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Rush Limbaugh on The Jay Leno Show 9.24.09

Well, I’m not certain why I’m posting this bit except that Rush is on TV with Leno right now. And Mr. Limbaugh says his rather stunning weight loss amounts to 82 pounds.

The maker of ‘Captitalism: A Love Story’ – Michael Moore – has lost a bunch of poundage, too.

Hmmm…is this the start of some sort of weird pattern? Has gastric bypass occurred upon someone’s middle? Rush’s weight loss is dramatic, so I’m just askin’ and typing out loud.

So far tonight I’ve watched a favorite from last year’s TV season, ‘Fringe’ which was good, and the new ‘FlashForward’ with Joseph Fiennes, which was disturbingly menacing (as intended) and good as well. Promising actually.

Do the dates April 29, 2010 @ 11 pm, April 30, 2010 @ 6 am…mean anything to you?

Irkily, I did not catch the season premiere tonight of ‘The Office’ because of channel conflict, which grumps me up when they do that and mess around with the schedule so you have to search for your favorites like an Easter egg hunt.

But at least rerun season is finally ending, right?

And speaking of Rush (must we?) let’s not forget this bit from July 30, 2009 about Mr. Limbaugh calling Salon’s Joan Walsh a ‘magic honky’ while the ‘racist’ namecalling was being bandied about, but some things must be said if only to improve ratings, yes?


Jan 15, 2010 Solar Eclipse 26Cap

Yes, I have definitely ‘FlashForward’ed on the 12 North Eclipse which won’t manifest until Jan 15, 2010, but we may as well consider it ahead of time.

Ocurring near US natal Pluto (27Cap33 Rx in natal 2nd house in the America’s ‘Sibly’ chart) we may wish to think about the midpoint picture formed using Tyl and Ebertin as sources…

Sun/Moon = Pluto: biased attitudes or changed circumstances lead to critical phases of development or to separation from others; a soul torn by inner conflict; potential new perspectives in relationships; separation to start anew.

Then there’s the practical Earth-Earth Sun Cap-Moon Cap blend to think about with its clearheaded ways, so why not? We could use some o’that, couldn’t we?

The Cap-Cap combo is realistic and responsible; autocratic yet pragmatic; ambitious, serious, conscientious, self-controlled and sophisticated, yet may tend toward fearfulness.

There is a deep need for security and authority, and one finds a way to make certain one is immune to attack. Organizational talents, a resourceful intellect, and a love of material acquisition are often in evidence; there is a protective streak, especially toward loved ones, and a dislike of appearing weak or incompetent.

The Sun Cap-Moon Cap blend is shared natally by: Annie Lennox, Clara Barton (founder of the rosy Red Cross), actress Loretta Young, director Frederico Fellini, singer Donna Summer, and philosopher William James, who observed,

“To give up pretensions is as blessed a relief as to get them gratified.”

Spoken like a realistic Capricorn!

Sun Cap-Moon Cap’s ‘Image for Integration’ is: “A hoary old grandfather sits in his chair with his grandson on his knee. He gives him a gift for his seventh birthday – a first edition of Pilgrim’s Progress.’ (‘Sun Sign-Moon Sign’ by Charles and Suzi Harvey.)

“Seventh birthday” is around the time we all experience our first Saturn-square-Saturn – and Saturn rules Capricorn, sign of the Old Man (senex); one of Cap’s body parts is the knee.

So there we go. But does the grandson appreciate the significance of the rare gift?

I suspect he will when he’s older, don’t you? After he has tucked a little ‘progress’, experience, and knowledge under his belt buckle.

Well, if you wish to read my freshly published notes with chart image included (chart set for Washington, DC), click here and check out the 12 North Solar Eclipse which last manifested on Jan 4, 1992…and you may feel some Health Care (Insurance) Reform coming on…or perhaps it’s only a head cold.

Old Saturn likes anything cold. ;p

Update 1.15.10: here’s a chart image of today’s Solar Eclipse splashed around the natal chart of the Pentagon, details included.

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