval to protect assets; rebellion against one’s lot in life; tremendous fear of loss; brutality; a desire to overcome difficult situations through extraordinary effort.

Jupiter/Pluto = Saturn: adjusting the Big Picture to meet more with convention; strategy becomes necessary; difficulties; inability to progress; inhibitions; separations. (“convention/s” this summer? Jupiter = Rs, Saturn = Ds.)

Jupiter/Pluto = Uranus: fanatical striving for improvements; the quick exploitation of every situation; a sudden reform; adjustment to new circumstances; quick developments; intense application of resources to establish new perspectives; getting back on track or finding a better one. (Tyl; Ebertin.)

Mixed bags here and of course the usual midpoint picture tendency toward ‘all, none, or some’ is in effect (or alternating bwo timed triggers); plus, everyone could have opportunites to use these energies based on their abilities and motives, the potential for which is found, astrologically speaking, where the last degrees of Sagittarius fall in one’s chart and how they fit into a chart’s planetary situation.

Here are the three conjunctions of Saturn and Uranus, all occurring in 1988:

1. Feb 13; 29Sag55;

2. June 26; 28Sag47;

3. Oct 18; 27Sag49.

As you see, all degrees are near the current position of Galactic Center indicating the worldwide influence of these heavy weights.

Those fanatic, moneybags speculators Jupiter/Pluto (the social tinkerers) meet violent, self-willed Saturn/Uranus types…and once again chaos ensues.

Welcome, as “they” say, to the New Millennium.



Frisky Friday Art: Faye’s Magic Lamp

Faye\'s Magic Lamp by jude cowell

Faye’s Magic Lamp, drawing by jude cowell 2008…not Aladdin’s Lamp prexactly, but you may still click to enlarge for the genie just may appear.

So why, Frisky Friday Art? Friday is the day of Venus who appreciates the creative arts! (Perhaps not mine, but generally speaking, she does.)

And it’s my poor attempt to balance the weightier and lamentable subject matter to be found here bwo astrologically based  comments on…ugh and arghhh…politics, that organized system of hatreds in process of overtaking, undermining, and overwhelming our lives.

For the majority of our global population, the New Millennium sux so far–and I blame it primarily on racketeering, warmongering, conscience-free sociopaths. How ’bout you?

(And please don’t pretend you don’t know their names.)

Pisces New Moon conjunct Uranus: March 7

It’s all happening in the 10th house of Public Status and Career when Friday’s New Moon chart is set for the White House zoo:

http://starsoverwashington.blogspot.com/2008/03/march-7-pisces-new-moon.html or, in a wider sense, for Washington DC and for the nation itself.

Having tech difficulties again so the above article is my 2nd attempt–the first and more informative post got swallowed whole by Blogger Gremlins. Tiring.

New Moons are the beginning of a cycle of activity; plus, Sun and Moon pairings always relate to relationships….Sun being the male principle, Moon the feminine. The Sun’s consciousness and the Moon’s unconsciousness meet and blend at the New Moon and come to fruition at the Full.

The Sabian Symbol for this New Moon’s degree “18Pis” is: “In a huge tent a famous revivalist conducts his meeting.” Sounds primarily like Barack Obama, but since Astrology describes many levels simultaneously, we’ll see if it signifies only Obama in the next two weeks (until the next Full Moon, the culmination or fulfillment stage of this New Moon. Still, his ‘tent’ seems to be the happening place, doesn’t it?)

Plus, the next Full Moon occcurs on ‘Good Friday’ and this New Moon’s Midheaven degree, “17Pis” is: “An Easter promenade. ”

This picture relates to spiritual unity, joy, and forgiveness, yet somehow I think more dirty tricks concerning Senator Obama’s religious leanings are being prepared for use against him…and it’s not as if politicians aren’t known for their cynical use of religion when it suits (paragons of virtue that they pretend to be.)

One thing I didn’t mention at Stars Over Washington though which I will mention here: the transiting Uranus-Neptune midpoint 5Pis35 is conj Hillary Clinton’s natal Midheaven (Career/Aspirations Point) which gives her this picture:

Uran-Neptune = Mc: guidance is sought from other realms or never-before-tapped sources; supernatural concerns come into play.

Obama’s natal Chiron is conj Clinton’s Mc and as you know, Chiron represents the Christ archetype in Astrology…and “supernatural concerns” could relate to religious issues as well as to associations with unusual or secret groups.

Uranus-Neptune hooked up to enable the New World Order plans of Bush Sr and his colleagues in 1992-93, and tr Jupiter will be reaching the NWO degree “18Cap” a few days after the Pisces New Moon. And Senator Clinton is one of the ‘seed people’ intent on ‘impregnating’ the New Millennium with the “smug and strong-armed paternalism” of the “18Cap” degree. Or in her case–and this may be part of the transition into the 21st century–it will wear a maternal face.

Yet somehow, I do think Senator Clinton has “tapped” these sources before. Are her usual donors tapped out? Or have they decided to back the Obama horse because the public will be less rowdy due to the American people’s tendency toward idol worship?

And yes, I have blurbed before about Hillary’s giving up the race (with great anger–the IC of the New Moon chart, the Foundation or Basis of the matter, is “17Vir”: “A volcano in eruption.” Hopefully there will be no tectonic activity issuing from this Uranian New Moon in unstable, changeable Pisces.)

Follow the above link where you’ll find astrologer Lynda Hill’s article link on this New Moon for more campaign info especially in relation to the Sabian Symbols, Lynda’s specialty, for political activities are all over Friday’s New Moon chart.

Lynda and I agree that McCain’s stamina could be a problem for him as 2008 grinds on, but see what you think.

Well, the Sun and Moon only make one applying aspect (applying = how things proceed–Moon is the chart’s ruler, and Sun = leadership) which will be their conjunction with rebellious, disruptive Uranus (1A04.)

And you know technological savvy is one of the specialties of Uranus so hacking into voting machines or perpetrating other dirty tricks to tilt the wheel may soon be back on the front burner, or should be.

The Images for Integration for the Sun Pisc-Moon Pisc blend may be instructive here, especially in a New Millenium/NWO sense:

“Adrift at sea…the stars and the ocean together create One World, no horizon…the sunset beckons.” (‘Sun Sign–Moon Sign,’ Chas & Suzi Harvey; my caps.)

The perfecting time of the New Moon on Friday is 12:14:12 pm est at the White House, a Mars Hour with activist Mars still traveling out-of-bounds and likely to  ‘run off’ with the New Moon chart if Uranus doesn’t do so first. Perhaps they’re in cahoots.

Yes, the testy ‘god of war’ won’t be leaving his shadow period (moving beyond his Rx degree of 12Can27) until the first half of April, so hold on to your donkey’s ears or your elephant-trunk caps or both–it’s going to be a contentious, fire-filled season as Mars in Cancer, sign of the home, runs amok with the matches.

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