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Horoscope: The Death of Mozart

“When I am completely alone…completely myself, entirely alone…my ideas flow best and most abundantly. Whence and how these come I know not nor can I force them…Nor do I hear in my imagination the parts successively, but I hear them gleich alles zusammen (at the same time).”

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

(Born with natal chart-ruler Mercury, planet of the senses, in Aquarius, sign of the new, the novel, the original, the genius.)


Here is a horoscope of The Death of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart on December 5, 1791 at 1:00 am in Vienna, Austria which occurred during an Hour of Saturn, karmic planet of endings, restriction, and loss. Chart-ruler Mercury @19Sag09 is approached by the Sun @12Sag52 and both embrace Mozart’s very close natal Moon-Pluto conjunction (17Sag45/47) in his natal 4th house of Endings and The Drain. In life, a Moon-Pluto conjunction shows deep passions and emotions, idealism, a domestic tyrant, and a bottomless fount of creativity.

The critical 29th-degree Death (Ascendant) when rounded up is apt: ’30 Virgo’ = “Having an Urgent Task to Complete, a Man Doesn’t Look to Any Distractions” (Solar Fire Astrology Software).

A Fire Grand Trine of Creativity and…

Sun (vitality) and Mercury (his natal chart-ruler), a 7th house Moon-Saturn conjunction in Mars-ruled Aries (plus, South Node of the Moon @10Ari58 stationary suggests major separation from the lunar physical body), and an 11th house Uranus @18Leo56 Rx form a Fire Grand Trine indicating that his health was greatly affected by an overindulgent lifestyle, personal excesses, lack of rest, and workaholism which perhaps is to be expected from one gifted with musical genius and an unfortunate tendency to overspend all earnings as well as to waste vital resources (health).

If you enlarge the chart image you’ll find several more details scribbled thereupon including physical indicators for various planets and planetary blends as given by Reinhold Ebertin (The Combination of Stellar Influences).

Such as:

Moon-Saturn = bladder infection (which may have been an inherited tendency–he had suffered from it in the past), Venus at a critical, anxious 29th degree (as is the Ascendant, the death itself) with Venus denoting bladder and veins along with Venus-Neptune (sexual disease; weakened bladder/kidneys); lead planet in a Locomotive pattern is Uranus (pituitary gland); Mars @17Vir48, sign of the bowels = infection and/or assault, Mars inconjunct Pluto = depleted energy from taking on too much work than can safely be done (“so much to do, so little time”), financial stress, poor nutrition, and self-persecution from a feeling of guilt that he had to work more than others in order to prove himself.

Creepy Pluto @20AQ01 conjoins Mozart’s natal Vertex, a fated point of encounter often involved or triggered at times of death, plus, mythological Pluto is the ‘god of Hades’ and astrologically rules the Scorpionic 8th house of Death and Transformation.

In the chart, the Saturn-Pluto midpoint (calcification) @16Pis04 in the 6th house of Health is opposed by 12th house Mars which denotes a fight for one’s existence; the midpoints of Moon-Mars (thyroid gland) and Mars-Saturn (bone marrow inflammation; organ atrophy; death) at Midheaven along with Mozart’s natal Mars @00Can19 (00Cancer, a Cardinal World Point of Fame and Prominence) are very descriptive and Mars (or Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto–sometimes Jupiter and often the Moon as a timer) is typically Angular in cases of death. Even transit Mars in Virgo had recently conjoined his natal Ascendant (physical body) possibly aggravating chronic health conditions and/or bringing infection (see Fire Grand Trine, above).

Mozart’s death (just shy of his 36th birthday which points toward Jupiter, planet of liver and gall) occurred under the rays of a rising 10 North Solar Eclipse @4Lib45 and is the Pre-Natal Eclipse of his death. Curiously, 10N is also his natal Pre-Natal Eclipse (13Vir19) which conjoins natal Ascendant (12Vir41) along with his natal North Node (NN) @11Vir27 rising (born January 27, 1756 8:00 pm Salzburg, Austria; Hour of Mars, chart-ruler Mercury @8AQ08 opposes undermining Neptune Rx in Leo across the 5/11 axis of Creative Pursuits and Self-Will).

Creating stress, natal Uranus @13Pis11 conjoins natal South Node (SN, a Saturnian point of separation) and opposes and thus triggers his Pre-Natal Solar Eclipse in the 10N Saros Series which contains themes of: communication, feeling tired and drained, frustrating or inhibiting events by way of paperwork, news, or a young person; taking it easy and working through things one at a time (Brady’s Predictive Astrology).

As you know, Mozart did not take it easy and was furiously working on a Requiem Mass (‘paperwork’) for “a mysterious stranger” — with the foreboding presentiment that the mass was for his own death, as the legend goes. Perhaps the recent opposition from transit Mars in Virgo to Mozart’s natal Uranus can be noted since it can indicate a dangerous encounter with a stranger!

Though Grand Trines are usually considered beneficial they may also bestow a childish view of the world and a sense of being able to do whatever one wants whenever one wants. Overindulgence may come under this category and if you’re familiar with the life of Freemason Mozart you know how closely this description tallies with his lifestyle and attitude and some may believe that it was only his God-given talent for composing, playing, and conducting music that lifted him up to the heights of creative heaven from which he reigns today.

Although causes such as poisoned pork chops and Freemasonic involvement due to his revealing certain Masonic mysteries in his opera The Magic Flute have been theorized through the years, it would seem that Mozart’s death horoscope points toward chronic medical conditions, taking very poor care of himself, overwork to the point of complete exhaustion, infection, and possibly an inherited health condition or organic weakness, along with extreme anxiety over financial lack and the completing of an important task as complicit culprits in his demise.

These conditions might certainly be described in our modern terms as the gathering of a ‘perfect storm’ of unfortunate circumstances and draining events for this musical genius who too-quickly burned himself out.

Thomas Hardy’s Jude remains Obscure

Monday March 3, 2014: Any Cosmic News? Austere Saturn in forceful,secretive Scorpio turned Rx yesterday which will somehow affect events and actions in the Crimea via authoritarian leaders such as Vladimir Putin. Here I’ve posted Crimea’s natal horoscope with the Pisces New Moon of March 1, 2014.

On Saturday March 1, 2014, Mars turned Rx square US natal Pluto in Capricorn, a time of power struggles and revenge as past actions (Mars Rx) come to the fore. This is Not a good time to poke Great Bears like Russia for anger leads quickly to destruction and peril. Now I know that boys will be boys, but really, fellas. Calm down.

My tech troubles continue and there’s not much personal news except that I’ve been re-reading an old favorite author in the last few weeks when I get a chance at odd moments: Thomas Hardy’s Jude the Obscure is first up. Wish I still had my old copy from school but I’m settling for a Kindle version.

The Olden Days of Jude and Sue and Thomas

Thomas Hardy was born in Dorchester England on June 2, 1840 at 8:00 am (astrodatabank has his bio and natal horoscope if you wish a peek. You’ll note that his natal 12th house Moon @10Can48 is again being transited by Jupiter Rx which will Station Direct on March 6, 2014–right upon Mr. Hardy’s natal Moon! If the author walked among us still this would be a happy time for him as any grand desires may be fulfilled during this transit. As it is, our natal horoscopes remain affected by posthumous transits so perhaps the Jupiter-to-Moon conjunction made stronger by Jupiter’s seeming to stand still while stationing will attract a few extra readers to his poems and novels and benefit his estate!

Now film critic Roger Ebert described Jude the Obscure (Jude must have been ‘born’ under somber Saturn’s rays!) as “bleak and shocking” in his review of the 1996 movie adaptation starring Christopher Eccleston and Kate Winslet.

Hmm…perhaps I should see the film particularly since in the world of politics it seems the far right in the US want to return American women to a regressive time of antiquity to endure many of the same prejudices and substandard treatment suffered by the ladies of Thomas Hardy, both real and imaginary.

Yet sprightly heroine Sue Bridehead did possess an independent streak to be sure and was educated in the Classics to a larger-than-usual degree for a woman of her day–she actually had an interest in them including Poetry, of course.Being a teacher was a natural career for her though it didn’t last due to changing social conditions. (I’m about 1/2 way through the book–don’t spoil it for me if she returns to teaching after her marriage!)

Of course the behavioral standards between men and women of 19th century were restrictive (Saturn) especially for such a Geminian free-ish spirit as Sue and we find the ‘eternal youth’/young girl role of Gemini’s ruler, Mercury, playing a major part in the novel’s plot line. Even Jude is described by the author as a “child” at one point though finagled into marriage by one Arabella then subsequently falling in love with changeable Cousin Sue whose true feelings he can seldom guess. Jude loves and adores Sue but an earlier guileless mistake makes…well, you know the tale, don’t you?

Okay, I’ll hush up for now for I didn’t intend to write about Jude the Obscure at this particular moment in time. But since it’s done, I’ll not delete.

Jude, the Undeleting

balm for our misery? June 3rd’s New Moon in Gemini

Just as the universe would have it!

Tuesday, June 3 is the day of final Dem primaries and also the day of a ‘Super Moon’ in Gemini, sign of the writer, communicator, spokesperson, scribe, reporter, young people–you get the picture.

Mercury, now seeming to move Rx (at 19Gem18 in the New Moon chart and headed all the way back to 12Gem59, conj the US natal ASC or DESC depending on which version of America’s natal chart you prefer)…..sparks things such as voting, ballots, speeches, negotiations and agreements, travel…anything you can turn your Geminian hand or mind to.

Astrological Mercury reminds me of tofu because picks up the flavors of its contacts. Mercury’s ‘tofu principle’ helps makes propaganda and mind control possible in our dualistic world along with Mercury’s rulership of our senses.

Thinking, the thought processes (re-thinking one’s choice may be popular on Tuesday), and style of oration also fall within Mercury’s purview so there are obvious links to 2008’s almost endless going going gone primary season during which highly trained and vetted candidates usually have managed to direct the topic du jour as best they’d been taught.

And they have appeared on TV and promotionally posed for as many charming snoot shots as their handlers could schedule for the cameras. (Scheduling–also a Mercurial past time.)

We know that elections held when Mercury is Rx are surprising if there aren’t do-overs or recounts in some way, or sneaky tricks (including hacking) whether uncovered or not. Having no ride to the voting booth also describes a Rx Mercury period.

So if you’re interested, you’ll find more details, chart included, on June 3rd’s New Moon by clicking the link below, with notes on the significance of a ‘Super Moon’ in case you’ve forgotten:


This New Moon perfects just as three Fixed Stars of some report shine at Midheaven, the most public point in any chart (Career, Social or Public Status, and Aspirations and Goals.)

These 3 Stars culminating over the White House at the New Moon are:

Alhena, ‘to have a mission,’ Canopus, ‘A Pathfinder’ or “Navigator;’ and Sirius, ‘The Scorcher’ (will McClellan’s ‘scorching’ critique of the Bush White House still be on everyone’s minds Tuesday? Hey! Mercury is Rx…will books be returned to book stores everywhere? Of course, McClellan’s book may be considered a re-thinking on his part of the the Bush adm’s actions leading up to their ill-advised war.)

Sirius as goddess lies deep within esoteric Egyptian star lore and within the founding of our nation. ‘The Dog Star’ is the barking dog archetype expressing itself as ‘The Announcer’ so we may assume that America has an announcing role in the world–announcing the New World Order as some (including this grumpy astrologer) say. Or perhaps I should say, warning of intent.

Canopus has been used in Arabia as the South Pole Star for navigating purposes and was aka The Bright One or The Wise One. Being very bright (the Alpha Star of Carina), Canopus was considered the South Pole Star by many cultures. Another name for this Star: the Heavy-Weighing Canopus because it was considered the weight at the end of the plumb line used to define the poles.

Alhena (Gamma Gemini) is a Star of movement and determination and in Arabia was called, The Proudly Marching One. Having ‘a cause for which you will march’ is part of Alhena’s lore as marches and protests (which are happening in Washington today outside the Dems’ Rules and Bylaws Committee meeting about FL and M’s well-orchestrated primary-rescheduling naughtiness) are on the rise and in the news.

(Star details: Brady’s ‘Fixed Stars.’)

The Dem meeting and DNC “Unity” Dinner this weekend are shaded within the dark of the Balsamic Moon (just before a New Moon) so we may never know what really transpired within their thinking and discussions (which makes me wonder what the waning Republican Party’s bosses are up to in the meantime.) Yes, Dem muckedy mucks are discussing the sassy ‘re-scheduling’ of FL and MI primaries–astrologically quite appropriate!

Well, I don’t know if a balm of calm will be meted out from this New Moon although some political decisions must be made in the next few days. Will this Super Moon’s superdelegates ‘re-consider’ their backing of Clinton for Obama’s sake? Will political quakes follow?

How soothing the outcomes will be remains to be seen as the Moon’s rays grow in strength and intensity toward the Full Moon of June 18th to reveal more fully the path America now treads so precariously.

May 26’s Mercury Rx and Hillary’s candidacy

Today Mercury went Rx in Gemini and you may wish to check out a fresh Page which I’ve written with a particularly squinty eye toward the candidacy of Senator Hillary Clinton and Mercury’s effects on her natal horoscope:


Is Hillary playing Macha in the race, the fast-running Celtic goddess of Auriga, the Charioteer?

You decide!

Mercuries of the Candidates: Barack Obama

Have you seen this, Obama fans and non-fans?


Mercuries of the candidates: Hillary Clinton

It’s about time! At last I’ve posted another article in my Spotlight on Mercury series, this time on Senator Hillary Clinton and her Mercury in Scorpio:


It’s not all the details I have, but it’s all I have time for!

Mercury receives the Messenger today!

Hot little Mercury, the Message Bringer, is having three fly-bys from NASA’s aptly named Messenger probe, and the first pass is today.

For an astrological peek at this momentous fly-by to speedy Mercury, check out:

http://starsoverwashington.blogspot.com/2008/01/mercury-messenger-gets-fly-by-from.html  where you’ll also find my usual political fussin’…this time on Bush’s war promo tour of the Middle East and Saturn-Uranus–with today’s Moon at “11Aries” = “The president of the country”…


pos: the self-sacrifice required of anybody who would become the creative representative of eternal value;

neg/unconscious/shadow side: an often well-meaning but usually destructive assertiveness or vain pretense  (The Sabian Symbols in Astrology, Dr. Marc Edmund Jones.)

Sounds like the shadow side of Bush, the propaganda-catapultin’ mouthpiece, to me.

Mercurial notes on John Edwards

Mercury at the Crossroads!

You may know this already–presidential candidate John Edwards was born when Mercury was out-of-bounds.

Details (one of Mercury’s words) and his natal chart are here:


Out-of-bounds planets are indicators of extraordinary success in the realm of the particular planet involved, and with Mercury’s functions as orator, communicator, thinker, and commerce-lover, the speedy planet may be very important—if not the most important—planet to consider in Edwards’ natal chart esp during the presidential campaign.

An oobs planet accepts no limits so  the phrase, ‘thinking outside the box’ would describe an oobs Mercury quite well. An oobs planet helps with the overcoming of great obstacles and Edwards has done so in his education and career in order to get where he is today–will the Oval Office be his next stop? Well, there’s often “no stopping” an out-of-bounds planet!

Because whoever is (s)elected president will be, as we know, a constant voice in our heads, we may as well know a little something about orating Mercury’s thinking processes and style of communication. Edwards’ Mercury is in Cancer but with a Geminian Sun, which gives more objectivity in the thought processes than if Sun and Mercury are in the same sign.

Edwards ‘thinks’ as a nurturing Cancer but he ‘is’ a quicksilver Gemini.

The above-linked post is second in a series at Stars Over Washington, so if you drop by please scroll down a smidge to find the one I began with: Spotlight on Mercury: Barack Obama.

I’m not sure I’ll have a chance to post details on ALL the candidates’ Mercuries, but I’ll do them as I can, so if you have a request for one in particular, do let me know.

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