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Neo-Nazis of Riesa, Germany

The German town of Riesa is one of the battlegrounds where Neo-Nazis are taking hold, publishing hate rhetoric, and infiltrating youth groups.

Similar to the polarity here in America where the people are kept divided by false perceptions and cynical political tactics (Ds v Rs, liberals v conservatives), the population of the town of Riesa is divided on the issue: to Neo-Nazi or not to Neo-Nazi.

To me it’s always seemed a no-brainer, an easy decision. But then a group of humorless, hair-challenged boot wearers were never my cup of tea – even when they sassily appeared in the New Millennium on Capitol Hill, goose-stepping to the Bush-Cheney drum beat of war.

And you see where that pied-piperism has gotten us.

Anyway, click the above link for a Der Spiegel article with photo journal of what’s going on in Riesa.

Written by Jude Cowell

July 23, 2010 at 7:24 pm

Here in psycho-drugged America

Wow, my fellow Americans! I had no idea that we’re a such a psycho-drugged nation, especially since the rise of Prozac beginning in 1996.

Doctors are prescribing (distributing) psycho-drug combos at an alarming rate, too, with no studies on how their combinination of chemicals affects the human body.

One thing we can know since it’s America: ‘someone’ is making mega-bucks on this unfortunate, health-altering trend. And the victims aren’t paying close attention to what Washington and Wall Street are up due to their drug-induced hazes – and just at the time when we most need the populace to be alert and cognizant.

Its’ my belief that with this trend our psycho-drugged, unhappy-with-government citizens are being disenfranchised from participating in our ‘democracy’ which can’t hide its true oligarchic face much longer.

And soon, it won’t have to.

Astrology of Woodstock 1969

Update 8.18.09: here’s a fabulous find!

Expert astrologer John Townley has posted on Woodstock’s Solar Return 2009 to mark the Festival’s 40th ‘birthday’ and to divulge his own whereabouts. John knows whereof he speaks – he was in the music business at the time.

My original post begins here:

Fascinating time, the 1960s. And I’ve always intended to write a few Astrology notes about the Woodstock Festival of Music and Art which spanned from August 15 to August 18, 1969 in an alfalfa field at Bethel, New York.

So what better way to celebrate Woodstock than with Astrology?

And with the musical mudslide’s 40th anniversary tomorrow, Saturday, I can hardly procrastinate a moment longer, can I?

So…was Love really All Around? Pretty much!


Update 8.17.09: click on ‘comments’ if they’re not showing for a YouTube video about LSD experiments. I can’t vouch for the video’s content, I’m just passing it along. Tried the stuff in college once and absolutely hated it, so I never recommend it to anyone, nor would I. jc

qwerty u i op

My best Christmas gift, age 12, was a gray Royal manual typewriter, omen of jobs to come. How I adored it!

So if you’re like me and enjoy old typewriters and good photo journalism, try Maya‘s blog…qwerty u i op!

Top 20 Search Terms for This Blog

One of the fun features of having a WordPress blog is viewing your stats of Search Engine Terms.

The tally surprised me in a couple of spots, I admit, but here’s a list of the Top 20 Search Engine Terms of all time for this particular blog (where you are at the moment) and I’d be interested in reading your own if you get around to it!

1. cindy mccain wedding 5,461

2. erotic art 1,469

3. amy winehouse 1,111

4. weed 920

5. crossroads 501

6. party 496

7. moon art 479

8. john and cindy mccain wedding 447

9. moon 385

10. scorpio 328

11. psychedelic art 300

12. craig ferguson 298

13. john mccain 232

14. jude’s threshold 222

15. mermaid 192

16. sarah palin natal chart 187

17. erotic drawings 181

18. tatoo 179

19. moonrise 176

20. degas 175

As you see, the front runner is way ahead – Cindy McCain’s nuptials are of great interest, Amy Winehouse aces Craig Ferguson by 813 searches, and it’s probably of little surprise that the top 6 terms naughtily include erotic art, weed, and party!

Sara Palin, whose star arose just two+ weeks ago, got a late start but still ranks at number 16 (plus, other search terms with her name appear further down the list.) Barack Obama appears but further down the list as well.

Meanwhile Edgar Degas gets honorable mention at number 20 because I published Degas’ natal chart with a few notes. And admittedly these are quite the results I hoped for when I began this ‘tapestry blog’ of Art, Astrology, and Politics all woven together!

Written by Jude Cowell

September 9, 2008 at 4:54 pm

Jenna Bush’s Wedding Day Astrology

Having just published a Page (see sidebar): ‘Wedding Day Astrology: Jenna Bush m. Henry Hager,’ I thought you might wish to casually nose under the tent flap concerning the two lovebirds bound for the altar of commitment at an evening ceremony held at the Prairie Chapel Ranch in Crawford, Texas in the Merrie Olde Monthe of May.

May 10 should be a perfect evening for a wedding!

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