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A communique from Intrepid Liberal Journal

At last! My friend in New York, Robert Ellman of the Intrepid Liberal Journal blog, has recently communicated to his blog’s readers who have been missing him for several weeks. After our many emails and comments, there’s news from the author himself.

Click and allow Mr. Ellman to explain himself and do check out his blog’s many excellent articles and interview podcasts if you haven’t already. I’ve been missing his insights into Politics and hope he returns to blogging soon.

Written by Jude Cowell

February 2, 2010 at 11:52 pm

A president’s first 100 days

When Pres. Obama holds a ‘first 100 days’ press conference tomorrow evening, 4.29.09, I’ll be watching and listening with SolarFire’s animated chart feature turned on so I can monitor as planets rise, set, and culminate at important points in the chart, and aspects (relationships) between planets form or separate.

If there’s anything interesting to report astrologically, I will, either here or on Stars Over Washington – but here’s a small note: at 8:00 pm edt in Washington, DC, 4.29.09, rising is ’11Scorpio’…”A Drowning Man Rescued.’

Meanwhile I’ve discovered a most enlightening explanation of the presidential ‘100 days’ phenomenon and it’s from Robert Ellman writing from his excellent Intrepid Liberal Journal and including the archetype: FDR’s first 100 days.

Mr. Ellman’s article also gives his analysis of what’s going on currently in our nation so please don’t miss it!


Update Wed 11:30 pm edt: presser ended at 8:59 pm edt with 22Sco38 rising, and MC 3Vir56 as focal point of a YOD (‘Finger of God’ pattern = a special task; where the story picks up again; crisis) so with Mars in Aries and NN in AQ it gives…

Mars/NN = MC: excellent teamwork; partnership values important; integrating one’s individuality into the community.

And with US Secondary Progressed Moon conjunct that MC, we have…

Mars/NN = Sec Moon: emotional attitude toward others shows and leads activity; unions based on soul affinity.

(I see Sec Moon in a national chart as representing where ‘the people’ are in an evolutionary sense. You may disagree. And remember that the US Sibly chart had a Sec Full Moon in Dec 2008 – see sidebar column of Pages for chart and a few details.)

Reinhold Ebertin gives the Mars/NN combination as ‘people working together toward a common end or purpose; a social conscience.’

The presser began at 8:01 pm edt with a Fist of God pattern which also pointed to (8:01 pm’s) MC 18Leo51, the degree position of two disturbing influences: the August 11, 1999 Solar Eclipse that Nostradamus warned us about, and Venus’ position on the morning of 9.11.01. (Solar Eclipse chart in sidebar column of Pages.)

This is also the degree of Mr. Obama’s natal Descendant of Partnerships (his 7:24 pm chart) so natal ASC was at IC, the Foundation of the matter…what he was selling, I think, himself, so we may infer…

Mars/Pluto = natal ASC: showing the hero image; the fighter who dares the impossible.

Sounds like tonight’s presser, his first 100 days, and his entire presidency to me.

Plus, with the MC (‘the Goal’ of the chart) the pattern gives a picture with the base of the configuration (a square between Mars an Pluto), as:

Mars/Pluto = MC: self-confidence; unusual capabilities for life advancement; facing overwhelming danger without power; ambition; dealing with might on either side of any issue; major job maneuver.

As usual, midpoint pictures work in an ‘any, all, or none’ fashion but based on Pres. Obama’s performance so far, I’ll take the ‘dealing with might’ possibility, plus, the ‘major job maneuver’ if tonight’s presentation short circuits tiresome talking points designed to keep anything useful from getting done on behalf of the American people who most politicians seem to think aren’t worth the expenditure.

Good old America: my only nag in the race!

Senator Baucus holds the healthcare keys – G20 Summit 2009

With Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner touting on TV’s political shows this morning, I have just enough time to tell you that New York’s Robert Ellman has written an excellent article on why he’s holding Democratic feet to the fire even though he votes for them and voted for Barack Obama last November.

But that’s not all you get in one post with Rob who details health care legislation’s chances in Congress with Sen. Max Baucus (D-Montana) holding the keys of power as Chairman of the Senate Finance Committee, and the rhetorical platitudes Baucus has used to hide his true intent – keeping the medical industry complex’s grip on the regular American’s wallet.

In my astrological neighborhood, it’s called ‘class warfare of Pluto-Chiron’ and is a symptom of a plutocracy working to keep its claws on the helm of power. I assert that 2008’s financial meltdown was the elite class holding us hostage to our fears and using our bank accounts as ransom for a high-jacked, failed banking system that they built, then crashed so that a ‘new system’ would be called for.

The G20 Summit in London this week may tell some of the tale concerning the US dollar’s destiny – and our own. But it all depends on what the wheeler-dealers behind the scene have up their magicians’ sleeves…and it’s more than a wrinkled old arm. 

It will be interesting to hear the scripts that come out of the meetings as delivered by Pres. Obama and others – will their words ring out above violent protests? Will protests become violent in part by secret instigators working on behalf of the Rothschilds and Rockefellers?

Rome, Berlin, Paris, and London have seen protests this weekend ahead of the Summit. Europeans are angry about spiralling inequality and most are blaming America’s greed and corruption for the world’s financial problems. It’s not been a lack of liquidity, but too much money (printed by unaccountable-to-the- public central banks) being too cheap that’s caused problems and we-the-people aren’t the ones who over-printed! We’re all victims here.

And like many people, I am not pleased for the most part with the president’s choice of economic team which has too many of the players from Clinton days (and before.)

So holding Democrats in power to a populist standard isn’t a bad thing, it’s the only thing the underclass can do if it values its very existence. And by ‘underclass’ I mean anyone not of the self-exalted, hubristically inclined super-rich ‘power elite.’

Now if you’ve read this far, I know you’ll believe me when I say that Mr. Ellman explains it better here:


So once again, in the form of Max Baucus and his colleagues, we may say that on Capitol Hill corporate donations speak much louder than we-the-people — they drown us out, in fact — and Mr. Ellman is no happier with the condition than this gnat of a blogger who can’t say it nearly as eloquently as he.

Well, is Mr. Obama really moving the US government to the ‘left’ as some have charged? Apparently he should be since he was elected to do just that on behalf of the majority of we-the-people.

And who doesn’t fondly remember through 8 years of the Bush-Cheney adminstration the oft-repeated mantra of  ‘compassionate conservatives’ when faced with the prospect of being their brother’s keeper?  “All through your life, you made choices,” they intoned from their smug, high horses.

Translation: you’re on your own, sucker. I got mine. You get yours.

Uncle Michael vs Grandpa Rush

Robert Ellman has written that there are three core constituencies to the Republican Party:

1. Predatory corporatists who steal from wage earners and destroy the planet;

2. Religious lunatics…who proselytize  that anyone who doesn’t accept Jesus Christ as their personal savior is condemned to eternal damnation and don’t support civil liberties for homosexuals;

3. Angry racists.

That Rush Limbaugh has served as the face and voice of all three constituencies makes him a busy, if high-as-a-kite, broadcaster.

He has that Mars-Pluto zeal thing going on and Mars-Pluto square his Midheaven (Mc), the Career/Aspiration Point..

Mars-Pluto = Mc: confidence; ambition; dealing with might on either side of any issue; major job maneuver.

So with the Mc the most public point of any chart, you hear Limbaugh’s testosterone-driven Mars-Pluto when you hear him pontificating on the radio…Mr. Zealot.

And when RNC chairman Michael Steele (a ‘shameless apologist for the GOP’s predatory corporatists,’ says Ellman) recently dissed Rush as ‘party leader’  then had to apologize like a little puppy kicked up under the porch, the ‘Limbaugh brand’ was reinforced, the bristling ego of the man left haughtily intact.

That Mr. Steele imagined himself in charge makes me blush for him – someone should have explained things more fully.

Yet of late there have been frustrations in Mr. Limbaugh’s life because no one completely escapes the negative effects of Neptune conjunct natal Mars along with the positive ones.

In Limbaugh’s case, Mars 22AQ09 in 1st house of Self and Physical Body,  indicates quite a personalized wallop from the gaseous giant (the planet, not the man.)

(Mars represents our energy, initiative, and desire nature.)

That negative escapism is involved is an obvious caution due to his drug history including doctor-shopping and the involving of a household employee in his big drug scheme.

Yet through the aid of friends in high places, he paid very little for his illegal drug dealings and abuse – has anything of merit been learned by Mr. Law-Unto-Himself?

Here’s a post I scribbled at the time of Limbaugh’s arrest and subsequent getting off lightly:


Physical endeavors and vitality are diffused or even undermined at such times as Neptune-to-Mars; deceptions, confusions, and illusions  are on the menu in one way or another. Male relationships may unravel or compromising photos may be taken and distributed.

Inflated (Neptune) actions (Mars) may become more evident in Limbaugh’s behavior – hard to believe that he could become even more expansive and bombastic than before, isn’t it? Well actually, transit Neptune has been affecting Limbaugh’s Mars for a while now.

Anything that does succeed under a Neptune-to-Mars transit will be due to inspired actions and insights. And with Neptune’s connection to the masses and to media, I’m certain that if Limbaugh feels the least bit inspired, we’ll be hearing all about it with his usual bombastic style.

Check out Robert Ellman’s article on ‘Uncle Michael’  here:



Rush Limbaugh: Jan 12, 1951, 7:50 am CST, Cape Girardeau, MO; ASC 00AQ57 (conj US Inaugural Sun on Jan 20); Sun 21Cap33 (in 12th house, a political placement of ‘unconscious ego’); Moon 23Pis25 conj North Node 20Pis48 – Moon = publicity, the public, NN or the Moon = contact with the public.

Rush was born to broadcast!

Birth data: Rodden Rating AA


William Greider speaks on Dem alternatives

Robert Ellman, author of the Intrepid Liberal Journal, has a lot of respect for the writings of William Greider as do I.

That’s why I’m glad to find that Rob has recently posted a YouTube of Greider telling the Democrats that half measures won’t be sustainable – they either need to work on behalf of wage earners or for the fat cats.

Continuing to ‘straddle the fence’ only results in Humpty-Dumpty-itis, in my opinion, and we see now how gutted the stimulant parts of the president’s bill will probably be by voting time.

Check out Rob’s post which has a link to the first impressive article he read years ago by Mr. Greider; plus, the video clip, ‘Truth Teller William Greider’ is ready for viewing:


If you want what’s best for America and for the American worker, you may appreciate Rob’s suggestions concerning the current alternatives of the Democratic Party. They’d do us better to listen.

As I always say: America is the only nag in the race for me!

There is no love in Politics, Pres. Obama!

Over at Intrepid Liberal Journal, we find that ‘There is no love in Politics’ which may be a lesson learned the last few days by Pres. Obama concerning the passage of his economic stimulus package which, in spite of cocktails and canapes, necessitated taking off the velvet ‘bipartisan’ gloves:


~video included~

Financial elite have no shame!

Rob Ellman’s blog, Intrepid Liberal Journal, has an excellent video of a New Yorker’s ‘righteous rant’ on the financial crisis – check this out – this guy covers it all:


And here’s a Canadian view from the Toronto Star, which wonders aloud that the financial elite who caused the economic meltdown seem to have no shame over their actions and ineptitude:


There’s that word again: ineptitude, which is and was used so often concerning the Bush years.

Once again I’m not as quick to label the current crop of criminals-in-charge as ‘inept’ when they may be following a one-world-government script which – for them – is working quite dandily!

You may not believe in conspiracies, that’s your choice. Perhaps ‘the secret hand’ sounds like a creepy B-grade movie to you.

But IF the financial/power elite are breaking down the world economy (and other social structures) in order to reconstruct the world the way they want it (with permanent control placed in certain claws) then they’re doing a bang-up job with the current financial crisis, don’t you think? ~

Astrology Note:  with Pluto (secret hand) now in Capricorn (structures and systems including financial, political, and legal) it’s bumpy rides all around…except for the select  few varmints at the helm.

See the Solar Eclipse chart for July 22, 2009, which has an ‘old systems fail; new methods and ideas are needed to deal with issues brought by the eclipse; need for sudden reforms’ flavor opposing US natal Pluto (2 degr orb):


Yes, the 11 South Series is a doozy and last manifested on July 11, 1991, during the time when Bush Sr was shouting out for a New World Order. Now do you honestly think the world’s elite are ‘inept’?

America after King’s assassination

Robert Ellman has published a great feature concerning Clay Risen’s book, ‘A Nation On Fire: America in the Wake of the King Assassination’ which you may wish to check out:


The period of time between LBJ’s refusal to run for president in 1968, Dr. King’s assassination, and the signing by LBJ of the Civil Rights Act,  are more fully covered than usual by Mr. Risen, a former editor of The New Republic.

Riots broke out within hours after MLK’s death: the US Army occupied three major American cities, our National Guard patrolled a dozen others, and looting – one of the traditional yet ineffectual refuges of the disenfranchised – was rampant.

Plus, Clay Risen is founder of ‘Democracy: A Journal of Ideas’ which may be accessed here:


And you may wish to view an image of Dr. King’s natal chart with a few details which I published in Jan 2008 in honor of MLK Day which is upon us once again tomorrow, Monday, Jan 19:


Personally, I will be using MLK Day as a Prayer Day for America and for the American people who could use some extraordinary help  after the 8-year dredging we’ve gotten from the Bush-Cheney regime!

To paraphrase what Barack Obama keeps saying: he can’t do it all by his lonesome…now we all have ‘skin in the game’…and the color of that skin is emphatically Not the Point!

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