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Threat level up as Jupiter returns to 9/11/01 chart

August 2013: An Astro-Peek at Activations of the 9/11/01 Horoscope

by Jude Cowell

As you’ve heard, the US government is reporting an increase in terrorist “chatter” as the 12th anniversary of the WTC attacks of 9/11/01 approaches. This year marks the first Jupiter Return to the 9/11 horoscope for Jupiter’s cycle is 12 years in duration.

See Threats Against Embassies Very Reminiscent of Pre-9/11 Chatter.

On the morning of September 11, 2001 at 8:46 am edt NYC, monied Jupiter was posited in 9th house of Foreign Lands and Philosophy @11Can35 and carried the Sabian Symbol, “A Chinese Woman Nursing a Baby with a Message”, a word picture I attempted to illustrate a few moons ago. View the image here if you wish.

Naturally the symbol’s reference to our creditor China and to a ‘message’ is intriguing especially since it attaches to 9/11’s position of Jupiter the Banker–in the 9th house of foreigners. This is not to leave out Middle Eastern or other actors on 9/11/01 but to focus on Jupiter since the Great Benefactor now returns to the natal position he held on that game-changing morning.

Actually, Jupiter’s retrograde in Cancer later this year creates a “three-fer” of returns to the 9/11 natal degree with the first return occurring on August 18, 2013, the second on February 7, 2014 (Rx), and the last return on April 2, 2014. This extended return period indicates a prolonged season of concerns involving terrorism with increased threat levels on into 2014, and it has Jupiterian financial implications as well though effects may be of a stop-go nature.

Raising the threat level makes sense and yet…will the “more chatter” situation be used in an attempt to justify intrusive NSA surveillance programs and leave them as they stand–even those used against the privacy of the American (and other) people who have nothing at all to do with terrorism? If we begin to hear politicians and pundits spouting such equivocations, perhaps we’ll be pardoned for having our suspicions if any attack/s occur–or are thwarted–by America’s total surveillance prowess.

Well, it’s somewhat confusing to hope (a Jupiter word!) that this is or isn’t the case since our
distrust of the US government
is also at high levels (or depths!) and this may cause any violent attacks relating to 9/11/01 or otherwise appear as much like a false flag op as the original event still seems to many who doubt the ‘official version’ of 9/11/01.

(And tell me again: exactly why was NORAD shut down the morning of 9/11/01?)

Another consideration with astrological Jupiter is that he expands and increases whatever he contacts or is involved with–positively or negatively–and the added challenge of transit Pluto in Capricorn opposing 9/11’s Jupiter (and the two planets combined = big bankers, influential politicians, those who mount large-scale projects, and/or powerful religious leaders)–and US natal Jupiter (5Can56)–denotes limiting conditions, commercial and/or trading difficulties, and a potential for travel interruptions occurring off and on.

Also, Jupiter loves freedom as does Uranus and right now, transit Uranus @12Ari07 Rx (a critical-crisis degree) squares (90 degr) 9/11’s Jupiter denoting rebelliousness against restrictions (one signature of Gitmo and other prison breaks, plus, political cat-herding in Washington), dissatisfaction with political views in or of society, and a distinct potential for erratic or misplaced generosity.

Add in the fact that transit Saturn now in early Scorpio (sign of Big Business, debt, surveillance, the occult, death and regeneration, transformation, betrayal, etc) will soon enter the 2nd house of Earning Ability and the National Treasury in the 9/11/01 horoscope–and eventually visit 9/11’s Pluto (@12Sag38, America’s natal Ascendant in the ‘Sibly’ chart) which happens to conjoin 9/11’s 3rd cusp of Communications and Short Trips. This transit denotes a time of power issues and the loss of control over situations which were just too big to begin with.

To me, Saturn-to-Pluto conjunct US natal ASC sounds rather like the gargantuan and rights-abusing US surveillance system with its frilly underpants recently yanked down a mite by former NSA employee Edward Snowden…that, and our corrupt-to-the-core financial system of Too Big To Fail banks, plus, the highly rigged casino we call, Wall Street.

Now isn’t wearing saggy pants now illegal in some states?

Oh, and one more thing: 9/11’s 2nd cusp mentioned above has an appropriate Sabian Symbol when its degree (11Sco28) is rounded up to ’12Sco”: “An Embassy Ball”.

(The Sabian Symbols in Astrology, Marc Edmund Jones.)

Sibel Edmonds: US used Bin Laden up to 9.11.01

Having just found that whistleblower Sibel Edmonds is speaking out on the Bin Laden-US relationship and 9/11, I’m still clicking links, reading, and investigating it myself.

But I thought that you should have a chance to do the same, in case you haven’t heard of the recent revelations from Ms. Edmonds whose gag order must be treated gingerly.

Well, a cozy US-Bin Laden relationship would explain why Bush called off the hounds at Tora Bora in Dec 2001 when our trackers were ~thisclose~ to nabbing the tall, gaunt so-in-so.

Even at the time, I felt as if Bush never wanted to catch him. It seemed quite clear actually.

And do you remember my confession that at 1:00 pm edt on 9/11/01 I took a break from Astrology charts long enough to ask the Tarot: Who did this?

And the answer? “Ask the Sphinx.”

Which is, in itself, a very sphinx-like answer, is it not? But you know which Middle Eastern country came to mind, don’t you now?

US Solar Return 2009: midpoint pictures

It will soon be time for America’s birthday celebration we fondly call Independence Day, so I’ve posted America’s Solar Return 2009 using and displaying both the US ‘Sibly’ natal chart, and what I call the ‘Franklin’ chart, the time of which is based on astrologer Benjamin Franklin on the US 20-dollar bill which shows in the background the clock on Independence Hall in Philadelphia marking ‘2:21’ (or 2:22)…am or pm.

I’ve used the 2:21 PM lmt chart for my SR 2009 post, yet there is much to be said for a chart set for 2:21/22 AM which gives Uranus 8Gem55 rising. But since Uranus was unknown in 1776 and was not discovered by William Herschel until 1781, it would probably be the Universe playing celestial synchronicity with us, rather than prankster Ben insisting on signing such an important document in what to me seems the middle of the night (or early morning, if you prefer!)

Another possibility, however (and I’ve not read this anywhere, I’m just imagining it now for you) is that as Franklin and the others declared (treasonous) independence from Britain, they were desirous of keeping their heads and wished to be secretive in order to be safe from British spies or officials.

Hmm. Then the Universe may have conspired after all to have the planet associated with freedom and independence, the one that disrupts the status quo – Uranus – on the Ascendant of America’s birth chart, hence: 2:21/22 am lmt.

A rising Uranus on any Ascendant indicates coping ability with whatever comes up – perfect! With the messes politicians now have us embroiled in, perhaps I’ll start using the 2:21 am chart for America just to see if it helps with anything.

As the president said, Try something. And if it doesn’t work, try something else.

Plus, in the 2:21 am chart Mars is in first house of Identity and the US seems to be awful scrappy, aren’t we? Always looking for a contest and an enemy and creating them if and where they didn’t previously exist.

September 11, 2001:

The 2:21 am chart has certain important links to the planets of a massive event with a well-known time of occurrence: the first attack on the World Trade Center, Sept 11, 2001.

The Sibly chart is often used now by some who didn’t before because 9/11/01’s Pluto crossed the Ascendant and restrictive Saturn was on the Decendant – the Saturn/Pluto opposition whose clock began ticking at their conjunction of Nov 8, 1982 – the Reagan era. He signed the Garn-St. Germain Act on Oct 15, 1982 which opened the door to the current financial collapse.

Do I believe the loosening of regulations made possible by the Garn-St. Germain Depository Institutions Act and 9/11/01’s financial effects are related?

Let’s just say, I knew it was You, Reagan.

So, the speculative 2:21 am chart flips this transiting pair on 9/11/01 to transiting Saturn conjunct ASC, tr Pluto conjunct Descendant indicating loss and restrictions for America (Saturn to ASC) by foreign, secretive, and transformational forces (Pluto in Sagittarius.)

Works for me especially with a Gemini ASC resonating with the Twin Towers and their trade/commerce activities (Gemini’s Mercury = trade, commerce; the Twins of Gemini.)

But for the purposes of my US Solar Return 2009 article, I have used the Sibly (5:10 pm lmt) chart and the 2:21 PM chart from July 4, 1776 to calculate the current Solar Returns.

This results in differences between the Solar Return 2009 charts because the Sun returns to two spots in the zodiac: 13Can13 in the Franklin version, and 13Can19 in the Sibly.

And now here are the midpoint pictures formed in both Return charts starting with the Franklin version – you’ll notice that this version has much less “action” – only one picture – than the Sibly SR though both have the traveling Chiron-Neptune-Jupiter trio which is rising in the Franklin SR, but in 11th house of the Sibly Return.

~As always, midpoint pics operate in an ‘any, all, or none’ manner and may respond later on to transiting planets that trigger them particularly if they’re on a SR angle.

And as you know, a SR chart is ‘good for’ a year (from birthday to birthday) so it’s a bit like having a new birth chart for a year to work with (see article linked above for more info) yet Return charts are always read in tandem with the natal charts from which they issue.~

‘Franklin’ SR 2009:

Mercury/Mc = Saturn: one’s point of view comes under scrutiny by authority figures; abandoning one’s former aims; meditation; solitude; separation; melancholy.

‘Sibly’ SR 2009:

Pluto/ASC = Jupiter: an imposing and powerful personality; a large gain; generosity; a favorable turn of circumstances; receiving a bounty; drive to major success.

Plu/ASC = Neptune: potential scandal; otherworldliness; peculiarities; power run amok; away from the middle of the road; disappointments; suffering from the actions of malicious or bad people within the environment; an awkward and unfortunate situation.

(Neptune for the masses and Jupiter for wealthy bankers and politicians?)

Moon/NN = Mc: emotional relationships with intensified ego involvement; initiation of a soul-union.

Sun/ASC = Venus: harmony and affection; a love of humanity; peace.

Mercury/ASC = Mars: negotiations and discussions; quarrels; emphasizing one’s own ideas; the urge to attain success; deciding on the best course of action in collaboration with advisers.

Saturn/ASC = Mercury: change of environment; getting into trouble through others; a journey; others influencing one’s thinking; wanting to be alone, to get away from it all.

And on a joyous note, here’s a picture formed with US natal Jupiter (5Can54/56) as focal planet for the year of America’s Solar Return 2009 and operative in either chart (Mercury 2Can36/51):

SR Sun/Mercury = n Jupiter: optimism; broadening one’s horizons and mental focus; successful travel; speechmaking; uplifting thoughts about religion; good connections; a good thinker, orator, and organizer; protection and sponsorship.

Well, light the grill, pass the mustard, and Happy 233rd birthday, America and warm felicities to all my fellow Americans!


(Midpoint pictures: ‘Solar Arcs,’ Noel Tyl; ‘The Combination of Stellar Influences,’ Reinhold Ebertin.)

9-11 oddities resurface

Raw Story informs us that traces of a high-tech explosive superthermite have been identified in WTC debris.

Meanwhile The Daily Ed reports new information that foul play may have been to blame for the August 2008 death of key 9/11 eyewitness, Barry Jennings, who was emergency coordinator for the NY Housing Authority on 9.11.01.

Mr. Jennings, as I remember, gave an on-the-spot, real-time interview with the press that morning – he heard explosions which would indicate that the official story of the 9/11 attacks is off by several miles at least or is criminally misleading at best.

Then there’s this particular astrologer, who previously posted on a synchronistic astrological oddity concerning Dick Cheney’s natal chart progressed to the morning of 9/11/01 with results which must be seen to be believed – and perhaps not even then.


Nostradamus’ predicted ‘King of Terror’ or ‘King of Alarm’ Eclipse horoscope chart may be found in the sidebar column of Pages – the Solar Eclipse of August 11, 1999, aka the Mother of All Eclipses, and which ushered in the New Millennium.

Manhattan: Feb 12, 1653 + 9.11.01 charts published

Just published the above charts with details as a Page which you will see in the Sidebar to your left.

If anything, the planerary positions of the attacks of 9.11.01 resonate just as closely if not more so  with Manhattan’s incorporation chart of 1653 as with America’s natal chart/s.

Image of charts: Manhattan is highlighted in blue, 9.11 in red, America’s Saturn and Neptune in green. And as you may imagine, there’s a little George Bush involved, too.

This Manhattan–9/11 Page will probably be undated later on, so I’d be happy as a puppy with two tails if you’d see what you think about the matter when you get a chance. Thanks!

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