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Obama, McCain, Hylan, Bernanke, and the Fed

Quite a group of players in my title, huh?

It’s been something of a week what with doctor appointments, a car stranding in one-hundred degree weather, and other such events, so it may behoove me to give you a small heads-up on two posts at Stars Over Washington – one recent, one from a while ago.


has financial tidbits along with a mention of Barack Obama’s then-fresh meeting in New York with global elites who ‘vetted’ him as a candidate (and the important question he had to answer correctly to gain the Oval Office); plus, an explanation of our Washington pocket-liners’ business-as-usual culpabilities from a NY mayor of the 1930s which has come to fruition in 2008 – as pertinent as if he stated it yesterday, in fact…”cat’s paw” and all.

Well, our national Venus (values, money, relationships) is at ‘4Cancer’…”A Cat Arguing with a Mouse”!

As for campaign 2008, you may find this entry of some interest with its link to an article from The August Review which is a must-read for Americans of all political stripes including the outsourced, the downsized, and the just plain out-of-work and uninsured among us:


And try to catch radio’s Fresh Air interview with author Ron Suskind tomorrow – Thursday – on his new book, The Way of the World, and he’s guesting on Tavis Smiley tonight in this time zone, with yet another skewering of the Bush administration’s ruination of our nation. Quite a plethora of Bad Bush Books coming out all in a wump – now that the miserable 8 years are almost over…or ARE they?


Reaganism-Bushism: Kleptocracy

Making global the plundering by the US government, Reaganism and Bushism are twins of greed and corruption uniting the 80s with the New Millennium.

As the US has propped up bloody dictators (Pinochet, The Shah, Apartheid, Contras, Marcos, to name a few) in order to stroke their egos, enrich them, and assure their assistance in the pillaging of their own people, our own nation’s population and the future of our children have fallen by the wayside in the march toward one world government.

Read Professor of Political Science, David Michael Green’s article which gives an overview of what voodoo economics have done here in America and what the world crime syndicate (Cupido in an astrology chart!) has been up to in the last few decades:


which covers in brief what’s been goin’ on. It isn’t pretty but must be brought into the collective consciousness…this is one of America’s many shadows which we have failed to deal with and now look where we are…nowhere soon.

This regressive political movement is somewhat addressed by my Page concerning the Reaganonmics Eclipse of July 30, 1981 which occurred upon George Bush’s natal Ascendant! (see sidebar for this alarming synchronicity.

As you know, our solar system contains two ‘societal planets’ which time our sociopolitical-economic cycle and they begin their new cycle approximately every 20 years–Jupiter (expansion) and Saturn (restriction.) 

They met up for a new cycle on May 28, 2000, and the DOW’s historic high on Jan 13, 2000 (11,528.40) preceeded this Great Conjunction–the NASDAQ followed with its high on March 10, 2000 (5,048 pts.) 

That the DOW’s historic high was in Jan 2000 actually puts in at the tail end of the last conj of Jupiter-Saturn–three meetings: Dec 31, 1980; March 3, 1981; and July 24, 1981 from 4–10 degrees of Libra, sign of balance and fairness. Yuh. And if you think Wall Street gentry don’t know about astrological cycles and consult them, think again.

As dot com investors know, by the end of 2000, the NASDAQ was down 39%, its worst year ever, and the DOW was down 6% for the year–its worst since…wait for it…1981.

The Great Conjunction of May 2000 in Taurus, one of the ‘money signs’, was squared by disruptive Uranus so we have:

Jupiter/Saturn = Uranus: terribly upset with the status of things; forceful change of direction which can upset many dimensions of life; making great efforts; emotional tensions; sudden change in circumstances; Damage to a Building (sounds like 9/11 to me esp considering the conj of Pluto and Chiron, the plutocratic duo of corporatism, oppression, disenfranchisement, racism, and primal violence, on Dec 30, 1999. So this is how the New Millennium began, world.)

The State united with Corporatism = fascism, another -ism of the Pluto/Chiron variety. And even stronger than their conj is their parallel in mid-August 2004.

Yes, redistribution of wealth is Reagan’s real legacy. That George Bush has followed suit and extended the practice to the global community makes the term ‘kleptocracy’ part of his fascist, corporate legacy as well with the world banking system in on the bargain and its claws in the pie–the pie of our children and our children’s children.

Remember this: “Free trade raises all boats”? Sounds as hilarious as the Titanic’s boasts before it sailed, doesn’t it?

Think I’ll mosey to Prof. Green’s site now to see what antidote might exist–because it’s sickening what they’ve done with our America.



 midpoint picture: Tyl; Ebertin.



Obama’s NAFTA attacks only campaign rhetoric: report false?


News Updates from Citizens For Legitimate Government
Feb 28 2008

All items are here:

Here’s an UPDATE on the story cited below:

Canadian Embassy: Report On Obama and NAFTA Is False By Greg Sargent 28 Feb 2008 Roy Norton, the minister of public affairs for the Canadian embassy, is flatly denying that any Obama campaign official spoke to the Canadian ambassador in recent days or told him that Obama’s anti-NAFTA stump speech is merely “campaign rhetoric.” “No, none,” Norton told me when I asked him if Michael Wilson, Canada’s ambassador to the U.S., had spoken to any Obama advisers recently. He added: “Neither before the Ohio debate nor since has any presidential campaign called Ambassador Wilson about NAFTA.”

News Update from Citizens For Legitimate Government

Feb 28, 2008
All items are here:

Obama staffer gave warning of NAFTA rhetoric 27 Feb 2008: Barack Obama has ratcheted up his attacks on NAFTA, but a senior member of his campaign team told a Canadian official not to take his criticisms seriously, CTV News has learned. Within the last month, a top staff member for Obama’s campaign telephoned Michael Wilson, Canada’s ambassador to the United States, and warned him that Obama would speak out against NAFTA, according to Canadian sources. The staff member reassured Wilson that the criticisms would only be campaign rhetoric, and should not be taken at face value. #


For a minute, I suspected that perhaps our current Eclipse season of the “Unmasking Eclipse” was at work here, because after all, Chiron is now triggering the Eclipse degree!

For Eclipse details see:




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