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“What Happened to Humans?” (Max Igan video)

If you’ve ever visited my Political Astrology site once or twice you know I tend to embed there presentations by Max Igan rather frequently but this evening I thought his latest, “What Happened to Humans?”, would fit here quite nicely:

“Replace statute law with common law,” he says.

Now you may agree or disagree with all or none of the statements presented here but Max Igan will definitely make you think!

And if I might add one of my tiresome astro-political soapboxes, it’s the Pluto-Chiron duo of energies which loves nothing better than to exploit, disenfranchise, oppress, and brutalize humankind–and sadly such crimes are perpetrated by psychopathic ‘human beings’ who practice reptilianism of the cold-blooded kind.

So did I mention that Pluto-Chiron in Mundane Astrology is one of the signatures of plutocrats and Plutocracy? Thought so.

Measuring Radiation in Tokyo brings mysterious death

Fukushima Diary reports on the story of Mr. Kabayama, a Tokyo city counselor and memeber of the Liberal Democratic Party, who posted a radiation measurement to his blog on June 30, 2011, and was found dead by his family on July 1, 2011–with a plastic bag covering his head.

Police are said to have ruled the death of the inconvenient Mr. Kabayama as a “suicide” which beggers belief, imho. Ever heard of someone committing suicide by such a method?

Since the time he was discovered is mentioned–3 am–I had a peek at the planets of July 1, 2011, Tokyo, 3 am, and found a difficult midpoint picture in force which involves the saboteur-assassin planet of plutonium-nuclear fame, Pluto:

Sun-Pluto = Saturn: ruthless overcoming of obstacles; physical impediment; restriction (of air to breathe–jc); separation. (Ebertin); a potential for fanatical ventures (Munkasey.)

As always with midpoint pictures, any, all, or none of the above may apply concerning the sad event of July 1, 2011–the day of a Solar Eclipse in Cancer, a Water sign of tides and oceans.

Here’s something I wrote prior to the July 2011 eclipse on my Political Astrology blog concerning the eclipse degree’s Sabian Symbol:

Solar Eclipse, July 1, 2011 (which Celeste Teal has labeled the “Democratic Spirit” eclipse) @ ‘9Can12’ = ‘9Can’ = “A Small Naked Girl Bends Over a Pond to Catch a Fish”; ‘Keynote: The first naive quest for knowledge and for an ever-elusive understanding of life.

“Small naked girl” = ‘the innocent and spontaneous mind, as yet unclothed in cultural patterns and unrestrained by don’ts, trying to satisfy its curiosity about what seems mysterious and fleeting. …The key here is PURITY IN UNDERSTANDING.’

My conclusion is that Mr. Kabayama was satisfying his curiosity about the true radiation levels around Tokyo and his untimely death indicates that someone didn’t want the measurements to be known.


Sabian Symbol: An Astrological Mandala, Dane Rudhyar.

Thick Tarry Oil and River Water

No, they don’t mix, do they?

Only about 300 barrels of spilled oil have been recaptured since this morning so the Mississippi River is clogged, shut down, and oil prices are in the balance from this disaster which occurred Wednesday morning when an oil barge being piloted by an apprentice pilot collided with a freighter and broke in half, spilling its oily cargo.

New Orleans is still suffering and only partially repopulated by her former residents and now this – hundreds of miles of the river are shut down all the way to New Orleans. 

It’s too soon to know the environmental and the financial impact of these many of gallons of oil spillage, but thankfully clean-up efforts are already underway. I’m wishing them good fortune and the wind at their backs for this endeavor.

And in Washington today, Republicans blocked the use of the nation’s oil reserves which would have done little enough, I agree, but some people say its use would have brought down prices at the gas pump. 

Repubs are so predictable, aren’t they? Let’s see: help the common joe’s faltering budget…or…further enrich self and elite pals….such a dilemma, which one to choose? You know that screwing America must be a lot of fun, because they sure engage in it a lot.

But lest I sound like a Dem supporter, they’re all culpable. Enablers and pseudo-Dems are responsible, too, especially when there’s a gaggle of Washington politicians who have energy portfolios that would make your old Aunt Granny Fanny mad as h*ll if she knew about them and how they were fattened up at the taxpayers expense!

Thick tarry oil and river water – not exactly the gumbo you’d want for your New Orleans dinner, cherie.

But it could be part of a perfect buffet for oil speculators and their enablers wherever the culprits skulk.

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