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Donald Trump and Carelli’s 4 Virgo Symbol

On October 25, 2017 on Stars Over Washington I published a post concerning the 2017 and 2019 Secondary Progressed (SP) New Moons of Donald Trump (2019) and Adolf Hitler (2017).

That both SP New Moons fall upon 3Virgo+ seems significant to me due to the degree’s Sabian Symbol and the shared bigotry and eugenic-style views of both politicians. Follow the link for the entire picture but its gist is, “Black and White Children Play Together Happily…”. Also note that the post also contains the natal midpoint pictures of Trump and Hitler (for the sake of comparison).

As you know, Trump was ‘victor’ in 2016 and was inaugurated in 2017 while mired within his Balsamic phase of the Moon, the darkened phase full of endings and separations, a time when sneakiness abounds and things can ‘go bump in the night’. Symbolically, he remains within it now yet light will begin to dawn and a glimmer of a new phase of life will begin with his SP New Moon which perfects on September 19, 2019 in early Virgo- not that an instant difference will be felt or observed.

Here I shall add to the Sabian Symbol a partial quote concerning what *Adriano Carelli has to say about ‘4 Virgo’ to which I have added a few remarks in (italics):

“A steamroller”: A craze for planning and technology; a naive faith in purely mechanical progress; contempt for individual distinctions; love of the extreme and of the absolute. Some features of fatality in the existence, something inexorable in the character. A massive strength, an ability to lay out on broad lines work to be carried out by others and to give it the finishing touches after completion.

This same force, instead of preparing and perfecting usefully the work of others, can stay fruitless and can sponge upon its environment; or, even worse, instead of loveling (leveling? jc) and paving the way for the execution of the work planned, he can be employed to destroy and raze everything aimlessly to the ground.


…where the stars point to fondness for the fruitless, artificial life usually led by the smartest set of society, a rush for pleasure will swallow up wealth laboriously built up by the ancestors. Plenty of well-meaning and helpful friends will be powerless to save the native from bankruptcy; once collapsed, neither his taste nor his artistic gifts (‘The Art of the Deal’? jc) will be of any avail. A third case is possible: an aggressive, destructive, brutal, and despotically leveling nature–in a word, a downright Vandalic or Hunnish character.

Undeniable in all cases is a profound sense of truth (he knows it but won’t tell it! jc), unaccountably coupled with fast living or ruthless destructiveness. (Or  both–jc.)

Example: in this degree is the Third Reich’s Mars as ruler of the Sun (Sun’s degree) and therefore lord of the MC, viz., indicative of the government and the army.”

Also note that a solar eclipse in Mr. Trump’s Prenatal Solar Eclipse (PE) Saros Series (2 Old North) perfects on July 12, 2018 with themes of ‘unfortunate news’ and ‘endings and separations’ yet ‘fast action can bring good results’ (Brady).

edit 13 July 2018: who exactly are the results good for? jc

‘4 Virgo’ quote from Carelli’s 360 Degrees of the Zodiac (1950).

Whitney Houston’s sad passing w an astro-note about fights while married

It’s been a couple of hours since I noticed tweets of today’s sad passing of singer Whitney Houston and knowing that my files contained a copy of her birth horoscope, I peeked at a few pertinent charts along with her natal chart. My local TV channel just reported that she was found today in her Beverly Hilton hotel room by music mogul Clive Davis and pronounced dead at 3:55 pm PST; no signs of anything unsual have been reported.

(Update Feb 15: apparently it was her aunt who found her so ‘my local news channel’ got it wrong but you know that by now as more details come out.)

A career comeback was being planned but now naturally her too-soon demise has placed a hush of melancholy upon the February 12, 2012 Grammy Award ceremonies in L. A. and her passing definitely changes things.

Whitney Houston born August 9, 1963 @ 8:55 pm Newark, N.J. (Rodden Rating AA from birth certificate.) As you see, the lady was only 48 years old.

With 8Pis25 rising at the time of her birth, Jupiter is chart-ruler and creative Neptune, ruler of drugs and illusions, acts as chart co-ruler. As you know, Jupiter increases whatever ‘he’ contacts in a horoscope and too much of a good thing can be mighty dangerous for one susceptible to overindulgence in all manner of things (Moon/Jupiter conjunction) which may be pleasant enough in moderation–but moderation is more of a Saturnian function. Both Jupiter and Saturn are needed in order to create balance in our lives but perhaps her Jupiter/Saturn sextile (60 degr = promise) made the easy availability of ‘questionable practices’ one of her greatest weak spots.

Yes, with her natal Moon 17Ari05 conjunct n Jupiter 19:29 (the Exaltation of the Sun degree which adds to the need for ego recognition) in 1st house of Self and Physical Body, Ms. Houston’s emotional needs may have been boundless, similar to a negatively aspected Moon in its own sign of Cancer. Over use of pharmaceuticals and alcohol often cause skewed perceptions as well such as when things are ‘blown out of proportion’ during conflicts, and a deep sense of inferiority exists within a natal Sun/Saturn opposition (Leo Sun/AQ Saturn across the health-influencing 6/12 axis.)

So I looked at her last Jupiter Return since chart-ruling Mr. Abundant affects her physical body so health is sure to be involved in important transits of Jupiter which last conjoined natal position on April 18, 2011. Her Jupiter Return 2011 horoscope is ruled by Jupiter as well: Ascendant 18Sag49, with Jupiter in Return 4th house (Endings), surrounded by the Sun 28Ari45 and by the then-traveling conjunction of nervous Mercury (Rx) and upsetting Mars–13Ari39 and 13:08, respectively.

The ’14Aries’ degree seems particularly telling to me with its Sabian Symbol: “A Serpent Coiling Near a Man and a Woman” because of her and Bobby Brown’s history of fighting, violence, and separations. In fact, in all the charts I consulted, there are indications of just those three factors as potentials in her life and relationships.

That testy Mars has crossed and recrossed the natal Descendant (7th cusp of Partnerships) and her natal planets clustered there–Uranus 3Vir27 in 6th H, Mercury 10:15 sitting atop the Angle, and Pluto 11Vir01, conjunct a difficult star of victimization, describes a recent and difficult period for Whitney Houston and brought on by a partner or partners.

Yet her Midheaven (Career) has been going fairly well while the Domestic Scene may not have been so fabulous of late. Other transits and progression support a difficult period for the lady yet as in life, Astrology shows the good and the bad in effect simultaneously. Ex: Career good, Home not so good.

Also, certain planets being Angular (ASC/DESC and/or MC/IC) in certain charts tell a tale of important times, big changes, and possibly death, if other factors concur. Ex: Mars and Saturn in her Jupiter Return 2011 horoscope oppose one another while conjoining their respective ‘corners’–MC (Saturn 12Lib43 Rx–sign of Partnerships) and IC (Mars, conjunct Mercury Rx, as previously noted.)

This post’s title was lifted from a quote by one who shares natally the Sun Aries-Moon Scorpio blend found in her Jupiter Return 2011 horoscope, author Thornton Wilder who famously and applicably informed us of his opinion that,

“The best part of married life is the fights. The rest is merely so-so.”

Now if you’ve read any of my astro-babbles before you know I use midpoint pictures so I’ll give you one from Ms. Houston’s Jupiter Return 2011 chart which resonates all too well with its Moon (a woman; physical body; health) opposing natal Moon across the 2/8 Death and Transformation axis, and blending with the energies of liquidy, undermining Neptune as the powerful planet of coping ability and transformation, Pluto, intensifies and harshens their combined energies at midpoint.

Let’s close this sad post with their picture as given by Reinhold Ebertin…

Moon/Neptune = Pluto: emotional shock or upheaval; high sensitivity and being easily influenced by others.

Michael Munkasey adds:

‘Increased needs for revenge against those who injure or hurt you in any way; ferment and seething added to emotions which you create within your dreams for escape from reality.’


Whitney Houton R. I. P.

Your conflicts have ended and your amazing voice will be missed.


Here are more details.

Written by Jude Cowell

February 12, 2012 at 4:34 am

Welcome to South Sudan!

Comet Skies by Jude Cowell

Celebrations continue in South Sudan now an independent nation in its own right. Welcome and Congratulations to the people of South Sudan!

The new Sudanese nation is astrologically flavored by the July 1, 2011 Solar Eclipse @ 9Can12 since the eclipse occurred only a week ago and is the initial eclipse of a new Saros Series: new nation, new Series, and it’s the Syzygy Moon of the new nation, too (the last lunation prior to birth: a Solar Eclipse!)

Tribal, business-oriented Cancer is, of course, the sign of Home, Homeland, Domestic Scene, Family, Protection, Food, and other nurturing and security matters along with its oceanic connotations as the sign of The Crab in the sea.

If you wish to view the ‘karmic’ July 1, 2011 Solar Eclipse Horoscope, its image may be found on my Political Astrology blog Stars Over Washington for those who feel inclined to peek. You’ll see that the eclipse horoscope is set for DC as is understandable for a blog concerning that city, and it includes my usual scribbled notes and chicken scratches upon the click-to-enlarge chart.

(Disclosure: if there’s a pen or highlighter nearby, this pencil artist will use it, even on a horoscope. And yes, I was the kid drawing on my parents’ walls and quite incorrigible about it! There’s just something about murals…)

So with South Sudan ‘born’ under a certain midpoint picture, its meaning may be useful to know. Independence became official at midnight, a typically used and symbolic hour for such beginnings but since this slow-moving midpoint picture has been in force for some days, the exact timing of the Independence Horoscope doesn’t affect the midpoint picture’s influence.

Much Ado about Jupiter/North Node

First, let’s consider the meaning of the Jupiter/NN pairing from Michael Munkasey’s book, Midpoints: Unleashing the Power of the Planets in the realms of Politics and Business. Both Thesis and Antithesis are given.

Paraphrasing Jupiter/NN in Politics and Business: any, all, or none may apply:

Thesis: matters pertaining legal consequences of treaties with allies; religious leaders with legal opinions expressed through friends; focusing on imports which disrupt trade or business.

Antithesis: religious groups interfere excessively with or though legal processes; a legal justice system bound and hampered by erroneous decisions about the status of groups or parties; closed legal societies.

Now you know how the nebulous energy of planet Neptune works in Astrology and in the life it describes, right? Veiling, confusing, deceptive, defrauding, merging (yet the North and South have just separated! is this a secretive merging with the NWO?), or more positively Neptune may provide inspiration, spirituality, and/or big dreams or visions. (Note the references to religion, above and below.)

So let’s add Neptune to the midpoint picture for The Gaseous Giant sits upon the mid-degree between expansive Jupiter in money sign Taurus and North Node (NN = direction; path) in questing Sagittarius – any, all, or none may apply:

Jupiter/North Node = Neptune being deceived by promises or intentions of friends; errors in judgment about the desires or needs of associates; a need for religious contacts; seeming more mystical or mysterious than intended; emotional inhibitions within partnerships; indecision or vacillation; unreliability; instability; disappointment; getting sober again (after celebrating?! jc); lack of clarity about objectives; sharing the spirit but not much else. (Tyl; Ebertin; Munkasey.)

And of course, for South Sudan the off-on energies of the Cardinal Grand Cross/Square patterns are in play as well and I know that the country’s independence has been a long time coming…and now the die is cast.

Now if you toss your browser in any direction, you’ll find many excellent articles written about the influences of these difficult planetary patterns which the world has been dealing with since 2010 for they involve the Saturn-Uranus opposition squaring powerful, manipulative, secretive Pluto, guardian and horder of The Wealth.

Plus, three major generational planetary cycles are being activated now: the Great Conjunction/s of *Uranus and Pluto in the mid-1960s (collapse of the old order, protests, strikes, street violence, Civil Rights, etc), the Saturn-Pluto cycle, the current one which began on November 8, 1982 with their one Great Conjunction @ 27Lib36 (hardship, hard labor, cruelty, violence) – this was during Reagan’s era as was the 1988 Great Conjunction/s of Saturn and Uranus which occurred 3 times in the 27-to-30-degree range of Sagittarius.

Yes, the tension between status quo Saturn (restriction; the past) and independent, freedom-loving Uranus (progress; the future) is palpable these days. As a pair they are associated with the Middle East, particularly with Israel and Palestine.

Other transiting planets have and will come along to trigger, activate, or set off the Cardinal (outgoing, initiating) energy on the Cardinal Cross of Matter (physical plane) so the entire world remains in-the-woods on that score as difficult conditions on Earth are reflected above in the Heavens.

My hope is that all nations, new and old, attain Peace without interference from the power elite’s globalist take-over artists. Such a vain hope, I know!

*The closest that transiting Uranus and Pluto come to an exact square (from Aries to Capricorn) is on August 8, 2011 when Uranus-Pluto energies crescendo so this date is definitely one to watch.

Similar themes or events from the 1960s may resurface more obviously in August 2011 to be dealt with again and/or a ramping up of their signature issues will be experienced especially by individuals, nations, or groups having natal planets on or near the mid-degrees of Virgo/Pisces or Gemini/Sagittarius. jc

Tweeting Bloomsday June 16 1904 – 2011 (Astrology)

Are you one of the participants today who is tweeting from James Joyce’s brilliant stream-of-consciousness novel Ulysses? Mega-kudos to you!

Then perhaps you caught this morning’s NPR interview with Stephen Cole, founder of the Ulysses Meets Twitter project where each tweet represents approximtely 8 pages from the book.

Nearly 800 pages long, Ulysses details a day in the life of Leopold Bloom, an epic novel describing an ‘epic day’ of 24 hours stretched over almost 800 pages – a wild concept for its time. Yes, I did try to plow through it in school and though I usually completed whatever book I began in those days, this one won the battle and was deserted for more interesting novels such as those by Hardy, Dickens, Burroughs, Dreiser, Wharton, Poe, and the like. Sorry Mr. Joyce!

But this Ulysses-Twitter project is a grand idea, isn’t it?

And the date ‘June 16, 1904’ falls within a very interesting historical period which I wrote about for Julie Demboski‘s Fall Issue of her Eclipse e-zine (now a subscription newsletter and worth every penny for Julie’s deep insights and masterful astrological overview!)

My Eclipse article (rather dry unless you appreciate Mundane-Political Astrology mixed with dusty History) is titled, “American Empire: When Jupiter Bowed to the Sun” and relates to the sea change in American government when our ideological (Jupiter) course was expanded and diverted and we ended up – as we now experience – as the world’s police force and imperial (Jupiter) occupier who overspends into oblivion. But I digress…

So what was going on in the heavens on June 16, 1904?

On Earth it was a busy year which began on January 1st with opium production and ended with the first-ever New Year’s Eve celebration in Times Square NYC, then known as Longacre Square. Politically of note is November 8, 1904 when Freemason and Jupiterian Teddy Roosevelt won election as US President.

Check out other Events of 1904 as you wish and yes, you’ll find that Bloomsday made the list. And there’s Tennyson’s poem Ulysses about the restless hero.

Astrologically, the 24-hour period of June 16, 1904 began during a Hour of expansive Jupiter trine Uranus posited in Jupiter’s sign of Sagittarius (28:05 Rx); powerful transformer Pluto 20:17 passionately conjoins Venus @ 18Gem31, Sun 24Gem36, and nebulous, creative Neptune 5Can13.

You notice that 1904’s Neptune conjoined US natal Jupiter (‘6 Cancer’ = “Gamebirds Feathering Their Nests” (and they still do.) This transit to US n Jupiter indicates speculation – many get-rich-quick schemes were promoted to the unwary, illusion mixed disastrously with extravagance and exaggeration, and idealism was enhanced. We’re now seeing results from this long-ago influence along with other portents of corruption (Neptune) and bankruptcy and debt default issues.

Benefits came from writing, publishing, advertising, sales, marine pursuits, the justice system, the father, as other Jupiterian-Neptunian themes abounded in 1904 with the two planets being ruler and higher-octave ruler of mystical Pisces.

Jupiter’s position on June 16, 1904 @ ’25 Aries’ gives an interesting Sabian Symbol (word picture): “A Double Promise Reveals Its Inner and Outer Meanings.” (Marc Edmund Jones.)

Now I know not where-of I speak as far as Joyce’s novel goes, I’m only reading the horoscopes for 12:00 am, noon, and 11:59:59 pm EST, with Dublin Ireland as the location – for the 24-hour period detailed in Ulysses.

One factor of note since we may take the Sun as significator for Leopold Bloom, our hero: an opposition between Sun and quirky Uranus which was applying during the 24-hour period.

Sun opposite Uranus indicates a willful, erratic, and restless character, one who is independent, hypersensitive, tense, irritable, and high-strung. (Does this describe Mr. Bloom at all? You tell me, oh readers of Ulysses!)

At times, a Sun/Uranus opposition may deliberately flaunt convention just for the sake of causing controversy and excitement. Perhaps this denotes Mr. Joyce’s innovative writing and personality more than it does Mr. Bloom – or both. Impatience may block sustained effort though that’s hard to imagine with an 800-page novel which had to take a while to think up and write.

Mentally exceptional with unusual talents, a Sun/Uranus opposition shows an original genius but one whose quirky changeableness can be his own worst enemy for he is difficult for others to deal with and insists that all be done ‘his way’…a revolutionary and a rebel!

As TIME’s James Joyce bio states, “Ulysses revolutionized 20th century fiction” with June 16, 1904 Astrology as a testament to the genius of a Sun/Uranus opposition shining through this innovator’s literary tour de force (a forcefull Mars/Pluto conjunction, and Mercury the final dispositor in its own writers’ sign of Gemini; publishing Jupiter is the pioneering sign of Aries. Moon reaches creative, dramatic Leo during the day, too; Joyce’s Syzygy Moon – the last lunation prior to birth – @ 29Cap34 was transited by shaman, priest, and Wounded Healer Chiron (29:09 Rx) on Bloomsday 1904.

During the 24-hour period of Bloomsday 1904, there forms a notable midpoint picture which depends on timing since MC (Career; Aspirations; Public Status) is involved yet it may be significant to our topic:

Saturn/MC = Jupiter: simplicity; modesty; contentment; clinging to hopes. (Ebertin; any, all, or none may apply, as below.)

The study of a 24-hour period always intrigues me and this day no less for a midpoint picture which begins with Venus at its apex (focus) has sexy, psychological Pluto joining it prior to day’s end. Here are the word pictures they form…

Mercury/Neptune = Venus: rapturous imaginings; expecting too much from love.

Mercury/Neptune = Pluto: unusual actions originate in the subconscious mind (a stream of consciousness novel!); drawing highly upon nervous energy.

Bloom, Joyce, or both?

June 16, 1904’s Solar Eclipse Saros Series (14 South) provides an undertone of influences and it’s one I dread in 2011 because it manifests again on *May 20, 2012 @ ’00Gem’ (conjunct Fixed Star, Alcyone: ‘something to cry about‘); the initial eclipse in the Series on August 29, 984 OS has a load of Mercury-Pluto content which indicates obsession, spying, and propaganda:

Paraphrasing Brady’s Predictive Astrology, 14S = ‘long periods of hard work (writing Ulysses? jc) bring long-awaited breakthroughs and success; an obsessive idea is finally accepted (NWO in 2012? jc) which brings the promised success of Jupiter’.

James Joyce, the Man

Mr. Joyce was born near Dublin, Ireland on February 2, 1882 during the Great Conjunction/s of Neptune and Pluto, the Robber Baron duet of resource plunderers everywhere.

Using a ‘noon’ horoscope set for Dublin, we see an applying inconjunct (aka, quincunx) between Uranus and natal Sun 13AQ37 (AQ ruled by Saturn and co-ruled by quirky genius Uranus which makes the Sun/Uranus aspect more significant in his personality and hero’s journey of the Sun, all of which resonates with the Sun/Uranus opposition of June 16, 1904.)

A Sun/Uranus inconjunct gives a tendency toward self-sacrifice and others may impose within one’s career by making one feel guilty. Yet freeing the minds of others is an imperative for this inventor yet the actual aspect – 148 degrees – is second in importance to the fact that Sun and Uranus are in contact at all in both charts(Transpersonal meets Personal, an echo of the Ulysses Meets Twitter’s tweeters 2011.)

Of interest is that his natal Neptune 13Tau48 and Pluto 27Tau21 Rx have an idealistic Jupiter/Chiron conjunction snugged between them. Jupiter conjunct Chiron denotes a ‘rainbow chaser’ so his novel Finnegan’s Rainbow naturally comes to mind, another groundbreaking literary effort by Mr. Joyce.

His writers’ planet Mercury @ 00Pis51 is now – June 16, 2011 – being transited by creative if confusing Neptune (‘1 Pisces’ = “A Public Market”…Twitter?) Plus, Neptune rules nets, webs, and networks, so we see that in 2011, there’s a vibe of the Internet ‘web’ touching Joyce’s natal planet of writing and communication as his method of self-expression is spotlighted yet magically changed by the catalyst of watery Neptune.

Well, I suggest you take a peek at the charts for June 16, 1904 and at Joyce’s natal horoscope for more details since my blogging time this morning is at an end.

There’s a lot of obsession (Venus-Pluto-Mars trio) in the Bloomsday horoscope (plus, the 14S Solar Eclipse vibes) along with a very creative Sun/Neptune conjunction though it is out-of-sign (Gemini-Cancer); this planetary contact in 1904 focuses on Joyce’s natal Sun/Neptune square which indicates one who spins castles in the air, a perfectly desireable trait and aspect for an inventive genius of a writer who manages to control and use its creative energies productively in the real world.


*Solar Eclipses in the 14S Series also occurred in the years 1922, 1940, 1958, and last time in 1994; similar themes may be revealed by checking historical events of those years. jc

US Solar Return 2009: midpoint pictures

It will soon be time for America’s birthday celebration we fondly call Independence Day, so I’ve posted America’s Solar Return 2009 using and displaying both the US ‘Sibly’ natal chart, and what I call the ‘Franklin’ chart, the time of which is based on astrologer Benjamin Franklin on the US 20-dollar bill which shows in the background the clock on Independence Hall in Philadelphia marking ‘2:21’ (or 2:22)…am or pm.

I’ve used the 2:21 PM lmt chart for my SR 2009 post, yet there is much to be said for a chart set for 2:21/22 AM which gives Uranus 8Gem55 rising. But since Uranus was unknown in 1776 and was not discovered by William Herschel until 1781, it would probably be the Universe playing celestial synchronicity with us, rather than prankster Ben insisting on signing such an important document in what to me seems the middle of the night (or early morning, if you prefer!)

Another possibility, however (and I’ve not read this anywhere, I’m just imagining it now for you) is that as Franklin and the others declared (treasonous) independence from Britain, they were desirous of keeping their heads and wished to be secretive in order to be safe from British spies or officials.

Hmm. Then the Universe may have conspired after all to have the planet associated with freedom and independence, the one that disrupts the status quo – Uranus – on the Ascendant of America’s birth chart, hence: 2:21/22 am lmt.

A rising Uranus on any Ascendant indicates coping ability with whatever comes up – perfect! With the messes politicians now have us embroiled in, perhaps I’ll start using the 2:21 am chart for America just to see if it helps with anything.

As the president said, Try something. And if it doesn’t work, try something else.

Plus, in the 2:21 am chart Mars is in first house of Identity and the US seems to be awful scrappy, aren’t we? Always looking for a contest and an enemy and creating them if and where they didn’t previously exist.

September 11, 2001:

The 2:21 am chart has certain important links to the planets of a massive event with a well-known time of occurrence: the first attack on the World Trade Center, Sept 11, 2001.

The Sibly chart is often used now by some who didn’t before because 9/11/01’s Pluto crossed the Ascendant and restrictive Saturn was on the Decendant – the Saturn/Pluto opposition whose clock began ticking at their conjunction of Nov 8, 1982 – the Reagan era. He signed the Garn-St. Germain Act on Oct 15, 1982 which opened the door to the current financial collapse.

Do I believe the loosening of regulations made possible by the Garn-St. Germain Depository Institutions Act and 9/11/01’s financial effects are related?

Let’s just say, I knew it was You, Reagan.

So, the speculative 2:21 am chart flips this transiting pair on 9/11/01 to transiting Saturn conjunct ASC, tr Pluto conjunct Descendant indicating loss and restrictions for America (Saturn to ASC) by foreign, secretive, and transformational forces (Pluto in Sagittarius.)

Works for me especially with a Gemini ASC resonating with the Twin Towers and their trade/commerce activities (Gemini’s Mercury = trade, commerce; the Twins of Gemini.)

But for the purposes of my US Solar Return 2009 article, I have used the Sibly (5:10 pm lmt) chart and the 2:21 PM chart from July 4, 1776 to calculate the current Solar Returns.

This results in differences between the Solar Return 2009 charts because the Sun returns to two spots in the zodiac: 13Can13 in the Franklin version, and 13Can19 in the Sibly.

And now here are the midpoint pictures formed in both Return charts starting with the Franklin version – you’ll notice that this version has much less “action” – only one picture – than the Sibly SR though both have the traveling Chiron-Neptune-Jupiter trio which is rising in the Franklin SR, but in 11th house of the Sibly Return.

~As always, midpoint pics operate in an ‘any, all, or none’ manner and may respond later on to transiting planets that trigger them particularly if they’re on a SR angle.

And as you know, a SR chart is ‘good for’ a year (from birthday to birthday) so it’s a bit like having a new birth chart for a year to work with (see article linked above for more info) yet Return charts are always read in tandem with the natal charts from which they issue.~

‘Franklin’ SR 2009:

Mercury/Mc = Saturn: one’s point of view comes under scrutiny by authority figures; abandoning one’s former aims; meditation; solitude; separation; melancholy.

‘Sibly’ SR 2009:

Pluto/ASC = Jupiter: an imposing and powerful personality; a large gain; generosity; a favorable turn of circumstances; receiving a bounty; drive to major success.

Plu/ASC = Neptune: potential scandal; otherworldliness; peculiarities; power run amok; away from the middle of the road; disappointments; suffering from the actions of malicious or bad people within the environment; an awkward and unfortunate situation.

(Neptune for the masses and Jupiter for wealthy bankers and politicians?)

Moon/NN = Mc: emotional relationships with intensified ego involvement; initiation of a soul-union.

Sun/ASC = Venus: harmony and affection; a love of humanity; peace.

Mercury/ASC = Mars: negotiations and discussions; quarrels; emphasizing one’s own ideas; the urge to attain success; deciding on the best course of action in collaboration with advisers.

Saturn/ASC = Mercury: change of environment; getting into trouble through others; a journey; others influencing one’s thinking; wanting to be alone, to get away from it all.

And on a joyous note, here’s a picture formed with US natal Jupiter (5Can54/56) as focal planet for the year of America’s Solar Return 2009 and operative in either chart (Mercury 2Can36/51):

SR Sun/Mercury = n Jupiter: optimism; broadening one’s horizons and mental focus; successful travel; speechmaking; uplifting thoughts about religion; good connections; a good thinker, orator, and organizer; protection and sponsorship.

Well, light the grill, pass the mustard, and Happy 233rd birthday, America and warm felicities to all my fellow Americans!


(Midpoint pictures: ‘Solar Arcs,’ Noel Tyl; ‘The Combination of Stellar Influences,’ Reinhold Ebertin.)

New Moon 6Pis35 Feb 24 2009

new-moon-in-pisces-224091As you know, a New Moon is the beginning of a fresh cycle, and Feb 24’s New Moon 6Pis35, occurs in Washington DC at 8:35 pm est, with asteroid Cupido Rx and rising 9Lib45.

Cupido is a multi-purpose Uranian planet with a double Libra quality so we expect its influence to be strong while in the sign of Libra.

Associated with the Roman god Cupid, close relationships, the family – and The Family as in ‘syndicate’ – are related to this esoteric point.  Other keywords are : Corporations, sociability, and harmony. (‘New Insights into Astrology’ by Nona Gwynn Press.)

With chart-ruler Venus in lusty Aries, conjunct Descendant (partnerships; legal affairs) and opposing Cupido, we may expect some relationship stand-offs to enter a new phase.

There is but one planetary pattern in the New Moon chart (if you generously allow MC which is a public outlet for the Venusian energy here) so we have:

Venus-ASC = MC: a sense of beauty.

Perhaps Art will take centerstage in some way but we can’t discount the Family/Corporations connection to Cupido with a Venusian influence which may be beautiful – or, if scorned – may be vengeful.

If so, the revenge is affecting testy Mars 15AQ52, conjunct some heavy-weight asteroids which you see marked in the lower right corner. One is Tisiphone, keyword: retaliation.

Health is another flavor in the chart with gold-lover Midas 7Gem33 sitting upon 9th cusp (and finally Direct which doesn’t happen often! Let go the money, bankers), conjunct asteroid Hygeia which parallels MC (similar to a strong conjunction and useful for timing purposes.)

Moon-ruled Panacea is Rx and conjunct MC so perhaps bromides may be applied to our sour health care system as the light of this Moon increases and Washington politicians come up with A Plan.

Pisces has health connotations as well through ruler Jupiter and co-ruler Neptune as a leaking effect may complicate things or indicate   difficult-to-diagnose conditions. Plus, Pisces is opposite the sign of health, Virgo, whose body part is the bowels and relates to purification issues.

One thing we know: our health care system is in tatters, toxic, and definitely in a difficult-to-diagnose state!

Now since I’m looking at the chart set for Washington DC, I’ll mention the ‘radical political reformers’ midpoint of Uranus-Chiron which is being triggered by the New Moon.

Asteroid Ceres (nurturing; food; security) is Rx 7Vir13 in 11th house and opposing the New Moon.

Here are the midpoint pictures from the chart which, as usual,  may apply in an ‘any, all, or none’  fashion –  some of them lend support to what I’ve said above….

Uranus-Pluto = Mercury: new ideas and plans, all for a new perspective; intense thought activity.

Uran-Plu = Jupiter: enormous success potential.

Mars-NN = Mercury: plans to cooperate, collaborate, share; promotion through partnerships; community-minded; salesmanship; publicity.

Sun-Jupiter = Neptune:  increased sensitivity; a sense of the spiritual; loss of concentrated orientation.

Moon-Jupiter = Neptune: losing focus of objectives; success feels like it’s leaving one’s grasp.

Sun-Mercury = Neptune: something undermining the perceived reality; fantasy; imagination; possible deception by others.

Moon-Mercury = Neptune: reverie; hypersentience; falsehood.

So! Take your vitamins, eat your veggies, create something new, appreciate your partner, meditate, look before you leap, and accept nothing at face value during the dark of this New Moon in fanciful, creative, hard-to-pin down Pisces!

And check out Truthdig’s article on health care reform as it relates to Capitol Hill:


~Midpoint pictures from Dr. Noel Tyl.~

On Election Fraud in November 2008

Demonstrating admirable patience and care, Terry Lamb has published an article at Astro-Pol explaining the difference between voter fraud and election fraud.

The first is rare, the second is a distinct possibility for our elections on November 4, 2008 especially with the Saturn-Uranus opposition becoming exact on Election Day:


The Saturn-Uranus opposition is the ‘Full Moon’-culminating phase of things begun at their last conjunction/s which occurred all through 1988 and thus similar issues will surface from that time – or come to fruition.

Here again are the dates and degrees of their triple conjunctions, all in 1988 with the second conj being the Rx one, of course:

February 13: 29Sag55; June 26: 28Sag47; and Oct 18: 27Sag49.

As you see, this is the part of the zodiac where power-behind-the-throne Pluto has reverted for a final hurrah so we may wish to consider the midpoint picture created by these three planets which form a link between 2008 and 1988 with Pluto stimulating the 27 – 30 degree area of Sagittarius:

Saturn-Uranus = Pluto: the desire to overcome a difficult situation through extraordinary efforts;  rebellion against one’s lot in life; violence; ruthlessness; upheaval to protect assets; tremendous fear of loss.

This picture all by its lonesome sounds like the 2008 campaign, doesn’t it? And let’s hope upheavals don’t drag out election results and that ‘upheaval to protect assets’ doesn’t describe Bush creating a justification for declaring himself commander-in-chief in perpetuity!

Orr’s Astrology of the Georgia-Russia conflict

Falling into expert astrologer Marjorie Orr’s mundane work on her Star4Cast website has been enlightening tonight for I discovered her insights concerning Sakaashvili and the ongoing aggression in the Caucasus and how the August Solar and Lunar Eclipses tie into the natal placements of Bush, Cheney, and Rice, the “senior USA White Housers” who are on “major alert.”

See: w.star4cast.com/index2f.asp?page=forum_article.asp?id=1

Sakaashvili (known for off-the-handle actions and reactions) possesses, as Ms. Orr points out, a Saturn/Uranus opposition which forms a T-square pattern focused toward on his natal Sun:

Saturn/Uranus = Sun: tendency to rebel; egocentric drives against controls; separations in order to find one’s way; the power of resistance; inflexibility; physical exposure to severe tests of strength. (midpoint pictures: Tyl; Ebertin.)

You know many voters in the US presidential election of 2000 (and to some extent in 2004) were led to confuse George Bush’s irrational inflexibility (and his inability to change his mind lest he look fallible – as if any man is infallible!) with strength of character rather than the perverse and cranky bossiness that it is.

November 2008 brings the American people two more presidential candidates to imagine we have to choose from, and we’re being given a chance to show support for a similar dude this November even as his bright packaging shows ribbons of mild-mannered reasonableness.

The other candidate is John McCain.

Jupiter/Neptune: the speculators

The recent attempts of politicians on Capitol Hill to score politicial points for denigrating, or for subtly supporting, speculators in the market concerning the subprime pyramid schemes which Congress had to see coming from years away – puts this reluctant astrologer in mind of 2009’s Great Conjunction of expansive, idealistic Jupiter and nebulous, illusion-infused Neptune, a planet which also represents idealism as well in an Astrology chart…along with inflation and scandal.

Marking the early days of the next administration with High Hopes while indelibly staining the entire term either positively or negatively  (or some combination of both), this pairing has a cycle of approximately 13 years’ duration. They last met on Jan 9, 1997, 27Cap09, conj US natal Pluto.

This conj to natal Pluto may be viewed as Jupiter/Pluto = MC because it is conjunct US Inaugural Midheaven (noon, Jan 20, DC – relates to the presidency and its Goals) which benefited and described Bill Clinton’s second term in the Oval Office. This, our self-styled “first black president” was and is part of the Jupiter/Pluto plutocrats who strive for excessive power, including political power, and so we have:

Jupiter/Pluto = MC: ambition; assiduity and industriousness; advancement and promotion; great good fortune; hardworking attainment of power position. (Tyl; Ebertin.)

So what of speculating wastrels described by Jupiter/Neptune? When does their 13-year new cycle begin and at what degree?

Due to retrogradation, all of 2009 will be flavored with this visionary, fortune-hunting combo of planetary energies which may also signify spiritual things, rumors and scandals, and tricky legalisms – quite a catalyst if it aspects one’s – or a nation’s – chart.

1. May 27; 26AQ29;

2. July 18; 26AQ02;

3. Dec 21; 23AQ18, all of which positions are conjunct US natal Moon (the people) depending on which US natal chart you prefer – all for July 4, 1776 have Moon in the 24 to 28-degree range of Aquarius.

So this go-round we have:

Jupiter/Neptune = Moon: an emotional swoon; going with the wind; dreaminess; little sense of reality; losing oneself in plans; instability; wastefulness; becoming involved in speculation.

One may assume the last -becoming involved in speculation – concerns the housing bill passed yesterday with its re-mortgaging provisions and taxpayer bail-out for Fannie/Freddie; plus I assume a few things:

that more details will be coming out as the year goes on about Wall Street’s role in the meltdown and with subsequent legal proceedings for some traders, bankers, CEOs, etc, and what the Fed and Hank Paulson were really wanting through the passage of this bill can’t be hidden forever; that the honeymoon with the new prez will be brief for the dazed-with-corruption American public (the higher the ideal, the harder they fall), and that religion will continue to water itself down within the earthly halls of political power.

And there is the slight yet gleaming possibility of war crimes charges against Bush and the rest of the brethren for their political agenda of torture and for lying America into an illegal, preemptive war…macho macho men who are no better than the barbarism they say they’ve been fighting. Their “WOT” policies created and triggered more barbarism on purpose, more like.

FYI, here are some past years when Jupiter and Neptune were in conjunction: 1907, 1919/1920, 1932, 1945, 1958, 1971 (3X), and Jan 19, 1984 at the World Point 00Cap01, where Pluto will soon return and where big things tend to happen over the globe.

This relates our current days with 1984 when similar issues may turn up – easy enough considering George Orwell’s book and his prophecies – this is such a major trio, we may wish to check it out for future reference bwo midpoint pictures, and as usual, these pictures may be operate as ~all, some, or none~ depending on the triggering thereof and how people respond to it:

Jupiter/Neptune = Pluto: plans unreasonable beyond measure; far-reaching speculations; self-projection out of hand; major adjustment of life circumstances; a great loss.

And in February 2009, the Sun will conj this midpoint which gives:

Jupiter/Neptune = Sun: lack of self-control; deceiving or being deceived; SPECULATION; potentially misguided states; irresponsibility; squandering of physical strength; feeling the spirit; trying to capture the essence of things; following a dream.

And they say Barack Obama is “dreamy”…so what is John McCain? Ah yes! he used a very descriptive word himself…Seismic. Old ill-at-ease McCain with the seismic temper now masquerading in ill-fitting Republican clothing in order to prove he can shill the best of all the warmongers.

Then there’s Obama charading as a world politici–wait a minute–maybe he is that with his natal Jupiter in humanitarian Aquarius! So do one-world-government types love him, too? That’s way too dreamy.

Guess we’ve all got a lot of sobering up to do – but 2009 may not be the year for it unless the narrow path is trodden with much care and with a realistic appraisal of our true condition…tasks not made easier with Jupiter/Neptune infusing the scene with its glow.

But tricky legalisms aside, at least the collective may get some lovely Art of it!

America’s 232nd birthday hurrah-h- – –

America’s fireworks supply has been all but cut off but meanwhile China has its own problems.

Another fork-tailed G-8 Summit overlooms our heads: elite celebrators, poor things with so much to Deal With and all. Global financial collapse is only a part of the agenda but the woe-unto-us play must be performed. Behind the curtain, chaos is engineered so that rebirth may occur.

Like all mortals, these monsters are born in some dark, upper northeastern pumpkin patch so soon to be ice crystal-laced and frosted amid autumn winds whipping down from Canada.

America, my only nag in the race, is hobbled and maimed as her soldiers so brave and foolhardy as to trust a shady oilman in the White House KNOWING that the commander-in-chief’s position, one of the few of our idealistic concepts upon which we base our American identity–knowing that a civilian personage will be directing, or in Bush43’s case – misdirecting, them toward his every whim, quioxtic notion, and plan of plunder.

Or, using a wider perspective, the ‘secret hand’ which pulls the strings and works in tandem with the USA’s secret or shadow government ( = Saturn/Neptune -> natally at MC in the US chart July 4, 1775; 5:10 pm LMT; aka Sibly chart…*Sat/Nep = MC: materialism vs idealism; undermining circumstances; renunciations; suffering; emotional depression; seniors, the poor and/or the ill; a peculiar character; capitulating to the demands of the environment totally; giving up; an odd loss of ambition; moodiness) is on the march toward goose stepping innocent people over a cliff of cold-hearted totalitarianism, a Pluto/Chiron -ism of anguish undergirded with the few who believe they merit a higher bunk because they can.

Well, I want to blurb a bit on America’s Solar Return 2008, effectively exact this evening of July 4 at 7:13:32 pm EDT, Capitol Building, Washington DC.

In Asian markets today, oil may be nearing $150 barrel, so we’ll see about that. Peak oil, you say?

And as noted last evening, the major banks of Europe have pulled the plug on America…the noose is tightening fast, as per their plans. If we’re soon parted, Lone Reader, it may be a question of survival in the region which has always tended to suffer from being situated in the (lovely) southeastern US.

Wish someone could keep Bush from fouling Thomas Jefferson’s property today. The symbolism is stomach-turning – not that Jefferson was perfection, but he did more for the common man than the Bush dynasty denizens would ever care to do.

With her Solar Return Sun in 7th house of Partnerships and Legal Affairs, the US won’t be in control for the year (until July 4, 2009) so Venus in Cancer accompanies the Sun with 24Gem48 on the Descendant, the 7th house cusp. This is the degree of rebel Uranus’ Discovery in 1781, in the crux of the American and the French Revolutions.

Moon 9Leo02 is in 8th house of Shared Resources, Credit, Debt, Insurance, Legacies, Transformation; Death and Rebirth, hidden matters, and the subconscious. Many levels has life and the Astrology that attempts to describe it in astrologese.

9Leo02 puts the Solar Return (SR) Moon upon George (you’ll find links to a few notes on this and other Eclipses on my Pages list.)

Moon/Mercury = perception; feelings influence thinking; receiving mental stimuli; extension of one’s intellectual horizons; exposure to criticism; exchange of thoughts with females; adaptation; sympathy; family communications; an authoress; young girls; language talents.

The 2008 Solar Return chart for America has her natal Saturn 15Libra at its Midheaven, the Aspiration and Career Point showing America’s Public Standing for the year (Return charts are good for the duration of the orbit, in this case, Earth around Sun.)

Ascending is 24Sag48 with Pluto rising at 29Sag28 Rx, indicating events occurring underground – and at a crisis or critical 29th degree. Actually, Pluto has backed into Sag again for a last hurrah at the “A Pope Blessing the Faithful” degree…and I’m sure he does. But what mission are they fulfilling to be blessed for? Pluto is aka, the saboteur, as you know.

Chart-ruler Jupiter Rx is in 1st house as well – 18Cap02, the NWO degree of Uranus conj Neptune, 1993. It would take more than one entry to cover the subject socio-politically concerning the new cycle of those two transpersonal planets so I must direct you to the ~interweb~ and to the many astrologers’ articles on this heavyweight pair of Sky and Sea. (Mary Shea taught me to ignore Rxs in a Return chart except as transits which will subsequently affect the chart through Stations and House re-entries, ongoing conjs to midpoints, etc.)

Mars and Saturn, not a pleasant combo of energies unless you apply them efficiently to direct or channel energy, are almost conjunct now – Mars 1Vir58 and Saturn 4Vir53 – this stop-go pair is in 8th house with tr SN between them and the Moon in Leo. 8th house cusp 1Leo10 is conj Barack Obama’s n Mercury…he speaks and mega-monies appear?

Mars/Saturn now approach a zodiacal area of difficult stars so archetypal performances may be expected on the world stage of the victim/savior variety as well as debt talk on the campaign trail and in Japan at the G-8 Summit.

Those in the catbird seat are schmoozin’ in Japan.

Mainly, the US Solar Return 2008 contains a representation of our current Jupiter-opposite-natal-Sun transit, a time when no one is impressed and money sources dry up as in Europe now against the US.

Yet this too will pass, and since I’ve previously blathered on about it here and at:


I shall not do so again on this, our nation’s 232nd birthday.

North Node, Chiron, and Neptune, a spiritual and watery trio, is in 2nd house of Earnings and Money so more financial difficulties are on the menu esp if you’re in a flooded area or reside in one needing water such as in California wildfire territories, or the drought-riddled southeast.

With Mercury 22Gem03 hanging around with Bush’s natal Uranus/North Node conj (radical political groups and associations) we have:

Uranus/NN = Mercury: quick comprehension; a speedy assessment of every situation; united in thoughts with others; sharing excited thoughts and plans with others; impetuousness.

Impetuous George! Incurious George. Actually he’s curious about his next Main Chance (use French pronunciation, if you please.)

Bush’s natal Sun is conj Us n Sun, as you know, and the Sun in a national chart is ‘the leader’ so we’re synchronicitously stuck with him and with our own culpabilities in all that’s happened in the last several years as the People’s Mojo has been seriously diverted and undermined by recent social experiments.

Yet I hope we find it again and take back what was set up to be a shared government with checks and balances against coup from monarchical dictatorship…that’s what must be jettisoned.

Well, the Jupiter opposite US Sun is the only applying aspect to SR Sun 2008, so I’ll close for now feeling that this post is incomplete as usual, but as I mentioned you’ll find plenty of other interpretations of America’s Solar Return 2008 (links in sidebar…choose one!)

And now I’ll leave you with the steamy Sun Can/Moon Leo blend’s Images for Integration, uniting conscious mind with the unconscious:

“A child ventures forth from her family to seek her greatness…After serving a sumptuous five-course dinner, the hostess leaves the washing up to her guests while she serenades them on the piano with Moonlight Sonata. ‘ (‘Sun Sign-Moon Sign,’ Chas & Suzi Harvey.)

This blend is shared natally by writer Richard D. Bach who penned:

“It was morning, and the new sun sparkled across the ripples of a gentle sea.”

Sounds lovely for a ‘new sun’ of a Solar Return!

* midpoint pictures: Tyl; Ebertin
~Thanks, TV’s Craig Ferguson~

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