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Astrology of Taiwan and the US

Given the recent announcement by the Obama administration of arms sales to Taiwan and the waters it muddies between China and the US, I am very pleased to pass on to you a link to Jamie’s insightful article at Funk Astrology on Taiwan and US natal charts and the transits triggering current martial events.

‘What the world needs now’ is not proliferations of weapons and nuclear armaments with an increase in terror-promoting, but less. Imo, politics will kill ya if you give it half a chance – and will paralyze the masses with fear, whenever it suits the purpose of gaining more control.

Paulson turns gaze to US housing market

Yes, Treasury secretary and bailout czar, Hank Paulson, has turned his raptor’s gaze toward a new plan for bolstering the US housing market – but his plan is subject to “change.”

Paulson, now in China talking to the largest US creditor, the Chinese government, is showing more straw-clutching ability than anyone ever knew he had, and China is anxious over his ever-morphing plans and schemes which are reportedly geared toward helping the US and thus the world economy.



If you haven’t, you may wish to check out a previous post on Hank Paulson’s natal chart here:


Green Money, Green Issues, and China

The World After the 2008 US Presidential Election

By Richard C. Cook

Whatever agreements US bankers and politicians may once have made with China for them to take
over US manufacturing while the nation lived off financial profits have grievously backfired.

Solving this conflict with China peacefully may be the next president’s greatest challenge.


Tell this to the CEO of WalMart! That’s the economic issue, but there are other concerns of note such as:

 ‘Living on Earth’ which is on my radio now with a feature about manufacturing in China and a consumer panel that was held with Wal-Mart in attendance.

It costs more to be cleaner! Now they say they want to know what actually goes into Chinese products. Melamine is the most famous additive in the news of late, but are there more we should know about?

This is not the first time WalMart has promised to “clean up its act”…read the transcript or listen at:


Other environmental features of today’s LOE include:

‘Obama’s Pledge’ (yes he can)

‘Green Hospitals’ (medical waste incinerators, IV drips dripping carcenogens into patients’ veins bwo chemicals in plastics, toxic Mercury from thermometers, etc – hospitals are waking up to the harm they’ve been causing and about time)

‘Center for American Progress’ (CAP – a Washington think tank with green on its mind and Obama soon in the White House)

and last, but with America’s Thanksgiving Day on the calendar, certainly not least:

‘Heritage Turkeys’ (reviving interest in flavorful ‘rea’ American turkeys – ‘Butterball’ beware!)

No, I’m not giving you the links for all these interviews, but you’ll easily find them with one click. And, for the pod people among us, you may wish to sign up for LOE’s podcasts here:


The Pied Piper of May 20, 2008

With this evening’s primaries in Kentucky and Oregon near completion, there’s a lovely *Image for Integration for Sun in Gemini, Moon in Sagittarius:

“The Pied Piper leads his merry band of youths to the amphitheatre on the hill for an afternoon of music lessons, philosophical teachings, and baseball…”

And a second Image relating to the media:

“A young man goes abroad to attend untiversity and becomes a foreign correspondent.”

Being busy today in ‘the real world’ I’ve not had much time to keep up with news stories but I was sorry to hear of Sen. Kennedy’s malignant tumor diagnosis (I was hoping in my previous post that it wasn’t that serious), and of course, NPR’s coverage in China of the earthquake and its aftermath has been well done.

My heart goes out to the people there for their losses, and I find their pluckiness inspiring. So perhaps the second Image could be said to refer to NPR’s foreign correspondents in China, and the first–well, I can’t hear of ‘the hill’ without thinking of The Hill in our nation’s capital, such as it is.

Capitol Hill Theatre, I call it.

But I wonder who the Pied Piper could be? Don’t say, Barack Obama…but he is the one who attracts the larger crowds!

And that, in turn, reminds me of a certain Sabian Symbol at Obama’s MC (the Career/Public Status/WHY? Point of any chart) if we look at his ‘new’ birth chart using 7:11 pm…

“24Sco”: “Crowds coming down the mountain to listen to one man”…keyword: APPEAL…

pos: an almost spectacular ability to enlist the higher potentialities of everyone for some practical need of the moment;

neg/unconscious/shadow side: indiscriminate and carefree gullibility. (‘The Sabian Symbols in Astrology,’  Dr. Marc Edmund Jones.)

Spectacular to some, disturbing to others. GOP operatives such as Karl Rove are up to their undermining tricks spurred by Obama’s popular appeal, and we ain’t seen nuthin’ yet.

Now I’ll see if this brief post will publish…I never know anymore until I try, and there’s a large thunderstorm with possible hail on the way here this evening.

Looks like it’ll be a rainy night in Georgia, Y’all–a state where Barack Obama has raised over $2,200,000 and John McCain has raised less than Mitt Romney!


* ‘Sun Sign-Moon Sign,’ Chas & Suzi Harvey.

Oops! the Pentagon’s cone head is showing!

Minot AFB bombs over America

Not Robert Gates, silly, and not Dan Ackroyd, but I’m sending noogies all around for the daft old sillies.

It’s the Pentagon admitting a “mistaken” arms shipment–to Taiwan! Actually, Taiwan fessed up that it had received a “mistaken” shipment from the US because the Pentagon was supposedly unaware of the gaffe.

Is Eisenhower fluffing his pillow about now or what?

Details here: http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2008/03/25/AR2008032501309.html

This tale has so many levels, so many veils–and the Pentagon never noticed, in spite of its required inventories every 3 months, that some electrical fuses for nose cone assemblies on intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBMs) were missing from their weaponry shelves.

Yet Taiwan had to notify the Pentagon that it mysteriously had the fuses, shipped “mistakenly” in August 2006 after residing within a Hill Air Force Base (UT) Defense Logistics Agency warehouse–4 containers shipped there in March 2005 from Warren AFB in Wyoming. “Logistics”!!

Details are “unclear” and if you’re allergic to words like “mistake” or “error” don’t read the above-linked  article. The sensitivity of US sale of arms to Taiwan due to China’s firm objections is palpable in this apparent screw-up and seems to be the reason for Defense Secretary Robert Gates setting up an investigation of the matter to calm nuclear waters.

No actual nuclear material is said to be involved in this case, yet this is revelation #2,  you know–it’s the second nuclear-related “mistake”after the August 2007 fiasco when an AF B-52 bomber was “mistakenly” armed with 6 (count ’em, SIX) nuclear-tipped cruise missiles and flown across America from Minot AFB in ND to Barksdale AFB in LA.

I’ve never heard who ordered that minor Minot “mistake” (let’s ask Rumsfeld) but I have read where pilots and others involved have been eradicated…or as I would call it, assassinated. If you, lone reader (how lonely you must be) have any new info concerning these men’s deaths, please let me know.

~:~UPDATE March 28: here’s a link to several articles from Sept 2007 which tell of the loaders and their deaths, etc:



So the image you see here is the sunrise chart for Aug 30, 2007, set for the Minot Air Force Base in North Dakota. Not knowing the time the nuclear warheads were loaded, or when the planes took off, the sunrise chart will do fine as a symbol for the day.

You see the Sun rising with tr South Node, a picture of limited leadership and power potential. This conj describes a karmic condition from the past (SN) when ambitions were selfishly promoted at the expense of others. And when you’re top dog (the US) you can easily do this even if you’re unaware of it…the results are the same for the world’s underdogs.

In green, you see I’ve marked today’s planetary placements with Saturn between 2007’s Sun and his own position 29Leo37. The late degrees of Leo are, of course, conj Fixed Royal Star of Persia, Regulus, whose keywords are: success if revenge is avoided.

Revenge is the world’s main problem for it brings an endless cycle of violence and what are nuclear weapons if not part of that abomination?

In 10th house there’s violent Mars, in duplicitous Gemini (apologies, Geminis, you are multiplicitously talented as well!), and I penciled in the Sabian Symbol for Mars…”15Gem”: “Two Dutch children talking.” And Mars (weapons) in the sign of the twins could indicate that two shipments were being loaded.

Nearer Midheaven, the WHY? point of the chart, is the midpoint of Saturn and Uranus, the pair associated with the Middle East, Israel and Palestine especially. Saturn/Uranus 8Gem22 is conj asteroid, Mida$ 8Gem06 (and Direct–Midas is more often Rx) so was this charade an inconveniently discovered transfer of arms sold to ___ fill in the blank___probably Israel, but not necessarily.

After all, we do that all the time and Bush has been giving away the nuclear store to India and others…a busy bee arms dealer is he.

And how about the Ic–the HOW? Point of the day? Ah HAH! There we find asteroid Toro, associated with “the power of boundless strength; the capacity to use and control power; a strong will.” (‘Astrology Encyclopedia’ by James R. Lewis.)

Spain and Africa are linked to Toro, esp the Moors who probably brought bull fighting to Spain. The goal of bull fighting is domination, appropriate to our subject, and the Encyclopedia Britannica states that Toro is an ancient fortified town in Spain whose code of laws was much celebrated.

Plus, the Ic, the Foundation of the matter, and Toro are at “1Sag” = “A Grand Army of the Republic campfire” degree. Makes sense with the Pentagon’s culpability.

They say, btw, that whoever is responsible for the current “mistake” of shipping fuses to Taiwan will be “held accountable” which, from past Bush administration tendencies, makes you wonder who’ll take the fall for higher-ups…or perhaps it’s only an inelegant sop meant to soothe China’s feelings.

Today’s Sun in Aries is basically conj 2007’s Moon in Aries–and who knows? the correct time of the flight, or at least of the loading of the dark material (which strains credulity to understand how it’s said that the pilots and crew were unaware of their cargo) may be better timed by using a Moon position based on the Sun’s position of today’s press conference!

Well, there’s a lot more in the chart and I hope you can take a gander by enlarging the image. If you do be sure to check out 2007’s Mercury/Saturn midpoint plunked squarely upon Bush’s natal Mars…

Mercury/Saturn = n Mars: turning drive into tyranny; risking all to make a point; no compromise; change through force of circumstances; a desire to quarrel.

Sounds just like Dubya, doesn’t it? He, it turns out, never met a union he couldn’t divide.

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