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Dump Palin from Discovery nature show!

A wildlife-loving friend sent me this and I thought you might be interested in crimping the style of the Alaska-drilling babe they call Sarah:

Discovery Communications announced a new Alaska nature show starring Sarah Palin — the same Sarah Palin who escalated Alaska’s war on wolves and offered a $150 bounty for the severed front-forelegs of dead wolves.

The same Sarah Palin who fought against increased protections for America’s struggling polar bear populations.

And the same Palin who fought against the increased protections for the dwindling Cook Inlet beluga whales.

I’m troubled that Discovery Communications — known for their wildlife-focused productions — would choose to embrace such an anti-wildlife person as Sarah Palin to represent Alaska and the wildlife that lives there.

I just wrote to Discovery Communications urging them to dump Palin, and I am hoping you will too. It’s easy, just take action at ActionDefenders.org and please pass this message on!

Written by Jude Cowell

April 13, 2010 at 3:06 pm

Blackwater in Alaska but why?

Spies and Pies!

Billions of dollars are being diverted into the wanky, sissy, never-gonna-work National Missile Defense ‘system’ and it’s been set up way up yonder in Alaska along with some Blackwater mercenaries sprinkled about who are scarier than the boondoggly installation they’re guarding.

Makes me wonder why Vladimir Putin took such exception (or pretended to, the minx!) to its set up in the Czech Republic and possibly in Poland considering that the system’s effectiveness as a “shield” is little more than a big joke on the American taxpayer.

Actually, We-the-Sheeple have been gifted with quite a comedy repertoire when you consider all the trillions spirited away from the fair use of those who paid them in taxes so that politicians, their colleagues, and friends could embezzle, grift, extort, steal, scam, rob, burgle, five-finger-discount, and then simply print themselves more bucks when coffers run out.

Oh well. On a more positive note, maybe the National Missile Defense system may aid our ever-watchful foreign policy expert, Gov. Sara Palin, in keeping those pesky Russians from stealing those just-baked pies from those Alaskan windowsills.

At least the system might good for something…for pie-lovers such as myself.


Well, if I had my way in this lackluster economic climate there would be a pie cooling on every windowsill, so please answer this poll question Before you wander into the kitchen (you’re really quite suggestible, y’know):

Poll Update Monday 11.17: okay, some joker ticked ‘Mincemeat’ as their favorite pie. Pies are a serious if flakey business and that’s not funny, Y’all.  ;p

Poll Update 11.20.08: Chocolate Cream pulls ahead! One vote was cast for ‘Other Pie’…anyone have a recipe for Other Pie?

And last I’ve heard, Blackwater minions haven’t stolen a single pie from Alaskan windowsills…but stay tuned…

Mush! Sarah Palin back to Alaska

‘Failin’ Palin’ is a temptation but I’ll not succumb…oops! too late.

So what should the up’n’comer do and where should she go to do it?

All is not well back in Alaska with economic problems and a pipeline she touted so loudly needing attention. Plus, there are those left behind in the snow who are in a snit so it appears that the best revenge for Palin will be to govern Alaska brilliantly.

Here’s a link to the article which contains clues about Palin’s next move, and which includes a brief video of the VP candidate explaining why she shouldn’t be blamed for McCain’s loss:


Who’s blaming? I’m thanking!

Palin and Alaska’s violet domes

Space Weather News for Aug 31, 2008
Sky watchers across the USA and Europe are reporting unusually colorful sunsets and sunrises. The cause appears to be the August 7th eruption of the Kasatochi volcano in Alaska’s Aleutian islands. The volcano hurled a massive cloud of ash and sulfur dioxide into the stratosphere; high winds have since carried the aerosols over parts of the USA and Europe. “Violet domes,” long pink rays crossing the sky, campfire-red aureoles around Venus–these are just a few of the sights documented on Spaceweather.com in recent days.

When the sun goes down tonight, look west. You may be in for a treat.

Ongoing coverage of the phenomenon may be found at http://spaceweather.com 

First reports of the volcanic sunsets are documented in the Aug 27th edition of SpaceWeather.com, located in our archives at this URL:


~:~ Cloudy ash, sulphur dioxide, violet domes and volcanic sunsets…Sara Palin isn’t all that Alaska is belching out these days – and framing planet Venus, too, like a camera-ready photo-op, she typed poetically.

So with the previously discussed transit of cloudy, veiling, ashy, diffusing Neptune to Palin’s natal Sun and Mars, her sparkliness may be dimmed awhile, as least for tomorrow’s opening of the Convention.

~UPDATE Sept 1: reading now of Palin’s ‘slo-mo meltdown’  on the web because of the question that she wasn’t well-vetted due to cloudy family and other blogospheric topics…and ‘slo-mo meltdowns’ are exactly what glamorous yet dissolving Neptune does so well.~

Is the eruption of Alaska’s Kasatochi volcano a herald for a Palin candidacy and possibly for a susequent presidency? High winds blow and the Alaskan governor’s name was announced only two days after first reports of volcanic sunsets!

Reminds me of Chavez at the UN ‘smelling sulphur’ after Bush had been at the podium: “the devil was here!” he theatrically insisted (while giving a shout-out to himself, I might add) because Hugo certainly doesn’t smell like a rose himself. Ah yes! A rose…Venus’ flower. ~:~

~:~ 5:20 pm edt: will John McCain appear tomorrow to accept the R nomination?

Gustav, now directly threatening the Gulf Coast by Monday evening, may keep him away from the sparse throng expected in Minneapolis, and NPR is reporting that headline speakers (Bush-Cheney, as you know, with Katrina drippage round their Caesar’s brows), the Roll Call vote, and basically much of the opening ceremonies and to-dos are being postponed by the RNC. Hmm. They’ve paired down to basics.

This casts into high relief the skies parting last week for Barack Obama in Denver, as each night’s program began with Uranus, the sky god and lightening bolt, on best behavior. And ‘Mile High City’ describes Uranus to a T, with change, the unusual, and the unexpected the motif.

But now it’s the GOP’s turn, and it seems massive Hurricane trumps Alaskan volcano even for the move-mountain party of the Republicans who still quake from the dredging they rightfully deserved for the Bush administration’s wimpy Katrina non-response and their oh-so-obvious lack of concern for their fellow man which was broadcast round the world in August/Sept, 2005.

This relates to Saturn’s transit to George Bush’s natal Ascendant just around that time when Saturn’s lessons of responsibility and accountability could have been demonstrated and checked off his cosmic time card.

As you know, Dubya did not heed Saturn’s clarion call, and that marked the more extreme lowering of Bush’s approval rating which has been in the doldrums ever since. And what was Bush doing as Katrina roared and decimated our nation?

Cutting cake, birthday cake, with a similarly unconcerned John McCain. Thus a public relations dilemma for the R Convention. Perhaps it’s their turn to cry because of natural disasters. And it remains to be seen when the ash clouds part whether Sara Palin will keep her rosy glow and go the distance for McCain’s benefit.

Ron Paul is said to be throwing a rally, too, an event which media-wise may take some of the high winds out of McCain’s momentum’d sails, winds which may be only the high winds blowing in from Alaska and swirling about Gov. *Sara Palin.

~:~ checking the listings for personal name asteroids and their heliocentric nodes, there is a ‘Sara’ in the 00Tau – 1 Tau range. This is known as “Hitler’s Trigger” degree area because it is the position of his natal Sun. No, I’m not saying she’s Hitler-esque. It’s just interesting, that’s all, and can often be a violence indicator…you know – like a vocanic temper?

There’s a difference between Palin and Dan Quayle

Well, it’s been hours now, and McCain’s pick of Alaska Governor Sara Palin on Friday is apparently no joke after all.

Robert J. Elisberg has written an insightful article on Sara Palin’s qualifications for national office and on John McCain’s choice of ‘The Worst Vice-Presidential Nominee in U.S. History’:


As Elisberg notes, Dan Quayle was a sitting senator when tapped. And Gov. Palin voted against polar bears and supports oil drilling in ANWR.

But fascinating as Sara Palin as VP may seem, there’s one thing I’ve always noted to myself (since nothing in politics happens by accident):

when they divert all eyes toward one direction, we should pay more attention to where they’re NOT pointing. For that may just be where the real shell game is being played.


Here’s a limerick scratched in the litter box of Mr.A.Cat from July 2006, ‘Alaska’:


Mr.A. doesn’t think well of corrupt political thespians so it’s a wonder he follows Politics at all!

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