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An Economic Silver Lining

Now we know that Founding Father George Washington was a Freemason and thus was well-versed in Sacred Geometry and what we call Astrology, yet I have no reason to believe that George Washington the blogger uses the sacred art for informing his posts.

Yet with Sept 29’s New Moon at ‘7 Libra’ – “A Woman Feeding Chickens and Protecting Them from the Hawks”…it is time to plant seeds for future harvesting as is the case with New Moons.

That’s what czar Paulson is trying to do as well, but the American people must beat him to the spade, in a manner of speaking.

Let George explain the details of this silver lining for America:


Astrology of the Bilderberg Club

When the Bilderberg Club began in 1954 (May 29, 1954; Netherlands) their exclusivity would keep them out of the mainstream’s consciousness for many years, and the average Joe and Jill remain unaware of who pulls the world’s economic strings.

I’ve never published the ‘birth’ chart of this entity, but now Monica at Astrology Mundo has posted an excellent analysis which relates the group’s planetary line-up with the US chart, and with the upcoming Cardinal T-square of Saturn, Uranus, and Pluto which financial astrologer Ray Merriman, among others, has been alerting us about for quite a while.

The midpoint picture of this T-square contains little comfort for our already stressed world yet many people who remain unaware or cynical concerning Astrology’s uses have been feeling a build-up of these energies which the language of Astrology so perfectly describes… 

Saturn/Uranus = Pluto: tremendous fear of loss; upheaval to protect assets; rebellion against one’s lot in life; violence; brutality; the desire to overcome difficult situations through extraordinary efforts; harm through force majeure.

Now Monica, who gives me credit for previously posting on the New World Order and secret society matters such as *Masonic participation in the creation of this nation, is promoting here a great starting point for discussion of these issues (including the ‘amero’ replacing the US dollar which seems to be on the NWO menu whether we like it or not. I have previously stated that the undermining of the dollar has been in part to make the amero seem the only solution.)

Read more on these topics at The August Review:  


I hope at some point to take Monica up on the idea of further posting on such things…wish I had time this week, but the clock is ticking on too many projects already and a tech glitch ‘disappeared’ a client’s Astrology Report last evening so re-typing/sending must occur soon.

Actually, this type of subject matter was one of the reasons I began my Political Astrology blog, Stars Over Washington, in the first place (Oct 17, 2005, 3:30 am edt.)

Read Monica’s excellent post here:


Back atcha, Monica!


*In what could qualify as a ‘conspiracy theory’ one example of Masonic America is the theory that the rampaging  ‘Indians’ who threw the Boston Tea Party were Massonic Lodge members dressed up in paint and feathers. And I believe at last count, there are 9 verifiable Masons who signed the Declaration of Independence, plus, there’s our Masonic-apron-wearing first president, George Washington. So is the White House just a fancy White Lodge?

George Washington on War

“Nothing short of self-respect and that justice which is essential to a national
character ought to involve us in war.”  George Washington, First President of the
United States 1732-1799

Well, yes. There should be that.

But self-respect and justice have been tossed in George Bush’s wastebin now along with the ‘integrity’ he brought back to the White House.

Here’s a bit concerning our First President’s natal chart:


Teddy Roosevelt on USA’s invisible government

No, it wasn’t power mad Dick Cheney who first formed America’s invisible or secret government.

Teddy Roosevelt made a statement concerning its existence on April 19, 1906 and I’ve published his remarks in an article which may be accessed at:


and a few of Roosevelt’s natal chart details are there as well (born Oct 27, 1858; NY.)

But are we our cousin’s keeper?

Because Teddy’s cousin, suave spy Kermit Roosevelt, is said to have facilitated the overthrow of Iran’s democratically elected government thus greasing the path for the Shah to be re-installed in Tehran by the CIA…seeds of our current troubles.

Wisdom says that ‘troubles are often self-created’ (and I added ‘voted Bush but now he’s hated’ at Lim’s Limericks – meow!) so the current oil dilemma may be as an good example of this sage wisdom as any I’d care to name.

So you may wish to read my March 2007 post which considers the Arab Oil Embargo chart with the transits of March 7, 2008 as part of the discussion:


Yes, the nearly-at-Midheaven placement of Saturn in Libra and Neptune in Virgo in America’s natal chart (Sibly) has teased me for years and I know that as our nation’s MC progressed, its Saturn/Neptune midpoint (3Lib37 in both the Sco rising and Sibly charts) became part of a midpoint picture.

You could even play with the natal chart’s uncertain time – for there are several possible natal charts for America (see the Yorktown Surrender chart in Pages column with 9/11/01’s planets as transits to it; also I like the 2:21 pm chart for July 4, 1776 – the time behind Ben Franklin showing on the Independence Hall clock on the $100 bill, though some use 2:22 pm.)

The Scorpio rising chart has Saturn/Neptune at 11Sco21, with its 11:00 am hour selected astrologically by General George Washington, a Freemason with the necessary Sacred Geometry leanings. Today we call it ‘Astrology’ but in olden days it was considered to be part of a well-rounded education.

Therefore, one could use a slightly later time than 5:10 pm LMT on July 4, 1776 to plop Saturn/Neptune precisely at Midheaven. But whether that’s astrologically beneficial or not, we can be sure that government (Saturn) of the secret or invisible kind (Neptune) has been a background issue since America was created…Dick Cheney knows it, I know it, and the American people may as well know it, too.

natal chart of the American Presidency

Cast your sultry glance to the Sidebar and you’ll find a brand new Page: ‘American Presidency April 30, 1789.’

This cosmogram of George Washington’s taking of the first Oath of Office serves as the birth chart of the Presidency itself, and I’ve given some of the chart details which I find illuminating concerning the institution which controls the White House and (it has to be said) throws its excessive, fatheaded weight around all over the place.

This chart may be useful as the presidential campaign slogs on so I may be referring to it later on in the year; plus, it may be instructive to progress the chart, study its planetary Returns, etc.

Now you may agree that the US Presidency’s natal chart should have an interesting 10th house of Public Status in the World, and so it does. But unless you’ve seen this chart before, you may be surprised at what is found posited there!

See what you think, and get back to me, okay? Because after all–it’d be quite a rare feat for America to overdo the bellybutton gazing after only a couple of centuries.

George Washington’s Solar Return 2008

On Feb 22, 2008, George Washington’s Solar Return (SR)–when the Sun returns to the degree of birth–occurs at 8:48:50 am LMT when set for his place of birth, modernly called Wakefield, VA.

In his 2008 Solar Return is a YOD (Finger of God) pattern indicating a crisis situation in need of adjustment between Neptune 22AQ09 and the SR ASC 22Ari34 which point to focal planet, the Moon 20Vir34, in the 6th house of Work, Service, and Health.

The combination of Neptune/ASC indicates much sensitivity, impressionability, and a tendency to lay oneself open to exploitation–thus serving as a willing tool for others’ interests. There is lack of resistance or stamina, moodiness, and a proneness to being easily influenced by others (and the current presidential campaign rhetoric comes to mind.)

The Moon (‘the People; the public’ in a national chart) influences the physical body, and is placed in Virgo, sign of health, in the 6th house of health. Of course, healthcare rhetoric and arguments abound now during the prez campaign, so hopefully that’s the inference here in this, the Solar Return chart of the Father of Our Country.

Worse may be imagined such as epidemics, this year’s flu innoculations aren’t covering enough of the strains we’re experiencing, so therefore many Americans are ill now. Yet hopefully this will be all that this sensitive YOD entails in the infection department.

Plus, this Moon could be telling us something about the only female candidate in the race, for Virgo is also the sign of the dedicated worker–with a plan for improving healthcare!

~Often I do look at historical charts and ‘update’ them by progressions, Returns, transits and such, then sassily utilize the results as markers for what’s up with modern America, and that’s what you’ve fallen into here.~

Neptune/ASC = Moon: states of emotional disharmony; emotional suffering; a dependence on environmental influences; great sensitivity; open to hurt; easily deceived. (Tyl; Ebertin.)

In his “Dynamics of Aspect Analysis,” Bil Tierney gives some info on Moon as focal point in a YOD pattern:

inner emotional development is in need of sensitive adjustment;  can be caught up with disorganized, distorted impressions from the past that are in need of objective clarification;  potential emotional maladjustments are seldom evident on the surface and instinctual responses to impressions from the environment can be out-of-tune with normal expectations; an emotional trauma from the past (attacks of 9/11?) interferes with proper decoding of the emotional messages received from others.

This vulnerability makes it difficult to deal with security issues in the here and now because acting in a self-defeating way is triggered by faulty assimilation of these impressions from the current environment.

This focal Moon being in the Mutable sign of Virgo makes acting decisively all the more problematic, for Mutable signs are known for their tendency toward vacillation (and some recent polls have indicated voters changing their support between candidates, but during such a long campaign season that’s to be expected regardless. Perhaps this YOD merely highlights it.)

If wisely handled, this focal Moon can bring a destined change in life direction when a new path may open up which permits basic needs to be attended to–and I can’t think of a better outcome for the common good, and for America, my place of birth–and the only nag I’ve ever backed in the race.

Plus, Washington’s 2008 Solar Return occurs during a Moon Hour, too, so he may be expecting much publicity this week in honor of Presidents Day. He’ll probably get it, too.

Yet with transiting Saturn opposing his natal Sun during Saturn’s current retrograde period (off and on–and Saturn is in VIRGO), we know that failures to live up to promises or to accept responsibilities in the past may come back to haunt America–and, as representative of our nation–the current president, George Bush, whose leadership, honesty, and integrity will continue to be challenged and doubted.

This may also refer to any prez candidates whose records are now being more closely scanned for discrepancies between word and deed.

Saturn opposite Sun is a time when breaking rules (Saturn) or “doing whatever it takes” to gain “at any cost” can result in the loss (Saturn) of something more valuable in the end. Respect-for-the-rules Saturn frowns upon such Machiavellian behavior.

This particular transit may also bring along health concerns, since the Sun represents vitality and Saturn brings repression and may be a factor in cases of overwork and strain…like prez campaign junkets with their sore throats and under-eye bags packed for the next whistlestop’s speech.

Frustrations and delays are the flavors of the day with this Saturn transit, so as things slog along for the rest of 2008, don’t say George Washington didn’t try to caution you, oh politicians…for our first George was born during a Saturn Hour after all!

note: in my Sidebar you’ll find a Page with an image of Washington’s natal chart and a link to chart details at Stars Over Washington.

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