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Pitch Perfect: Redford’s ‘The Conspirator’

Historical Events of 1865 Come Alive Before Our Eyes!

by Jude Cowell

The official website of The Conpirator may just inspire you to see this period film directed by Robert Redford and perhaps this film review will, too.

As an American born with four planets in Capricorn, the Saturn-ruled sign of Government, Law, and Business, and considering my ongoing interest in studying historical and current events through the lens of Astrology, I highly recommend ‘The Conspirator’ if you’ve not yet seen it.

The film begins with a quick view of battlefield conditions of the Civil War, then quickly moves to the treasonous deeds, and the arrest and trial of boarding house owner Mary Surratt, mother of participant John Surratt. These characters become the focus of the film and to good effect for costumes, accents, and scenery down to the period’s smoke-filled rooms are on view along with some mighty good acting by James McAvoy, Robin Wright, Kevin Kline, and others–all are pitch perfect in their roles.

And this is being said by a southerner who is seldom impressed by the alleged ‘southern’ accents with which we’ve been regaled for years in film and TV! Mr. McAvoy’s thick Scottish brogue is nowhere to be heard as he plays lawyer Frederick Aiken, though between scenes, Mr. Redford states in his director’s commentary that no one could understand a word he said. ;p

The trial’s philosophical highlights are in evidence as well as Secretary of War Stanton (Kline) demands a rush to ‘justice’ for Mary Surratt (she, in lieu of her son who has fled) while Aiken’s mentor Reverdy Johnson (played by the excellent Tom Wilkerson) idealistically prefers the upholding of the US Constitution even during times of war. (The war was not to officially end until about two months after the trial and hangings of the conspirators in July 1865.)

Of course, anyone paying attention to current events in the New Millennium cannot miss the fact that themes from the time of 1865 have repeated throughout US history and continue to bedevil our views on the US Constituion, the rule of law, and military tribunal v civilian trial by a jury of peers, something Confederate sympathizer and Marylander Mary Surratt was denied.

What you may not find in this telling of the story of Mary Surratt’s trial by military tribunal is the answer to how involved she actually was in the plot to first kidnap President Lincoln then, after that failed, to assassinate him. I have my opinions and assure you that after watching ‘The Conspirator’ you will have yours, or at least have gounds for pondering the ongoing historical mystery of Mary Surratt.

This film tells part of a well-known historical event by showing the conditions surrounding the heinous murder of Abraham Lincoln. It gives the viewer a feeling of walking back into 1865 and you may wish to take that journey and get a feel for the little understood character of Mary Surratt who, if she was nothing else, was a mother protecting a wayward son.


Astro-Note: these hangings by neck in 1865 took place under the auspices of powerful, sabotaging, murdering Pluto in Taurus, sign of The Neck. The lucrative ‘Reconstruction’ of the South could really get underway then with President Lincoln (who financed the war through printing of ‘greenbacks’, a maneuver which enraged the big bankers and their agents in America) gotten permanently out of their way.

For a little Astrology on the topic of the assassination and natal chart of Abraham Lincoln, click here and note that no edits have been made. If you study Astrology, also note that the assassination was perpetrated under a Jupiter Rx Station at a critical-crisis degree 29Sag+…’30Sag’ = “The Pope Blessing the Faithful. Yes, the Surratt family were of the Catholic persuasion but, as you know, Jupiter relates to bankers, generals, judges, and to philosophy and is posited in its own sign of Sagittarius, The Seeker.

For further reading on such topics, here’s a Timeline of The History of the House of Rothschild which necessarily includes The House of Rockefeller.

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