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Limp down Memory Lane: Inauguration 2001

If you’d like to take a stroll with me down pre-Memory Lane to George W. Bush’s first Inauguration 2001 which represents his entire tenure in my book, look in the sidebar for the feed from Stars Over Washington, or click here


where you’ll find 2001’s 8th house in the spotlight with its trio of Moon, Chiron, and Pluto, as well as two interlaced YODs (‘Finger of God’ patterns) telling of Bush’s special tasks as leader of the nation. ‘Leader of the Free World’ is up to the beholder for he’s pretty well undermined that title into oblivion along with the US economy and America’s credibility.

In the article, however, the three obsessive-compulsive quindecile aspects (165 degrees) have been neglected so I will type them for you here:

Sun (‘the leader’ in a national chart) QD North Node (the public; publicity): driven to feed one’s ego through the public persona; makes new contacts easily and has the ability to network within a ‘common cause’; may identitfy one’s self through one’s mother.

Mars QD Jupiter: driven by a ‘thirst for more’: may be extremely selfish and self-indulgent; physical energy requires an outlet; likes to ‘go for the gusto’; may take on too many things at once; prone to rushing to judgment and acts impulsively on beliefs and opinions; overly competitive.

Jupiter QD Pluto: driven by a need for power and success; overly manipulative, controlling, and ruthless; uses one’s belief system, opinions, or religion to coerce or manipulate others; a player within major societal changes and transformation of mass consciousness and perspectives. (Ricki Reeves, ‘The Quindecile.’)

Mars 16Sco17 is conjunct the Descendant in the Inauguration 2001 chart, which is the cusp of the 7th house of Partnerships, Legal Affairs, and Open Enemies. Oct 27, 2008 marks the Mars Return to this chart and thus to the Bush43 presidency.

And transiting Pluto will not leave the Bush presidency’s 8th house before W’s double term ends.

The above linked post has a large image of the Inauguration 2001 chart with my usual chickenscratch notes upon it, including the Sun AQ-Moon Sag blend’s Image for Integration (from Charles and Suzy Harvey.)

With Bush’s first swearing-in occurring during a Balsamic phase (the dark of the Moon), sneakiness has been the order of the day for this, our 43rd president, and his sidekick Cheney’s lurk on the ‘Dark Side’ has been well-documented.

The words, ‘shadow government’ have reached new depths under George W. Bush. Balsamic Moon phases are said to be good for sleeping and the American people were apparently in a sleepwalking state for this particular Oath of Office. Too bad the egg-tossers couldn’t connect with Bush’s limo that cold day in Washington…I hope he was told of their sentiments.

Well, you may not wish to take this sashay with me, and if not, I certainly understand for I’m as tired of him as anyone.

But my hope is that the article will represent a last farewell to this failed presidency which began in controversy and so will end the same as Astrology wisely tells us…that how a thing, event, or person begins is how it it or he/she will end.

And looking at the Jan 20, 2001 chart for 12:01 pm est, Capitol Building, I see that America’s natal Mercury-Pluto opposition are upon the MC/IC axis, with the IC being the End of the Matter. Ic ’27Cancer’ in Lynda Hill’s ‘360 Degrees of the Zodiac’ her book on the Sabian Symbols, may be instructive here in the Caution category, and I want to give you some of Lynda’s insights about this degree as well…

’27Can’: confrontations; domestic violence or violent reactions; social upheavals; wrongly believing you are in control of the uncontrollable; enjoyment of turmoil; whipping things up; stormfronts.

Lynda says that ’27Can’ (“A Violent Storm In A Residential Canyon Filled With Valuable Homes”) need not concern homes that are expensive, but which are valuable to their occupants; here they feel protected and safe, but somehow a ‘storm’ has raged through – exactly what will happen next is uncertain.

’27Can’ speaks of finding oneself much deeper in a situation than may have been imagined and now there’s a ‘caged in’ feeling and probably no immediate escape from the turbulence that is happening.

There may have been some forewarning that a ‘storm’ was coming, says Lynda, with pressure piling up and threatening to explode at any moment. No intention was made to provoke this ‘storm’ but it’s out of your hand in the environment now. The best thing to do is to wait and protect yourself and others.

Things need to blow themselves out naturally because trying to contain it may do more damage (and we’re hearing this again today after the Group of 15’s meeting in Paris. They are trying to ‘go to the heart of the problem’ so we’ll see as they “recapitalize banks” in exhange for an ownership stake. Basically it’s a similar solution to what the US is doing and will, they say, speed things up.

~NPR has just announced that Wells Fargo has been approved to buy Wachovia. Good.

Now back to ’27Can’…

A positive outcome may not come to light for awhile, but things WILL fall back where they are meant to be. Arguments and emotional confrontations erupt as many people are affected – yet it may end up being a blessing in disguise; rebuilding one’s community will be key.

Lynda always includes a few apt quotes for each degree’s Symbol and I’d like to close with 4 of them for ’27Can’ which seem most appropriate considering the mortgage and financial crises with which the Bush presidency is ending in a haze of gory:

“It is your business when the wall next door catches fire.” Horace

“Rain does not fall on one roof alone.” Cameroon Proverb

“A man is sometimes lost in the dust of his own raising.” David Ruggles

and in closing…

“You don’t develop courage by being happy in your relationships every day. You develop it by surviving difficult times and challenging adversity.” Barbara De Angelis


You may wish to visit Lynda here:


BBC’s ‘Credit Crunch’ Timeline

Now available in my sidebar, you’ll find a Page with a bit o’grousing along with the BBC’s link to the ‘Credit Crunch’ Timeline, which is a listing of the whole financial swill in order of occurrence and including names and amounts…so that you may…

View them in their splendor! Marvel at their brazenness! Decry their greed and perfidy! But holding the slight-of-handers to account is the hard part.

And whoo-o-o-se term did this occur and erupt under? That’d be George Just Go Shopping Bush.

Astrology of the Bailout Bill Signing 10.3.08

If you care to take a peek you may find details and dual chart images for Oct 3, 2008 (2:52 pm + 3:00 pm edt, White House) of Bush’s bailout bill signing, or as my friend Monica righteously calls it, the Mother Of All Bailouts.

You know that there are three conjunctions of ‘the Speculators’ – Jupiter and Neptune – all through 2009 which means this current scripted meltdown of a boondoggle has occurred during the final stages of their cycle which began in January of 1997 which indicates a ‘New Moon’ for expansive Jupiter and idealistic if often deceptive Neptune:


~>if link isn’t working for you as it isn’t for me, see sidebar of feeds under Stars Over Washintgon<~

If we can’t quite put our fingers on the gist or essence of what’s been going on in the closed chambers of Washington and the secret boardrooms of Wall Street, perhaps Jupiter and Neptune’s grand and far-reaching energies could be part of the reason – and the explanation – simultaneously.

Yes, we have little cause to think that the Bush administration’s custom of naming bills the opposite of what they do has been suspended with this massive risk-taking tome…the “Emergency Economic Stabilization Act” which Rep. Ron Paul has said on the House floor will have the opposite effect and make matters worse. Could it be that Rep. Paul realizes that ‘worse’ is precisely their objective?

Well, when you have a mo, see what you think about the above chart/s and get back to me when you may because I’d be interested in hearing your opinion on the subject.

~:~ Political Paw Alert: there’s been a Wall Street limerick published as sent to me by Mr.A.Cat at:


(cat photos complimentary)

Vtunnel to turn over records of Palin email breach

Update Oct 8: guess you’ve heard that someone was been indicted Tuesday for the Palin email hackery: Mike Kernell, 20, son of TN lawmaker David Kernell (D-Memphis.)

The young man is an economics major at Univerity of Tennessee and is facing 5 years ih prison among other things.

That’s what resetting other people’s passwords and publishing their emails can do for ya.

~:~ original post begins here:

Here in Athens, Georgia last evening’s comedy performance by Craig Ferguson isn’t all that’s being discussed.

The recent hacking of Republican VP candidate Sarah Palin’s email accounts was finagled through a portal website based here in Athens which is for those who don’t appreciate having access blocked to various sites and online services. But using it for nefarious purposes in a no-no.

Vtunnel, a site owned by Gabriel Ramuglia, who happens coincidentally to have graduated from a school in Alaska (with no link to Palin or her government) is now preparing info on the hacker-Vtunnel user for the FBI.

Vtunnel’s link has been added to my Links List under ‘Web Surfing and Issues’ if you’d like to check it out, for as we know, Net Neutrality has been yet another casualty of the Bush administration and I, for one, am heartily disgusted with it.

Why, just last week I attempted to access a site I hadn’t visited since last year and thought I’d see what was up with lame duck Bush’s tenure being on the wane…but denied and blocked was I.

So that will be my first try at Vtunnel – to see if I can access Smirking Chimp! Care to join me?


Capitalism, Big Bears, Trainwrecks, and George Bush

Apologies for the little squigglies that I place between them – it’s the only way I can keep articles from schmooshing together in a clump – spacefully, here are a couple of articles worth noting:

Financial Russian Roulette


2008 could be 1931 revisited.

http://www.informationclearinghouse.info/article20766.htm #

(Yeah, I’ve been saying stuff like that but Mr. Krugman says it much much better than I ever did. As he should.)


The Crash of Western Capitalist Civilization?

By Richard C. Cook

“Train-wreck” doesn’t even begin to describe what is starting to happen to the US today with the financial crisis, an onrushing depression, and the failure of George W. Bush’s war
policy as he is faced down by Iran and the Russian bear.

But in an even broader sense, the West, as a civilization, after a century of world war and the utter failure of global finance capitalism, may have reached its limits.

http://www.informationclearinghouse.info/article20764.htm #


Transiting Neptune of fraud, illusion, and deception fame is still dancing around with the ’23AQ’ degree whose Sabian Symbol is: “A Big Bear Sitting Down and Waving All Its Paws.” (Jones.)

“-reached its limits”? Like the US Secondary Progressed Full Moon in December 2008 (Sibly chart) or February 2009 (Sco rising chart) – THAT kind of reached its limits?

Thing is, I keep mentioning the US Sec Full Moon ad nauseum, but there’s no shame in recognizing one’s limits and knowing when pulling back is a good thing. It’s when heads keep being bashing against brick walls that’s really really stupid – and shameful to brazenly think you can go against natural laws and win, and to not care for destinies of the people you take down with you.

Astro-indicators of the Fannie/Freddie bail out?

Yes! and you don’t have to look far either.

At 12:17 am edt in Washington, DC, Sep 8, moneybags Jupiter turned Direct. Actually the Great Benefic had been on his Station degree all last week as we heard of the Fed’s and the Bush administration’s last ditch effort to save America’s onions and seize gone-astray mortgage giants, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.

Now the deed is done as of Sunday, Sep 7, and we know that money flows more easily when richy rich Jupiter is moving forward. The billions of dollars this plan is likely to place on US taxpayers ($25 Billion or more) is considered a necessary risk.

Well, we know that the Republicans in control of Washington these last several years are no stranger to swelling the national deficit, don’t we?

Barack Obama is blaming the way laws are structured and he’s right – slight-of-hand laws made it possible for the mortgage titans, who borrowed based on their preferred status, to over-leverage themselves. Their ratings remained AAA all the while that balance sheets were getting thinner and thinner.

Seems their books contain some squirrelly math, too – quelle surprise. oui? Senator Chris Dodd is asking for more details from Hank Paulson whose previous request for the ‘bazooka strategy’ was taken, it seems, at face value.

And all this is occurring, lest we forget, under the auspices of the Bush administration. Now John McCain is wanting his chance to shine. Will you ask for more of these GOP shell games?

So, with their portfolios now frozen, naughty Fannie and Freddie will no longer be allowed to lobby on Capitol Hill – part of the take-over deal. Now that’s a bit of good news “going forward.” 

But the weird CEO news is that Fannie’s Daniel Mudd will be taking home severance pay of approximately $9 million! And Freddie’s Richard Syron? appr $13 million! Hard to believe, isn’t it?

And this is with squirrelly books to their credit and on their watch!

Then there’s China insisting that the US step up to its obligations so they wouldn’t get caught holding an empty bag, and this is what Paulson and our monetary experts came up with. Where would they be without us to socialize these mortgage titans for them and for China?

Meanwhile, markets have reacted positively today, and the word ‘privatize’ is being bandied about but we’ll see how things go. We’ll see if Jupiter now moving Direct frees up the flow of money for borrowers and regular homeowners and not just for the already-rollin’-in-dough.

Well, I’ll hush now and give you a link to NPR’s coverage on the matter:


~note: I’m going to post some Sabian Symbol info at Stars Over Washington if you wish to check there in a few minutes…Adriano Carelli’s Symbol for ’13Cap’ will be included…”A Tartarian archer drawing an incendiary arrow”:


Palin one of many: what Bush Doctrine?

Turns out that in the TV interview with Charlie Gibson, Sarah Palin’s lack of recognition of the elusive ‘Bush Doctrine’ isn’t so unusual after all!


Howard Zinn said way back in 1993

“There is no flag large enough to cover the shame of killing innocent people
for a purpose which is unattainable.”  US historian Howard Zinn, 1993
Number Of Iraqis Slaughtered Since The U.S. Invaded Iraq “1,255,026”
http://www.justforeignpolicy.org/iraq/iraqdeaths.html  #

Brought to us by – the Bush administration – slated to continue by way of a McCain-Palin White House. Ready?

Written by Jude Cowell

September 9, 2008 at 12:33 am

Autumn Equinox on the way: meet me in September?

The process of blurbing on the Autumn EQ 2008 horoscope has begun. See the EQ chart set for the White House with more chart details to follow:


Mixed feelings about Woodward’s new book

Okay, so reading Bob Woodward’s new book, which will be excerpted Sept 7 in the Washington Post and released Sept 9, will be hard to resist since it purports to give the skinny on the inside of the Bush administration’s decision-making process (there’s a process? I thought it was Bush’s ‘gut instincts’ and eye-gazing, along with Cheney’s master planning) so it will have to be read.

But mixed feelings come in when I get the same old (tired) feeling of ‘why didn’t he tell this when it might’ve done some good?’ – as I get with so many tell-all books and articles that spill the Bush beans after the cornbread is already burned to a crisp and I’ve lost my appetite.

That mega-bucks are expected to be made on Woodward’s book for its publisher and author, and for the myriad of talking heads, pundits, and critics who will have something new to blab about online, in print, and on TV goes without saying…they’ve established quite an industry of Bush-and-Cheney bashing while barely diverting the neocon agenda from its goals much at all.

Of course, most media board members and network bosses sit on the same Trilateral Commission boards and whatever brotherhood societies that keep the billions flowing and the agenda on track – one needs a score card to keep up with everyone’s motives and memberships, if you can find a publisher of score cards not in on the big game.

The rest of my mixed feelings about Woodward’s book stem from the fact that if it’s going to be THAT revealing with such deep inside scoops as it’s being touted to contain, our enemies can read it, too.

Now I know what we once called that sort of thing years ago when I lived in Washington and you’d think we still would.

But as usual with Bush-Cheney tactics these last interminable years (and adminstrations before them), the bar has been lowered, which is, after all, what the one-world-government types have been doing for years – getting the masses accustomed so that the next outrage – ignoring the Constitution, subverting the legal system, the Bill of Rights, the banking system, failing to protect the WTC if not being in cahoots, undermining the US dollar, outing covert spies like Valerie Plame – whatever element of the social fabric we-the-people have come to depend on – will be less opposed when dissolved and may be swallowed more readily next time.

And as most people are aware, Bush-Cheney have put in place contingencies bwo The ‘Patriot’ Act, for emergency police action against the people who may dare to fight or complain too loudly against the next outrage or whatever else they have in store – called off elections, lack of response to a natural disaster,  fill-in-the-blank.

Here’s a link to a March 2007 post concerning the Attorneys General firings, Al Gonzales, and a mention of the ‘Patriot’ Act provision they inserted for certain purposes, if you’re interested:


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