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Horoscopes: 116th Congress and the July 2019 Solar Eclipse

As you can see, the 3 North Solar Eclipse of July 2, 2019 manifests upon the IC (Foundation; Basis; Domestic Scene) of the 116th Congress Horoscope set for its opening on January 3, 2019 at noon est, Capitol Building. This suggests that events brought along or triggered by the 3 North eclipse in July 2019–and we may as well face it: 3 North is the Prenatal Eclipse Saros Series (‘PE’) of the 9/11/01 attacks–will be at the basis of 116th Congress activities during the second half of 2019. And unfortunately, 3 North‘s caution that, ‘large plans are wanted–but don’t get carried away’ went unheeded in 2001 by Bush-Cheney and the “1% gang” so we’ll see how well things are handled this time around.

Plus, a major feature is Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi‘s natal Jupiter in Aries rises in the January 3rd chart while the natal Jupiter in Libra of Donald Trump sets on the Descendant. Politics, plans for expansion, and ideals are at odds! But we don’t need Astrology to predict a stand-off between the two leaders do we?

Please enlarge the image to read my study notes squished (as usual!) upon the chart. And if you wish, more details concerning the 116th Congress’ Horoscope are available as are astro-notes on the Lunar and Solar Eclipses of 2019 with themes.

Written by Jude Cowell

December 14, 2018 at 12:38 am

COPS Improvement Act passes

Speaker Nancy Pelosi is crowing because Thursday the COPS Improvement Act passed and will put 50,000 more policemen on the street corners of America.

Guess you can’t be too careful – those soup lines and tent cities the US Congress helped create might get a little rowdy. Frisky even.

The government is getting ready for a melee, and apparently SOMEbody in Washington is using Astrology…again.

Besides, one way I know the passage of this Act is on the murky side of Capitol Hill: it has the word, ‘Improvement’ in it.

It’s the same perception management ploy that brought us the “Clean Air” Act, the “Patriot” Act, and other name-things-opposite-their-true-intentions craziness we ought to have a craw full of by now. So do you?

Visit Cryptogon for some different perspectives on these and other NWO-isms.

The world is in the grip. Shake it off.

New ‘New Deal’ too big a deal?

Let George explain to you that perhaps too much of the wrong things are being thrown at the current financial crisis which is not the same as the old financial crisis – and Obama and Pelosi may be set to make things worse:


Why, it’s almost as if government’s political thespians are intent on crashing America’s economy so completely that a new financial world order will become our only avenue – and our only ‘hope’! (she typed drippingly.)

Can the fabled ‘amero’ be far behind? And will Barack Obama be the spoonful of sugar that makes the medicine go down? If so, does he know that’s his role? How can he not?


~Note: no ‘ameros’ have been harmed in the typing or publishing of this post. And also: see sidebar for Stars Over Washington feed to article on Senator Jim Inhofe’s recent letter to his colleagues concerning a debate on asking for the rest of the billions back from Paulson during this week’s lame duck session! (Some Astrology notes are included in the article, but are written in rather plain English.)

Cindy Sheehan on Bush, Pelosi, and 2007

What’s on our Holiday Table
By Cindy Sheehan
So many families marked 2007 as the year that their families were destroyed by the Bush-Pelosi pas de deux of violence and pain.
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