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The Fed’s Jupiter Return: Dec 2008

As their two-day meeting ended today, the Fed left a key interest rate unchanged at 2%, the rate banks charge each other overnight…and in Europe today, the dollar moved higher in trading.

Whether you prefer a sunrise (solar) chart or a Sun-to-Midheaven chart for the Federal Reserve’s natal horoscope (Dec 23, 1913), the entity’s natal Jupiter 23Cap13 will return to natal position in Dec 2008.

I’m looking at the solar/sunrise chart (7:28:58 am est, Capitol Bldg, Washington DC)  and the date of return is Dec 23, the day prior to America’s Secondary Progressed Full Moon (4Vir/Pis10) on Dec 24, 2008….see sidebar: ‘US Progressed Full Moon in Virgo.’

With natal Sun 1Cap06, “the Fed” (which is a private enterprise rather than governmental as many Americans mistakenly believe) is having an ongoing transit of Pluto-to -Sun, a time when actions become more aggressive, and self-transformation is forced–esp if previous responsibilities have been ignored.

Problems must be solved in a self-reliant way during this transit and the Fed’s usual detachment from society adds to the atmosphere of remoteness. And to make matters more complex, natal Pluto 00Can06 Rx is being opposed simultaneously by transiting Pluto.

Pluto opposite Pluto describes a time when great powers are locked in a non-compromise struggle for existence…similar to what we’ve seen in the world since the New Millennium began. That Plutonian riches are involved is no big surprise, is it?

So what of Jupiter, that other planet of money, growth, and expansion?

Natally, the Fed’s Jupiter opposes Mars 19Can42 Rx and deceptive Neptune 27Can32 Rx so you see that in 1913, Neptune was opposing US natal Pluto in Capricorn, a time when natural resources and political and economic power are eroded by the ideals and ideas of societal trends (1913)..power structures were under threat, and so the Fed was created to help deal with economic issues of the early 20th century.

We may also consider a midpoint picture between the above planets…

Mars/Neptune = Jupiter: a fortunate turn or break after suffering losses; disappointment under otherwise fortunate conditions; enjoying the cloud’s silver lining; a break in the nick of time. (Tyl; Ebertin.) 

During our recent Rx period of Mercury, ruler of negotiations, contracts, agreements, communications, and trade, Mercury has been visiting the Fed’s natal Saturn 13Gem23 Rx, so it’s a time of: hard work; analysis; advice sought by others; organization and preparation becoming large issues; travel and contacts involving serious matters.

However, because the Fed has a Mercury/Saturn opposition, Mercury now is opposite natal Mercury, a time when coping is difficult due to diverse opinions which are in complete conflict with each other–people keep changing their minds and questions remain unanswered as long as the transit is in effect.

Thankfully, this transit is passing out of orb this week.

And here are the Sabian Symbols for natal Jupiter, both 23 and 24 Capricorn, using the Jones and the Rudhyar versions of the Symbols…

“23Cap”…”Two Awards for Bravery in War”…RECOGNITION…

pos: social stewardship which demands a continual self-dedication;

neg/unconscious/shadow side: strutting self-exploitation (MEJ’s “The Sabian Symbols in Astrology.)

Rudhyar: “A Soldier Receiving Two Awards for Bravery in War”…keynote: The reward offered by society for the fulfillment of individual responsibility. RECOMPENSE: a compensation for a well-done performance–a balancing of accounts. (‘An Astrological Mandala.’)

“24Cap”…”A Woman Entering a Convent”…CONSECRATION…

pos: the irresistible power of a true inner vision;

neg/unconscious/shadow side: abject surrender to weakness.

Rudhyar (same word picture): keynote: Total commitment to a transcendent goal…the final goal is the attainment of TRANSCENDENT SECURITY. #

Well, that sounds dandy, ‘balancing of accounts’ and all–as long as the Fed upholds the responsibilities it has taken on since its inception and doesn’t hide in its ivory tower, but helps our nation transcend its economic pressures rather than putting some high-minded, elitist goal above the common good.


UPDATE 7.15.08: The Fed is now in process of attaining more power due to Fanni Mae and Fredie Mac weaknesses and the IndyMac Bank (headquaters in Pasadena, CA) failed Friday, July 11, and was taken over by the Fed. Monday morning (7.14) saw a run on the bank as customers lined up around the block to remove their FDIC-insured $100,000 from their accounts with 50% of the rest to be made available to them later on.

The first customer began the line at 4:00 am pdt:

ASC 26Gem53, with “28Gem” rising…the Bankruptcy degree in the Sabian Symbols. MC 7Pis52 has 2008’s Uranus/Neptune midpoint upon it –Uranus/Neptune is the New World Order pair which conj’d in 1992 – 1993 (“18Cap” = POLITICAL POWER: ‘smug or strong-armed paternalism’) so there is a picture created:

Uranus/Neptune = MC: guidance is sought from untapped sources; lack of stamina; nervous breakdown; dissolution.

There is a T-square formed in the 4:00 am chart as well with Moon 9Sag29 (conj zodiacal position of Fixed Star, Antares, ‘the need to avoid obsession’–Brady’s ‘Fixed Stars’); Mars 7Vir40, is barely beyond his July 10 conj with restrictive Saturn 5Vir49 and both are at the Foundation Point of the chart (IC):

Saturn/MC = Moon: depression; sadness. (“Depression” !)

Mars/MC = Moon: changing status through emotional ‘feel’; impulsiveness; premature action; a lack of deliberation; strong emotional excitability. (Tyl; Ebertin.)

The 7Pis52 Midheaven puts America’s natal Ceres (security issues) and US natal Pluto/Chiron midpoint at the top of the chart for all to see with Pluto/Chiron’s sense of disenfranchisement, oppression, class warfare, and corporatism at the WHY Point (MC) of the event – the lining up of hundreds of hardworking Americans who now must worry that their life savings are in jeopardy by bank failure and shakey governmental backing.

First to rise: Mercury 5Can59 conj US natal Jupiter at the “Gamebirds Feathering Their Nests” degree, “6Can”), but somehow I doubt it’s the bank customers who are best described by this degree. It’s the bank’s officers, the US Treasury, and the Fed Board, more like – and perhaps rich politicians.

As far as the horoscope of Black Tuesday (Oct 29, 1929), 2008’s Saturn in Virgo has been visiting 1929’s Neptune, a time of grim reality rearing its Hydra head – and the economists I’m reading and hearing this week are predicting several more bank faliures during the next 12 months due to the (oh so preventable) subprime loan debacle. Someone got their big profits in that scam, didn’t they?

Chop off one of Hydra’s heads and 3 more grow in its place – rather like fighting terroists who dissolve into the night to fight another day. Guerilla warfare.

To this reluctant astrologer, all this says that the ‘July 14, 2008, 4:00 am pdt, Pasadena’ chart will be one to keep a squinty eye upon and if all goes well I plan to be doing just that until someone pulls the plug.

Now let’s hope we all navigate August in good part since the Solar Eclipse of August 1 is in the same Series as the Pre-natal Eclipse of the NYSE!

~:~See Pages column for more information on the Solar and Lunar Eclipses of August, 2008.

New hopes bubble in Spring

Happy Spring! especially to those who use the Sun’s return to 00Aries00, aka the Aries Point, as the beginning of the natural year, aka Spring.

And if you use America’s ‘Sibly’ chart (July 4, 1776 5:10 pm LMT) or the Rudhyar chart which is within a degree on the angles (appr 5:13 pm LMT, if I remember correctly) then you know that the IC (Immum Coeli) of the chart is now being visited by today’s Sun which will transit the 4th House of America’s natal chart.

4th House is the Domestic Scene (including what is needed to feel psychologically ‘at home’), the homeland, or in a word, HOME. It is the department of life in a horoscope which encompasses Real Estate, so will the Sun’s warm rays help ease real estate problems in the US?

Although negative factors are affecting America’s natal chart now such as transformative Pluto 1Cap+ lining up to oppose natal planets Venus, Jupiter, and Sun in the next few years, today’s entry of the Sun into Aries and the US 4th House highlights and warms our domestic scenes perhaps bringing some small relief to our ongoing worries.

And for 2008, there’s Jupiter in opposition to the US’s money/business line-up in Cancer (Venus, Jupiter, Sun)–here’s a link to my discussion of these transits the pinch of which we are feeling now:


Yet hope springs eternal and never more than in the season of Spring!

Sun to Aries Point info: https://judecowell.wordpress.com/aries-ingress-march-20-2008/

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