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6 Bush adm perps may be indicted in Spain

Professor Marjorie Cohn, who teaches criminal and international human rights law at Thomas Jefferson School of Law, has written an article concerning Spain’s investigation of six Bush officials whose policy development allegedly led to torture at Guantanamo Prison.


Universal jurisdiction is the concept and it was used by Israel in prosecuting, convicting, and executing Adolph Eichmann for Holocaust crimes. The United States is not above this law.

If the US would investigate these high-handed miscreants – aka Bush loyalists – other countries would back off from probing the roles of Douglas Feith, John Yoo, Jay Bybee, David Addington, and Willliam Haynes in authorizing torture.

(They’re welcome to Bush and Cheney if  justice is to be served warm!)

So if Spain conducts a trial that results in conviction, any of the 6 perps can be arrested if they travel abroad – which probably leaves the American people stuck with their company, a condition that may be (imho) a torture of its own.

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