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Confirmation hearing starts for Sotomayor 7.13.09

Judge Sonia Sotomayor‘s confirmation hearing for Supreme Court justice began at 10:00 am edt this morning so check out a few brief Astrology notes concerning what could be a most historic confirmation of a SCOTUS justice.

And with Pluto now established in the law-courts-politics-business sign of Capricorn, her term, if granted, should be singularly powerful as long as power-wielding, secretive Pluto remains on her side.

“Unless you have a complete meltdown you’re going to be confirmed,” says Republican South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham just now.

Oh the drama! So click through for a link to CSPAN’s video feed of our Capitol Hill Theater in performance.

CEOs who lay off workers

Lee Stranahan is putting up a new website this weekend and promoting a petition to Congress to hold hearings with CEOs who lay off workers.

Read his article on HuffPo here:


Oh dear! Apparently Mr. Stranahan has much more confidence in the US Congress than I do, for they’ve shown on whose side they work too many times…and it isn’t yours or mine.

But I agree that many US workers are now being laid off needlessly and are adding to the unemployment pool. I consider the massive layoffs as part of the larger plan to undermine our nation, and the script is being followed along with the Political Theater we witness on Capitol Hill.

The ‘Capitol Hill Theater’ I call it.

Did you think the auto CEOs and their first visit to Congress in fancy jets – then the turn-down for their bid at the public trough – then the subsequent statements by Pelosi and others – then the CEO’s more ‘modest’ second visit – do you notice the plot line of this farce?

Well, I hope Stranahan’s petition makes a difference, and I plan to sign it myself, just in case. But help for the American people from the US Congress is a long-deserted concept around here!


I’m not sure when it will go Live, but Stranahan’s new site address will be:  NoLayoffs dot org

Jules Verne fireballs and DC’s gas plumes

Space Weather News for Sept. 29, 2008

GOODBYE, JULES VERNE:  Earlier today, European mission controllers
commanded the robotic cargo carrier Jules Verne to re-enter Earth's
atmosphere over the south Pacific Ocean.

The disintegrating spacecraft made a spectacular fireball observed
by at least one NASA aircraft and possibly the International Space
Station. First picturesare coming in now and may be found
at http://spaceweather.com

GREAT PROMINENCE:  Sunspot counts remain very low, but solar
activity is not zero. For the third day in a row, astronomers are
monitoring one of the best solar prominences in years. 

The plume of hot gas, twisted into complex shapes by solar magnetic
fields, is nearly 10 times taller than Earth and an easy target
for safely-filtered backyard telescopes.  

Visit http://spaceweather.com for photos and movies.#


There's another plume of hot gas over Washington today with the
drama of the bailout bill failing to pass. But then I always wait
to see if political balking is merely part of a script with
ultimate results telling more of the true plot than any Capitol
Hill Theater matinee ever reveals. 

Being away from my Astrology software at the moment I hope a
curious astrologer will set up a chart for what I hear is the
next House vote - Thursday at noon EDT. Even if noon is off
a bit it should work as a symbolic chart of the bill's vote. 

And if Hank Paulson gets the vapors again, please someone let
me know. Neptune's fog, vapors, and smokey mirrors are proving
difficult for the lawmakers to see through.

Georgia's Paul Broun cites "cow patties" which aren't appetizing
in the least, are they? Since I'm from Georgia do I need to
translate? Okay. The bailout bill is a pile of merde.

Then there's the White House refusal to cooperate on the Attorneys
General firings investigation as a certain weasel sings like a

Yes, George Bush has a lot to be "very disappointed" about today,
it's true. 

And now he knows how I and millions of other people have felt for
almost eight long years of a president's term under which the largest
failures of our nation have occurred.

Financial meltdown part of Cheney’s plans

Roll Call tells us that the Bush administration made plans months ago…’just in case’…


And you may wish to read a fresh post at Stars Over Washington (see sidebar – I placed its feed there) relating today’s economic ‘hearings’ on Capitol Hill with Paulson and Bernanke to the natal chart of the New World Order.

There are some striking connections and perhaps, as the performances continue, I shall additionally grouse on this when I have more time.

(feed should update any minute now with ‘Paulson and the Capitol Hill Theater 9.23.08’)

US’ Venus Return: Friday 6.20.08 and Scott McClellan

USA\'s Venus Return 6.20.08

It’s Friday, Venus’ favorite day as Venus returns to her natal degree in America’s chart (July 4, 1776.)

Today is a busy day on Capitol Hill. Former White House press secretary, Scott McClellan spoke to the House Judiciary Committee this morning concerning revelations in his book on the White House role in the outing of CIA agent Valerie Plame (is Plame America’s Venus returning?) and on the lead up to the Iraq War of Cheney’s and Bush’s choice.

Enlarge the image to see a few notes on America’s Venus Return occurring at 5:27:10 pm edt as Congress “debates” surveillance of American citizens while attempting to hide their own patooties (as usual) along with the derrieres of their telecom friends who enabled them to break US law without so much as a murmur of protest, it seems.

One thing I keep thinking about this thorny issue of ‘to spy or not to spy’ is that millions of innocent Americans have been spied upon by crooks and criminals–and that Bush’s secret spying program is part of the 9/11 false flag op charade. Congress has enabled it all so that the possibility of anything positive (and legal) coming out of this “debate” today is…debatable. Venus isn’t famous for facing the music, however, as we shall see, because the Glamorous Lady doesn’t care for ugliness, you know.

But on to America’s Venus Return…what IS a Venus Return anyway and why care?

Since Venus’ orbit lasts one year (give or take a month) the chart is ‘good for’ the duration until the next Return so the chart is temporary and describes Venusian issues such as: increase or decrease of material goods, money, relationships, popularity or lack thereof, and values.

Occurring at a Moon Hour (changes, fluctuations, domestic concerns) we see that Venus and the Moon are out-of-bounds and so are not working within the energy circuits of the other planetary energies. Yet Venus is well-tied into the chart due to Saturn’s sextile of US natal Venus, a period when one makes a good impression on authority.

Did McClellan do this today? Perhaps for the Democrats (Ds = Saturn) but the ranking Republican House Judiciary Committee member, Lamar Smith (TX) ridiculed the hearing as a “book-club-of-the-month” that revealed nothing new.

Smith said, “It should be of no surprise that there was spin in the White House Press Office. What White House has not had a communications operation that advocates for its policies? Any recent administration that did not try to promote its priorities should be cited for dereliction of duty.”

Notice that lying is only “spin” and “advocating”…and I can think of a lot more serious issues this administration could be cited for in the dereliction of duty department than the usual press business, can’t you? “Promoting priorities” such as a fascist takeover hardly merits a pass according to this disgruntled American.

Well, Smith got the statement out there and the AP picked it up as if it actually addressed anything important about the treason inherent in outing a CIA operative or the lies that were purposefully promoted to justify a premptive strike upon Iraq.

America’s ‘Lady of Liberty’ aka as The Statue of Liberty…represented by Venus…isn’t happy either, I assert.

Now in any Return chart we give precedence to the planet closest to an angle and in this case, we see Saturn (accountability; responsibility; authority) within one degree of MC–and conjunct Dick Cheney’s natal Ascendant (2Vir55.)

Saturn to natal ASC is a time when masks should be dropped and accountability acknowledged but what are the odds of that?! Remember that this transit occurred for George Bush just at the time of Hurricane Katrina and I think Bush’s mask of ‘compassion’ hit the top of the garbage heap then.

But as McClellan said today, he doesn’t believe that Bush knew about or caused the Plame leak, but on the subject of Cheney’s culpability (and remembering that Scooter Libby worked for the VP’s office) McClellan stated, “I do not know. There’s a lot of suspicion there.”

Such a deft sidestep! Suspicion there is!

The response on today’s hearing from the White House was dismissive, naturally, which is where Lamar Smith’s smokescreen statement comes into the narrative.

McClellan even said that it was Scooter Libby who placed a “cloud” (Neptune) over the VP’s office but I must disagree. All Cheney’s minions were protecting the One Who Walks on the Dark Side and promotes a vision of mushroom clouds when it’s politically expedient–and treasonously outs CIA agents. His nickname, a la Jon Stewart, is ‘Darth Vader’ but everyone knows his real name.

Seems February’s Solar Eclipse at the “A Man Unmasked” degree (18AQ) has been highlighted on Capitol Hill today bwo Cheney’s natal ASC at MC, the most visible point in any chart.

To refresh myself on this Eclipse Series (10 North) it’s about an emphasis on communications and frustrating events that concern news, paperwork, or a young person (like Scott McClellan.)

I’m thinking now of Cheney’s doodled questions around Joseph Wilson’s NYT op ed piece on finding no yellowcake links to Iraq. Paperwork!

In the Return chart you see the YOD, a Finger of God pattern, indicating a special purpose of task and in this case, it’s pointing to Mars (McClellan?) at 23Leo38. The midpoint picture thus formed is…

Moon/Uranus = Mars: excessive ambition; a craving for sensation; lack of self-control; self-aggrandizement.

Has Scott been at loose ends since leaving his big fat press job?

Moon/Uranus signifies emotional excitement and nervousness, of course, and it seems that if Mars = McClellan, he’s longing for his exciting White House days. Yet separations and trouble in relationships are in this chart as well, and others have mentioned upon release of McClellan’s book that Bush’s prognostication of he and Scott rocking on the porch of retirement and reminiscing about days in the White House are now (understandably) moot…gone the way of the dodo.

Since I have no exact birth time for McClellan, the big honkin’ Sun/Pluto opposition today (and at a crisis-ridden 29 degrees), it’s quite possible that Sun/Pluto is squaring his natal Leo Moon…Sun/Pluto = Moon: attempts to project power and persuasion; brutal suppression of feelings.

Interestingly, the Sun/Pluto opposition is on the ASC-DESC axis of the US Congress’ natal chart (Nov 17, 1800; 9:30 am LMT)  so we have: Sun/Pluto = ASC: crisis of self-preservation; enormous power projection; being forced to fight.

And today contentious Mars is opposite illusive, deceptive Neptune, a time when efforts come to nothing and there are deceptions and illusions in the environment. Ya think?!!!

Ceres is conjunct US natal Venus in this Return chart so Venus’ values and Ceres’ issues of conscience that affect many people (in a national chart) plus security concerns (such as spying and protection of CIA operatives) will be on the US menu in the coming year esp in relation to 8th house matters (money; insurance; credit; debt; death matters; the occult; shared resources, etc.) The tragic flooding of middle America comes to mind as well.

Now for the Jones’ interpretation of the Sabian Symbol for America’s Venus which seems to me to be tres descriptive of this morning’s appearance of Scott McClellan on Capitol Hill…

“4Cancer” = “A Cat Arguing with a Mouse”…the eternal effort of of human nature to get outer acceptance or social sanction for its inborn desires, as well as inner or intelligent and practical confirmations for the values (Venus!) it has made its own. The Keyword is JUSTIFICATION…

positive: a gift for persuading others to accept the motives of self and to co-operate with its ends;

negative/unconscious/shadow side: interminable quarreling with the nature of things.

As Dane Rudhyar puts it:

Keynote: An attempt at self-justification. The mind is very clever at not facing the consequences which follow from desires or even from restlessness. Attempts at RATIONALIZATION are experienced and should be understood. (Rudhyar: ‘An Astrological Mandala’; Jones: ‘The Sabian Symbols in Astrology.’)

Well, Mars does like to quarrel yet he must be courageous when he’s the apex planet in a YOD pattern.

And the American taxpayer PAYS Congress big bucks for entertaining performances of Capitol Hill Theater, esp today’s Rationalization Matinee. Yes, Venus loves drama, too, and I think it’s fairly safe to say that for our collective Venus Return,  we’ve been mooned by great and not-so-great performances, and that serious efforts to get at any truth of these matters are, as usual, stymied by their shared culpability and their desire to hold on to power at any and all costs.


Midpoint pictures: Tyl; Ebertin.

Eclipse info: Brady’s ‘Predictive Astrology.’

All grousing: compliments of yours truly, a Dissenting American and Daughter of the Revolution.

~note: the MC/IC axis of the 2008 Venus Return chart is conjunct America’s Progressed Full Moon of Dec 24, 2008 (4Vir10/4Pis10.) See Pages list in sidebar for chart/info.



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