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Happy Fourth of July 2013! amazing Fireworks video

Dear America,

Below my celebratory gabfest there’s a celebration-gone-wild video and a little Astrology for your birthday this Thursday, so watch your Jupiterian step!

The brief video embedded below shows an event that some may call ‘a blast from our past’ and which on one level is described in America’s July 4, 1776 natal chart (5:10 pm LMT) as the Mars-ruled Immum Coeli (IC), at the bottom of the chart, a place where roots run deep and which shows that our ancestors, forefathers, and founders fought in and aided the American Revolution (and in earlier conflicts, and certainly later ones.)

US natal IC @00Aries53 is ruled by Mars and has the Aries Point upon it (IC = the HOW? sector of the chart) denoting times when events that may affect the masses tend to occur upon the world stage. The Aries Point (00Aries00:00) is a degree in the Zodiac of recognition, fame, and prominence along with the three other Cardinal Points where activity has been observed over the centuries to have manifested when Cardinal Points are triggered, catalyzed, or simply visited by planets in their courses.

(Progressions have a say, too.)

So upon our US natal IC is the me-first sign of Aries which allows the ruler of impulse-conflict-action and aka the archetypal ‘god of war’–Mars–to tell us about what drains our nation–what siffons off our energy, manpower, monetary resources, natural bounty, and more–and how America shall end (IC/4th house of Partings and Separations.) Which is not to say the ruling class hasn’t almost throttled the Collective into oblivion already. Yet a sigh escapes and we know it won’t help our common cause directed at maintaining America as a sovereign nation to ignore the fact that as a nation we have a violent streak at our roots, in our core, our very being–and with natal Chiron in Aries/4th house as well.

But at this moment (reminds Chiron!), none of this has to be a fatal condition for America, just a telling one.

So, Happy 237th Birthday, America!

A sincere wish from one of your many Children of the Revolution, Jude Cowell



Now if you’re a history buff, this might be interesting if you’ve not seen it – or as a review, if you have:

A Chronological List of Dates for US historical events for use in rectification work on the several versions of natal charts for America.

For How a Thing Ends Is in Its Beginning

Which is the truest, most descriptive birth chart for our nation? Can all be of use on some level (ex: our Scorpio Rising chart as a natal chart for secret agencies, spies, secret or invisible government, and such other arachnids as those?)

Astro-Note: if my schedule works as planned during the upcoming days, a Report (PDF) concerning America’s Jupiter Return of July 22, 2013 will be available for electronic delivery by mid-July! As you know, in our Sag Rising chart, Jupiter is chart-ruler making the adventurous planet very prominent in all US affairs.

Watch for an announcement via my Twitter feed (@judecowell), here on the Threshold, or at Stars Over Washington if and as you may, and visit there to order your copy of my US Solar Return 2013 Report from the sidebar, top. jc

Thanks, and don’t burn the grilled corn on the cob!


Carl Jung on spying and terror

“Whenever justice is uncertain and police spying and terror are at work, human beings fall into isolation, which, of course, is the aim and purpose of the dictator state, since it is based on the greatest possible accumulation of depotentiated social units.” 

Carl Gustav Jung – (1875-1961) Source: The Undiscovered Self, 1957

Quote compliments of Information Clearing House:



Psychologist Carl Jung was born July 26, 1875 in Kesswil, Switzerland, 6:52 pm; Asc 00AQ54; Mc 28Sco47.

Sun 3Leo19, Moon 15Tau29 nearing conjunction with Pluto, planet of psychoanalysis. Sun is conjunct ‘dedicated’ asteroid Vesta.

Jung’s Fire-Earth blend of Sun Leo-Moon Taurus has these Images for Integration, a possibility he would have approved of, especially since the brilliant Dr. Jung studied the Astrology charts of his patience for better understanding!

In fact, integration of conscious Sun traits with unconscious Moon traits is the actualization he encouraged:

“Old King Cole was a merry old soul and a merry old soul was he; he called for his wife and he called for his bowl and he called for his fiddlers three…Pygmalion:  ‘My Fair Lady’: Eliza Doolittle is transformed into a duchess…A master potter turns dull clay into an exquisite vase.” (‘Sun Sign-Moon Sign’ by Chas & Suzi Harvey.)

And here’s a note on Old King Cole who was an early Celtic chieftan of the British Isles and from what I can find, was left in charge when the Romans appropriated the place. Actually, there seems to have been three of them – father, son, grandson, and all may have been rulers.

At least one of them (my guess would be the father) is thought by some historians to have been an astrologer – if so,  he lent his name to our modern Astrology charts by way of Medium Coeli/Immum Coeli. In Roman Britain his name was King Coelius or Coilius –  ‘Coel’ meaning ‘sky’ or ‘heaven.’

The current day Coil, Cole, Coel, Coal, Coile, Coyles, Kyle, Kile families may be descendants of his ancient clan. The above ditty uses ‘wife’ yet I’m more accustomed to ‘he called for his pipe and he called for his bowl’ .

In Britain there remain the towns of Coilsfield and Coylton which bear his ancient name and this particular ‘Cowell’ would like to visit there sometime!

Interestingly one of Old King Cole’s symbols of authority is the Caprington horn (photo below) which brings in the root word for Capricorn, the sign ruled by Old King Saturn.

And yes, I have four planets in Capricorn: Sun, Jupiter, Mercury, and Mars…and that’s plenty of Saturn for a Saturnian astrologer, don’t you think?!

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