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Scottish astrologer details firsthand airport closure from ash

Having recently been in touch with my friend, astrologer Anne Whitaker in Scotland, I knew she and her husband were about to take a trip to Devon to catch some rays. But thanks to airport closures from Iceland’s volcanic eruption causing downed flights, ash is all they caught.

Anne has a history with the Great Conjunctions of Jupiter and Uranus, two planets lining up now for their first conjunction (June 8th) at 00Ari18. Uranus at Aries Point places the disruptive planet in range of opposing earthy Saturn again, and Anne is in-the-know about Summer 2010’s Cardinal Cross and titanic T-Squares which involve her expertise, the Great Conjunctions of Jupiter and Uranus.

You might even apply to take part in a study she’s undertaking concerning Jupiter/Uranus, if you wish, so click to read Anne’s ‘ash report’ from the British Isles and find out what she and Ian did to counter their disappointment about switching destinations.

Personally, I think they made an excellent trade and I hope they manage to dodge ‘ash storm 2010’ altogether!


Read more on Jupiter conjunct Uranus June 8, 2010.

LHC’s Atom Smasher astrology chart!

In what must be my top Astrology Chart coup of the month, I’ve discovered for you a brilliant article by Anna-Cristal which includes her presentation of the horoscope of the March 30, 2010 Atom Smashing experiment performed by CERN in Geneva, Switzerland within the bowels of the Large Hadron Collider.

(Article link provided below.)

Well, Jumpin’ Jurassic Park DNA Dinosaurs! Just because they can, does it mean they Should?

With the Jupiter/Uranus Cycle, there are approximately 14 Years from ‘New Moon’ conjunction when the cycle begins as the two planets ‘meet’, to the end of the cycle – in this case, June 7, 2010 is the last full day of the Feb 1997 cycle when the planets’ 1st precise conjunction occurs on June 8, 2010 @ 00Ari18; their 2nd and 3rd conjs occur in Pisces in Sept 2010 and Jan 2011 tying in 2011 with the Jupiter/Uranus mystique of ‘breakthroughs’, ‘new discoveries’, and ‘bright ideas and solutions.’

Besides the end of May 2010’s ‘Uranus = Aries Point’ transit indicating a period of Scientific Breakthroughs in any and all manner of disciplines (including Astrology), we have the upping and expanding power of abundant Jupiter added to the mix on June 8 next – at US natal IC of Domestic and Security Concerns – the Homeland. Due to orb of influence, of course, Jupiterian principles are already being brought into collective consciousness in such areas as Religion, Philosophy, Ideology, Financing, Publishing, Higher Education, Travel and Flight, Space, Legalities including SCOTUS, and so forth…9th house concerns.

But there is also unpredictable Uranus’ ‘rebel-revolutionary-radical’ role to consider as The Awakener officially arrives in America (Uranus to n IC) for a disruptive, restless, yet exciting, sojourn.

Yes, the Jupiter/Uranus combination of energies is in large part about Science and Exploration. Reinhold Ebertin says it describes ‘inventors, organizers, adventurers, and fortune-hunters’ and Michael Munkasey focuses on its ability to catalyze change, either for its own sake or to satisfy discontent with legal, religious, and phiolosophical matters. America, my America!

Speaking of Jupiter/Uranus conjunctions, you may wish to check out Anne Whitaker’s excellent book Jupiter Meets Uranus, if you haven’t yet. Anne strolls with us through Jupiter/Uranus history, plus, she astutely interprets the important Jupiter/Uranus Conjunction @ 5AQ56 on February 16, 1997 (Clinton adminstration.) NAFTA? Do we hafta? Why, yes, because the US government, now completely usurped by one-world-gov types, only listens to the contrary American people once in a blue moon because their elitist goals are best promoted by using one-tracked vision and determination toward global dominance…and a whole bunch of patience.

And listen they did not at what we-the-people said concerning the 2008 election/selection of ‘peace candidate’ Barack Obama, because, as it turns out, he too is snug in the pocket of the very same international power elite!

Yes, I believe that US presidents are ‘selected’ by higher powers, not elected by the people. Yet our urge to listen to and applaud the cult of personality which a candidate charismatically commands is the quality recommending him/her to the power elite as one who can play “president” – someone who can ‘make the medicine go down’ a little tastier, as they think.

(The top Oval Office job is as George W admitted early in his outrageous presidency: as “a propaganda catapulter,” so perfect a task for a former cheerleader – bully pulpit and all that.)

Well, as you know, ‘6AQ’ happens to conjoin America’s natal South Node so we as a nation have been lugging it around since 1776 and, being human, we tend to fall back on it out of laziness, apathy, and misguided attitudes that no longer serve us well in the present moment…in part, it’s the Head Against Brick Wall syndrome we exhibit when we become mired in places like Vietnam, Iraq, and Afghanistan — President ‘Out-Of-Iraq’ Obama. I’m lookin’ at You. You’re the one I suspected would follow Bush’s misdirected warpath as the presidential ‘baton was passed’ on Jan 20, 2009. And in that sense, you do not disappoint while completely disappointing, you paradox, you.

‘6 AQ’ a Hot or Sensitive degree:

Neptune was @ 6AQ on 9/11/01 and I have previously asserted (yet am not certain any other astrologer agrees with me) that ‘9/11/01’ was basically a Neptune Return for Islam, a religion founded when mysterious Neptune was in that degree.

Then Along Came a Solar Eclipse:

The January 26, 2009 Solar Eclipse @ 6AQ30 (which on this blog is called the ‘New President Eclipse’ – see sidebar) further increased to the degree’s sensitivity. Yet it’s not always easy to say how an eclipse will affect a person’s or an entity’s chart but there are clues based on the principles of the planet/s contacted. For example, on one level, Sun/Neptune is about identity issues and we hear much about ‘is Al Qaeda scattered and tattered? Does it have the capability to strike mainland US again?’ and so on. (Did it ever? Perhaps. With help. Don’t get me started.)

Now it would seem that certain Islamists have enough Neptunian veils cast over them as it is! Veils can secrete against your enemies, yes, but they often cause fuzzy vision and outlooks at the same time. Sun/Neptune contacts may also bring along phobias and fears of having one’s Sun squelched or negated…

1997 Jupiter/Uranus = 2001 Neptune: guided by false impressions; a lack of prudence and far-sightedness; unearned gains; a fortunate turn after having had losses. (Islamists? And/or Bush-Cheney installed by SCOTUS and enabling or perpetrating the attacks of 9/11 in order (for one reason) to legitimize a deceitful presidential election outcome? Yes, Neptune was very very busy in December 2000 with a “new Pearl Harbor.” jc.); (midpts: Ebertin.)

So! Feel the freedom of Jupiter/Uranus and ignore my political ramblings, if you will, but do check out Anne Whitaker’s amazing book linked above to discover what Anne has to say about the 1997 triggering of ‘6AQ’ and much much more. Get ready for 2010 is a Year of the genius duo, brilliant Jupiter/Uranus!

And here’s your link to Anna-Cristal’s excellent article displaying the Atom Smasher horoscope. It’s quite a doozy.

Now let us consider the Sun Aries/Moon Libra combo’s ‘Image for Integration’ in effect during the LHC’s activities of March 30, 2010 – for I’m hearing the sound of the smashing of atoms playing in the background…and right in tempo with an ‘uplifting’ Jupiter/Uranus symphony as it’s updated and performed in 2010 for the edification of the world…

‘A conductor leads an orchestra with passionate conviction and a vibrant, pulsating organism of musical perfection is created to the ecstatic uplifting of the audience.’

(‘Image’ is from ‘Sun Sign-Moon Sign’ by Charles and Suzi Harvey. Sheesh! I must have sold a few of their books by now! And I’m not certain that I’ve ever reviewed the book on Amazon as I have ‘Jupiter Meets Uranus’ because the gracious Anne Whitaker of Scotland asked me to and I was very happy to do so. jc ;p)

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