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AIG bonuses? Bush and Paulson did it

Regardless of the Obama critiques making the rounds of late concerning AIG bonus payments, the following information is more in line with my own memory from November 2008 concerning the Bush-Paulson Bailout Bill and CEO retention payments.

May all GOPers and their promoters take their ginkgo biloba on schedule so they can remember just Who Was Playing President way back in November 2008:


Sometimes I think there’s no end to how stupid politicians think we are.  That’s when they bring out the usual, tiresome tactics – lying, obfuscating matters, and providing ‘hot-button’ diversionary issues – with the media’s help – like the AIG bonuses which pale in comparison to their ultimate mega-payday compliments of US taxpayers.

My usual guide is this: when a politician or political party says, LOOK HERE at this stew, always look ‘over there’ to see what they have bubbling on the back burner that works against our interests.

It will be much more substantial and long-range than the tacky sideshows and pot-boilers they promote to keep us divided against one another.

GOP accuses Obama of what Bush did!

Now here’s a subject I’ve been wanting to post on ever since I heard the charges of ‘marxism’ leveled against Barack Obama – by the very ones who socialized private failures with their outrageous Bailout Bill, who never miss a chance to undermine the US Constitution, and who simply adore ripping apart America’s social fabric to clear the way for their imagined “higher cause.”

Why, they never met an ‘entitlement’ they liked – unless it benefited the wealthy class!

Fortunately for me, An Average American Patriot has written of his disbelief and outrage at this “I know you are but what am I?” strategy which quirkily may be in use in their ridiculous attempt to deflect anyone’s noticing who the fascist-socialists in America really are:


And of course, we know that state + corporatism = fascism, so guess who! (Not that I give Democratic enablers a pass on these and other annoying issues, for politicians have allowed our nation and themselves to be taken over by corporate interests – which makes them automatically of a fascist turn of mind, no matter their stripe or party affiliation, if any. I blame them all – aka, class warfare.)

And so we hear how the lipsticked fascist pig squeals in America a la Politics, that organized system of hatreds.

So my question is: can anyone possibly be deceived by this neocon/GOP tactic?

Yes! the ones who Want to be Deceived in order to justify undermining the administration of President-elect Barack Obama…even against the country’s better and pressing needs and interests.

Just watch the propagandizing partisans put party before America like the self-serving jerks they really are.


And embarrassingly: Rep. Paul Broun of Georgia is the one making the marxist brou-ha-ha this time, but not to worry – I did NOT vote for this GOP shill. I’m just surrounded by Republicans – help!

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