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Happy 4th of July 2012! plus Autumn EQ 2012’s Sun Lib-Moon Sag! (updated))

UPDATE 9.19.12: well, DNC 2012 did quite well after all with no major funding problems in sight that I could detect. One stand-out speech was that of former Governor Jennifer Granholm whose on-point call-outs roused the delegates with slogans like, “In Romney’s world, the cars get the elevator–and the workers get the shaft!” (paraphrased, but you undoubtedly catch her meaning.)

This week, the news is all about Mitt Romney being secretly captured calling 47% of his fellow Americans “dependent on government” and other demeaning remarks concerning our characters. But if you’re like me, his arguments–presented to $50,000-a-plate donors at a millionaire’s home on May 15, 2012–ring false and out-of-touch but they do reveal what the GOP candidate and his wealthy cronies like to tell themselves about those they consider beneath them. And as usual, Mr. Romney told the people he was speaking to the bromides he knew they wanted to hear.

Such a smarmy Pisces is Mitt!

Born with Sun, Mercury, and Mars in the sign of the Two Fishes, he’s not very choosy about how he creates his wealth and doesn’t mind using deception and victimization, two of the sign’s negative traits, to step over others in his quest for status and riches.

As for his 47% discussion, the current Solar Eclipse (May 20, 2012) in Gemini (sign of communications, speeches, and telephone recordings!) has uncovered a private view of a secretive and cocooned man, just as eclipses so often do…with a ‘peep-eye’!

Actually, Current TV’s The Young Turks is providing excellent coverage of Mitt’s Misses and political coverage in general, if you haven’t checked out the channel which also airs programs hosted by Gov. Eliot Spitzer, Gov. Jennifer Granholm, the irreverant and hilarious Stephanie Miller, DC journalist Bill Press, and more.

Well, I’ll hush for now and return you to my original July 4th post which begins here, with no edits other than the one you just read:

It’s been a while since I moseyed here to my WordPress blog for good reason: setting up and composing my first-ever Political Astrology newsletter, Stars Over Washington Monthly, has kept me hoppin’. Electronically delivered quarterly, this effort covers 3 months in each issue with what I plan to be more indepth articles than have typically appeared on my blog Stars Over Washington since October 2005.

And once the shock of the tech glitches encountered while setting up the first issue (July-August-September 2012) have faded, I hope to concentrate more fully on the newsletter’s astrological and political content, and topics of national concern beginning with issue 2 (Oct-Nov-Dec 2012.)

The first issue includes (as you might imagine!) horoscopes of America’s Solar Return 2012, occurring tomorrow on Independence Day as the Sun returns to its position on July 4, 1776 (using our 5:10 pm LMT chart) and America reaches her 236th birthday, President Barack Obama’s own Solar Return 2012 of August 4, his 51st birthday (with his Chiron Return, a five-fer, in tow), and of course Autumn Equinox 2012 on September 22, when the Sun clocks in at 00Lib00:00, the Midheaven (MC) angle in our nation’s natal horoscope (5:10 pm, 00Lib53, give or take a few moments depending on your Astrology software program.)

Other topics include RNC and DNC 2012, the prominent September 29th Full Moon, plus, a handy Lunations List for the quarter is provided, a feature I plan to include in each issue with planetary links to important horoscopes (USA, the president’s, etc.)

Of interest to Campaign 2012 and America’s future direction, the MC in the Autumn EQ 2012 horoscope shows President Obama’s natal Uranus leaning forward upon the season’s Career and Public Status angle for all the world to see, along with his natal NN, a joining or Jupiterian point. No, this one astrological factor cannot be considered conclusive for an Obama win on November 6, 2012 but it’s certainly a futuristic hint of progressive Uranian proportions when added to the Equinox Sun conjunct America’s natal MC where it shines brightly each year as it spotlights November elections!

(Note: Uranus/NN = MC: professional recognition; teamwork paying off–Tyl; seeking stimulating ideas from others; sudden recognition of a joint goal–Ebertin.)

Now let’s peek at the Sun Libra-Moon Sagittarius combo of Autumn EQ 2012 (info not included in SOWM’s issue 1!), an Air-Fire blend denoting a season of grand rhetoric, exciting ideas, bluster and ‘live wire’ energies (such as with sudden storms and the lamentable power outages during raging hot weather, along with Campaign 2012 speeches, gaffes, and propaganda.)

Air-Fire is a visionary combo but may detach from deeper emotional connections, something both Mitt Romney and Barack Obama have been accused of. My thought is that in such high-profile positions of extreme celebrity and visibility, this tendency is a necessary and useful talent! The signs of Libra and Sagittarius are sextile (60 degr) and thus opportunities arise…Venus and Jupiter are the signs’ rulers and when working together may bring widened horizons, lots of travel, and many enthusiastic ideas and plans.

Autumn EQ 2012’s Sun Lib-Moon Sag (Moon 27Sag21) indicates a populist flair for persuasion and publicity, perfect for Campaign 2012 activities. This combo describes those who are able to juggle several things at once, and who may fall into the ‘workaholic’ category. This is a “calm yet restless” blend with foresight (BHO’s natal Uranus at MC?), high idealism, and humorous wit. A “missionary zeal” may be noted though this trait may certainly describe Mormon Mitt Romney (though most of it sounds more like Mr. Obama.)

An ability to tune into the collective Zeitgeist supplies knowledge of “where things are going and what needs to be done”; an independent yet romantic nature is implied by this combination and a tendency to bypass protocol may be in evidence though cautions are not to over-stretch oneself or over-estimate one’s capacities, and to avoid being blind to one’s deeper motives (cautions for us all!)

Sun Lib-Moon Sag is shared natally by historian Bruce Catton, Christopher Reeve, Sean Lennon, Senator Sheldon Whitehouse (Oct 20, 1955), Bob Geldof, and humorist Art Buchwald who wrote,

“I explained to him that I had simple tastes and didn’t want anything ostentatious, no matter what it cost me.”

(Wonder if it’s true that preparations for DNC 2012 are under financial restrictions due to lack of donations?)

To close, this blend has two “Images for Integration” of conscious mind (Sun) and unconscious mind (Moon–blend together for best results!) as described by Charles and Suzi Harvey in their excellent book, Sun Sign-Moon Sign:

“Bob Geldof spins Band Aid out of the air to help famine-stricken Africa…An educationalist creates a Palace of Discovery to feed and stimulate young minds.”

Both Images seem to relate to topics on the presidential campaign trail having to do with education in the US, and with increasing poverty and what to do about it–tax the poor who have no turnips or broccoli to spare (a la the GOP, Paul Ryan, and Mitt Romney), or use taxpayer resources of the US government to provide relief for our people. On November 6th, we’ll attempt to show by our votes which vision of America we hold dear: the cold-hearted Darwinian model of survival-of-the-fittest, or America as a nation who cares for her people when they need her the most.


If you’re interested in Political Astrology, please navigate to Stars Over Washington and click on the link on top of the sidebar to sign up for a 3-month subscription ($18US) beginning with July-Aug-Sep 2012–thanks! jc

Romney agrees on change issue

Wednesday night in his address to the RNC, Mitt Romney said, “We need change all right – change from a liberal Washington to a conservative Washington!”

Now he couldn’t be referring to evacuating the residents of DC, so if he means politically, is he not aware that ‘conservative’ Republicans have been in control these long long eight years?

TIME has an article by Nancy Gibbs on ‘Sarah Palin’s Breakout Night’:


A magazine called, TIME…the very name is so Saturnian, isn’t it?

Moon back in bounds as Obama enters Denver 8.27.08

This morning, Aug 27, 2008, at appr 10:46 am MDT, the Moon returns within bounds of the earthly plane, aka ‘back in bounds’ while zodiacally placed at 24Can03 (9th house in Denver) – and Barack Obama arrives at the DNC.

Curious degree, if you don’t mind rounding up to ’25Can’ – the natal US Mercury’s degree (Rx.) And Mercury represents orators, communicators, and young people – esp those who deliver The Good News.

America could use a slice o’that. But delivered on whose behalf?

Carelli gives the symbol for ’25Can’ as “A wild horse” suggesting a questing, Sagittarian influence, full of noble purpose. Reminds me of Joe Biden’s promise that Obama – and he – will ‘transform the world.’

It needs reforming, but on whose behalf?

In the Sabian Symbols Dane Rudhyar gives ’25Can’ as: “A Will-full Man Is Overshadowed by a Descent of Superior Power’…re-miiind you of anyone? (as TV”s Craig Ferguson often queries.)


And Bill Clinton, who speaks tonight, is reported to not ‘like’ Barack Obama whom he feels has failed to acknowledged his own contributions to the Dem Party. Egos clash for party control of course, yet this script may be as much party lore than anything and I can think of a few reasons how it could be useful to them pre-White House…if it’s dropped or disavowed with more fervor post-White House, we’ll see propaganda underpinings in it.

Some may see the invisible mantle of power as belonging to one standing behind Obama! Biden? Bill C? An unknown supporter whose name remains a mystery? Or an organization.

Back to ’25Can’…Rudhyar adds, and I quote:

“We are dealing here with a man who uses his will and positive imagination in facing his life problems. To him comes a pentecostal descent of power. He receives the ‘mantle of power,’ the grace (‘baraka’ in Sufi philosophy) or the Providential assistance which can make him a true leader in his culture.”

You didn’t miss the ‘BARAKA’ mention did you? Re-miiind you of anyone? The Sufi reference I’ll stay quiet about! Besides, I like Sufi music, you know. And the reference to ‘Providential assistance’ re-miiinds me of the fellows of 1776.

Dr. Marc Edmund Jones’ version of the Symbols gives ’25Can’ as: “A Dark Shadow or Mantle Thrown Suddenly Over the Right Shoulder.”

Right shoulder = political right? dark shadow = Barack Obama and perhaps support from secret powers? The mantle of power = US presidency obviously which may be tip of a worldwide iceberg.

A ‘black man in the White House’ seems at this juncture to be on America’s menu unless Karl Rove high-jinks should prevail and vanquish.

(But that’s assuming the Rs want the helm ‘at this juncture’ with all the mess they’ve made – why not let Dems have a go and flail around a while so the GOP can emerge as victorious ‘saviors’ in 2012 thus preventing a Hillary Clinton presidency? With Mitt Romney now joined the ‘shadow’ operation of the McCain campaign, one wonders what’s in the works. The August 1 Solar Eclipse shadow effects are now underway where options open and the cosmos shows a solution which must be quickly acted upon.) 

And Jones’ keyword for this Moon-in-bounds/Obama-to-Denver degree?


VP search: too many senators

Yeah, okay, so an abundance of senators we’ve already got in this race for the White House and all I’ve read or heard indicate that only governors need apply for the office of Vice President of the United States of America.

So there go my Jim Webb-John Edwards ideas for the Dem ticket, I suppose, and what’s best for the common good need not apply either…Politics eats it for breakfast.

Then there is the commonly known tendency of senators to have exalted (aka high’n’mighty) opinions of themselves…perhaps too much so to be put in the number 2 spot by a freshly minted president with credibility issues of his/her own. But we’ve been graced with governors for prez before and see what pigs-in-pokes they turned out to be? As you know, the current one is a real oinker.

Dick Cheney even thinks himself above the office while he’s holding it and not part of the executive branch at all. Now that’s a raging case of hubris or advice from his lawyers…or both. Mildly amusing that he elevated the office in so many ways yet disavowed it when his hide was in danger. He’s a crafty little yoda pudding pile.

And with the McCain shendig in Sedona, Arizona this weekend, the guest list of governors seems to indicate that McCain has his eye monacle upon Mitt Romney, among others. Selecting him may be a political can of religious worms being opened past their use-by date.

But as previously noted, campaigning Romney did raise more money here in Georgia than McCain has to date even though the state was overrun by Republicans some years ago (oddly enough, so GA must have some cache for the GOP, eh? ‘Strategery.’ Perhaps you’ve caught the PBS series, ‘American Experience’ and the episodes on FDR which mention the “Little White House” in Georgia. But it’s the graying Big One I’m fretting about here.)

Funny that my blog stats have my ‘McCains’ Wedding Day Astrology’ article as numero uno…6,762 views so far. With the release of McCain’s voluminous health report, we are meant to be consoled that the man is fit as a fiddle, or at least as sound as a ukelele (in tune, one hopes.)

Then this week Hillary Clinton apologized for her weird remark about RFK’s assassination in mid-June as if a certain opponent may be history by June and she won’t need to drop out of the horse race.  Does she know something we don’t know?

Some say perhaps she was “tired” and thus let an unfortunately tin-eared comment slip. I think it was very strange that the month of June should bring that sad case to her consciousness at all–and that the “she’s tired” excuse is a not so backhanded critique of her gender, poor little wilting flower…she can’t quite keep up with the boys–what tripe. Sewing doubt concerning her opponent doesn’t take fatigue, just cynical self-interest and a dirty trick mentality. The win-at-any-cost Clinton Machine is no myth.

Yes, Robert Kennedy was killed while campaigning but I wonder if Clinton is sure who the victim would be if certain elements in US society orchestrated the horror again? Yet I have written here and elsewhere that Obama’s safety is a concern of mine after studying astrological charts, but I haven’t wished to add to such a discussion with particulars.

Besides, anyone who interprets astrology maps can see for themselves as they look ahead, and they know that it takes a conflagration of factors in synchronistic fashion for anything to come to pass. Otherwise it remains potential.

Then on Thursday, I watched Barack Obama’s speech aimed at Israel which was given at a Boca Raton, Florida synagogue. How much it helped him with the Jewish population and friends, I don’t know, but it seemed to be a comforting speech at the time. How shredded it ends up being bwo the media and the blogging community prior ot November, who’s to say?

Yet Obama said all the right things and touched all the right notes, and really…isn’t that what political perfect pitch is all about?

Guess our prez selection system is problematic–we get illusions and images during campaigns, but Substance may only be seen after the take over of the White House.

Unfortunately for The People, Buyer’s Remorse has become common in America and as we’ve seen with the Bush administration, a No Return, No Refund policy in high’n’mighty Washington, DC has now been set in stone–which ignores the provision in the Constitution for redressing our grievances against corrupt or incompetent administrations.

Perhaps we’re simply too apathetic or busy trying to get by to bother, but this time, let’s be sure to keep the receipt.

The Pied Piper of May 20, 2008

With this evening’s primaries in Kentucky and Oregon near completion, there’s a lovely *Image for Integration for Sun in Gemini, Moon in Sagittarius:

“The Pied Piper leads his merry band of youths to the amphitheatre on the hill for an afternoon of music lessons, philosophical teachings, and baseball…”

And a second Image relating to the media:

“A young man goes abroad to attend untiversity and becomes a foreign correspondent.”

Being busy today in ‘the real world’ I’ve not had much time to keep up with news stories but I was sorry to hear of Sen. Kennedy’s malignant tumor diagnosis (I was hoping in my previous post that it wasn’t that serious), and of course, NPR’s coverage in China of the earthquake and its aftermath has been well done.

My heart goes out to the people there for their losses, and I find their pluckiness inspiring. So perhaps the second Image could be said to refer to NPR’s foreign correspondents in China, and the first–well, I can’t hear of ‘the hill’ without thinking of The Hill in our nation’s capital, such as it is.

Capitol Hill Theatre, I call it.

But I wonder who the Pied Piper could be? Don’t say, Barack Obama…but he is the one who attracts the larger crowds!

And that, in turn, reminds me of a certain Sabian Symbol at Obama’s MC (the Career/Public Status/WHY? Point of any chart) if we look at his ‘new’ birth chart using 7:11 pm…

“24Sco”: “Crowds coming down the mountain to listen to one man”…keyword: APPEAL…

pos: an almost spectacular ability to enlist the higher potentialities of everyone for some practical need of the moment;

neg/unconscious/shadow side: indiscriminate and carefree gullibility. (‘The Sabian Symbols in Astrology,’  Dr. Marc Edmund Jones.)

Spectacular to some, disturbing to others. GOP operatives such as Karl Rove are up to their undermining tricks spurred by Obama’s popular appeal, and we ain’t seen nuthin’ yet.

Now I’ll see if this brief post will publish…I never know anymore until I try, and there’s a large thunderstorm with possible hail on the way here this evening.

Looks like it’ll be a rainy night in Georgia, Y’all–a state where Barack Obama has raised over $2,200,000 and John McCain has raised less than Mitt Romney!


* ‘Sun Sign-Moon Sign,’ Chas & Suzi Harvey.

Mitt quit = McCain retain

Let that be a lesson to Michael Bloomberg: it’s a long expensive slog to claw your way to the White House. Or you can quit on a promise of a cabinet position, if you can get one. (Better have it in writing though.)

So McCain seems to be cinching the R-nom much to some conservatives’ dismay as Romney “steps aside” and he says he cannot let his campaign aid terror–in this time of war, he must step aside for the country and for his party (‘cos the Ds might win if he stays in. Note to Mitt: they’d win against YOU is the point.)

Yuh. Proving to be too ‘spensive. Framing his flame-out as a patriotic sacrifice–priceless.

So get ready present and future American couples–your baby-making abilities will be much needed by Uncle Sam McCain–boys AND girls, it’s cannon fodder time for the next hundred years for it’s okay by Uncle Sam to turn you all into baby-making factories for military purposes.

Now That’s secret population control extraordinaire! And the dismantling of America continues. Y’all game? Then vote for McCain.

Life Passages: 2009’s Lunar Phases of the Candidates

Unscene World 

Moon Phases, (c) Unscene World 2008 by jude cowell

One thing of value in using the Sun-Moon phases from our Secondary Progressions is that an exact birth time–though good to have–is not critical for finding the Secondary Progressed stage of life (Sec.)

This Sec Moon Phase gives a general background of a person’s evolutionary stage, and for the presidential candidates I believe their phases for Jan 2009 are critical to an understanding of their possible presidencies.

I will be considering here Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, John McCain, Mitt Romney, and Mike Huckabee (with no particular order implied) from current into 2009.

Yes, the media has worked skillfully to make Huckabee seem a fifth wheel in this race, but I won’t be sure he’s dropping out (in spite of Romney’s advice and his lack of wins so far) until more evangelical voices are heard from the voting booths, so I include Huckabee in the mix.

The Secondary Progressions (Sec) are the Natal chart progressed a-year-for-a-day (degree) and relates to our evolutionary progress in life–you might wish to call them “passages.”

The Sec chart itself represents the physical plane and is the main chart used to see where one is now (or for whatever time period we to wish to investigate) in relation to the Natal chart which must always be included for a fuller picture because nothing occurs in Progressions which is not promised in the Natal chart. The Sec chart ‘issues’ from the Natal horoscope.

In Sec Lunar Phases, we look at the evolving angular relationship between the Sun and the Moon–>Sun = consciousness, Moon = unconsciousness; Sun = the adult, Moon = the child within. (There are some repetitions between the candidates’ phases to which I will refer you.)

Candidates’ Lunar Phases 2008 into 2009:

1. Hillary Clinton is in her Gibbous phase which began end of March 2006. This is the “ask Why?” phase and works toward clarification of socio-cultural issues with important goals in view; it is a time of devotion to a cause.

Then in August 2009, her Sec Full Moon will occur at 5Can15 (her exact birth time is in dispute which can affect an exact date but not degree) and this is conjunct US natal Jupiter at the “Gamebirds feathering their nests” degree.

The Full Moon phase is the culmination and fulfillment stage of life–the illumination stage when relationships mean everything (and there may have to be separations); concept becomes reality during this phase.

2. Barack Obama is in his 1st Quarter phase which began appr Oct 2005. This is the ‘crisis in action’ stage of life when willpower is strong. It is a time for forceful managerial activity and the essential drive is to build the framework that serves for objectivation of new social ideals and future relationships.

There is a sense of self-exaltation when faced with old, crumbling structures which may bring a ruthlessness for consolidating the new ideal.

March 2009 will mark his entry into the Gibbous Phase–for details see Clinton’s current phase mentioned above.

3. John McCain’s Sec Lunar Phase is now the 3rd quarter phase–the ‘crisis in consciouness’ stage and will be operative in Jan 2009. This is a period when issues are forced on the basis of principles which must be upheld at all costs; a sense of irony and humor are put in service for the cause. (And Eternal War and Chaos seem to be “the cause” near as I can tell.)

Then in Feb 2009 his Lunar Phase morphs into the Balsamic Phase which turns him toward the future and usually has some prophetic flavor to it. He feels possessed by a larger social destiny and is led by a superior power which infuses him with a fanaticism to reach the goal. (But the ‘superior power’ doesn’t have a comforting sound for those who prefer life and peace, does it? This is the “dark of the moon” phase.)

4. Beginning at the end of 2004, Mitt Romney’s Sec Lunar Phase remains the Disseminating phase, which is when one strives to demonstrate what one has learned or experienced. This is the ‘disseminator of ideas’  stage when one becomes a popularizer of what impressed most forcibly in study or life experience and is the ‘real crusader’ mentality when one can be lost in a fanatic cause–or be swayed by mass emotions.

Jan 2009 begins his 3rd quarter phase–see McCain’s 3rd quarter phase above.

5. Mike Huckabee entered the New Moon phase in Dec 2007. This is the subjective, emotional, and impulsive stage which produces a state of confusion with a tendency toward projecting one’s image upon others and upon the world stage. Life is lived as if it is but a dream or as a screen upon which to cast one’s image, either positively or negatively.

The negative side of this projection contains one’s shadow–the parts of the unconscious which we attempt to repress but they just keep popping up. People and events are met as symbols now, not as what they actually are. One’s ideals are impressed upon the world for this is the ‘subjective idealism’ phase.

Huckabee enters his Crescent Phase in Dec 2011, a stage of  challenging the old in an intense struggle. This gives an impulse for action which leads to self-assertiveness and a renewed faith in oneself. Usually this leads to an eagerness to overcome obstacles in carrying out an inwardly felt command or vital urge.

Negatively there can be a deep subconscious sense of being overwhelmed by the past mistakes–by karma and the power of ghosts of the past due to a failure to repolarize one’s capacity for personal and social relationships.

Well, there it is. This info doesn’t say who will win the brass ring in Nov 2008, only what we may expect from whoever may score the Oval Office, mere mouthpiece though they may be.

Fanaticism, social ideals, confusion, and ambition–there’re all found in the Lunar Phases of candidates who are, in spite of what they may imagine, only human like the rest of us. And tomorrow people in 24 states will speak out..I only hope all our votes are fairly counted.

You may wish to read my article on Super Tuesday’s planetary placements here:


(most Lunar Phase info from Rudhyar’s The Lunation Cycle.)

a new Swicki buzzcloud for astropolitics!

Today I added a cool zwicki buzzcloud-with-search function to the sidebar at http://starsoverwashington.blogspot.com and it looks good–check it out if you get a mo.

But since I’m still not accustomed to the way WordPress does such things around here (I KNOWWW!) the idea of adding it to Jude’s Threshold seems a little…off-putting for now. Perhaps I’ll become more courageous later on.

Zwicki did, however, provide me with two links to share for those who may want to join in with my new ‘AstroPolitics’ zwicki…




so you may want to create your own swicki or join mine for AstroPolitics.

Plus, if you navigate to Stars Over Washington, you’ll find into on:

tonight’s Full Moon in Cancer rising with close-to-earth Mars (supposed to be quite a brilliant sight), natal Mercury details on John Edwards and Barack Obama, a post on Mitt Romney’s candidacy with link to the Concord Monitor’s editorial on His Phoniness, Comet Tuttle info from SpaceWeather.com with update on the Ursid meteors, and more…all pour vous!

Pollinatin’ Politics!

Last night I dreamed Degas painted Mitt pirouetting en tutu.

Not really! but in a swirl of cross pollination, here’s a just-written post where my last entry (scroll below) concerning Edgar Degas is mentioned and linked along with some possibly irritating personal opinions on this week’s Politics in Washington and on Mitt Romney’s self-justifying candidacy:

http://starsoverwashington.blogspot.com/2007/12/wednesdays-politics-uninspiring.html …just remember that it’s all complimentary pour vous!

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