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Press in the US

“The press is the hired agent of a monied system, and set up for no other purpose than to tell lies where their interests are involved. One can trust nobody and nothing.”

— Henry Brooks Adams 1838 – 1918 (grandson of John Quincy Adams, great-grandson of John Adams)

Now we may take the above quote of journalist, novelist, academician, and historian Henry Adams at surface value – until we spend hours last evening researching Mr. Adams and find that he was an anti-semite who believed that Jews controlled politics, the financial world, and the press.

Well, that’s fairly demonstrable in our era, as it turns out, but I’m not of the persuasion of detesting an entire religious body of people because of a percentage of its adherents. (Hebrew is the race, Judaism is the religion.)

I point out Adams’ anti-semitism because it explains his “monied system” reference in the above quote.

That Zionists’ interests override public policy in the US is becoming more and more clear, imo, and there are many people who would agree.

On my Political Astrology blog, Stars Over Washington, I remember posting last year the YouTube video of VP Joe Biden calling himself a ‘Zionist’ and I thought, uh-oh – more war even WITH a President Obama. We’re seeing results playing out now so Mr. Adams was apparently on to something.

Yet I’m surprising myself by posting the following two quotes from Mr. Adams, quotes that further illuminate a part of his character as much as his prejudices:

“With communism I would exist tolerably well…but in a society of Jews and brokers, a world made of maniacs wild for gold, I have no place.”

“I detest (the Jews) and everything connected with them, and I live only and solely with the hope of seeing their demise, with all their accursed Judaism.”

(There’s more to the last quote but I prefer to draw the line here at his vitriole. I do not promote such rhetoric normally but stay with me – there may be a point to all this.)

Before I continue on this track, how about a calmer bit of wisdom from the brilliant Henry?

“A teacher affects eternity; he can never tell where his influence stops.”

Can this be said of bloggers, too (especially considering the abandonment of the public trust by the mainstream media)?!

But let’s get back to prejudices and monied systems…

Best known for his book, ‘The Education of Henry Adams’ the man lived a seemingly charmed life in his home on LaFayette Square across from the White House, enjoying social and political connections of the exalted kind of his day. His wife Clovis Hooper, daughter of a very wealthy Bostonian, interrupted the flow, however, by committing suicide on Dec 6, 1885.

Something of an auto-biography, ‘The Education of Henry Adams’ left out his marriage years entirely! The book, awarded a Pulitzer Prize in 1919, concerns the ‘birth of forces’ that he saw as ‘replacing Christianity.’

Considering his many travels to Europe – including a Grand Tour after graduating Harvard in 1858 and serving as private secretary to his father who was sent to London by Pres. Lincoln as minister (ambassador) to the UK – my intuition says that Mr. Adams came in contact with the Freemasonry-Illuminati-Rosicrucian crowd/s that permeated the upper classes in which they moved in Europe (as did Franklin, Madison, and Jefferson.)

In fact, the works of John Stuart Mill were described by Adams to have convinced him of “the necessity of an enlightened, moral, and intelligent elite to provide leadership to a government elected by masses and subject to demagogery, ignorance, and corruption.” Just like America’s founders, especially Jefferson and Madison whose presidencies he chronicled so well.

And we know of Jefferson’s high regard for The Enlightenment in Europe and the French Revolution’s early principles: Voltaire and the gang. ‘Reason’ exalting the ‘Morals’ of man, however, never live up to their idealization. My own belief is that God knows best and that we’d be nowhere without Him and the Ten Commandments. Guess I’m no humanist – look what de-regulation of the markets has wrought as Wall Street had all controls dissolved. Even forgetting celestial precepts, where were human ‘morals’ then?)

Now showing! one of my own biases when reading of anyone and anything relating to politics – the word ‘enlightenment’ always seems an ‘Illuminati’ reference to me – and their stated mission is to destroy Christianity (and all other religions), governments, and the very fabric of society so that they can build it back – or let it grow wild as a destructured ‘Utopia’ where all men are ‘free’ – aka left to their own devices – but actually to be bossed around by a select few elites at the top of the pyramid!

So does man need God’s laws in order to thrive? Or can we regulate ourselves with manmade laws and devices?

Did you know that the Ten Commandments can be read as promises as well as limits?

For example: for those who love and serve God, “Thou shall not kill” is a promise easily kept without any trouble at all, if you love and serve our Creator!

And any parent raising small children knows how things will go if they give their beloved children No Limits to go by whatsoever. It makes them not very pleasant to be around besides setting them up for a shock when others don’t find their unbridled sassiness nearly as charming as their parent may.

Well, what is my point about Henry Brooks Adams?

That no one – even the famous, well-connected, and exalted – is perfect, yet we may still learn something valuable from them when it comes to what’s going on below the surface of politics…and now one of his most famous quotes, one of my personal favorites because it is so very instructive for modern times:

“Politics, as a practice, whatever its professions, has always been the systematic organisation of hatreds.”

As it remains today, Professor Adams.


A few astrology notes on Henry Brooks Adams are available at Stars Over Washington if you dare. They’re written in English so you should be okay.

2008 candidates Rats and Dragons!

Goldfish by Giant Kelp

Do everyone a favor including yourself and allow Margot the Mystic to explain McCain, Palin, Obama, and Biden to you using Chinese Astrology, a system of the ancient discipline that is archetypally informative and not familiar to this reluctant astrologer.

And since the candidates profess to represent the collective they should be understood on many levels because their decisions may even impact your goldfish in her bowl:


Non-voters may gain from Margot’s insights as well. Don’t stint yourself. Acquaint yourself with all the candidates as much as you can until it’s all an untidy jumble rattling round your pate.

~:~ image: Goldfish by Giant Kelp, drawing by Jude Cowell 2008.

You may wish to see the final version of this incomplete rendering by moseying to  http://dreamyfishart.blogspot.com

Obama-McCain debate: high road vs low

If you reduce tonight’s presidential debate to high road vs low road, Senator Obama’s unruffled demeanor looked calm and collected as usual next to McCain’s huffing and puffing.

Looking petty was a danger for Mr. McCain and he lived down to the expectation.

My previous post must stand astrologically and the timing I used is quite close to reality – the show came on at 9:00 pm edt and the candidates began just after Bob Shieffer’s intro and they ended at 10:31 pm edt.

August 16’s (market paranoia) Lunar Eclipse began the evening at Midheaven 24AQ06, and progressive Uranus 19Pis27 Rx ended the debate near Midheaven 17Pis45. Interesting that the Sabian Symbol for ’18Pis’ is: “In A Huge Tent A Famous Revivalist Conducts His Meeting With A Spectacular Performance.”

Well, the spectacular part may be Barack Obama’s resisting the opportunity given him by the moderator to ‘go after’ Sarah Palin with the question about running mates and their qualifications. McCain, however, had some criticisms for Joe Biden, but that’s typical for those-who-run-behind.

One critique was that Biden voted against the first Gulf War. Perhaps voting against any war wouldn’t suit John McCain, but why the vote was supposedly a bad idea he didn’t say other than a mention of protecting the oil supply.

Well, yes. There is that. War to protect oil…hmmm…we export war, they export oil…yes, it Could work.

McCain also said that Biden “voted wrong” on some national security issues but it was more of a throw-away mumble so I’ll have to watch again and see if I can pick up what he meant.

And I’ll be searching the chart for Joe the Plumber who kept showing up and they had quite a tiff over whether Joe’s taxes are going up or not for when he buys the business he’s been working in for years. I’m not sure who cares the most about Joe’s situation based on this debate – but is Joe represented by Pluto, who rules pipes and tunnels? If so, he set during the debate from 7th house into 6th.

Obama’s conversation with Joe at, I assume, a campaign stop, was that “5 years ago, when you were in a position to buy the business, you needed a tax break then.” But McCain seems to think Joe’s current problems are Barack Obama’s fault now. It’s all a horrid nightmare but I’m fairly certain that it was Bush who was playing president 5 years ago.

Ben Stein is on ‘Tavis Smiley’ now saying that Obama’s long-term plans (for the economy) are excellent but that he didn’t have a short-term plan. Until the dust settles, I’m not sure who could.

Stein is “puzzled” that Obama didn’t repudiate John Lewis’ unfortunate remarks in a more forceful way.

Tavis is saying that the spin will be that McCain was whining about his feelings being hurt (by being ‘compared’ to George Wallis by Lewis, which I’m not sure is precisely what Lewis said.) 

He was whining, and as Obama said, the American people don’t care in this campaign if our feelings get hurt (paraphrased.) Now the Irish side of my family would call it whinging, know what I mean? Obama didn’t repudiate John Lewis (that would be daft) but he conceded the inappropriateness of Lewis’ remarks.

So altogether, McCain scored a few points but seemed to flail and whinge in a petty way, Obama was calm yet he did get annoyed about the ACORN accusations.

And, as stated in a post below, (at 10:31 pm actually – I pre-used 10:30 pm), Uranus ended at Midheaven with Saturn at Ic – but Uranus remained in 10th house of Career and Public Standing, while Saturn left the building by way of The Drain (Ic) – and I’m not sure if Joe the Plumber can help stop the leak.

Now If I can just figure out which candidate is Uranus and which is Saturn I might be on to something. Okay, so I think I know, but what do you think?

VP debate 10.2.08: meet me in St. Louis

Not much time this morning to blurb on tonight’s one and only VP debate but after taking a week off from my day job, the salt mine is waiting for me to get back to it so this must be briefer than I’d prefer. Hope it isn’t too slapdash to make some sort of sense!

Here I’m using a shorthand method, one of my favored ‘tricks’ and I have no idea if anyone else uses it, and I don’t think I’ve ever mentioned using it but after a few years of the practice I can say that it always relates to the matter at hand. Let’s see if I can explain…first, do have handy a book such as Brady’s ‘Predictive Astrology’ or whichever info you prefer concerning Eclipses.

Taking Joe Biden’s natal chart and setting up a Composite Davison chart with tonight’s debate chart (Oct 2, 2008; 9:00 pm, St. Louis, MO + Joe Biden = ’20Tau00′) gives a combined (or averaged) date of Oct 27, 1975, and the Pre-natal Eclipse of that date is the 3 South Series whose influence is:

constitutional crisis; possible natural disasters, and a striving for large group endeavors positively or negatively; this may include mass migrations such as after hurricanes or war displacements; mass movements of some kind are indicated. So subjects along these lines may be brought up in the debate by Sen Biden.

With Sarah Palin’s natal chart in Composite Davison relationship to tonight’s debate (using ‘4:40 pm’ for her birth time giving 19Leo+ as natal ASC), the C/Dav date is June 8, 1986; Eclipse degree = ’19Ari07′; you see that this is the Exaltation degree of the Sun – for this and other reasons I believe the ‘lowered expectations’ trick of Karl Rove will bear low-hanging political fruit in this debate for those who are susceptible to her charms.

Palin will stand up for herself although her grasp of facts will still be middling at best, yet it may not matter – most of the people who like her will like her still when the dust clears, and she will use emotional communication power to persuade.

And if Biden can keep his anger and contempt – of stable Taurus for fools-rush-in Aries – under control, it should be good for him as well – he will use his keen powers of observation and long experience to persuade.

So for Palin the Pre-natal Eclipse for June 8, 1986 is in the 6 North Series which has a r’elationship to authority figures’ flavor – commitments will occur due to another person’s illness or unreliability.

That John McCain will not be completing a presidential term seems most likely and I assume that Biden realizes that he may be debating the next president of the United States this evening unless a populist landslide – so large it cannot be ignored or dirty-tricked away – carries the Democratic ticket into the White House. You’d think the financial crisis and war loss and spending would help, wouldn’t you? That’s where Rovian dirty tricks and sexy Sarah come in.

The VP debate chart shows 1Gem24 rising at 9:00 pm CDT in St. Louis, and 9AQ31 at Midheaven, chart-ruler Mercury is retrograde and applying first in trine to NN (the public – millions are watching as will I), trine Chiron 1A56 with Chiron 16AQ18 Rx in 10th house as is NN 17AQ01, then Mercury, planet of debates and oration, squares Jupiter 13Cap30 which has just entered 8th house of debts, credit, and legacies – where Pluto 28Sag39 is located as well and conj Republican Party’s natal ASC – then Mercury conjuncts Sun 10Lib14 8A00.

Biden (Sun) will finally be seen to ‘win’ on most levels though Palin will make her mark with Mercury Rx as prepared as she can be…there will be fuzzy thinking about the debate mainly because of the emotional component mixed with Palin’s sexual attraction which many people find persuasive (!)

ASC “2Gem”: “Santa Claus Filling Stockings Furtively”, the What or the debate itself; MC, the Aspiration Point of the debate…”11AQ”: “A Popularity That Proves Ephemeral.” But whose popularity? Palin’s is my guess.

Yes, Mercury is quite busy tonight even in its Rx state and is conjunct US Sec Progressed Mars 18Lib+…’19Lib” = “A Gang of Robbers in Hiding.” This rightfully should relate to the occupation, Congress, Wall Street, the Fed, and to a certain Treasury secretary – esp with moneybags Jupiter now to-the-degree opposite US n Sun (and Bush’s n Sun), a time when resources and credit dry up. Since I’ve mentioned this before here and on Stars Over Washington, I’ll not repeat.

Obviously America’s financial entanglings will be mentioned and you don’t need Astrology to figure that out; plus, the Iraq war will be on the menu with ‘1Sag’ Descending, the ‘Where point’ of the chart…’1Sag”: “A Grand Army of the Republic Campfire.”

Another thing to look at is the candidates’ natal placements – which are first to rise in the VP debate chart? In order of ascendance:

Biden: Uranus 2Gem46, Desc 3:11, Saturn 6:22. This gives him a Saturn/Uranus = ASC: the loner’s position is established; experiencing difficulties caused by others; being placed in difficult circumstances; emotional suffering. I think it’s significant that the Saturn/Uranus pair are associated with the Middle East, esp with Israel and Palestine and, of course, there’s the Saturn-Uranus opposition overhead and soon to be exact.

That Biden describes himself as a Zionist cannot be overlooked. (I placed the video on Stars Over Washington a few weeks ago if you haven’t seen it – sorry I don’t have time to find its link for you!) Biden’s natal Pluto 7Leo14 has just crossed the Foundation Point of the debate chart, the Ic, at 9:00 pm.

Now with Sarah Palin’s natal placements, first to rise this evening 9:00 pm will be Chiron/ASC if you use her 4:40 pm birth chart…she’s seen as inadequate. Her Chiron/Uranus midpoint soon rises which is the ‘chaos-creator/maverick’ pair, useful in politics for reforming on a grand scale.

Next up – and again using 4:40 pm birth time – is NN/MC (‘being recognized’ – Tyl) so we see NN/MC = ASC: harmony; associations based on an inner understanding.

I believe this relates to her political and religious associations – we may hear code words flying tonight although obvert messages may be used by Palin, too, esp since she’s been criticized of late about ‘witch exorcisms’ and her church affiliations.

At 20Gem02 is Palin’s n Venus/Uranus so her ‘sexiness’ will ‘rise’ (not for me – perhaps for you!)  and will bring a certain eccentricity with it because Venus/Uranus can also have an ‘erratic with money’ vibe, as well as being the divorce duo.

So all you fellas and gals imagining yourselves in love with Sarah Palin and hoping she’ll divorce her husband for ya are doomed to be disappointed whether you fall for her as president – er, vice president – or not. 

But tonight’s VP debate promises to be a ‘playing the powerful hunch’ affair full of daring and persuasive words delivered both openly and surreptitiously to the collective unconscious…assuming that a retrograde Mercury doesn’t interfere.

~:~ just realized that my reliance on my astrology software for the correct time for the debate may have been misplaced (again.) Mea culpa – will have to check it on my return later this afternoon…grump. Too rushed, too fatigued – and all apologies if so. However, C/Dav Eclipse info remains the same as given above.

Joe and Jill Biden’s Wedding Day Astrology

Check my sidebar Pages where you’ll find ‘Wedding Day Astrology: Joe and Jill Biden’ if you wish a small peek into the relationship dynamics of this 31-years-married couple!

Astrology Mundo on the DNC’s Void of Course Moon

Astrology Mundo has published an excellent article by guest host Sasha on the void-of-course Moon which has been in effect during the Democratic National Convention in Denver this week…until 6:13 pm MDT…woo! that was close.

Turns out the Dems were fortunate that the Roll Call of States was shortened and the acclamation for Barack Obama came when it did – and I can’t help but wonder if there are any astrologers on staff!


And a note on the proceedings in Denver: John Kerry gave the most hard-hitting speech so far, saith the TV guys, Lehrer, Shields, and Brooks (although I’m not certain if they all were in agreement with that accessment but it was, “un-Kerrylike”) and Bill Clinton got the usual ovations and said he was there “to warm up the crowd for Joe Biden” – not that Joe needed it.

Joe will do all right.

Bill kept his self-written speech down to 20 minutes! And perhaps my favorite line was the one about the Republicans wanting us to reward them for hte last 8 years by giving them 4 more…which came after a legal-esque litany of the GOP ills we’re slogging under.

10:00 pm: a video presentation on our military and its real live people, the ones Bush-Cheney haven’t used up. Pardon me, but that’s how I feel about politicians who avoid serving themselves yet maneuver their careers to cynically send our brave children in to war – especially wars of choice.

It’s 10:06 pm EDT now and still no Joe Biden. He should be on soon though, and I’ll be recording it for posterity while using the Solar Fire software’s Animated Chart feature set for Denver to see the planets rise, set, culminate, and fall, and leaving/entering houses as they do.

10:09 pm note: Bill Richardson has been bumped into Thursday evening…

Catch ya later…

Biden’s MBNA ties and US banking legislation

Did Joe Biden’s ties to credit card company MBNA affect his role in banking legislation that draconically re-wrote bankruptcy law AGAINST consumers? Yes.

MBNA has since been bought by Bank of America but was spawned in Delaware, Biden’s home state.

Will it affect his ability to help Obama become president? Depends on how many other culprits come under fire for similar corruption. Biden’s staffers are defending him with ‘compromises must be made’ which could justify most anything you like.

Credit cards are Delaware!

And Biden sold his house to an MNBA executive and has received about $240, 000 in contributions through the years, as NPR is now reporting. Well, is Biden really an outsider to Washington’s ways? Apparently not esp when it comes to big money – and natally he does have a happy Jupiter in busine$$-oriented Cancer.

And since the objective during political campaigning is to wound your opponent/s without getting caught, tit-for-tat revelations should surely be in preparation to stem the damage.

We’ll see how this ‘gotcha’ plays out for Obama-Biden…esp if this week’s out-of-bounds Moon signifies plans you have no intention of fulfilling anyway…such as resting the helm from neocon hawks and Zionists of the GOP. It’s not as if Dem strategists hadn’t known Biden’s financial ties and their implications Before he was chosen as VP running mate -are they trying to lose like Kerry? 

Oh for an honest man? They’re all pocket-liners in Washington…US natal Jupiter = “6Cancer”: “Gamebirds Feathering Their Nests.” Clear to me, how about you?

I still believe all candidates should disclose to the hoodwinked American people just how much moola they’ve gained from the ‘war on terror’ and the war in Iraq (ha! right?) Iraqi children are suffering so horribly and it makes me Very Angry when children suffer.

With an ‘out of bounds of the earthly plane’ Moon affecting events, plans, moods, and other Moon-related factors this week – and with security concerns included in the scenario – safety needs are again indicated (see two previous posts below.)

But plans made under this Moon won’t tend to pan out, so the saving grace for this Dem Convention’s OOBs Moon is that their plans were, of course, made Prior to this week; still a Moon OOBs gives a scattered, vague, and/or warm-and-fuzzy feeling to the proceedings.

Pass the mac’n’cheese, no pork please!

So the lack of realism and wasted effort occurring under an OOBs Moon may show through misjudgments of some kind with mistakes being made. Good! Perhaps my expressed fears about safety and sabotage this week are what will come to nothing.

Biden idealizes Obama’s best traits 8.23.08

And Obama returns the favor!

As I’ve studied the planetary placements on this auspicious day for the Obama campaign with the events in Springfield, IL marking the kick-off of the Biden leg of the prez tour, I was struck by how complex the astrological picture is, from natal, progressed, and composite charts.

Interesting with my wizard’s hat in place, but difficult to write anything remotely resembling a unified and clear analysis without giving both my regular readers crossed eyes and headaches.

So I shall confine myself to a few observations, beginning with today’s Sabian Symbol for the Sun’s position, “1 Virgo”…”In a Portrait, a Man’s Best Features Are Idealized.”

Dane Rudhyar gives the Keynote of this degree as relating to the path of discipleship and the harvest season as the Sun leaves Leo and enters Virgo. Perhaps Obama may be said to have been Biden’s disciple? Biden has attempted to enter the White House and stay there before so it seems that Obama may be HIS ticket.

Now the Sun’s reaching the end of Leo/00Vir+ links to Egyptian star lore, the Sphinx, and to ancient mystery cults, plus, there are other indications between today’s chart, Obama’s and Biden’s natal and progressed charts, and their composite charts – indications of mystical influences and supernatural concerns.

Is Astrology Afoot Along with Biden’s “Firm Stand”? 

Timing today’s speech with the Moon’s position (29Tau+) because it’s opposite the Inaugural 2009’s Moon is a clue, as well as transit Sun today being conjunct Joe Biden’s natal NN…see above Sabian Symbol. Either there’s a campaign astrologer or two behind the woodpile in Lincoln’s land, or synchronicity times and wins the day along with some crumbling temple in Giza!

Now you may or may not think that this is (or will be) problematic for the Dem team, however, it is possible that if there are mystical associations, they may aid the Dems in their bid for the White House, or ‘White Lodge’ as I often think of it.

How benefit?

Besides support from abroad and from possible connections with secret organizations, these two grand egos, both of which are vying for the highest recognition and glory, must be able to consciously direct the sublimation of their personal egos on behalf of a higher cause and this will be the difference between success or failure.

What I can’t tell you astrologically – at least not yet – is whether their shared cause, mission, and goals are truly on behalf of the common good. A new direction for America away from the Bush policies? Yuh, sounds great! And sorely needed.

For we know that America always corrects course after too much of one Party’s ideology has run away with the day and overly fatigued us with its falsehoods and self-serving high-handedness.

Yes, the Obama-Biden team talks a good game of it, but we’ve been burned too many times by cynical politicians whose agendas are not remotely in tune with our own best interests. Yes, Barack and Joe sing a melodious tune, but who wrote the lyrics and for what ultimate political purpose?

But since the charts mentioned show a somewhat better story on the people’s behalf, I’ll try to muster a little faith in the Dem ticket’s duet because a vote for John McCain is like a vote for George Bush, and you know it.

And thennnn….?

Along the campaign trail will appear the anti-common-gooders who try to march off with the prize, and we’ll recognize them as neocon goose-steppers and enablers who hatchet the backs of the more popular contenders in order to continue the *Bush Doctrine and agenda and keep themselves top dogs.

But will the ‘old boss same as the new boss’ model take the cake?

What a Dem administration may do to scale back the constitutional weakening that Bush-Cheney have overseen will show how straightforwardly they intend to do the people’s business which has tragically been disregarded for too long – and to much ill effect for society’s sake, I may add.


*Link to chart image of Bush Doctrine but no grimey details added as of yet:


And here’s a Page I’ve added with a link to NPR’s audio player so you can listen to Joe Biden’s first speech as VP nom today in Springfield in which he idealizes Obama’s best traits…you’ll find a link to Obama’s speech today – in which he idealizes Biden’s best traits –  in the previous post:


Obama introduces VP Biden in Springfield

Talking Points Memo comes through!

In case you’ve not had a chance to read it, here’s a link to Barack Obama’s speech in Springfield, IL today where he touts Joe Biden’s ‘many triumphs after great trial’ and links Biden’s character to his years of foreign policy experience:


My own thoughts are along with lines of ‘be careful what you tout’ since the embroilments the US is now in have occurred under Biden’s watch on Foreign Relations Committee as much as under the residency of George W. Bush and the mentorship and hubris of Dick Cheney.

GOP’s Jupiter Return in December 2008

Just a heads-up update alert that a previous entry concerning the Jupiter Return of the Republican Party on Dec 8, 2008 has been slightly spruced up if you’d like to check it out:


As you know, in January 2009, Barack Obama has his own Jupiter Return and before Jan 20, too. Kind of a ‘battle of the Jupiter Returns’ overhead, but one difference is that in Political Astrology, or Mundane Astrology as it’s more properly called, Jupiter is said to represent or signify the Republican Party, with Saturn as the Democratic Party.

I’ve got some notes to review, more later….besides, the astrological chatter has been deafening online since Obama announced his VP choice late Friday evening as Joe Biden, but since so much of election campaigning depends on defending gaffes your opponent is making the most hay with – no matter how thin the argument – then Biden’s tendency toward controversial utterings must have GOP strategists dancing a celebratory jig this morning because here is a Dem they know very well!

~:~ For more on Obama and Biden, the orating team for the Democrats, see Not One but TWO Orators Have We just below and the interesting comments left by Enquirer who reminds us of *Barack and Joe’s plagiarism issues in the past, and max, who has frets similar to my own. 

Without updating it, I’ll give you the link to my post of Dec 2007 spotlighting Barack Obama’s natal Mercury in Leo since Mercury is one’s orating ability and style, and describes one’s thinking processes:



* (agreed! but it should be an issue for any politician or writer – makes me want to be better about giving cred where due so if I lack in it, don’t hesitate to point it out, fellow bloggers! There is such a thing as unconscious plagiarism which is not technically plagiarism at all. It’s a human trait we all share since all is built upon what comes before it…the ‘all art is derivative’ effect; or, as Scripture says, There’s nothing new under the sun!)

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