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Read the Journal of John Wesley in Georgia

Now it’s always a sneaky thing to read other people’s journals or diaries yet these excerpts from the Journal of John Wesley concerning my home state of Georgia – what became the 13th Colony – are interesting to those who like early American history or are curious about the Native American tribes in the area, circa 1730s.

Methodist minister John Wesley’s Wiki bio gives a good bit of info on what became his unsuccessful mission in Georgia, his escape back to England after a breach-of-promise suit, and his turn toward a pietous group of believers, the Moravians, whom he encountered on the voyage.

A Little Astrology Perchance?

When we look at the horoscope of the landing of John and Charles Wesley in Savannah, Georgia on February 8, 1736, a mission taken on at the request of Governor James Oglethorpe (disclosure: my Dad’s Georgia ancestors came to Oglethorpe County in 1821, a few miles from where I sit typing at you), some interesting factors come to light using the lens of Astrology.

Moon was in ambitious Capricorn throughout the 24-hour period so we find a Sun AQ-Moon Cap combo of energies. And since Sun-Moon = ‘partnerships and marriage’, we may glean a little belated info concerning John Wesley’s broken-off relationship with fellow traveler Sophia Hopkey, and his proselytizing mission to the New World.

The Sun AQ-Moon Cap (Air-Earth) blend indicates steadfastness, resourcefulness, independence, honesty, and shrewdness with a broad-minded, deep-thinking approach to life. A dedicated search for the truth is notable along with firmness of purpose and an interest in society’s needs – traits laudable in a religious minister’s character and objectives.

There is an egalitarian quality within a natural sense of authority added to an ambition to perform one’s true vocation and hopefully to help others along the way. This blend presents an enormous appeal for all types of people whether superiors, inferiors, royals, strangers, or the down-and-outs, and is shared natally by some interesting people such as:

Abraham Lincoln, John Barrymore, Betty Friedan, Rosa Parks, Franco Zefferelli, Mia Farrow, and….often in the news of late…Ayn Rand, author of the distopian novel Atlas Shrugged and idol of Paul Ryan and Alan Greenspan, among other political figures.

Two quotes from Lincoln and Barrymore seem to apply to our topic – one primarily for Wesley’s mission in Georgia, the other for his relationship problems with Sophia (who married William Williamson):

“With malice toward none, with charity for all, with firmness in the right as God give us to see the right…” – Abraham Lincoln, 2nd Inaugural Address March 4, 1865

“In Genesis it says that it is not good for a man to be alone, but sometimes it’s a great relief.” – John Barrymore

Yet Sun AQ-Moon Cap can exhibit an over-strict adherence to principles and a no-frills approach to social life which gives an uptight Spartan vibe and a tendency to remain aloof and self-contained. That, along with stubborn pride, may have been at the base of Wesley’s lack of follow-through with Miss Sophia who, upon reflection these 275 years later, may have been well-out of such a marriage. One hopes she soon came to the same conclusion and enjoyed wedded bliss with Mr. Williamson.

Sun AQ-Moon Cap’s ‘Images for Integration: A revolutionary is elected president…An alien civilization comes to Earth to rescue man from imminent destruction.” (Sun Sign-Moon Sign, Charles & Suzi Harvey.)

The ‘rescue’ must refer to Wesley’s desire to ‘rescue’ Native Americans from their religious errors, something he wasn’t able to do – perhaps because many tribes had their own relationship with our Creator before he arrived on the New World scene – he was the alien!

(Read the excerpts from Wesley’s Journal linked above for more details on the Native American conditions in Georgia and Wesley’s opinions on them.)

Interestingly, religious propagator Jupiter was posited at 00AQ33 upon Wesley’s arrival in the New World 1736 which is the zodiacal position of the Sun each January 20th when we hold presidential inaugurations with the Sun being the significator of The Leader (president.) And the Sabian Symbol for ‘1AQ’ = “An Old Adobe Mission”, a reference to the Utopian corporatists whose vision of the New World included, as they now assert, a ‘New World Order.’

The influence of Moravian pietists upon Wesley’s religious principles (which famously began during the voyage to Savannah) may have had a hand in his fleeing back to England and opting out of the grand scheme of which James Oglethorpe was a part. (We’re currently dealing with long term effects of such a mission of Manifest Destiny as the America as we’ve known it is being collapsed and dismantled before our very eyes.)

Another general factor which affected Wesley’s 1736 mission in Savannah is the Solar Eclipse Saros Series in which his arrival fell, the 8 North @22Lib14. To me, its influence describes details of Wesley’s religious mission and his relationship troubles! See what you think in this paraphrase from Brady’s Predictive Astrology:

‘Flashes of genius, inventiveness, intuitive leaps, good ideas, vivid dreams, visions, and new-found inspirations (new-found – the Moravian influence which began aboard ship?) which pull us away from social life and relationships and cause strain in personal lives – freedom is needed’ (!)

The 8N Series began with an eclipse on May 17, 1501 with Sun/Moon @4Gem51. Two midpoint pictures from the initial eclipse may apply to Wesley’s situation in Savannah with manipulative, transformative Pluto at apex of both:

Venus/Saturn = Pluto (26Sco12 Rx): unusually strong tension in love relationships; passing states of chaos.

Moon/NN = Pluto: separation through a higher power or providence; fateful associations. (Ebertin; any, all, or none may apply.)

(Astro-Note: if you’re familar with your own Pre-Natal Eclipse Series, perhaps you’ve looked at the horoscope of the initial eclipse of that Series for further clues concerning its effects upon your life! My own is quite telling.)

Well, there’s an astro-snapshot of John Wesley’s experiences in America and hopefully some insights have been gained on the Methodist-movemnt-founding minister known for his preaching of personal salvation through Jesus Christ and justification through faith.

Funding the new New Deal

Surfing about the interweb today I ran across a magazine previously unknown to me and which contains online articles about financial and economic issues of the day: Yes! Magazine.

The magazine needs new subscriptions, of course, but they cordially place a bevy of articles on their site for online reading, too.

One such, by Ellen Brown, concerns funding the ‘new’ New Deal which Barack Obama is being expected to deliver to America. The article covers how banks create money,  the thoughts of Thomas Jefferson on such matters, and more.

Here’s a snippet for you:  Jefferson, writing to Treasury Secretary Gallatin in 1815:

“The treasury, lacking confidence in the country, delivered itself bound hand and foot to bold and bankrupt adventurers and bankers pretending to have money, whom it could have crushed at any moment.”

My question: Is it too late to crush the pretenders?

Jefferson’s hindsight of 1815 should be used foresightfully in 2009 as the speculator duo, Jupiter and Neptune, meet 3x upon America’s natal Moon in Aquarius all through 2009. (In a national chart, Moon = the people, populace, the public.)

*Jupiter-Neptune = Moon: going with the wind; becoming involved in speculation, instability, wastefulness; dreaminess; an emotional swoon; little sense of reality; losing oneself in plans.

And this is a year-long influence so foresight says:  please beware of those who pretend to have money!

But all Astrology aside, you may wish to read Brown’s excellent and informative article here:



*midoint picture info a combination of Tyl and Ebertin.

FDR quotes and Uranus rising

Heads-up here at Jude’s Threshold – a fresh Page is now in the sidebar column: ‘Enduring Words from FDR & natal Uranus rising.’

Born in 1882, our 32nd president served three full terms and part of a fourth. With Rx Uranus rising in Virgo, he was one-of-kind personally and politically, and was blessed with inspiring and uplifting oratory skills.

The list of my favorite FDR quotes will be updated as time allows, and a post or Page concerning his natal chart is in the works, so stay tuned, if you may.

As do many Americans who are celebrating Thanksgiving Day on Thursday, I have out-of-town family members arriving this evening, so blogging time may be brief this week. Or maybe not – for it has developed that I will not be doing all the cooking as first supposed – yippee!

Hope everyone has a great holiday with family and friends, because it’s all about being grateful to be together to celebrate our blessings, isn’t it? We, too, have had a recent job loss hit, and who knows what’s in store for the near future.

But for now, it will be great just being with loved ones. And the pies. Don’t forget the pies and cranberries! A la mode, Y’all!

Obama-Biden or McCain-Palin?

In a Freudian typo-slip, the title of this post was about to be ‘Obama-Biden or Palin-McCain?’ but it may not matter much longer according to an excellent post-with-predictions on the outcome of the November presidential election which Nancy has written at Starlight News:


McCain’s Palin ‘bump’ may be fading soon, and as many astrologers have observed before: John McCain’s health really IS an issue with transit Saturn opposite natal Saturn (in his 6th house of Health) on the menu.

If That transit doesn’t have health implications for a previous cancer patient of his advanced years, I’ll have to eat my ephemeris, won’t I? And of course, Saturn rules skin, and the August 1 Solar Eclipse is in McCain’s Pre-natal Eclipse Series making this a banner year for him in one way or another.

Eclipses, if they ‘bring’ anything at all, usually bring to light what one least expects so it’s impossible to pre-judge how they will act upon a native, but given McCain’s prominence within the collective, I should expect that “his” Eclipse will manifest noticeably as an event or events.

Then there’s Barack Obama:

One thing about Obama’s campaign that I’ve not had time to delve into as I’d like this week is his recent trip to Iraq and the hay the GOP will be making of it – whether they spin it out of whack or not, apparently Senator Obama ‘had speaks’ about a troop withdrawal date (and postponing it until the new administration comes in), which gives the Rovians lots of ammunition to manipulate into a big political problem for the Democratic candidate – even if he was well-intentioned.

Plus, tonight I’m officially in count down mode because this Friday evening is the Craig Ferguson comedy performance we’ve been pining for and I can hardly wait.

You’ve probably heard by now that Craig was feeling unwell and had to visit his doctor the other day and he’s been diagnosed with…..election fever!

Oh, and Happy 221st birthday to the US Constitution today! You’re a little gray around the muzzle and under constant attack – in shreds actually – but the majority of we-the-people still love ya!

Wednesday, Sept 17 was marked by a ceremony at Montpelier, home of the Architect of the Constitution (and the Bill of Rights), President James Madison, because the renovations have been completed returning Montpelier to its original state and size.

The du Pont family’s wings have been removed reducing the house’s size from 36,000 square feet to 12,261 square feet. ‘Madison’s Temple’ is still on the premises, of course.

In attendance were Jim Lehrer and Chief Justice John Roberts, some muckety-muck politicians, along with Madison’s descendants, and descendants of the slaves he kept. With Madison elected president in 1809, the plantation has been restored to the time period 1809 – 1836, the year of his death.

And if you find yourself in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains you may wish to have a visit there yourself – snag more info here:


And speaking of Founding Fathers, Tuesday I posted a bit on John Adams’ natal chart with a very interesting quote from the man himself – a quote which the current gaggle of Washington politicians, world bankers, and court justices could apply to themselves any time they see fit and the whole world would be much better off if the ‘power elitists’ would take a good look at themselves in John Adams’ mirror:


Hiroshima: 63rd anniversary of abomination of desolation

Heads-up on a fresh Page posted in honor of today’s 63rd anniversary of America’s obscene bombing of Hiroshima, Japan:


Seems Washington is still feeding us the “bombs bring peace” fantasy, preemptively and for no true justification, imho.

You may not agree with me on the subject or with John Pilger’s article which I’ve linked to, so you’re invited to leave a pertinent comment here, if you wish, agreement or no. Please be respectful, of course, or I’ll moderate it away…swear words are not esp appreciated around here either…I do have to live in this litter box, y’know.

Inauguration Day 2009 + US’ Cornwallis’ Surrender 1781

Yes, there are some time-warpish links between the chart of Cornwallis’ Surrender, set for the hour specifically chosen by Freemason, Gen George Washington, and the chart for  Jan 20, 2009 12:00 pm est Capitol Building, Washington, DC.

A new president of the USA will be installed at that time. (Not elected, mind you…selected.)

Well, I finally got around to writing a Page on a comparison between 1781 and 2009 (with chart’s image, all ascribbled in notes…sorry, but it’s as if you’re looking over my shoulder; plus, being an artist, I naturally scribble all about)–and you will find said post/chart in the Sidebar, if you wish.

But do not read the Page unless you first find yourself flumoxed by the question:

Who is the lady of the 29th degree?

I’m right there with ya…but saddled with the Saturn/North Node midpoint which will be weighing upon the Inaugural Moon of Jan 20, 2009…and at the “A Grand Army of the Republic Campfire” degree. You’ll see on the chart’s image.

*Saturn/NN = Moon: standing alone in life; widows, orphans; inhibitions; loneliness; appealing to senior persons; qualifying for responsibility.

A new president who appeals to the senior among us?

But stir it in with this formal introduction for you if you’re an American reading these words:

America, meet We-the-People on Inauguration Day 2009…buffeted by a long process, but most recently delivered  to you by the GOP, their Dem enablers, and all neocon fiends whatever their true stripe. 

They got theirs–you weren’t plannin’ to Eat that cob o’corn, were you?


* mdpt pics from Tyl and from Ebertin; as with all midpoint pics, things may end up as All, None, or Some Combination, just as with the rest of life.

Abe Lincoln levels with us on men with power

“Nearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want to test a man’s character, give him power”: Abraham Lincoln

Yeah, that’s one of the things powerful Pluto is up to as he plods through authoritative Capricorn now…testing men’s characters.

Yet for some folk (and I think of posturing politicians in particular) the test ends before it begins, doesn’t it? No point in testing the well after you’ve seen that the water’s all dried up.

How I applauded (while ROFLMBO) those Ethics Classes on the Hill we were promised. Wonder how that brilliant plan is going? Any graduates yet? Maybe one of them should be president.

Perhaps We-the-People can institute a program for newbies as they head for Capitol Hill…first title that pops into my noggin is: Remedial Ethics…? Seems they all specialize in advanced Gamebirds Feathering Their Nests 101, 102, 103…etc.

These seminars will be discontinued due to the Cash Cow drying up along with the well.

natal chart of the American Presidency

Cast your sultry glance to the Sidebar and you’ll find a brand new Page: ‘American Presidency April 30, 1789.’

This cosmogram of George Washington’s taking of the first Oath of Office serves as the birth chart of the Presidency itself, and I’ve given some of the chart details which I find illuminating concerning the institution which controls the White House and (it has to be said) throws its excessive, fatheaded weight around all over the place.

This chart may be useful as the presidential campaign slogs on so I may be referring to it later on in the year; plus, it may be instructive to progress the chart, study its planetary Returns, etc.

Now you may agree that the US Presidency’s natal chart should have an interesting 10th house of Public Status in the World, and so it does. But unless you’ve seen this chart before, you may be surprised at what is found posited there!

See what you think, and get back to me, okay? Because after all–it’d be quite a rare feat for America to overdo the bellybutton gazing after only a couple of centuries.

George Washington’s Solar Return 2008

On Feb 22, 2008, George Washington’s Solar Return (SR)–when the Sun returns to the degree of birth–occurs at 8:48:50 am LMT when set for his place of birth, modernly called Wakefield, VA.

In his 2008 Solar Return is a YOD (Finger of God) pattern indicating a crisis situation in need of adjustment between Neptune 22AQ09 and the SR ASC 22Ari34 which point to focal planet, the Moon 20Vir34, in the 6th house of Work, Service, and Health.

The combination of Neptune/ASC indicates much sensitivity, impressionability, and a tendency to lay oneself open to exploitation–thus serving as a willing tool for others’ interests. There is lack of resistance or stamina, moodiness, and a proneness to being easily influenced by others (and the current presidential campaign rhetoric comes to mind.)

The Moon (‘the People; the public’ in a national chart) influences the physical body, and is placed in Virgo, sign of health, in the 6th house of health. Of course, healthcare rhetoric and arguments abound now during the prez campaign, so hopefully that’s the inference here in this, the Solar Return chart of the Father of Our Country.

Worse may be imagined such as epidemics, this year’s flu innoculations aren’t covering enough of the strains we’re experiencing, so therefore many Americans are ill now. Yet hopefully this will be all that this sensitive YOD entails in the infection department.

Plus, this Moon could be telling us something about the only female candidate in the race, for Virgo is also the sign of the dedicated worker–with a plan for improving healthcare!

~Often I do look at historical charts and ‘update’ them by progressions, Returns, transits and such, then sassily utilize the results as markers for what’s up with modern America, and that’s what you’ve fallen into here.~

Neptune/ASC = Moon: states of emotional disharmony; emotional suffering; a dependence on environmental influences; great sensitivity; open to hurt; easily deceived. (Tyl; Ebertin.)

In his “Dynamics of Aspect Analysis,” Bil Tierney gives some info on Moon as focal point in a YOD pattern:

inner emotional development is in need of sensitive adjustment;  can be caught up with disorganized, distorted impressions from the past that are in need of objective clarification;  potential emotional maladjustments are seldom evident on the surface and instinctual responses to impressions from the environment can be out-of-tune with normal expectations; an emotional trauma from the past (attacks of 9/11?) interferes with proper decoding of the emotional messages received from others.

This vulnerability makes it difficult to deal with security issues in the here and now because acting in a self-defeating way is triggered by faulty assimilation of these impressions from the current environment.

This focal Moon being in the Mutable sign of Virgo makes acting decisively all the more problematic, for Mutable signs are known for their tendency toward vacillation (and some recent polls have indicated voters changing their support between candidates, but during such a long campaign season that’s to be expected regardless. Perhaps this YOD merely highlights it.)

If wisely handled, this focal Moon can bring a destined change in life direction when a new path may open up which permits basic needs to be attended to–and I can’t think of a better outcome for the common good, and for America, my place of birth–and the only nag I’ve ever backed in the race.

Plus, Washington’s 2008 Solar Return occurs during a Moon Hour, too, so he may be expecting much publicity this week in honor of Presidents Day. He’ll probably get it, too.

Yet with transiting Saturn opposing his natal Sun during Saturn’s current retrograde period (off and on–and Saturn is in VIRGO), we know that failures to live up to promises or to accept responsibilities in the past may come back to haunt America–and, as representative of our nation–the current president, George Bush, whose leadership, honesty, and integrity will continue to be challenged and doubted.

This may also refer to any prez candidates whose records are now being more closely scanned for discrepancies between word and deed.

Saturn opposite Sun is a time when breaking rules (Saturn) or “doing whatever it takes” to gain “at any cost” can result in the loss (Saturn) of something more valuable in the end. Respect-for-the-rules Saturn frowns upon such Machiavellian behavior.

This particular transit may also bring along health concerns, since the Sun represents vitality and Saturn brings repression and may be a factor in cases of overwork and strain…like prez campaign junkets with their sore throats and under-eye bags packed for the next whistlestop’s speech.

Frustrations and delays are the flavors of the day with this Saturn transit, so as things slog along for the rest of 2008, don’t say George Washington didn’t try to caution you, oh politicians…for our first George was born during a Saturn Hour after all!

note: in my Sidebar you’ll find a Page with an image of Washington’s natal chart and a link to chart details at Stars Over Washington.

Harry Truman on government as source of terror

“Once a government is committed to the principle of silencing the voice of opposition, it has only one way to go, and that is down the path of increasingly repressive measures, until it becomes a source of terror to all its citizens and creates a country where everyone lives in fear.” Harry S Truman

Jumpin’ Rosicrucians! Freemason Harry sure had it right, didn’t he?

Totalitarianism returns as the earth warms up (said astrologer Sybil Leek)–and a vote for John McCain is like a vote for neocon Bill Kristol…more of same. Probably more of same with the Dems, too, but one can at least hope.

With Harry Truman’s fixed prejudices, this Sun Taurus-Moon Scorpio personality blend instilled him with a ruthlessness for power–he was a tremendously stubborn fellow who dropped the first atomic bomb on Japan. 

Yet his Sun Tau-Moon Sco combo also gave him enormous confidence, administrative abilities, and much personal charisma, too. A shrewd and independently minded president with staying power was old give ’em hell Harry.

Harry Truman May 8, 1884; Lamar, Missouri; 4:00 pm CST in AstroDataBank files, but Dr. Marc Edmund Jones gives his birth time as 4:17 pm.


“No one can read our Constitution without concluding that the people who wrote it wanted their government severely limited; the words ‘no’ and ‘not’ employed in restraint of government power occur 24 times in the first seven articles of the Constitution and 22 more times in the Bill of Rights.” Edmund A. Opitz

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