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Juan Cole on phoney bin Laden hunt

George's book is upside down

George with book upside down 9.11.01

US Bin-Ladin Hunt Phoney

By Juan Cole

The USG Open Source Center
translates an article from the Persian Afghan press alleging that French troops
were at one point close to capturing Usamah Bin Ladin in Afghanistan, but that
American forces stopped them from doing so. – The argument is that the Bush
administration needed Bin Ladin to be at large in order to justify its military


More -isms of the Pluto-Chiron variety…militarism, expansionism, then there’s imperialism, and…Zionism.

Photo: G. W. Bush on the morning of 9.11.01 holding ‘My Pet Goat’ upside down (is book choice a shout-out to the Goat of Mendes? or a mere coincidence? But wait! Goats climb mountains, bin Laden escaped to the mountains…is Dubya tryin’ to artfully tell us something? Nah.)

Bankruptcy-bound America?

U.S. Headed Toward Bankruptcy, Says Top Budget Committee Republican

By Terence P. Jeffrey

The ranking Republican on the House Budget Committee said the U.S. government is
headed toward bankruptcy if it stays on its current fiscal course.



Well, how nice of him to let us know – so all is going just as planned. We’ll be accepting any “solutions” offered when the cupboard’s bareness can no longer be denied – and at long last the power elite – both “Republicans” and “Democrats” can break the New Deal into its last smithereens.

It’s Gingrich’s “Contract (on) America” being fulfilled. Seems the neocon “Prayer Breakfast” crowd took out a Family-style contract on our nation and her populace and America is going down in financial flames with “faith-based intitiatives” blazing. Not that these crooks were first in line for the job which has been in the works for decades.

Patience and timing are the keys which so often determine the ultimate success of any plan, aren’t they?

After the attacks of 9/11, I got myself told off roundly online many times by those who shouted in CAPS that “America is too rich to ever go bankrupt” yet now we can all see how these determined ideologues, who consider themselves above morality, can finagle our country’s demise at our dire cost for their obscene gain.

Politics! it’ll get your goat every time…which is semi-ironic considering Washington DC’s satanic ‘goat of Mendes’ symbol which links perfectly to the authoritative sign of Capricorn and its ‘business, law, and politics’  interests.

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