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Thousands march in London against war in Afghanistan

Yes, in a peaceful show of solidarity of purpose, Thousands March in London in protest against the war in Afghanistan, a country well known to be “the graveyard of empires.”

Once again, today’s Europeans show several generations of Americans that lounging about on the sofa watching TV commercials simply won’t suffice in today’s political atmosphere!

Of course, millions of protesters the world over have marched against the Bush-Cheney administration’s illegal invasion and occupation of Iraq and the Republicans (and enabling Democrats) successfully ignored our massive opposition to their global domination plans.

Guess it’s obvious that there’s a higher authority whose Vulcan voice the White House listens to, and it definitely does not belong to we-the-people.

Over 53% of our tax dollars go to War

Tax Day, April 15, is upon us with a vengeance and it’s not comforting to know that most of our funds go to fighting perpetual war bwo the Pentagon.

Especially with US schools, post offices, and court rooms closing for lack of funds! Either we-the-people are mad as hatters or the US government is trying to drive us in that direction while totally clearing out the US Treasury in the process.

As I groused repeatedly about the Bush-Cheney regime’s invasion of Iraq in 2003: with Jupiter the General retrograde at the time, the war would be a bottomless pit in the money department…was I wrong?

Well, this is a definite case of ‘sometimes you just don’t want to be right’.

And I stand by my opinion: Bush-Cheney didn’t go to war in Iraq or in Afghanistan in order to end terrorism – they invaded the Middle East on a misguided mission to promote it. And we see years later how the entire world is paying the price.

Written by Jude Cowell

April 13, 2010 at 11:57 pm

Proud to be an American

Soul-searching after Senator Edward Kennedy’s Passing…

One thing you may as well know: I had friends who served, and friends who dodged the draft, during the Vietnam War, an abomination on par with the Bush-Cheney ‘Cakewalk’ invasion of Iraq 2003 to __?__.

My belief is that President Obama’s expansion of US troops into Afghanistan, Pakistan (and wherever else the zionists take him) is a mistaken course. For one thing, true success doesn’t come when a vengeful spirit is indulged. Such ‘success’ is only temporary for it is not based on permanent values upon which the Universe hinges (Love is the Foundation.)

Senator Kennedy’s passing last evening has me thinking about how I was once prouder to be an American than I’ve been able to be in the last several years of ‘rule’ by the zealous emotional robots who bedevil us to this day and beyond.

And if I never get to feel proud of America again, so be it, I’ll just have to deal.

But do one favor for me please? If you haven’t yet, read this one article: Thugs of Fortune, posted by Jeff Huber.

Thank You.


The Kennedy Family has set up a site where you may honor the senator and share your memories, if you wish.

Senator Edward Kennedy

Feb 22, 1931 – August 25, 2009

Who will roar for the underdogs now?

Helicopter deal paid for forged Iraq papers

This is a new nugget on Bush’s war and the manufactured drumbeat leading up to it:


Written by Jude Cowell

March 11, 2009 at 2:02 pm

Ron Paul on war in Iraq

Predictions vs. Reality in Iraq

By Rep. Ron Paul

Yes, I was wrong about Iraq. I knew it would be bad. I didn’t know it would be this bad.


Written by Jude Cowell

September 24, 2008 at 2:18 pm

Biden’s MBNA ties and US banking legislation

Did Joe Biden’s ties to credit card company MBNA affect his role in banking legislation that draconically re-wrote bankruptcy law AGAINST consumers? Yes.

MBNA has since been bought by Bank of America but was spawned in Delaware, Biden’s home state.

Will it affect his ability to help Obama become president? Depends on how many other culprits come under fire for similar corruption. Biden’s staffers are defending him with ‘compromises must be made’ which could justify most anything you like.

Credit cards are Delaware!

And Biden sold his house to an MNBA executive and has received about $240, 000 in contributions through the years, as NPR is now reporting. Well, is Biden really an outsider to Washington’s ways? Apparently not esp when it comes to big money – and natally he does have a happy Jupiter in busine$$-oriented Cancer.

And since the objective during political campaigning is to wound your opponent/s without getting caught, tit-for-tat revelations should surely be in preparation to stem the damage.

We’ll see how this ‘gotcha’ plays out for Obama-Biden…esp if this week’s out-of-bounds Moon signifies plans you have no intention of fulfilling anyway…such as resting the helm from neocon hawks and Zionists of the GOP. It’s not as if Dem strategists hadn’t known Biden’s financial ties and their implications Before he was chosen as VP running mate -are they trying to lose like Kerry? 

Oh for an honest man? They’re all pocket-liners in Washington…US natal Jupiter = “6Cancer”: “Gamebirds Feathering Their Nests.” Clear to me, how about you?

I still believe all candidates should disclose to the hoodwinked American people just how much moola they’ve gained from the ‘war on terror’ and the war in Iraq (ha! right?) Iraqi children are suffering so horribly and it makes me Very Angry when children suffer.

With an ‘out of bounds of the earthly plane’ Moon affecting events, plans, moods, and other Moon-related factors this week – and with security concerns included in the scenario – safety needs are again indicated (see two previous posts below.)

But plans made under this Moon won’t tend to pan out, so the saving grace for this Dem Convention’s OOBs Moon is that their plans were, of course, made Prior to this week; still a Moon OOBs gives a scattered, vague, and/or warm-and-fuzzy feeling to the proceedings.

Pass the mac’n’cheese, no pork please!

So the lack of realism and wasted effort occurring under an OOBs Moon may show through misjudgments of some kind with mistakes being made. Good! Perhaps my expressed fears about safety and sabotage this week are what will come to nothing.

Senate Speeches: Byrd vs McCain March 19, 2003

Perhaps you remember that the venerable Senator Robert Byrd (D-WVa) arose the afternoon of March 19, 2003 – hours before Bush-Cheney began to rain preemptive bombs upon Baghdad – and gave a stirring speech on the senate floor which condemned US military action against Iraq.

You may recall Byrd’s speech by one of the rhetorical questions he asked as he (and I along with him, perhaps you, too) wept for America:

One of his questions: “Why can this President not seem to see that America’s true power lies not in its will to intimidate, but in its ability to inspire?”

Now we notice that Byrd used, ‘not seem to see,’ a phrase which hints at his awareness of Bush’s willful disregard of anyone’s better advice – dubya was gunning for Saddam who had tried to get his father (the noive) and besides: a higher neocon/globalist plan admitted no other course of action.

Byrd was being….generous, imho. Bush did ‘see’ but he didn’t care; in fact he was counting on our courageous soldiers to be just that idealistic about liberating oppressed Iraqis whether the liberated lived through it or not. Naturally Bush must catapult our tendency toward idealism to a national fervor, for its been proven that the American people need their idealism fanned in order to march to war.

Well, it kinda worked with a bunch of tweaking and intell “sexing up” as the Brits say, while America’s might was commandeered for privatized use. I’m being generous.

Then what do you think happened on the senate floor when Senator Byrd sat down that ill-fated day?

A man rose up to defend the war plans of George W. Bush & Co. In fact, you could say he beat the war drums a few licks himself while labeling himself a Wilsonian and admitting his harbored feeling of admiration for his “hero and role model, Theodore Roosevelt.”

And that man, that Senator and water-carrier for the Bush-Cheney regime that day in 2003 was 2008 presidential candidate, John McCain, who knows a little something about war and its personal costs. Never mind that one thing he knows for sure is that, at his age, he’ll never have to serve ‘over there’ again.

His hero and role model, eh? Wonder if McCain has ever taken notice of the Teddy Roosevelt quote from my last article (just below)…the one about America’s secret, invisible government as explained by Teddy Roosevelt?

These last few years it’s become impossible for me to think of the holder of the Office of the Presidency as anything more than the tip of a submerged iceberg, a mouthpiece for announcing all manner of propaganda and decrees from on high. Mark it up and pass it on. Maybe it was always that way, but the job has been degraded in recent decades – also part of the plan of dissolving our nation.

Whichever candidate, if any, is sworn in on Jan 20, 2009 (with a meaningless pledge of Constitution-upholding) the transits to the US natal chart/s, its Progressions, etc, will still occur and her idealism will be twisted into a semblance of nationalism as needed. We will be told that the higher good demands our action even when we’ve given all we have to give and disagree with the fuzzy justifications for it all.

Mars retrograde by Progression in the US chart indicates a turning inward militarily and in other ways rather than an outreach, and the Full Moon by Progression in December is the culmination of efforts as well – we’ve reached the outer limits of our power and must retract.

And yes, our secret government may be seen in a fuller light bwo astrological terms by the upcoming Progressed Full Moon in December 2008, and later on we’ll experience the Saturn conjunct natal Neptune (ideals, visions, dreams, hopes) which is the “grim face of reality” transit. Because Saturn’s cycle is approximately 28 – 30 years in length, issues from 1979 – 1983 or so will be on the national menu along with Filet of Sole Soup (served cold and byoc…bring your own croutons.)

Old Man Saturn says, ‘deal with reality and truth – now” and we have little option to do otherwise.

History repeats (‘Saturn Rx’) as shown in astrological cycles but there are always additional factors to change the current brew which sometimes is an improvement. (That’s good because I suspect that Filet of Sole Soup isn’t very tasty, don’t you?)

Plus, we know that ‘Corporatism meets Capitalism’ is another manifestation of Saturn-Neptune although I do use the antithetical pair, like many other astrologers before me, to represent Communism itself when applicable.

And: state + corporations = fascism, as you know…a similar thing but adding the political dimension.

The pirating of America is almost complete but with much restructuring still to do (Pluto in Capricorn.)

So if you plan to vote for John McCain in November (the 2008 elections are still on, right?) please read both texts given in full by following the link I’m about to give you. The speeches are provided in full text and are fairly brief so it won’t take you more than two shakes of a lamb’s tail to peruse – and it’s an interesting limp down Memory Lane, if nothing else.

Certainly it’s good for McCain voters to remember March 19, 2003 and the senator’s arguments (must retrieve large amounts of WMD in Iraq! Now where’d I put those talking points?) against the more measured, thoughtful approach of one of our longest-serving Senators who may have lived his younger days with certain prejudices, but now seems to see that self-evolution and noble acting require serious self-contemplation before rushing off to an ill-advised war on a fool’s errand of a wild goose chase that a bully-pulpiter can’t be clear or honest about because if he were – no one would follow.

Full texts of both speeches: http://www.informationclearinghouse.info/article19577.htm

Parallels with Bush-Cheney White House and Nixon days

There’s an op-ed by Frank Rich in the New York Times today which you’ve probably seen, but in case not:


titled, “The Real-Life ’24’ of Summer 2008.”

Parallels between the Bush-Cheney White House’s obsessions and corruptions with that of Richard Nixon’s tenure are depressingly obvious and have been part of making America less safe and have seriously undermined our nation’s reputation in the world.

Rich’s article lays it out and cites several books which tell the tale against Bush-Cheney and their unAmerican torture tactics which serve to produce false confessions and send our military on wild-goose chases.

The most glaring wild-goose chase has been the war in Iraq and now we see Taliban-Afghanistan violence ramping up with redeployment of our troops from Iraq seemingly the only option the Pentagon has. That this circumstance will be somehow fitted into GOP and Dem plans for their own selfish interests is a given for it seems political thespians never learn.

The Bush-Cheney ‘strategery’ has been appallingly shortsighted as such national myopia always will be when Politics rules and ‘unintended consequences’ are wrapped inside the shroud of plausible deniability and attended by a compulsive need to seem infallible and “not a crook” a la Nixon.

You may wish to view my August 2007 article ‘celebrating’ the 33rd anniversary of Richard Nixon’s resignation here:


for as a resident of Washington DC at the time, I can personally attest to a deep relief and a decided sense of breathing cleaner air once the crook’s helicopter had left the vicinity. And I remember precisely my reaction as I watched his ‘victory’ sign on TV – laughing and crying at the same time.

Yes, the radical Bush-Cheney regime these last Several years has given me that deja-vu feeling all over again but with emphasis on the crying side – for America and for her brilliantly devised Consitution (see NYT article.)

You’ll find that my article on Nixon contains a link to his resignation letter to Henry Kissinger who notated the time which is what I used for the Astrology chart mentioned. Too bad no one has received had such a letter from the White House’s current denizen or from his major domo, Mr. Darkside.

My SolarFire software is at-the-ready to calculate the chart if one should be sent! 

Now one of my concerns 2008 is that economic collapse, as horrid as that would be on its own, would possibly cause mass revolt from market meltdown with runs on banks and with marshall law declared by the White House (Kent State was nothing in comparison), and/or other considerations such as violent attack, a terroist tape revealed just prior to the Nov 4 elections for swaying purposes- again)  – all of which would give Bush-Cheney a pretext for staying holed up within the White House, and giving ‘bunker mentality’ a new and lower level of meaning.

Barack’s war and peace contradictions

Barack Obama and the Iraq War
By Shamus Cooke
If he is eventually elected President, the contradiction between Obama’s public anti-war face and his real pro-war beliefs will produce incredible shock and disappointment in millions of people.
http://www.informationclearinghouse.info/article19995.htm  #
Well, we know they’ll say anything (artfully rationalized) to get themselves elected.
And as stated here and elsewhere, no one gets to be seriously considered as a US presidential candidate unless and until they’ve been vetted by the powers-that-be…the financiers and speculators who are rolling in war profiteering dough and have more plans for chaos on the way.
Yes, 2009’s “winner” is very important to the elite. This race is about who can shove the swill down our throats the quicker and with the least amount of trouble.
But that’s American Politics, one of the fakest and most corrupt endeavors anyone could aspire to command and spew propaganda for.
Well, bless my Aunt Granny Fanny, I can’t wait to see who tops the charts come November, or whenever the ‘results’ are tallied (Mercury will be Rx–do-overs and recounts again? Florida and Michigan problems?)
Whichever political thespian it turns out to be, we’ll know exactly who’s tops with the elite powermongers of the world…the one they think will best do their bidding. And the race goes to…

Bush’s ‘red legacy’ will outlast a proposed ‘blue legacy’

War Abroad and Poverty at Home

By Paul Craig Roberts
The “world’s only superpower” is so broke it can’t even finance its own wars.
http://www.informationclearinghouse.info/article19977.htm  #
Even if George Bush creates marine reserves in every ocean in order to leave behind a so-called ‘blue legacy’ to polish up his overspent and warring presidency, the red ink he’s leaving behind for the American people to swim in will drown it out–and that’s not even mentioning the red life’s blood of millions of people spilled with Bush at the helm.
Years ago, when I was a member of The Fray at Slate Magazine, I wrote against the wasting of American soldiers, weaponry, and money as being part of al-Qaeda’s long range plan to take down our nation. You can hardly imagine the crude barbs directed at my stupidity for saying that super-rich America could be ever bankrupted and weakened by any means. Some of them were in on the game, but not the average self-imagined elitist.
Seems The Fray’s many neocon Bush supporters of the day believed that America’s pockets were deep as the oceans and absolutely impossible to deplete.
Why, according to them, little me (writing as ‘peacely2’) bordered on being unpatriotic and quite mad, as you may imagine. Vitriol met all my attempts to warn against wasting our treasure.
But it’s 2008 and our treasure is lost after several years of Bush speculation and waste, so I hope those incredulous Fraysters have their credit card bills up to date, because it’s no longer a cerebral argument or a rude bragfest.
Perhaps their eyes have been opened by recent developments, now that the wolf is at the door along with the barbarian at the gate–and thanks must go to the neocons, their puppetmasters, minions, enablers, and dupes…pocket-liners all, at US taxpayers’ expense. 
And I must remember to thank George W. Bush above all for he’s been the mouthpiece of globalists everywhere.
He defined his presidential job early on, you know–as “catapultin’ propaganda,” and he’s filled those boots rather too well with his natal Ascendant (Asc = his nibs himself) at “8 Leo”…
“A Bolshevik propagandist.”
In his book on the Sabian Symbols, “An Astrological Mandala” Dane Rudhyar adds to this word picture. You may not like it, but I’m giving it to you anyway…
“A Communist Activist Spreading His Revolutionary Ideals”…
Keynote: The emotional and ideological attempt to return to a state of non-differentiation and chaos as a prelude to a new type of order.”
CATABOLIC ACTION…one witnesses a struggle for personal and dictatorial power.#
It will be interesting to see who the NWO allows into the Oval Office on Jan 20, 2009, for you can be sure of it–they haven’t planned and worked for so many years only to give up control of the White House now.
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