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Super Congress’ 5-year Secret Farm Bill

To insert or not to insert: America’s ‘Super’ Committee (or, ‘Super Congress’, as I think of it) is said to have had its deliberations impregnated by a Secret Farm Bill full of a cornucopeia of agricultural subsidies for special interests as US food security and supplies are politicized once again.

Speaking astrologically, can we be surprised by such strong-arming of food supply legislation by powerful forces when the US natal horoscope reveals asteroid Ceres (nurturing; food; grains; milk; mother; family; security needs; the Ceres archetype is integrally associated with America’s founding through the stars of Virgo, sign of US natal Neptune, planet of visions and idealism) conjoined with one of the primary significators of Plutocracy and oppression: the oligrachic Pluto/Chiron midpoint of Corporatism, where their energies blend most perfectly.

Mama Mia?

If like me, you’ve walked into America’s grocery stores for years and thought, What food can I buy that won’t harm my family’s health? then you’ve unconsciously felt the powerful influence of our natal midpoint picture–Pluto/Chiron = Ceres–US food ‘safety’ and supplies at the mercy of global corporatists with a larger agenda than topping America’s Apple Pie with delicious ice cream.

The specter of food contamination, adulteration, and poisoning as policy is part of the strong-arming, DNA- manipulating picture as well with these global gangsters and their agents, some of whom lobby on Capitol Hill–and write bills. (See ALEC Exposed.)

And since Pluto is the higher octave (frequency) of Mars and both rule Scorpio, the spider archetype applies when answering the question: what can possibly be nurturing about the oppression, ruthlessness, brutality, and disenfranchisement of Plutocracy?

Maybe it’s the spider to the fly where, once entangled in a web of promises and lies–cushy perhaps, yet deadly–the fly struggles to break loose from the gossamer bonds that bind.

My suspicion is that more details will be revealed about the ‘Secret Farm Bill’, and of course, the Super Committee/Congress under the supernal rays of the December 10, 2011 Lunar Eclipse @ 18Gem11 which is ruled by Mercury and so relates to mercurial matters such as journalism, blogging, news, writers, speeches and orators, young people, trade, commerce, transport, thinking and planning, and the like.

Click to view the horoscope set for the White House and showing a Virgoan Mars, planet of conflict and war–and ruled by Mercury bwo Virgo, posited in the Lunar Eclipse’s 8th house of Shared Resoures, Big Business, Debt and Credit, and apex (focal) planet of a double T-Square pattern.

But even closer to the due date of the Super Committee’s recommendations (Nov 23) is the Solar Eclipse of November 25, 2011 which has a ‘peculiar turn of events’ vibe and rather sinister energies and is ruled by Jupiter Rx bwo Sagittarius. Jupiter Rx may describe in part the withholding of funds and huge ‘cuts’ the 12 Committee members are meant to identify and perpetrate–unless the US Congress unbinds itself from the web of deficit recommendations.

So if you have a mo, please check out the horoscope and let me know what you think either here or at my Political Astrology blog, Stars Over Washington.

You don’t have to speak Astrologese to read!


Ds trick Rs into voting pay raise freeze 2010

Har har, this is hilarious! Apparently the Democrats in Congress  learned a trick or two from the high-handed Republican tenure as top dogs, and they demonstrated it perfectly today:


But now is your chance to share a little fiscal suffering, Mr. Boehner. It seems that those ‘after-midnight’ pay raises you fellas passed under the people’s table with the lights turned down are only nostalgia from the past.

And did you think ahead and get the president’s autograph last evening? It’s worth much more $ than your own, so stock up while ye may.

Perhaps a congressional pay freeze will help you learn to manage your personal budget a lot better than you and your colleagues ‘managed’ ours.

Stanford, the SEC, Blago, Abramoff, and Madoff

Termites attack Capitol Hill! Their destructive job almost done….

If you’re attempting to keep up with the dance cards of the crooks in and about Washington and Wall Street, you can hardly do better than Zachary Roth’s outing today of the connections between Allen Stanford, the SEC (and their belated filing against him), jailed lobbyist Jack Abramoff, Ponzi schemer Bernie Madoff, ex-governor Ron Blagojevich, top Rs (including Feeney, Sweeney, Ney, and Katharine Harris and her mascara), along with Dems Chuck Schumer, Charlie Rangel, Chris Dodd – and then-chair of the Senate Banking Committee, Paul Sarbanes, whose conscience came cheap at only $1,000:


Apparently Sarbanes’ wasn’t much of a conscience to begin with or had been worn to tatters by years on Capitol Hill as one of the pocket-liners we’ve come to know and despise.

This revelation by TPM on the matter is a good example of why I began my Political Astrology blog, Stars Over Washington, in Oct 2005…blog description: ‘astrological comments on America, on Washington DC, and on the politicians who infest them.’


‘Plot Thickens ‘ Update 6:24 pm est: from Bloomberg News comes this:


Abraham Lincoln on forfeiting confidence

Now this quote from Abraham Lincoln would be a good one to tuck inside a group email and forward to each anti-social miscreant on or from Wall Street, Capitol Hill, the Fed, and to world bank managers and monetary funds all over the globe:

“If you once forfeit the confidence of your fellow citizens, you can never regain their respect and esteem.”

Abraham Lincoln
(1809 -1865) 16th US President

~To view Mr. Lincoln’s natal chart (with transits of his assassination) see Pages column in sidebar.~

Now that I think about it, you know how the last several years much has been said and written about Mr. Bush’s low approval ratings with the American public – and how we rated Congress even lower.

‘They don’t like us – they really really don’t like us,’ perhaps they moaned. ‘They don’t approve of the jobs we’re doing.’

But actually (funny story) – we don’t trust you. We really really don’t trust you. And you have justified our deep distrust several times over in the last year. You, sirs and madames, are not acceptable.

So Congratulations to the nearly-ended Bush administration and Junior. Poppa Bush with his New World Order dreams must be so proud of the job you’ve perpetrated about now.

March 13 2008’s closed door session of the US Congress

Yes, I put “US” Congress in this post’s title to be sure we remembered that Congress supposedly works for us, not against us. But that’s become highly debateable, of course.

And I know Stars Over Washington’s feed for a new post which contains the astrology chart of March 13’s secret session will refresh itself at some point, but since the article took all day to prepare for and compose, I decided to give it a ‘shout-out’ here in case you’re interested in the Astrology of this rare secret closed door meeting of our “representatives” when leaks indicate that, among other subjects, the planned financial crisis of September 2008 was discussed:


Yes, C-Span cameras went dark for this session, but thanks to Astrology, some rays of light may be shed upon this eery evening in our nation’s history when democracy’s shine was dimmed.

The Sun Pisces-Moon Gemini blend for the evening indicates a love of symbolic logic so perhaps ‘it’ won’t mind our peek at the session’s planets. It’s quite an eccentric combination, too.

Here are the ‘Images for Integration’ from the Harveys’ excellent book, ‘Sun Sign-Moon Sign’…

“A child grips his magic red balloon as it lifts him into the sky and over the sea onto an island of eternal beauty…A schoolboy daydreams of heroic deeds during a class on the romantic poets.”

Sounds like the congressmen and women have their escape hatches prepared…or ‘escape pods’?

Noel Tyl says this double Mutable blend is one of indecision and nervousness – that the senses feel one thing and the mind thinks another; gut confidence supports a facile mind as it takes big chances; the challenge is to ground the decision-making process realistically with attention to facts which are then employed with emotional conviction. (‘Counseling and Synthesis in Astrology.’)

So if all the participants got their remaining shreds of consciences in line with their survival instincts, this tallies well with the Mystic Rectangle pattern which surrounded our planet on the evening of March 13, 2008.

Please click the above link to read all about it, but I warn you- it’s a wordy post so have your steaming tea in-cup and nearby as you begin! My favorite is Constant Comment, a tea I discovered during my days as a DC inhabitant.


Speaking of the Image above for the ‘island of eternal beauty’ did you hear about the celebrity-infested million-dollar festivities at Dubai’s new Atlantis Hotel on Palm Island as its grand opening ‘illuminated’ the sky?

545 Scoundrels on Capitol Hill

Here’s a link to an article by Charley Reese concerning the US House of Representatives (original publish date unknown.)

You’ll notice he refers to speaker of the House as Tip O’Neill but his sentiments still ring loud and true circa 2008 – even more so – which you can very well tell from the article’s title, ‘The 545 People Responsible For All Of U.S. Woes’:


You know the massive and so-called ‘Bailout Bill’ and the fearfully touted ‘credit crunch’ we’ve been hit with these last weeks, months, years? Well, ‘Nothing in Politics happens by mistake – if it happens, you can be sure it was meant to happen.’

I believe words to that effect were spoken by FDR, but if I’m wrong, please correct.

You know I had never heard of or read Charley Reese’s article in October 2005 when I began blogging at Stars Over Washington, but its motto is:

‘Astrological comments on America, on Washington DC, and on the politicians who infest them.’

Well, more than ever it’s: INFEST THEM.

So if you doubted before that we have a major infestation in our capital eating away at our nation’s infrastructures, perhaps the Bailout Bill – or any number of outrages during the last 8 years and before – have changed your mind about the termites of Capitol Hill.

November 4: you can vote?

So after reading the Rolling Stone article and other cautionary tales about how the GOP intends to steal elections in November (apparently the only way they can win anything anymore – doesn’t seem to occur to them that their past actions in this department are part of the reason no one with any common sense WANTS them anymore) – anyway, after being warned and forewarned, I thought I’d post this link in case even one person should need it.

If you’re a legitimately registered voter and want to be sure you can vote, and where you should show up to do so, go to:


I checked out the service personally and it worked dandily.

You know, one of the things that grumps me up about the whole sordid mess is that the GOP pretends to the church crowd that they’re all for Christianity yet they pull any dirty tricks they fancy and it’s okay as long as they win. Pardon me, but ‘honesty’ is in my Bible, how ’bout yours? And politics is no excuse.

The way they use “social issues” to manipulate voters into their columns also puts me in a snit of miffdom especially since, as a Christian, they seem like an awful gaggle of liars to me. What do they take – a Hypocritic Oath to ‘serve’ on Capitol Hill?

And the Democrats will do what it takes as well. It seems they’re about to get their turn to rule the roost and as we’ve seen since November 2006, they do little better ethically than their counterparts “across the aisle.” 

US elections now consist of little more than who can out-rig, out-lie, and out-promise the other. Brilliant going, pocket-liners.

And yet it’s only fair to except 1 to 1 1/2 percent of Washington politicians from my Rotten List in case there should be one or two honest ones lost in the barrel, even though I know any good ones will have a hard time escaping the place with their dignity and integrity intact after dealing with big crooks whose ethics are as relative as having contractors ‘loaning’ you furniture and other goodies – as if you didn’t know you’re skirting rules you’ve taken an oath to uphold.

Well, it’s the middle of the night, I’ve just watched TV’s Craig Ferguson interviewing DeeDee Myers (sp?) and doing a skit as Prince Charles, the sandman is calling persistently, and the link to assure anyone of their voting status is posted just in case it’s needed…guess my work here is done.

Oh! Except for adding this poll about the Day After…what’s your intuition about our elections?

Tuesday Oct 21 12:22 pm est: mucho thanks to those who have voted so far! ;p\


Update Oct 27: so far “We can only hope” is winning the poll. (No disagreement here.)

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