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Ellen and Portia

Just a brief heads-up that a ‘Wedding Day Astrology’ Page is now published concerning last evening’s marriage of Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi…see sidebar column, if you wish.

Two asteroids I neglected to mention so I will add them here: Juno ‘the wife’ is conjunct Ellen’s natal Ascendant 14Sag+ now, and Hera ‘the legal or official wife’ is traveling in tandem with lady Venus 13Vir+ – so the two asteroids are in aspect as well as making obviously descriptive transits to Ellen’s natal chart as they legalized their union!

My best wishes for much happiness go out to the joyous couple!


Here’s the article on the wedding with smoochy photo from BBC News:



Georgia vs South Ossetia: 100-year conflict

UPDATE Aug 12: listening now to NPR’s MarketPlace and they’re talking about Russia’s motives concerning Georgia – that Putin wants to control other resources besides oil and gas – he also wants control of GRAINS. See notes on Ceres and Demeter at the end of this post!

~original post starts here~ ~

Like most bellybutton-gazing Americans I’m way behind on the history of the region now ignited.

So far, the best background info I’ve found is Russia Today’s August 11 article, ‘Georgia vs South Ossetia: roots of a 100-year conflict’ here:


NPR is reporting at noon that Russia has opened a second front. Saakashvili is saying that ethnic cleansing is going on, Wake Up, World. McCain is urging Bush to dispatch Condi Rice to the region ~like Bush couldn’t think of it himself in this macabre political farce in which innocent people pay with their lives.~ And the DOW is up, btw.)

Bush is flying back to the US now from what was “likely his last trip to Asia while in office.” That Bush would think to open his gob about anyone else using force to impose ‘peace’ has to be a clue that this is political theater, dahlink – hiding the real deal made behind the scenes. 

Perhaps it’s more instructive to listen to what they DO and not to what they say.

So last evening (just for curiosity’s sake) I consulted my set of The Century Cyclopedia, 1898 edition, and looked up ‘Abkhazia’ in the Book of Proper Names finding this entry from 110 years years ago:

“Abkhasia: A region, not an administrative division, on the southern slope of the Caucasus, having an area of about 3,000 miles. It was permanently subjugated by Russia in 1864. Population: about 80,000.”

No entry for Ossetia, South or North in 1898.

The entry for ‘Georgia’ says that the area is “almost identical to the ancient Iberia” and that it was conquered by Alexander the Great (who may be understandably rolling over in his tomb with the current goings-on) but that Georgia “soon after his death became an independent kingdom. It was at its height about 1200, and had a flourishing literature. It was sub-divided in the beginning of the fifteenth century, and was annexed by Russia in *1801. The Georgians are a very handsome race, of the purest Caucasian type.”

Well, that’s a time capsule from 1898 for you, antique racial comments and all!


*1801: asteroid Ceres was discovered Jan 1, 1801 – notably the date that Ireland was united with Great Britain thus creating a useable natal chart for the UK. Ceres, Roman goddess of the grain and Earth Mother, is now considered in Mundane Astrology to be a significator of national security, ecology, food resources, and of course, as The Mother archetype, of nurturing and safety.

Ceres’ Greek counterpart is Demeter whose origin is Indo-European. Demeter has been associated more with the Earth Mother, and Ceres primarily with grain. The ‘Cerealia’ on April 19 was the chief festival of Ceres. (‘New Insights into Astrology,’ Nona Gwynn Press.)

On loathing John McCain

Although you’ll find some cross-pollination of links from one blog to another (to this one!) you may wish to check out a new post at Stars Over Washington. It concerns the opinions of people who have known John McCain for years, people of the good state of Arizona, McCain’s ‘home’ turf.

Now it’s agreed that if politicians weren’t opportunists, they wouldn’t get very far, but some of them take it to a new level – a new depth, I’d say. From greed to sleeze to deserted wives and all in between, McCain’s done it all. Shall John McBush be allowed to operate from the bowels of the White House come 2009?

So where was John McCain on April 12, 1988 and what was he engineering?, you ask. Whom did he sabotage on that particular day? And what does asteroid Nemesis have to do with it?

Click below to read Amy Silverman’s article and find out:


Where is Niobe tonight?

Mythogical Niobe is known to astrologers as Niobe, the grieving mother archetype, and she tonight ranges at 26Ari12 as the announcement extending the mission in Afghanistan for America’s warriors an extra month has come and is, one assumes, part of Bush’s desire to increase US troop numbers in the country we’ve given back to the Taliban as if the Soviets never learned anything in that stark region of the globe.

Niobe in Aries, sign of the god of war, Ares – or as we call him these days: Mars.

Here are two Martians on the world stage we’ve learned to suspect:

‘Gaze into my eyes…comrade’….Bush and Putin played disputin’ cousins on TV and yet…the US undermined the Soviets in Afghanistan and you know how that turned out for Russian soldiers, massacred as they retreat…that 25,000 captives were kidnapped is hardly ever mentioned–thus Russia has their “separatists” to fight and commit false flag ops upon when it suits the Kremlin’s purposes.

Ahhh, true motives! We’re in the final weeks of the Feb 7 2008 ‘Unmasking Eclipse’…”18AQ” season so hidden motivations are apt to be revealed once again…at least until Aug 1 or so, when the next Solar Eclipse Series occurs.

Bush’s ignore-Aghanistan military faux pas is a good example of this administration’s tendency toward misdirected energy applications. Yet with aims and motives beyond the ordinary (and which are kept secret from the mere mortal masses)  I continue to assert that the Bush Gang is not as shoot-themselves-in-the-foot as the Yosemite Sams they portray. Being touted as incompetent, stupid and/or forgetful by your media enablers and minions has been a half-decent cover for the varmints, I suppose.


You may wish to read about some possible election scenarios…pre- or during (or in December as in Travesty 2000)…for the upcoming US prez and other elections plus other brilliant articles by Morgan Wolf of Morgan’s Musings:


Saturn opposite Uranus–past vs future/the Middle East ~ esp Israel vs Palestine/new methods vs traditional ways)…November promises to turn up the heat under a cauldron simmering with bubbles of sulphur and ash in time for Jan 2009, and with forces of nature not to be left off the list, sad to say.

Plus, we always think of the sign Scorpio when autumn rolls around…with sign-ruler the lusty, testosterone-infused Mars rushing in (often foolishly) and dark puppet-string yanking Pluto rumbling in the background, the secret hand  hiding buried treasures of untold wealth, and a web of associates whose secret motives are fast becoming impossible – or unnecessary – to disguise.

Financially the upcoming August Eclipses–Solar Aug 1, Lunar Aug 16–may affect markets worldwide but are esp focused in America considering that her ‘pals’ abroad–Barclays Capital, the Royal Bank of Scotland, and Fortis–are in process of deserting us…which is, I protest, part of their plans all along.

You’ll find August Eclipse articles in my Pages list, if you haven’t checked them out yet…you may was well consider possibilities for as J.P. Morgan said:

“Millionaires don’t use Astrology, billionaires do.” Yuh. It’s all about cycles.

Therefore, it’s hardly possible that Wall Street gentry and others haven’t planned the current meltdown for their own domination-of-the-world purposes. A New Order has been called for by certain social tinkerers (my ‘nice’ name for them) these last several decades. Too bad most people never paid it any mind until now as the financial train wreck approaches in the rearview mirror.

For financial articles and analyses with a global perspective, go here (sans Astrology):


And here’s an article esp related to my financial Eclipse fuss above:


~:~ So now I’m sending out wishes for a Happy 232nd Independence Day, America! in case WordPress and my tech gremlins tussle wildly tomorrow and I can’t return as soon as I’d like…

CelebChart: Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie natal chart

UPDATE on the Jolie-Pitt Twins (born July 12, 2008 6:27 pm Nice, France) from astrologer Lynn Hayes who gives a wonderful write-up on the sweet little babies’ natal charts here:


~My original post begins here:

Angelina Jolie, June 4, 1975, 9:09 am PDT (Rodden rating: AA for accurate), Los Angeles, CA.

Born during a Saturn Hour, Angelina Jolie possesses a ‘Watery’ Saturn in a Watery house, the 12th house, along with Venus 28Can09 rising.

Known for her difficult relationship with her father, actor Jon Voight, her 12th house Saturn is in emotionally protective Cancer, sign of family and home, so we know that a father complex has made relating to authority an uneasy task for this Hollywood darling.

Thankfully, these daddy issues seem to have been successfully dealt with even though her separating Sun/Neptune opposition has made understanding daddy quite difficult along with the aspect’s defiant attitude.

With rebellious Uranus squaring Venus and Ascendant (ASC = a point describing the mask or persona which which we face the world), there is an underlying eccentricity concerning relationships–Ms. Jolie is attracted to unusual people and has a fear of ‘belonging’ to anyone. Venus SQ Uranus is the aspect of the “free spirit” who tends to flaunt her convention-defying relationships. And despite the past dismay of Hollywood’s power structure, this openess has worked fine for her career so far!

Well, what can be said of this beautiful actress?

Jolie (“pretty”) IS Venus-Aphrodite, the glamorous woman, and none would deny her the credit for her charming goddess-esque form. Yet there is more to her than the obvious Venus conj ASC implies for Venus/ASC conjunctions give more than charm and the approval of others. They may also indicate one who is fond of life’s finer things and an innate ability to exploit one’s best qualities.

Plus, Venus/ASC is prone to aggression when what is desired is not forthcoming–she provokes people into taking advantage of her then becomes annoyed at their presumption, and all is brought to a stop until she gets her way. There is a ‘conniver’ underneath a Venus/ASC conj, one who weighs the advantages and disadvantages of each alliance for its benefits to her…self-involved is Venus/ASC.

And sexy Sappho is at IC, which is perhaps an inheritance from a glamorous mother (4th house.)

Then there’s Jolie’s Moon/Mars conj: impatient, jealous, and extremely sensitive to others’ opinions–it’s the “sore loser” aspect. Slights might be only imaginary, but retaliation may still follow as people are “put in their place”–this aspect tends to cloud reasoning ability when overheated, but usually only when feeling threatened. Tisiphone, an asteroid whose keyword is ‘retaliation’ is rising with Venus, which underscores a vengeful nature when opposed or feeling put upon.

A hidden imperfection? Oh surely not! Then perhaps she’s only human after all…

Click chart to read my listing of Elements and Modes–you’ll see that there are no Fixed planets and no Earth in her natal chart.

Lack of Earth: realism lacking–grounding must come from other factors but her Watery Saturn in 12th (father) has not given this to her…Saturn is, however, Direct, which has probably helped Mr. Voight in his quest for a relationship with his daughter after their earlier problems. Good eating habits, plenty of sleep, and daily exercise are musts for Ms. Jolie’s lack of Earth.

Lack of Fixed energy: difficult to follow through on what’s begun–sticking with an exercise program helps develop commitment and willpower; sales or promo work are talents.

Abundant Fire: spontaneous, overactive, and restless; self-restraint must be learned for efficiency’s sake; wild behavior, exaggeration, and ego exaltation is usual with a creative, Fiery nature.

Abundant Cardinal energy: impatient; driven toward worldly experiences and doesn’t like anyone getting in the way; Saturn’s lessons come from all areas of life and they must be closely examined in order not to repeat mistakes (Billy Bob?); head to head competition is beneficial (Lara Croft!)

Yet papa Voight (no angel–who is?) must have been stung more than once by his daughter’s emotional touchiness and moodiness (Moon/Mars = temper tantrums), her rule-breaker leanings (Sun semi-sq Uranus), and the Sun/Neptune opposition which indicates difficulty in telling who’s right and who’s wrong in arguments.

Angie was misunderstood as a child, by her father (and perhaps by mother, too) and the insecurity the Sun/Neptune aspect engenders gives a suspicious nature about other people’s motives…not so good for love relationships. Yet maturity and self-knowledge are the antidotes for this confusion about the personal ego (Sun, a father significator) which then leads to adult relationships where one tends to bring out either the best–or the worst–in the partner.

This best/worst tendency is shown between her natal chart and that of Brad Pitt with their NN-SN ‘flip’…his Gem North Node conjoins her South Node 00Gem53…which is another way of saying that they bring out either the best in each other, or the worst. So far, it seems to be ‘the best’ for them both.

Plus, Pitt’s natal DESC, cusp of the Partnership house, is conjunct Jolie’s natal Sun 13Gem25!

The third primary link between their natal charts: his Cap Mars opposes her Cancerian Venus/ASC. As Paris Hilton once said, ‘that’s hot.’

As you see, Jolie’s Arian Jupiter is closely conj natal Midheaven, the Aspiration/Career Point, which gives her a desire for Jupiterian things such as money, spiritual growth, ideals, travel, and expansion of many kinds. Social work and child foster/adoptive care are also shown in her chart (Moon/Jup), so having jolly Jupiter at MC helps her tremendously in fulfilling her worldly desires including having many (Jupiter) children (Moon.)

Yes, Jupiter at Career Point indicates the Acting Profession and mega-bucks for performing.

The Mars/Chiron midpoint is at MC as well–Mars/Chiron is the ‘sacred warrior’ archetype which I could not help but remember recently as I re-watched her as Lara Croft in ‘Tomb Raider.’

The film’s adventurous fight scenes and its plotline involving the Illuminati and treasure-seeking, along with the physical training necessary for such acting chops by its lady star, reminded me of her natal chart to a “T” for there is a need here (abundant Cardinal and Fire, lack of Fixed planets) for a dedicated physical program. Martial Arts training is perfect! And hand-to-hand competition is good for the nervous irritability so usual with a Venus/Uranus square.

Sun and Moon are in a lovely sextile (60 degr) which softens the previously mentioned Moon/Mars disturbances, and helps her with the difficult Moon/Saturn square, an aspect of melancholy and gloom.

Moon/Saturn in difficult aspect makes letting go of the past difficult, but a Sun/Moon sextile indicates eventual success at this necessary task if one wants to move into the future without heavy emotional baggage. Another aid for her is her Moon/Jupiter conjunction, good for long-distance travel (and in 9th house!), social work such as being spokeperson for large organizations, spiritual insights, and an intellectual understanding of other people.

Moon/Jupiter conjs indicate one who wants to contribute to society and to give asylum to those who are in need of it. This is the “faith that can move mountains” aspect (shared natally by mountain-mover and terminal optimist, George Bush, in Libra.)

With Moon as chart-ruler and lady Venus rising, it’s no surprise that Angelina Jolie embodies the Aphrodite archetype for many people as her image is projected upon large silver screens the world over. And her dramatic Moon trine Neptune makes the stereotype even more potent for Neptune IS the silver screen–and one of the Moon’s archetypal goddesses is Isis. In fact, Lara Croft’s exploits inside the polar ICE cap was fulfilled beautifully by this lovely Hollywood “Isis.” 

But ‘Mother’ is there, too, in her child adoptions and humanitarian social work; and as you see, I’ve marked the Aries Point (fame; prominence) because of natal Pallas, the Daughter, 00Ari28. So Jolie is famous in her own right, she’s famous for adopting children, and may eventually have a famous daughter.

In fact, her Sun/Moon (male/female = relationships, esp marriage) midpoint is conj natal Ceres, the Mother. This is a blessing for her, because Moon/Saturn’s melancholia may be greatly eased or mitigated by the joys of motherhood and the frivolities of raising happy children. She’s a good teacher to her kids, esp in their creative pursuits.

So there we have it: a starry portrait of a glamorous woman who lives out the Venusian archetype for the Collective–and is expert at doing so, isn’t she?

Perhaps we should include her Sun Gem/Moon Aries personality blend’s Iamges for Integration–which may remind us again of her Lara Croft role…

Sun Gem/Moon Aries: “A nimble-footed streetfighter dodges (her) way to victory over all comers…The eternal freshness of a Constable landscape.” (Chas & Suzi Harvey, ‘Sun Sign-Moon Sign.’)

Well, that’s all I have time for at the moment concerning this paragon of feminine goddesslike beauty–and I now officially dub her “CelebChart Queen”…until the next CelebChart usurper comes along and the Queen’s sceptor must be passed!

TV’s Craig Ferguson comedy clips link

A couple of routines by TV’s Craig Ferguson may be viewed uproariously here:


From his invisible sidekick Davis to his I KNOW~W~W! cry of the true Aquarian (who Knows), you can’t do better for your funnybone after midnight than to watch Craig Ferguson’s cheeky monkeys and other guests…although I must say he’s neglecting to use animal sound effects of late. Yes, The Late Late Show has been honored by his imaginative company of cats, kittens, dogs, monkeys, gorillas, lemurs and other furry friends.

Last evening I celebrated Madagascar Day with Craig. Hope you didn’t miss it!

The comedy smorgasbord of TV’s Craig Ferguson on The Late Late Show (one too many Lates for my schedule, but sometimes only Craig will do) is for those still in withdrawal from lack of Monthy Python.

After all, one can only watch A Fish Called Wanda so many times before it becomes like white noise–which sadly goes double for The Holy Grail and The Life of Brian, one of the most underrated films of the genre since Neptune was discovered in 1846 and photography began. Could Hollywood be far behind?

Well, no. It wasn’t.

Objects Are Closer Than They Appear (warning: this post will now vere into ultimate regions, so be wary unless you’re very sure of yourself):

You know it won’t do to forget to consider asap your ultimate and true condition before our Creator who cares where each of us spends eternity. Now THAT’s the sort of fearmongering that might actually do you, and the world, some good. And happily this well-meant heads-up is of the longlasting kind, not a flash in the proverbial pan being marketed to us 24/7.

Pan…glad you wondered about where the little dickens is at this very moment…hold on a few while I go check him out in my Solar Fire software…this post will be published and I’ll endeavor to return to update with details of Pan’s current flutey location. You know he’s one of the oldest archetypal figures in any culture. You could say his myth or tale is older than the hills and you’d probably be right!

One of the trickster figures in an astrology chart (aka horoscope; map; roadmap; hologram; mandala; birth chart), Pan emcompasses the concept of the trickster element or “artful dodger,” an archetype which is strong in my own chart with Mercury as ASC and MC ruler, planets in Capricorn (the sign associated closely with Pan since Cap is the Mer-Goat, the joining of Earth and Water, the oldest elements creating the Potter’s clay of Genesis. Natally my Capr Jupiter is linked with the Fixed Star, Sualocin, another of the tricksters! This Star also relates to the playful dolphin. Perhaps he’s a bit like the playful yet invisible sidekick, Davis, for Ferguson the conedian is quite the Mercurial change artist within his skit comedy, a veritable Prometheus, it seems.

Whew! this post wandered off the path with the astrology and Scriptural stuff….or did it?


Back Down to Earth Please But With a Twist of Neptunian Dreaminess:

Finally! I’ve decided on who will be the CelebChart Queen (a featured CelebChart written upon by this reluctant astrologer) but life gets busy in summery hot Georgia, so Ms _____ will have to wait until perhaps tomorrow…day of the Sun, first day of the week. Btw: here at WordPress something stunned me yesterday. I don’t know why I had not noticed before but the Calendar in my sidebar here on Jude’s Threshold has Moon-Day MONday as if it’s the first day of the week.

Puh! Moon starts week ahead of Sunday’s Sun? East over West?  Hmm…m..m.m….the poles are in process of shifting, ’tis true, but isn’t this a bit of an obvious morph of import for WordPress to pass on to an unsuspecting astrologer-artist who only blogs for the fun of it?

Is this crazy calendar switch a young person’s interweb (thanks, Craig!) thingy? Is it a new ‘look’ for WordPress, or have I in the past assumed too much about this blog’s format? Or…is someone attempting to master time?

All I’m sayin’ is that it’s curious, that’s all. Just plain Curious with a capital C. Which is redundant if you capitalize the C…oops I did it again…as Craig says, I don’t have time to be muckin’ about here…soooo….

What Did We Learn on the Show Tonight, Craig? (meow)

Have We Got Time For An Email?

Well, combining the two, we learned that I have an email question for TV’s Craig Ferguson but will post it here since he’d never get it anyway…

Hi Craig,

After watching your show, an endless loop of your theme song plays round and round my brain.

Can you suggest an effective headache remedy without aspirin?

Just Kidding (or am I?),


Athens, Ga

ps: that’s You singing, isn’t it? Thought so.


Update 3:45 pm edt: current location of Pan 5Gem13 direct, less than 3 degrees from MIDAS 8Gem06 direct…Gemini’s trickster qualities along with its often termed ‘duplicity’ is hosting both asteroids with hoarding MIDAS being money and gold, and Pan helping to infuse markets and financial systems with more fraudulent tricks than most people imagine. These two are not the whole story but they sure are livin’ large and kickin’ butt!

Using asteroid archetypes in Political Astrology

Hoppin’ Hidalgo!

My friend, astrologer Alex D’Atria, has sent me an excellent link to her blog, ‘Modern Astrology’ with articles by and interviews with astrologer Mark Andrew Holmes.

Mark uses many more asteroids and other unusual points in his chart delineations than this particular and reluctant astrologer could ever have time for, but their keywords are certainly of interest for honing in on the meanings of planetary placements and indications in any chart.

Here’s Alex’s link: http://modern-astrology.blogspot.com

where you’ll find Mark’s take on the Nov 4, 2008 election and on candidate John McCain in his article, “McCain and the 2008 Presidential Election” (entry: June 24, 2008.) A few Sabian Symbols are given as well.

The several asteroids which Mark uses all have their keywords in tow so not to fret if you’ve not heard of them all…for instance, who knew there was a “Roachapproach”!!! (Keyword: repulsive.) Did you? ;p

Mark provides here an extensive list of asteroid meanings, if you’re interested in their keywords and phrases along with their zodiacal positions for the election.

Then scroll on down for a great 2006 interview with Mark on his use of these descriptive magnifiers–the whys and the wherefores–and his views on America’s political fortunes.

You’ll also find a Synastry (relationship) chart combo, the 2008 election chart, and McCain’s natal chart there as well, so check it out this astrological smorgasbord if you so desire!



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