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Saturn-Uranus opposition exact Sep 15, 2009

Update April 26, 2010: yes, Saturn and Uranus are facing off this very day @ 28Vir46 Rx (Sat) vs 28Pis46 Direct (Uranus)…in fact, at the moment of this typing!

(You may notice a smidge of repetition from my original post in this Update…sorry, but some things bear repeating!) Now back to Saturn opposing Uranus:

Their next exact (partile) opposition will be on or about July 26, 2010 @ 00Lib25 Direct (Saturn, conjunct US natal Midheaven in the Sibly chart) and 00Ari25 Rx (Uranus); Uranus to US natal Ic/4th house indicates unstable home conditions (including in the ‘homeland’) and longterm cycles of activity begin or end while Uranus in in 4th house.

Plus, new, progressive or disruptive elements suddenly enter the environment, both in our personal lives, and on the national scene.

Of course, the other end of the brittle Saturn-Uranus duo is Saturn to US natal Mc, as mentioned above, and we experience the restrictions, accountability issues, and extra responsibilities which accrue when Mr. Realism visits his favorite abode, the 10th house of Career and Public Status, where the Lesson-Bringer naturally rules.

Besides the angularity and thus the importance of this transit to the US natal chart, America will soon be starting another new cycle of Saturnian things as described by her Saturn Return which will be a three-fer this time, @ 14Lib48, on or about:

1. Dec 3, 2010;
2. Mar 22, 2011 Rx;
3. Aug 28, 2011

Honor Saturn’s teachings and Saturn will honor you!

My original post begins here:

What a find! Not having much Astrology blogging time recently due to Art stuff, I was thrilled to find that the wonderful Donna Cunningham has published an article by Lynda Hill on today’s exact (partile) opposition of the two antithetical planets, status quo Saturn and progressive rebel Uranus.

Oppositions are always about relationships and, unlike squares which can blind side us, leave room for adaptations and adjustments. Yet this pair of planets can be quite brittle if their lessons are resisted. And both are of a cold quality.

Lynda’s specialty, as you know, is the Sabian Symbols, so you’ll want to check out her analysis of Saturn-Uranus’ opposition degrees at Donna’s blog, SkyWriter.

Saturn opposite Uranus is telling us to Let Go! says Lynda, of all the things that hold us back. They will be partile again in January, April, May, and July 2010, when Saturn will be @ 1 Libra, Uranus @ 1 Aries.

‘1 Libra/Aries’ puts their opposition upon America’s natal Mc/IC axis, the Career and Public Status polarity in our Sibly chart (00:53 Lib/Ari) and will occur during our US Saturn Return.

Accountability, anyone?

Saturn to Mc is a time of increased status since in western Astrology we say the 10th house is Saturn’s natural abode (Capricorn is the 10th sign); responsibilities increase as well. Not blaming others for past mistakes is a must, however, for best outcomes.

Yes, America’s natal Saturn is in its sign of exaltation (Libra) so perhaps with current attempts by government to straighten out the mess our previous slackness has plopped us in, perhaps more improvement will be obvious by July 2010. Saturn to Mc is a great time to correct one’s direction, if need be.

Our legal system may be involved as well (Libra’s ‘Scales of Justice’), and relationships may become stronger in the wider world (00Ari/00Libra are World Points of prominence where global events may occur – also 00Can/00Cap, points which make up the Cardinal Cross everyone is blogging about these days.)

As a nation, we have abused our position of authority in the past (Saturn), so facing our culpabilities and bucking up to difficult tasks more realistically are our only chances for real change with Saturn at Mc.

Yet the fly in the ointment may be Uranus to natal Ic, the Foundation of the country and natal chart, with the 4th house of Domestic Scene, Roots and Heritage. Mars rules there for America.

This transit in any chart relates to disruptive, unstable situations concerning the Home (Ic = cusp of the 4th house.) In a national chart this points to the domestic scenes of indivduals, and to the ‘homeland’ in general.

Long-term cycles of endeavor may be altered abruptly or ended entirely; the number of refugees from loss of homes or other catastrophes may increase, sorry to say.

My hope is that with stable Saturn at Midheaven, Uranian disruptions at Ic may be balanced at least in part by Saturnian control by government – hey, wait a minute – all my grousings about a ‘new world order’ make that a fretful proposition!

Yet more control (regulation = Saturn) of the markets on Wall Street would be a good thing. Still, if the Saturn-Uranus opposition on US natal Mc-Ic leads to a NWO take-over, I’m going to be really po’d. Aren’t you?

Okay, I’ll hush about it for now.

Please don’t let my NWO grousings here dissuade you from checking out Lynda’s insightful analysis with info from her marvelous book, ‘360 Degrees of Wisdom’ which I highly recommend and use myself.

Virgo Full Moon 3.10.09

This evening over the White House the Moon is Full at 10:37:41 pm edt – Moon 20Vir40 opposing Sun 20Pis40 across the 5/11 axis of Will.

Moon has gone beyond her conjunction with Saturn 18Vir12 Rx, while Sun is approaching Uranus 22Pis30 –  the Saturn-Uranus opposition  and the Full Moon both relate to relationships and stalemates which may culminate and improve under the light of this Full Moon.

The Full Moon chart set for the White House has Midheaven 8Leo51 conjunct the Republican Party’s natal Mercury, the Hour is the Sun’s, and Venus Rx 15Ari03 is in 6th house of Health, Work, and Service.

With natal Mercury at the most visible point in the Full Moon chart,  GOP thinking and planning may be of more notice in some way now, or perhaps a prominent Republican will speak out.

Mars 26Aq51 is conj US natal Moon, a transit of headaches and frustrations when feelings lie just under the surface, ready to be sparked. Life’s pace picks up under this transit, and domestic activities are top of the menu for many people.

It seems interesting to me that with Pres. Obama’s love of basketball, the Full Moon’s Sabian Symbol ’21Vir’ is “A Girls’ Basketball Team”…

Lynda Hill gives these details for ’21Vir’:

The give and take of unity and equality; joyful participation; winning and losing; being on the team (Team Obama?); playing fair and square; codes of behavior; finding it difficult to play by the rules or cooperate; taking things too seriously; the desire to win at all costs.

Lynda always includes a few quotes for each Symbol such as this one from sports legend Vince Lombardi:

“Individual commitment to a group effort – that is what makes a team work, a company work, a society work, a civilization work.”


For more details, visit Lynda at her website:


And you may be interested in this evening’s  ‘Images for Integration’ for Sun Pisces-Moon Virgo:

‘Small events bring enormous consequences…A mosaic picture of the universe, each piece perfect in itself…Faith and reason shake hands.’

(‘Sun Sign-Moon Sign’ by Charles & Suzi Harvey.)

Limp down Memory Lane: Inauguration 2001

If you’d like to take a stroll with me down pre-Memory Lane to George W. Bush’s first Inauguration 2001 which represents his entire tenure in my book, look in the sidebar for the feed from Stars Over Washington, or click here


where you’ll find 2001’s 8th house in the spotlight with its trio of Moon, Chiron, and Pluto, as well as two interlaced YODs (‘Finger of God’ patterns) telling of Bush’s special tasks as leader of the nation. ‘Leader of the Free World’ is up to the beholder for he’s pretty well undermined that title into oblivion along with the US economy and America’s credibility.

In the article, however, the three obsessive-compulsive quindecile aspects (165 degrees) have been neglected so I will type them for you here:

Sun (‘the leader’ in a national chart) QD North Node (the public; publicity): driven to feed one’s ego through the public persona; makes new contacts easily and has the ability to network within a ‘common cause’; may identitfy one’s self through one’s mother.

Mars QD Jupiter: driven by a ‘thirst for more’: may be extremely selfish and self-indulgent; physical energy requires an outlet; likes to ‘go for the gusto’; may take on too many things at once; prone to rushing to judgment and acts impulsively on beliefs and opinions; overly competitive.

Jupiter QD Pluto: driven by a need for power and success; overly manipulative, controlling, and ruthless; uses one’s belief system, opinions, or religion to coerce or manipulate others; a player within major societal changes and transformation of mass consciousness and perspectives. (Ricki Reeves, ‘The Quindecile.’)

Mars 16Sco17 is conjunct the Descendant in the Inauguration 2001 chart, which is the cusp of the 7th house of Partnerships, Legal Affairs, and Open Enemies. Oct 27, 2008 marks the Mars Return to this chart and thus to the Bush43 presidency.

And transiting Pluto will not leave the Bush presidency’s 8th house before W’s double term ends.

The above linked post has a large image of the Inauguration 2001 chart with my usual chickenscratch notes upon it, including the Sun AQ-Moon Sag blend’s Image for Integration (from Charles and Suzy Harvey.)

With Bush’s first swearing-in occurring during a Balsamic phase (the dark of the Moon), sneakiness has been the order of the day for this, our 43rd president, and his sidekick Cheney’s lurk on the ‘Dark Side’ has been well-documented.

The words, ‘shadow government’ have reached new depths under George W. Bush. Balsamic Moon phases are said to be good for sleeping and the American people were apparently in a sleepwalking state for this particular Oath of Office. Too bad the egg-tossers couldn’t connect with Bush’s limo that cold day in Washington…I hope he was told of their sentiments.

Well, you may not wish to take this sashay with me, and if not, I certainly understand for I’m as tired of him as anyone.

But my hope is that the article will represent a last farewell to this failed presidency which began in controversy and so will end the same as Astrology wisely tells us…that how a thing, event, or person begins is how it it or he/she will end.

And looking at the Jan 20, 2001 chart for 12:01 pm est, Capitol Building, I see that America’s natal Mercury-Pluto opposition are upon the MC/IC axis, with the IC being the End of the Matter. Ic ’27Cancer’ in Lynda Hill’s ‘360 Degrees of the Zodiac’ her book on the Sabian Symbols, may be instructive here in the Caution category, and I want to give you some of Lynda’s insights about this degree as well…

’27Can’: confrontations; domestic violence or violent reactions; social upheavals; wrongly believing you are in control of the uncontrollable; enjoyment of turmoil; whipping things up; stormfronts.

Lynda says that ’27Can’ (“A Violent Storm In A Residential Canyon Filled With Valuable Homes”) need not concern homes that are expensive, but which are valuable to their occupants; here they feel protected and safe, but somehow a ‘storm’ has raged through – exactly what will happen next is uncertain.

’27Can’ speaks of finding oneself much deeper in a situation than may have been imagined and now there’s a ‘caged in’ feeling and probably no immediate escape from the turbulence that is happening.

There may have been some forewarning that a ‘storm’ was coming, says Lynda, with pressure piling up and threatening to explode at any moment. No intention was made to provoke this ‘storm’ but it’s out of your hand in the environment now. The best thing to do is to wait and protect yourself and others.

Things need to blow themselves out naturally because trying to contain it may do more damage (and we’re hearing this again today after the Group of 15’s meeting in Paris. They are trying to ‘go to the heart of the problem’ so we’ll see as they “recapitalize banks” in exhange for an ownership stake. Basically it’s a similar solution to what the US is doing and will, they say, speed things up.

~NPR has just announced that Wells Fargo has been approved to buy Wachovia. Good.

Now back to ’27Can’…

A positive outcome may not come to light for awhile, but things WILL fall back where they are meant to be. Arguments and emotional confrontations erupt as many people are affected – yet it may end up being a blessing in disguise; rebuilding one’s community will be key.

Lynda always includes a few apt quotes for each degree’s Symbol and I’d like to close with 4 of them for ’27Can’ which seem most appropriate considering the mortgage and financial crises with which the Bush presidency is ending in a haze of gory:

“It is your business when the wall next door catches fire.” Horace

“Rain does not fall on one roof alone.” Cameroon Proverb

“A man is sometimes lost in the dust of his own raising.” David Ruggles

and in closing…

“You don’t develop courage by being happy in your relationships every day. You develop it by surviving difficult times and challenging adversity.” Barbara De Angelis


You may wish to visit Lynda here:


Measles on rise in US after decades

Having almost been taken to the Great Beyond as an infant by Red Measles, then later having a raging case of German measles, it was not my favorite story from NPR’s Morning Edition today to hear that 131 cases of measles have been treated in the US this year, and that the number is over 3x the number reported in 2007…a “dramatic increase.”

Seems the formerly declared ‘eradicated’ virus is on the rise in the US through travel, and because of parental concerns of risk involving autism. What a decision to have to make. My kids were vaccinated for it, but my intuition tells me that genetic markers may eventually tell us which children are vulnerable to the vaccination. And it only takes coughs and sneezes to pass it on.

Being hospitalized with measles may then put children who can’t tolerate the vaccine due to chemo treatments, in double peril. Small infants are especially at risk of this contagion.

The audio of this report will be available at approximately 9:00 am ET, but you can read about it right here, right now at:


Then knowing that there exists a Sabian Symbol for “An Epidemic of Mumps” for ‘2 Leo’, I consulted Dane Rudhyar’s ‘An Astrological Mandala’ for information on the phenomenon of this serious illness.

‘2 Leo: keynote: The spreading power of individual crisis through a collectivity.’

Rudhyar goes on the say that this Symbol should be interpreted on two levels – the physical one, obviously, that can be spread “in some cases all over the globe” (most quickly by travel.)

He continues…

“Why then an epidemic of mumps? A childhood disease is implied, but it may have very serious complications for adult men who catch it, since it affects not only all lymphatic glands, especially in the neck region, but also the testicles….Leo represents (at least potentially ) rebirth – at the level of the conscious and mind-based individuality.

Thus in Leo man, in this sense, is as yet only a ‘little child’ – one might say a would-be initiate, an infant in spirit. The relation of the mumps to the sexual glands is characteristic, for the entrance into the realm of the conscious and individualized mind can affect the sex force, either through overstimulation and irritation, or in terms of a deliberate ascetic deprivation.

What was an individual issue is now seen as a collective danger. Thus we are dealing with THE INFECTIOUS SPREAD OF INDIVIDUAL EXPERIENCES.” (DR’s Caps.)

Here are more possibilities: Lynda Hill gives The Caution for this degree as: rampaging *gossip; widespread fear or upset; embarrassment; obsession with health; impotence; contagious thoughts; negative thinking and compulsive actions.

You’ll find Lynda’s Sabian Symbols site here: http://www.sabiansymbols.com/

Any way we view it, this degree indicates situations which may affect large amounts of people and may spread quickly.

NPR’s spread of campaign tidbits this morning included a story of threatening hoax letters that were sent to John McCain’s Denver (contained ‘powder’) and New Hampshire (no powder) offices and which may have been sent from a “detention facility.” But not from the Hanoi Hilton, one may assume.

Then there’s the McCain ad against Obama and his reputed ties with 1960s Weatherman Bill Ayers (sp?), a story you’ve probably heard before. Trouble is, Barack Obama was a small child in the 60s – a Sun in Leo child, actually – so how much unfitness for the White House he could’ve caught from the radical organization, is unclear.

Mumps, perhaps. Radicalism against the US government? Now come on, McSame!  A scandal can this you make?

Perhaps McCain or an aide forgot this small yet significant detail. Or did they mean: Obama – so dangerous to America, he started as a little child!

So can threatening hoaxes make you a sympathetic figure to the American public, or do they simply spread fear?

And yet, of course, if a case can be proven (?) against someone (?), the culprit will be facing serious federal charges. No news on what to do with a zealous staffer if found to be attempting to make McCain look more…needed.

Since we assume that the mumps-spreading headline is no hoax, let’s get back to it for I’m fond of children and take it hard if they’re harmed.

Okay, so if I put my tin foil hat on (yes, I can fashion one just by moseying to a kitchen drawer) I’d say that the specter of population control springs to my ~admittedly~ overly suspicious mind.

For as you know, the Sabian Symbol (’28Cap’) for US natal Pluto is: “A Large Aviary” which from under tin foil hats might sound a bit like avian flu fears periodically spread by the Germanically named ‘Homeland’ ‘Security’ (Moon/Saturn, a combo of energies which contain health and hypochondria influences),  and an image of a large bird as an airplane or jet, suitable for transmission of contagious disease.

Not that there’s no real threat, just that we may never find out from whence it actually came. Free floating fear? Is that a bit like free-range chickens?

As to parents’ autism concerns about innoculating children for mumps, I don’t know what I’d decide to do if my children were still whippersnappers, but suspect I’d take the risk esp considering the dangerous ordeal the virus put me through. Plus, another consideration with mumps complications is heart valve damage (Leo = heart!)


Here’s an out-of-time yet timely definition for this 2008 presidential campaign season from dry wit and brilliant playwright Oscar Wilde:

* Scandal: gossip made tedious by morality.

~~> Got your text message from Barack Obama yet? Everyone will know by Saturday in Springfield, IL when the next leg of BHO’s tour starts with VP choice on the stage. What a relief that will be.

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