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Not One but TWO Orators have we

Yes, I know!
Senator Joe Biden has experience in foreign policy and a certain studied gravitas but he’s one of the many politicians you can say has been in Washington all these years and look where he enabled our nation to plunk.
Do you get the feeling that if Biden had made a better showing in the Dem primaries the VP shoe might now be on the other tootsie?
Biden was born into the 17 New North Solar Eclipse Series (1942) which brings impusive energy to events, hectic socializing into the picture, and relationship issues and financial projects are focuses; plus, he’s an impulsive and passionate fellow. (Brady’s ‘Predictive Astrology.’)
17 New North last manifested Oct 12, 1996 at ’20Lib’ and its Initial Eclipse began July 28, 1870 which means that there’s an issue or issues from that time which is a shadow within his psyche. Biden would naturally have ancestors from that time period or he wouldn’t Be Here Now, now would he?
And with a natal out-of-bound Mars in Scorpio, his action principle can secretly work by its lonesome and behind the scenes without the other energies or factors in his natal chart being aware or needed in order to act.
One societal example of this condition of Mars is in 2007, when it was Mars out-of-bounds that ran around setting fires all over the place because oobs Mars feels justified to act as a law unto himself. Hopefully the senator doesn’t play with matches.
And given John McCain’s shared desire (Mars) with George Bush to send a manned mission to the planet Mars to look for natural resources, Biden could be on another short list for the special ticket!
Bide your time, says the Tarot card and it seems Biden has been biding long enough. And just in time for the Digital Transition in February to perkily beam into our homes and worm into our brains. Two known orators may gain the White House in 2009 and what better format can promoters have to reach us each and every one?
With Bush, the usual ceremonial ditty for him to pomp into the room upon, Hail to the Chief, was aptly renamed, Hail to the Thief after SCOTUS installed him (thanks, Thom Yorke!)
Sheesh! with the wordy Dem ticket we see before us, our ears may soon be longing for, Hail to the Brief.
The two egos now so sparkly on the Dem ticket are said to be friends in real life, but in Washington isn’t it wiser to simply have a dog? 
Guess Biden’s role as Obama’s ‘attack dog’ for which he’s passionately suited, fulfills the above advice from Harry Truman, that if you want a friend in Washington, “get a dog.” Here we may be seeing vicious Cerberus and Sirius, the Dog Star, paying their continued role within America’s politics and her ultimate destiny.

Times Square explosion at recruiting office

This morning, March 6, 2008, “about 3:45 am est” (news reports are fond of qualifiers such as about, shortly before, shortly after) an explosion at the army recruiting offices occurred which rocked nearby buildings.

Occurring at such an hour, no injuries are reported–the intent, it seems, because it was 3:45 am in the morning.

A police spokesperson has implied something along the lines of “if this was directed against our troops”–a transparent tactic of propaganda dispersal which is hardly the more obvious explanation. Against the illegal, gone-on-too-long war is more like.

At 3:45 am est, the chart set for Times Square (40N46 073W59) shows several interesting factors–here is the gist:

ASC 19Cap44 with Jupiter just having risen 16Cap31, first midpoint to rise: plutocratic, oppressive Pluto/Chiron 24Cap30 with Nemesis 24Cap58  (Nemesis = the unbeatable foe.)

The current Mars-Pluto opposition has Pluto in 12th, Mars in 6th house and still out-of-bounds and causing trouble. This is the Balsamic phase of the Moon, the darkened phase when sneaky things are often done.

Our current Eclipse Series at the Unmasking degree 18AQ is in first house with wounded Chiron 18AQ02. Next–and all in first house: Mercury, Venus, Neptune, NN 27AQ44 (conj US n Moon~Sibly~), and Moon 28AQ47.

Sun 16Pis10 is conj asteroid Niobe “the grieving mother” and Bacchus “denial”, with rebellious Uranus, associated with explosions, at 18Pis30–Sun and Uranus in 2nd house.

Now two interesting things: Midheaven, the Goal of the explosion–is 14Sco11 which happens to be the Descendant/Partnership degree at all our US Inaugurals of the president of the United States–this places the ASC–the office of the president itself–at the IC, the Basis or Foundation Point of the chart.

And there is a Fist of God pattern formed between Chiron square Midheaven (Mc) which point to Mars 00Can38. Synchronistically, this pattern was discussed yesterday in my article on Hillary Clinton’s natal chart (see Page in Sidebar for details.)

3:45 am was a Mercury Hour when messages may be sent, but a message to our troops? I doubt it.

Will the government/Pentagon/White House point the finger of blame the other way toward the activist group who protested at this location in October 2005? The Granny Peace Brigade better mind their Ps’n’Qs! They were arrested but acquitted of disorderly conduct charges with most of them being in their 80s and 90s…tough cookies!

Is this explosion linked to the Mexican and British consulate grenade lobbings of Oct 2007 and May 5, 2005? Early morning explosions so far have caused no injuries yet they do send a message–but to whom–and are they listening?

Update: hooded suspect seen on video arriving and leaving by bicycle–incendiary Mars has been seen on bicycle before–last year’s wildfires in south Georgia, for one.

Pisces New Moon conjunct Uranus: March 7

It’s all happening in the 10th house of Public Status and Career when Friday’s New Moon chart is set for the White House zoo:

http://starsoverwashington.blogspot.com/2008/03/march-7-pisces-new-moon.html or, in a wider sense, for Washington DC and for the nation itself.

Having tech difficulties again so the above article is my 2nd attempt–the first and more informative post got swallowed whole by Blogger Gremlins. Tiring.

New Moons are the beginning of a cycle of activity; plus, Sun and Moon pairings always relate to relationships….Sun being the male principle, Moon the feminine. The Sun’s consciousness and the Moon’s unconsciousness meet and blend at the New Moon and come to fruition at the Full.

The Sabian Symbol for this New Moon’s degree “18Pis” is: “In a huge tent a famous revivalist conducts his meeting.” Sounds primarily like Barack Obama, but since Astrology describes many levels simultaneously, we’ll see if it signifies only Obama in the next two weeks (until the next Full Moon, the culmination or fulfillment stage of this New Moon. Still, his ‘tent’ seems to be the happening place, doesn’t it?)

Plus, the next Full Moon occcurs on ‘Good Friday’ and this New Moon’s Midheaven degree, “17Pis” is: “An Easter promenade. ”

This picture relates to spiritual unity, joy, and forgiveness, yet somehow I think more dirty tricks concerning Senator Obama’s religious leanings are being prepared for use against him…and it’s not as if politicians aren’t known for their cynical use of religion when it suits (paragons of virtue that they pretend to be.)

One thing I didn’t mention at Stars Over Washington though which I will mention here: the transiting Uranus-Neptune midpoint 5Pis35 is conj Hillary Clinton’s natal Midheaven (Career/Aspirations Point) which gives her this picture:

Uran-Neptune = Mc: guidance is sought from other realms or never-before-tapped sources; supernatural concerns come into play.

Obama’s natal Chiron is conj Clinton’s Mc and as you know, Chiron represents the Christ archetype in Astrology…and “supernatural concerns” could relate to religious issues as well as to associations with unusual or secret groups.

Uranus-Neptune hooked up to enable the New World Order plans of Bush Sr and his colleagues in 1992-93, and tr Jupiter will be reaching the NWO degree “18Cap” a few days after the Pisces New Moon. And Senator Clinton is one of the ‘seed people’ intent on ‘impregnating’ the New Millennium with the “smug and strong-armed paternalism” of the “18Cap” degree. Or in her case–and this may be part of the transition into the 21st century–it will wear a maternal face.

Yet somehow, I do think Senator Clinton has “tapped” these sources before. Are her usual donors tapped out? Or have they decided to back the Obama horse because the public will be less rowdy due to the American people’s tendency toward idol worship?

And yes, I have blurbed before about Hillary’s giving up the race (with great anger–the IC of the New Moon chart, the Foundation or Basis of the matter, is “17Vir”: “A volcano in eruption.” Hopefully there will be no tectonic activity issuing from this Uranian New Moon in unstable, changeable Pisces.)

Follow the above link where you’ll find astrologer Lynda Hill’s article link on this New Moon for more campaign info especially in relation to the Sabian Symbols, Lynda’s specialty, for political activities are all over Friday’s New Moon chart.

Lynda and I agree that McCain’s stamina could be a problem for him as 2008 grinds on, but see what you think.

Well, the Sun and Moon only make one applying aspect (applying = how things proceed–Moon is the chart’s ruler, and Sun = leadership) which will be their conjunction with rebellious, disruptive Uranus (1A04.)

And you know technological savvy is one of the specialties of Uranus so hacking into voting machines or perpetrating other dirty tricks to tilt the wheel may soon be back on the front burner, or should be.

The Images for Integration for the Sun Pisc-Moon Pisc blend may be instructive here, especially in a New Millenium/NWO sense:

“Adrift at sea…the stars and the ocean together create One World, no horizon…the sunset beckons.” (‘Sun Sign–Moon Sign,’ Chas & Suzi Harvey; my caps.)

The perfecting time of the New Moon on Friday is 12:14:12 pm est at the White House, a Mars Hour with activist Mars still traveling out-of-bounds and likely to  ‘run off’ with the New Moon chart if Uranus doesn’t do so first. Perhaps they’re in cahoots.

Yes, the testy ‘god of war’ won’t be leaving his shadow period (moving beyond his Rx degree of 12Can27) until the first half of April, so hold on to your donkey’s ears or your elephant-trunk caps or both–it’s going to be a contentious, fire-filled season as Mars in Cancer, sign of the home, runs amok with the matches.

Atlantis launches after 2 month delay

Coming here just now I saw a headline that the Atlantis crew is short on space experience. Well…how encouraging.

Especially after writing my semi-grumpy post on today’s Atlantis launch, Cape Canaveral, FL, 2:45 pm est.

Read post here:


It’s not that I try to be a grumpy grumpiola–it simply comes naturally, and we should all be glad when feisty Mars is finished his out-of-bounds stint. It’s been a doozy.

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