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Astrology of the Obama-McCain townhall debate 10.7.08

If the three Sparkies who read this blog are interested, they may click to read a fresh post on this Tuesday’s Obama-McCain presidential townhall debate in Nashville, TN which is now published at Stars Over Washington:


Got TV? Then you know you want to watch in fascination Tuesday evening as Midas rises in Nashville Oct 7, 2008, at 8:00 pm cdt, and February 2008’s Solar Eclipse (the ‘Unmasking Eclipse’) culminates at Midheaven for the whole world to see – perhaps a greedy Midas or two will be revealed and reviled!

Since the post doesn’t have the debate’s chart you can’t see that the 8th cusp is in Capricorn (2:23) but you will read mention of McCain’s current transit of Saturn-to-natal-Neptune. Most people and pundits are agreeing that America’s financial crisis isn’t helpful for the McCain candidacy, and Capricorn is ruled by old man Saturn who is on his transiting way to US natal Neptune in Aug-Sept, 2009. 

Asteroid Cupido, one of the significators of Corporatism, will be at 9Vir11 Tuesday night – conjunct George Bush’s natal Mars – so mention of McCain’s links with Bush are on people’s minds if not on Obama’s tongue. Perhaps audience questions will reflect this concern of more-of-Bush-policies with a McCain presidency. (A vote for McCain is a vote for Karl Rove and George Bush!)

Tuesday’s Moon is in Capricorn, too, so the people (Moon) are in a serious mood and are ambitious for improvements…Moon is in 8th house with wealth-spreading Jupiter 13Cap56 opposite US and Bush natal Suns, a time when resources dry up.

But as we saw in the last few weeks, Bush has a financial lifeline which we-the-people don’t have so he’ll weather the crisis dandily, thanks.

At Midheaven is a Fixed Star, Sualocin, of the constellation Delphinus, the Dolphin. This is a playful, helpful star which Bernadette Brady told me has an ‘artful dodger’ flavor. Celestially it resides next to the constellation Aquila the Eagle in the northern hemisphere, in an area of the heavens called The Waters.

Sualocin indicates one who is confident of mastery – a master in his own field.

The constellation Delphinus is centuries old and has many myths associated with it in various cultures: the Greeks saw it as the Sacred Fish; early Christians related it to Christ (the Fish), and in Arabia it has been called, the Riding Camel, ship of the desert. (Brady’s ‘Book of Fixed Stars.’)

Then there’s Tuesday’s chart-ruling planet of communications and speeches, Mercury, which is Rx in fair-minded Libra so we’ll have to see how the orations go as Midas rises and sadsack McCain, who says he’s most effective in townhall formats, attempts to limp over the finish line to fulfill his lifelong dream while inhibiting Saturn sits directly upon McCain’s planet of dreams, hopes, wishes, and ideals…Neptune.

However, since Astrology describes multiplicitous levels of existence, Saturn can, with some effort, bring accomplishment to long-term efforts as well as long-lasting rewards – if Mr. Accountability’s precepts have been observed and respected in the past.

So will McCain’s top-of-the-heap dreams of power and control come true at last? 

It may come down, after all is said, debated, and done, to wealthy stealthy Pluto, now unaspected and working unencumbered behind the scenes on behalf of the presidential candidate of his choice.

Because undemocratic as it is, whomever we-the-people vote for, we really vote for him.

~:~ an important note: please click Comments for this post to read astrologer Sasha’s details on the debate chart. My notes are actually based on an hour into the debate as it turns out…thanks, Sasha. I’m beginning to wonder what I’d do without ya – both you and Monica!! ;p

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