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Sun Tau-Moon Libra 5.6.09

If you find yourself wondering about an important White House meeting today through the lens of Astrology have a gander at this post which will also link you to more info on today’s transits to the Inaugural 2009 chart which I’ve placed at my new blog and gives the Sabian Symbol for Mercury’s current retrograde station degree….it’s quite a doozy.

Oath of Office do-over!

Yes, with Mercury retrograde, Inauguration Day’s Oath of Office was mangled by Chief Justice John Roberts with a little help from Barack Obama.

But out of “an abundance of caution” the Oath has been recited and answered flawlessly so all is well. Of course, Obama became president at noon Tuesday when George Bush’s term ended, but you never know. Some ill-tempered blogger or reporter might take exception down the line.

Obama. In the map room. With a raised hand.

Actually, I don’t know if they used the Lincoln Bible again…perhaps so. I do know that 00Vir26 was rising with Obama’s natal Mars in tow, 25Tau33 was on the Midheaven, and transiting Mercury Rx 28Cap59  has left AQ of Inauguration Day and backed into Capricorn, sign of law, politics, and business.

In Cap now, Mercury is conjunct the president’s natal Saturn and, for the time being, is between Obama’s natal Jupiter 00AQ56 (and Saturn)  so basically we may view a midpoint picture formed by transiting Mercury, planet of oaths, agreements, planning, thinking, commerce, Blackberry and other communications, and orations…

Jupiter-Saturn = Mercury: a desire to make changes; speaking with great maturity; studying hard, asking the right questions. (Tyl; Ebertin.)

Sounds about right, yes? And having Mercury Rx on Inauguration Day was sure to cause some sort of glitch in the mercurial department! No astrologer was surprised by that.

Jan 21, 2009, 7:35 pm est: Oath #2’s Sun 2AQ07 (nearing conjunction with judge Jupiter on Friday, Jan 23, 4AQ+), and the Moon was at 15Sag23…

Sun AQ-Moon Sag’s Images for Integration:

‘Indiana Jones founds a new university in the heart of the jungle…A distinguished sociology professor throws a fancy-dress party for her best friends…’Alice in Wonderland.’ (‘Sun Sign-Moon Sign,’ Chas & Suzi Harvey.)

Here it is from TPM:


balm for our misery? June 3rd’s New Moon in Gemini

Just as the universe would have it!

Tuesday, June 3 is the day of final Dem primaries and also the day of a ‘Super Moon’ in Gemini, sign of the writer, communicator, spokesperson, scribe, reporter, young people–you get the picture.

Mercury, now seeming to move Rx (at 19Gem18 in the New Moon chart and headed all the way back to 12Gem59, conj the US natal ASC or DESC depending on which version of America’s natal chart you prefer)…..sparks things such as voting, ballots, speeches, negotiations and agreements, travel…anything you can turn your Geminian hand or mind to.

Astrological Mercury reminds me of tofu because picks up the flavors of its contacts. Mercury’s ‘tofu principle’ helps makes propaganda and mind control possible in our dualistic world along with Mercury’s rulership of our senses.

Thinking, the thought processes (re-thinking one’s choice may be popular on Tuesday), and style of oration also fall within Mercury’s purview so there are obvious links to 2008’s almost endless going going gone primary season during which highly trained and vetted candidates usually have managed to direct the topic du jour as best they’d been taught.

And they have appeared on TV and promotionally posed for as many charming snoot shots as their handlers could schedule for the cameras. (Scheduling–also a Mercurial past time.)

We know that elections held when Mercury is Rx are surprising if there aren’t do-overs or recounts in some way, or sneaky tricks (including hacking) whether uncovered or not. Having no ride to the voting booth also describes a Rx Mercury period.

So if you’re interested, you’ll find more details, chart included, on June 3rd’s New Moon by clicking the link below, with notes on the significance of a ‘Super Moon’ in case you’ve forgotten:


This New Moon perfects just as three Fixed Stars of some report shine at Midheaven, the most public point in any chart (Career, Social or Public Status, and Aspirations and Goals.)

These 3 Stars culminating over the White House at the New Moon are:

Alhena, ‘to have a mission,’ Canopus, ‘A Pathfinder’ or “Navigator;’ and Sirius, ‘The Scorcher’ (will McClellan’s ‘scorching’ critique of the Bush White House still be on everyone’s minds Tuesday? Hey! Mercury is Rx…will books be returned to book stores everywhere? Of course, McClellan’s book may be considered a re-thinking on his part of the the Bush adm’s actions leading up to their ill-advised war.)

Sirius as goddess lies deep within esoteric Egyptian star lore and within the founding of our nation. ‘The Dog Star’ is the barking dog archetype expressing itself as ‘The Announcer’ so we may assume that America has an announcing role in the world–announcing the New World Order as some (including this grumpy astrologer) say. Or perhaps I should say, warning of intent.

Canopus has been used in Arabia as the South Pole Star for navigating purposes and was aka The Bright One or The Wise One. Being very bright (the Alpha Star of Carina), Canopus was considered the South Pole Star by many cultures. Another name for this Star: the Heavy-Weighing Canopus because it was considered the weight at the end of the plumb line used to define the poles.

Alhena (Gamma Gemini) is a Star of movement and determination and in Arabia was called, The Proudly Marching One. Having ‘a cause for which you will march’ is part of Alhena’s lore as marches and protests (which are happening in Washington today outside the Dems’ Rules and Bylaws Committee meeting about FL and M’s well-orchestrated primary-rescheduling naughtiness) are on the rise and in the news.

(Star details: Brady’s ‘Fixed Stars.’)

The Dem meeting and DNC “Unity” Dinner this weekend are shaded within the dark of the Balsamic Moon (just before a New Moon) so we may never know what really transpired within their thinking and discussions (which makes me wonder what the waning Republican Party’s bosses are up to in the meantime.) Yes, Dem muckedy mucks are discussing the sassy ‘re-scheduling’ of FL and MI primaries–astrologically quite appropriate!

Well, I don’t know if a balm of calm will be meted out from this New Moon although some political decisions must be made in the next few days. Will this Super Moon’s superdelegates ‘re-consider’ their backing of Clinton for Obama’s sake? Will political quakes follow?

How soothing the outcomes will be remains to be seen as the Moon’s rays grow in strength and intensity toward the Full Moon of June 18th to reveal more fully the path America now treads so precariously.

Barack’s war and peace contradictions

Barack Obama and the Iraq War
By Shamus Cooke
If he is eventually elected President, the contradiction between Obama’s public anti-war face and his real pro-war beliefs will produce incredible shock and disappointment in millions of people.
http://www.informationclearinghouse.info/article19995.htm  #
Well, we know they’ll say anything (artfully rationalized) to get themselves elected.
And as stated here and elsewhere, no one gets to be seriously considered as a US presidential candidate unless and until they’ve been vetted by the powers-that-be…the financiers and speculators who are rolling in war profiteering dough and have more plans for chaos on the way.
Yes, 2009’s “winner” is very important to the elite. This race is about who can shove the swill down our throats the quicker and with the least amount of trouble.
But that’s American Politics, one of the fakest and most corrupt endeavors anyone could aspire to command and spew propaganda for.
Well, bless my Aunt Granny Fanny, I can’t wait to see who tops the charts come November, or whenever the ‘results’ are tallied (Mercury will be Rx–do-overs and recounts again? Florida and Michigan problems?)
Whichever political thespian it turns out to be, we’ll know exactly who’s tops with the elite powermongers of the world…the one they think will best do their bidding. And the race goes to…

May 26’s Mercury Rx and Hillary’s candidacy

Today Mercury went Rx in Gemini and you may wish to check out a fresh Page which I’ve written with a particularly squinty eye toward the candidacy of Senator Hillary Clinton and Mercury’s effects on her natal horoscope:


Is Hillary playing Macha in the race, the fast-running Celtic goddess of Auriga, the Charioteer?

You decide!

Chiron and North Node in Aquarius

Have you been wondering about the meaning of the conjunction of Chiron, the Wounded Healer, with North Node, a joining point of destiny, and what it might have in store as they dance together in Aquarius?

So have I, so I scouted out a wonderful and enlightening article by Julie Demboski here:


The upcoming Mercury Retrograde period is a partner in the dance, so look to the involved areas in your chart to see how you’re affected in the healing and/or talent department, and let Julie explain the details!

Mercury Rx: May 26 (21Gem31);

Direct Station: June 19 (12Gem59);

Out of shadow period: July 4/5 (21Gem31.)

Because Mercury the Messenger travels so quickly, it will be forward-moving within a day of reaching 21Gem31 when Mercurial things (like election issues) can then proceed further into Gemini, one of its natural signs.

~The above dates and degrees are from an old fashioned ephemeris, the hard copy kind printed on paper and thus may not be as accurate as your Astrology software. I will get the exact dates and times today as I plan for an article on the subject relating to the presidential campaign and a certain candidate. jc


Atlantis launches after 2 month delay

Coming here just now I saw a headline that the Atlantis crew is short on space experience. Well…how encouraging.

Especially after writing my semi-grumpy post on today’s Atlantis launch, Cape Canaveral, FL, 2:45 pm est.

Read post here:


It’s not that I try to be a grumpy grumpiola–it simply comes naturally, and we should all be glad when feisty Mars is finished his out-of-bounds stint. It’s been a doozy.

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