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FOX News predicts flu deaths in GA

It’s a bit after 11 pm edt and I turned the TV to FOX News Atlanta and heard their stark announcement (repeated a few times in the first 3 minutes) that the current outbreak of Swine Flu will be coming to my home state of Georgia and will ‘lead to death.’

Now the virus isn’t here yet as far as anyone knows or has admitted, but FOX wants us to know that death is on its way. It’s their lead ‘story’ – something that hasn’t happened yet but it’s only a matter of time, they assert.


And you do know that the GOP overtook Georgia decades ago and won’t let go. If promoting Swine Flu can torpedo the local economies of this state (and elsewhere, although you may disagree) the Rs can blame the Ds – especially a popular president – and here we go again..all talk, no action from Washington.

Say, you didn’t want affordable health care with your dying breath, did ya?

Then you should have been a pocket-lining politician.


Written by Jude Cowell

April 30, 2009 at 3:23 am

Whitewatering Obama

Is this the best a Democrat in the White House may expect from mainstream media?


Written by Jude Cowell

December 13, 2008 at 11:03 pm

David Frum leaving National Review

Well well well, as my Daddy used to say:


The decks seem to be clearing of all but the R-Party shills! Boring!

Wonder if Mr. Frum will be asked about his leave-taking on TV’s upcoming Sunday morning polit-shows? Now that could be entertaining.

Written by Jude Cowell

November 17, 2008 at 9:11 pm

no more editing Palin’s Wiki profile

Even if your Wikipedia user name is ‘YoungTrig’ you can Not edit Sara Palin’s profile again.

The 30 edits – mostly positive – that were removed/downplayed just minutes before her VP status was announced Friday will have to suffice. The brother-in-law probe/scandal was downplayed and glowing traits were spotlighted, but editing one’s own page is a no-no in Wiki’s terms of use, so the jig is up on this piece of political shenanigans.

Ah, mass media-loving Neptune’s deceptive, veiling tendencies are so very useful in Politics, si?

NPR has the story here:


Perhaps someone acting on Palin’s behalf – or against her since this sort of squirrelly activity looks bad – knew her infant son’s name is Trig and could’ve used ‘YoungTrig’ in order to make it ‘seem’ (Neptune) that it was Palin doing the deed. I suspect she was too busy to make the edits herself.

Criticizing Hillary Clinton back in March for “whining” will make whining about her own political treatment a bit of a hypocrisy problem if Palin intends to indulge on this or on other issues. The phrase “deer in headlights” may be replaced by “deer in spotlights” any day now for the hockey mom.

As Jilly noted in the comment thread after ‘some notes on Sara Palin’s natal chart’ her Downs Syndrome child may be her grandchild. My leanings are not to  ‘go there’ at all when there are children involved, yet it illustrates that no one is perfect ENOUGH to be in politics with its microscopic lens and inclination to distort what it finds.

If claiming the child is Palin’s attempt is to ‘hide’ (Neptune) her daughter’s pregnancy, I still think it should be off limits, but maybe that’s just me. Too many families have had, have, and will always have similar sad dilemmas and it’s not fair grist for political mills, imho.

Well, perhaps Wikipedia will bring out more details soon on this attempt to spruce up Sara Palin’s profile for immediate public consumption and admiration. But why should she need it?

Craig Ferguson May 17, 1962

natal chart Ferguson

TV’s Craig Ferguson, May 17, 1962, Glasgow Scotland; pictured: natal chart = Sun to Midheaven = ‘fame and prominence’ with Sun 26Tau07, Moon 1Sco48 (which means Moon could be in the last degrees of Libra and conj asteroids, Toro and Minerva if Sunrise (Solar/creative/ego recognition) chart is used.

Click to enlarge image and you’ll be crestfallen to see that I’ve scribbled some notes–hopefully not too many to be readable–upon the chart. Some things will be discussed later in an Update to this post, if all goes as planned.

So! if you watch CBS’ The Late Late Show with TV’s Craig Ferguson as do I, you’ve heard his oft-repeated “I KNOW-W-w-ww!” which sounds like a bit of Sag to me (with a lot of Aquarius) yet natal Mercury (communication; thinking; language ability) is placed in Gemini who also wants to Know and broadcast it (Sag is more nearly, The Seeker who Believes), and nearby is creative Venus 23Gem14. 

Plus, there’s a personal name asteroid, FERGUSON, in the 19 Gemini area of the zodiac…I KNOW-W-w-www!

Mercury/Venus when entwined create lovely and skilled writings, as does ‘our Craig.’ Perhaps writing and story-telling talents have been passed down in the Ferguson clan, ya think?

Moon approaching Neptune (of negative escapsim fame) reminds me of Amy Winehouse’s natal chart (you’ll see it around here somewhere.) Scars of past emotional deprivations run deep within us all, but some astrological significators are more problematic and difficult to manage well. Glad to say, Craig gave up self-defeating alcohol use years ago and now has Success at his beck and call!

I say ‘our Craig’ because Mr. Ferguson is now an American citizen but retains his Scottish citizenship as well. Colossos!

Wishing my favorite TV host-comedian a good show tonight as he hosts the White House Correspondents’ Dinner as bullishly transiting Toro culminates in Washington DC at 8 pm…Ole!

Who’s Coming to Dinner?

Dick, George, and so many more–the in-cahoots, the outta-the-loops, and the whoop-de-whoops will be perching their imminent balasts upon dinner chairs, crisp napkins underchin and really really wanting to like Craig Ferguson and to get one ot two of his jokes. Not to fret–Craig has pretty much promised to take it easy on ’em, but I hope he won’t. 

Or here’s an idea: he could host the soiree dressed in his masterful impersonation of Prince Charles.

He’d be reasonably safe–they wouldn’t dare jail him now, he’s too visible and freshly recruited and all.

And yet…

…no matter how easy Craig makes being hilarious look, Mr. Suave European will be in attendance, too. Although adept with funny accents, TV’s Craig Ferguson will have his mits full tonight trying to keep Mr. Bush from perpetrating his own (groanworthy) comedy routine upon the audience.

Yep, George fancies himself as a comedian but this may be where Letterman’s regular feature, Great Moments in Presidential Speeches, should be used instead of any monologue from W, for Letterman (Ferguson’s boss) always shows Bush babbling to disadvantage…and well-deserved. imo.

Uncomfortable for Craig tonight? Nah! He’s European.

Besides, wouldn’t That be a cushy job finding video of Bush flubbing the English language with bored people slouching in the rows behind him? Are they wondering if the lowballed $30 payment was worth becoming ensnared beyond belief within one man’s world of maniacal make-believe? As we know, it’s three hours they’ll never get back.

And Who Else is Coming to Dinner Tonight in Washington?

Cheeky monkeys so-o-ooo cheeky…they think they’re news reporters!

(cred: basically, from TV’s Craig Ferguson with a bit of Mike Myers tossed into the cheeky monkey cage. But I thank Craig for teaching me that it’s called the ‘interweb.’)

Break a leg, Craig!


For more Astrology info on Craig Ferguson here’s an article from John Townley who uses 6:10 pm as Craig’s birth time: 


UPDATE Sep 3 2008: now that our tickets have been procured for seeing Mr. Ferguson in concert in a couple of weeks, I’ll add the Images for Integration for the Sun Tau/Moon Scorpio personality blend – and three are quite dramatic!

“The Mating Season…Persephone and Pluto…’The Phantom of the Opera…Dennis Potter’s ‘The Singing Detective” (‘Sun Sign-Moon Sign’ by Chas & Suzy Harvey.

If you’ve never seen the charismatic and multi-talented Craig’s impersonation of Jessica Fletcher ( Angela Lansbury’s detective character in ‘Murder She Wrote’) saying, “Has there been a muhrrrduh?” well, I don’t know what to say for you except you’re missing out!

Mating? No comment on the drama of divorces although his Pre-Natal Eclipse is in the 18 South Series: ‘separations, endings, and partings but leading to positive outcomes.’ (Brady’s ‘Predictive Astrology’.) 

This Eclipse Series last occurred in Feb 1998 and I’m snoopy enough to attempt to find dates/s of Mr. Ferguson’s break-ups or divorces. Suffice it to say, positive outcomes seem now to be on his menu,  and I’m glad!

UPDATE Jan 7, 2009: on tonight’s show Craig announces his wedding last week to Megan (Cunningham, I assume since they’d been dating) at her family’s farm in Vermont.

During his opening monlogue, Craig showed a lovely photo of the two lovebirds, he in his sexy kilt, Megan in her elegant wedding gown – standing in several inches of snow.

He said there was a blizzard and the weather was so bad they had to cancel the reception – now that’s bad weather – especially in Vermont.

Sending out Happy Congratulations and Best Wishes to Craig and Megan Ferguson!

However,  if I find the actual date of their wedding, I’ll post a Wedding Day Astrology article for them on this blog because that’s just the way inquiring astrologers roll…rather a nosy bunch, aren’t we?

After all, a horoscope chart has four main points to it  and they correspond to the four questions: What? (Ascendant); Where? (Descendant); How? (Ic); and WHY? (Mc) which reminds me of journalism’s article-writing rules of old.

Well, I’ll close now with the hope that Craig continues to appreciate  having the GPS he says is embedded in his wedding ring. Hilarious, yes, but that’s a pretty good idea for wandering spouses if I ever heard one.

And yet I’m sure ‘the third one will be the charm’ for the Scottish-American charmer!

Orwell explains: mass media deception

Here’s a fresh post on George Orwell’s explanation of mass media deception along with a few of Orwell’s natal chart details:


Seems you need conscious and unconscious working on behalf of propaganda for it to trick us the best.

Now has someone in Washington been studying or what?!!

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