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Forbidden Knowledge? Oklahoma City Bombing 1995 (video link)

If you’ve followed news on the April 19, 1995 bombing of the Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City, OK, you may wish to check out a 4-minute video on the topic:


Plus, if you’re curious about the horoscope of the bombing (April 19, 1995 9:02 am cdt OK City) try this:


Click to enlarge the chart to see expansive Jupiter @14Sag53 Rx opposing The Jolly One’s current position in Gemini. So with Jupiter turning Rx in Gemini, his 1995 position will be triggered off and on in the coming months. Perhaps we’ll hear (Gemini) more (Jupiter) about the tragic OK City terrorist attack.

Plus, the bombing horoscope’s rising degree 8Gem24 ‘brought up’ America’s natal Uranus @8Gem55, the planet of revolt, revolution, and radical politics.

There’s even an eclipse degree at Midheaven (The Goal), a Solar Eclipse that didn’t manifest until February 7, 2008 @17AQ45 in the 10 North Saros Series (issues of ‘communications, frustrating events via news, paperwork, or young people; drained energy’–Brady) which may mean nothing, of course, yet in 1995 there were questions about the destruction of papers and records in the Federal Building, if memory serves. (Ex: government malfeasance–or, records concerning the Siege of Waco February 28, 1993? As you know, 1993 is the year of the Great Conjunction/s of Uranus and Neptune, planets of The Enlightenment which now, as then, promotes rationality above all else.

Their conjunctions’ primary degree of the current cycle (which began in 1993): ’18 Capricorn’ = “A Union Jack Flies From a British Warship” which Marc Edmund Jones gives as, “smug or strong-armed paternalism,” Rudhyar as,” POLITICAL POWER” in the Sabian Symbols. It’s all about keeping law and order, you see, and the dangers of abusing or misusing authority.

Anyway, one conspiracy-type tidbit of info I was unaware of when I wrote the above post concerning the tragedy in Oklahoma City is that 10N happens to be the Pre-Natal Eclipse Series of the secretive, lap-of-luxury Bilderberg Group which officially organized into a cabal of movers-n-shakers during May 29 — 31, 1954. You remember them–the ones who met in Chantilly, Virginia in June 2012 just as they did in June 2008 when then-candidates Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton left their campaign trails to join the meeting. 

And then-Senator Obama emerged as the Bilderberg Choice for US president 2008…and Hillary Rodham Clinton stepped aside.

Top Jobs for Obama Financial Supporters

Though I’m not surprised and consider this tit-for-tat arrangement to be as old as America herself (as is the obvious hypocrisy involved), I present this article to you in a spirit of keeping a squinty and dissenting eye upon the inhabitants of the White House, no matter their party:

Spoils Of Victory: Obama Financial Suporters Get Top Jobs

By Fred Schulte, John Aloysius Farrell and Jeremy Borden

More than two years after President Obama took office vowing to banish “special interests” from his administration, nearly 200 of his biggest donors have landed plum government jobs and advisory posts, won federal contracts worth millions of dollars for their business interests.

As they say, old boss same as the new!

Plus, you may be interested in reading my brief astro-peek at Michele Bachmann’s natal horoscope published today over at Stars Over Washington.

GOP tax cuts and Inauguration 2009 reconsidered

Here’s a new post with a brief reconsideration of the Inauguration 2009 horoscope as inspired by President Obama’s caving in to the GOP over the tax cut extension for the haves.

You know who ‘the haves’ are in America, right?

They’re the folk who turned out en masse on November 2, 2010 to vote for the protection of the 2% – no matter how their anti-entitlement agenda damages the common good and well-being of 98% of the American people.

January 20, 2009 noon est Capitol Building, Washington DC

Like most astrologers, I shuddered at the void-of-course Inaugural Moon at a critical (crisis) degree 29Sco45 which promised trouble for the nation and a falling away from President Obama (midterms 2010) with his presidential agenda not going as planned.

Perhaps that was one of the underlying reasons Mr. Obama took a second presidential oath later on…undercover of a retrograde Inaugural Mercury!

Obama adm covers up torture cover-up

Update Nov 16, 2010: now here’s something economic which concerns President Obama’s upcoming sell-out to the super-rich which, in my opinion, is a deal made years ago. One way to know? He’s been allowed to play President.

Original post begins here:

Oh great. In their bid to out-Bush Bush, the Obama administration is now covering up the cover-up of the CIA’s torture tape destruction a la the
Bush-Cheney administration which spotlights the way each US administration ‘has the back’ of the previous adm, and recent ones besides.

Makes sense really. For how would things turn out if one lonely little White House administration turned tattletale against another administration thus asking for a similar fate? Why, then someone might soon expect that peace, honesty, integrity, justice, and equality would then be uplifted by the ‘White’ House rather than being continually cast down into Washington’s mud while being used in the media as mere political talking points.

And worst of all for political thespians everywhere, Change We Can Believe In might turn out to mean something significant after all!

Will his past haunt Barack Obama?

Some interesting info and inferences have surfaced regarding President Obama’s past dealings and those of his family members, especially his father – and the CIA.

This info is a little too involved to wrap my allergy-stuffed noggin around today, plus, I’m busy writing a certain America-infused article inspired by the excellent Julie Demboski, yet the article link is being passed on to you for delving purposes, if you wish.

Plus, posting its link here makes it easier for me to find later on.

This is almost off-topic but in case you didn’t notice, my sidebar list of Wedding Day Astrology Pages now includes the wedding of President Obama’s parents, if you’re interested.

Update 8.19.10: here’s more stuff from Wayne Madsen on possible Obama family’s CIA employment though it isn’t clear to me why, if true, any of this is a mark against Mr. Obama as president – other than that the marketing of him for president didn’t include his family’s connections to the CIA.

Is not revealing all the facts, in fact, lying?

This makes Mr. Obama’s book Dreams of My Father seem like a ploy to hide deeper truths about the future president. Perhaps ‘Dreams of My Father’s CIA Connections’ would have been closer to it.

Obama’s Irish heritage confirmed

Well, it’s the luck o’the Irish today!

President Obama’s Irish heritage has been verified by way of an old map and a hidden tomb.

Wonder if my Irish and Scotch-Irish ancestors hung out with his Irish ancestors at all?

If so, it may be a case of fist bumps from the past!


Update 9.9.09: here’s a heads-up for you if you’d like to view the chart/s and read astrological details of Pres. Obama’s Address to a Joint Session of Congress Wednesday evening as he attempts to take back the helm of the Health Care Reform debate.

Obama’s place of birth under fire again but not by US military

Update July 16, 2009: case dismissed!

Original post begins here:

Have you heard that a US soldier’s orders to report for Afghanistan were revoked by the US military when he cited President Obama’s alleged ‘out-of-US’ birthplace as justification for not serving?

If Mr. Obama as Commander-in-Chief can’t make him fight, who can?

Some are saying the military revoked the man’s orders to report for duty rather than fight it in court. Suspicious, if true.

This could open up an unusal path for the unwilling or for those who’ve grown weary fighting a few old bald men’s wars for more profits.

Of course, these remarks of mine could grump up an honorable man and woman if both happen to be reading this blog right now, yet I don’t intend this post for that purpose. Still, perhaps VP Joe Biden could sign a proper form or something since he’d be the next one up to the helm if need be.

As for Mr. Obama, I’ve noticed astrologically that the president has some difficulties on the way (and we don’t need Astrology to clue us in on that) with the distinct possibility of something embarrassing surfacing into the glare of the limelight, cameras, and action….with something of an “A Man Unmasked” flavor.

But we’ve all had dirty noses at one time or another, drippy and wet with anticipation. Oh wait – that’s my hound dog. Forget this paragraph, would ya?

Written by Jude Cowell

July 15, 2009 at 7:42 am

Text link to Obama’s Cairo Address 6-4-09

Here’s a link to the full text of President Obama’s Cairo address today where he speaks of “new beginnings” — and my inner astrologer can’t help but think of May 24 2009’s New Moon 3Gem28 which was a New Moon in President Obama’s Moon Return chart for May 24 (since it occurred on his natal Moon’s degree.)

New Moons = new beginnings, and May 24’s New Moon was ‘personalized’ for Pres. Obama. I may also infer some ‘home’ connotation to his Cairo address given in Muslims lands: his natal Moon is in the 4th house of Roots and Heritage.

And follow the link for a photo of the standing ovation the president received before he began to orate before the throng.

More on June 7 2009’s Full Moon in Sag

More stuff has been added to the picture of June 7, 2009’s Full Moon at ’18Sag’ if you’d like a peek!

You remember the father of Cynicism, old Diogenes, right? Well, every once in a while he gathers his bones together, sits up, climbs out of his resting spot, and takes his lantern for a stroll through city streets…and you know what he’s searching for!

Hmm…wonder if Pres. Obama on his current trip abroad may be likened on some level to Diogenes? If so, I hope he finds what he’s looking for and makes it back safely to the US.

Russian astrologer predicts end for Obama

Update Nov 12, 2012: obviously Mr. Globa was totally incorrect about Pres. Obama’s 1st term fate. Original post begins here:

Update June 28, 2010: an article on Robert Kuttner’s new book ‘A Presidency in Peril: The Inside Story of Obama’s Promise, Wall Street’s Power, and the Struggle to Control our Economic Future’ is available for you here and doesn’t highlight President Obama’s death as much as it does the death of America.

Original post begins here:

Famous Russian astrologer Pavel Globa has predicted the death of President Obama in 2011 by assassination.

Now death predictions are not the kind of thing this reluctant astrologer prefers to agree with so I won’t. Yet there are difficult indications in certain charts which I’ve been in process of ignoring – until I found this article from March 6, 2009.

And yet it’s certainly possible Mr. Globa has his own reasons for such a prediction.

Well, crum. Maybe I shouldn’t ignore it.

If there are conspiracies to undermine the US and destroy American sovereignty – and that of other nations – for the ‘glory’ of a one-world-government (and I suspect there are since it seems to be working well for them as they steamroll us along) – I had thought Mr. Obama might be safe from such harm because he cooperates so completely with world bankers and the financial royalty of the world.

Actually, he wouldn’t be in the Oval Office if they hadn’t wanted him there.

Plus, the fabled ‘Tecumseh’s Curse’ of US presidential assassinations which relates to the 20-year-cycle of Jupiter and Saturn wouldn’t seem to be in play in 2011 – their last Great Conjunction occurred on May 28, 2000; next conj on Dec 21, 2020 (that one is suspicious since it’s at 00AQ29. Unless the date of the US Inauguration is changed, it’s the position of the Inaugural Sun at noon, Jan 20, in Washington.)

In fact, Mr. Obama seems to be quite in their back pockets, imho, given the appointments to his administration and their actions in the ongoing econo-crisis which they and their ritzy colleagues engineered – or at the least, failed to stop when it could have mattered.

Of course, if BHO is actually one of ’em, they could turn on him at some point, so if Mr. Globa is correct in his dire prediction (and maybe he knows something we in the US don’t know) then the mayhem may come from a different source than the world banking class who have been accused of being behind both JFK’s and Abe Lincoln’s assassinations…for the two presidents dared to mess with the world banking system and then paid the heaviest price of all.
Side note: does this side view of Pres. Obama tally with the photo in the above article? I’m noticing a *difference in noses!

* view the slideshow about 3 to 4 pics in – it won’t allow me to link to just one photo of a side view of the presidential schnoz.

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