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Derivatives must be tamed

Woven through the tapestry of our modern financial system are derivatives, once thought to be golden, now lost their polish and shine.

And all the King Midasses and all the king’s men couldn’t put confidence back together again – until and unless they resolve the basic issues resulting from their self-created pyramid scheme and stop throwing what amounts to trillions in counterfeit money at it:



Midas: 8 Gemini

These days gold-hoarding Midas hangs out around 8 Gemini so I’m looking at Dane Rudhyar’s Sabian Symbol book, ‘An Astrological Mandala’ for details on our “Second Gilded Age” of Robber Baron Midasses, the obscenely wealthy class which has imposed upon those underneath them on the golden ladder of life the income inequality in America which now widens to Soup Line dimensions.

PBS’s ‘Bill Moyers’ Journal’ yesterday addressed these issues and called it an idee fixe  which the power elite cling to so tightly (tightwads) concerning the ‘free’ market system which they can’t seem to think their way out of.

Why should they when their amassing of wealth stokes a rosy illusion of liberation from the collective masses–a heady motive for imagining themselves above the rabble!

Wasn’t it Einstein who said you can’t think your way out of a problem with the same thinking that created the problem? But these greedy, power hungry culprits don’t want a way out and they prefer the rest of us simmering in the cauldron, thanks. And dissolving of boundaries–economic, national, social–is part of their much-touted one-world government intrigues where their dreams of world domination thrive.

Barack Obama’s mentions of America’s ongoing class warfare don’t make it happen–the power elite do, then they cringe when someone points it out! As well they should. For glorified ‘brethren’ they sure don’t care at all for their fellow man.

Yet Some People the world over are trying to better their positions bwo labor unions…

‘ “8Gem”…”Aroused Strikers Surround A Factory”…keynote: The disruptive power of the ambitious mind upon the organic wholeness of human relationship.

The first stage dealt with oil (‘6Gem’: “Workmen Drilling for Oil”…keynote: The avidity for knowledge which ensures wealth and power…AMBITION.) Now we see in this new symbol a pictorial indication of what the use of this intellect-generated energy inevitably leads to: industrial unrest and violence.

As man manages to rape the earth in order to demonstrate his power and intensify his pleasures and his sense of proud mastery, conflicts and disruptive processes are inevitably initiated. The type of power generated by the analytical intellectual faculties is essentially disruptive; it is based on the destruction of matter, and invites egocentric hoarding and spoliation–and, in general, privileges of one kind or another.


Old King Midas’ egocentric hoarding will get the best of him one day–if not on this earth, then on the coming New and Improved version because threading a needle with a rich camel will be an impossibility in the sweet bye’n’bye!

~:~ note: you may wish to see my Pages list for the Reaganomics Eclipse if you’ve hithertofore missed the trickle down nonsense. ‘Trickle down’/voodoo economics only works when the corporate elite plow some of their billion-dollar breaks from the US taxpayers BACK into the economy they skimmed it from.

Instead, recent years have brought downsizing, outsourcing, and the continued selling out of America along with apt Capitol Hill enabling…we see their NWO plans in action similar to Hitler’s amassing of wealth in the 30s–and the economic hourglass tilts again in the elite’s favor toward totalitarian imperialism. #


owning the US government

“The real truth of the matter is, as you and I know, that a financial element in the large centers has owned the government of the US since the days of Andrew Jackson.” –Franklin D. Roosevelt


And they’re squeezing it dry 2008 as transiting asteroid King Midas hooks up with the Great Neptune/Pluto Conjunction in the ‘Generation of Materialism’ birth chart (1892) of the Robber Baron class infesting industry, energy, and finance (7-8 Gemini) and we now have ringside seats for observing the rotten outcome from these hubristic social tinkerers.

Here’s a rhyme for Barack Obama’s campaign and VP vetting woes:

Past CEO of Fanny Mae Obama’s vetting done
it’s best to move along your way for races must be won!

jc 6.11.08 (Johnson’s resignation accepted)

Uh oh! another silly poem has occurred, this one for John McCain who’s So Not like George Bush, he’d have us believe, and yet he reminds me of SomeOne ruthless and reformist in a police state kind of way…this verse may not be groanworthy enough for the discerning but at least it’s briefer than the Bush tenure…

McCain McCain our oft’ refrain
what wars will you promote?
don’t plan attacks
to knife our backs
while reading My Pet Goat.

jc 6.11.08

Bill and Hill in Tennessee: run from Obama

As you know, Obama ran Clinton out of South Carolina last evening and she didn’t make a peep until she reached Tennessee. In fact, the first Clintonite we heard from wasn’t Hillary–it was Bill the Shrill.

Are you old enough to remember the once popular “FOB”? Then here’s a riddle for you, Friend of Bill, or not:

Q: how many down home Tennesseans does it take to vote for an arrogant New Yorker lady?

A: you Are a dreamer.

Okay, it was trick question, but what would Politics be without tricks of the dirtiest kind?

This particular blogger is hoping that Barack Obama and/or John Edwards will be evicting Bush from the White House come January 2009 (not that I think much will actually come of it as a total change of direction for America, but Edwards and Obama have me hoping so. Yet the happy, self-serving forces that have been guiding the US for years still lurk and they and their Washington enablers and cohorts will have to be dealt with on our behalf–are we to believe that the chances of success have magically improved with this election?)

Meanwhile, old Bill is po’d that Senator Obama has the ability to lift to the heights his audience much as Jack Kennedy could do and even JFK’s daughter Caroline has taken notice. How often does she make a political statement? Now she understands how her father affected us then–yet it’s another reason to fear for an Obama presidency’s safety.

Even now–after his speech last evening–one assumes his security has been beefed up considerably for it isn’t too early to do that–globalists play for keeps, you know, and the sound of so many so elated must have alarmed the powers behind the throne.

And if Obama is sincere about his more-populist-than-ever message (a leaf taken from John Edward’s diary?), he would well heed good advice from those around him who care.

In the 90s, Bill had to use a sentimental photograph of himself meeting Jack Kennedy during a class trip of some sort…young Democrats, was it? Anyway, in his run to grab the White House, Clinton’s handlers made sure the photo was everywhere you looked in order to hook up Bill with Jack in the public consciousness.

Other mentions were made constantly on the campaign trail and during his prez terms implying that JFK had all but been raised to life again in policy and intent if not in person.

Recently we’ve seen a red-faced, sputtering William Jefferson C railing against a man who actually captures the public’s imagination, ideals, and hopes for America’s higher path within his speeches as JFK once did.

Pundits on this morning’s political shows have counseled toning down Bill’s rhetoric, but it may be too late for Hillary unless the Clinton machine has a gracious plenty helping of willing hackers lined up and signed up come Feb 5, primaries in between, and the biggest prize of all–Nov 2008.

McCain says we need to “return to the Reagan years”…but isn’t the much-touted ‘trickle down’ effect what we’re suffering from lo these many years? Guess the main problem is the trickle part, oh you gold-loving King Midasses (not a typo.)

Then there’s the Bush-Cheney shoot-America’s-wad effect finagled by neocons so that war profiteers can stick taxpayers with the cost of the war while they simultaneously make trillions to add to the billions nestled in their secret offshore accounts.

Ah yes, America’s natal Jupiter (money, largesse, Mr. Moneybags, the R Party) with its telling Sabian Symbol…”Gamebirds feathering their nests.”

Look, up in the sky! it’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s…..a feather trickling down toward the unwashed masses.

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